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  • What's to be done about texting and driving?

    New Yorkers now have to live with the threat of a $150 fine for texting and driving. (Incidentally, I know a fool-proof way to avoid paying the fine: put your stupid phone away while behind the wheel.) But in the UK? They don’t mess around with their punishments. The New York Times has a story today about a young woman who’s now serving 21 months in prison for her role in car… Read More

  • Thank you for reading MobileCrunch, folks.

    We don’t get a chance to do this very often, but I wanted to start this lovely Monday morning off with something I’ve wanted to say for a while: Thanks for reading us, everyone. MobileCrunch launched in September of 2006. Around mid-2008, we changed things up a bit – and we’ve seen monumental growth ever since. MobileCrunch has gone nowhere but up across the board. Read More

  • Apps of the Month: Best iPhone Apps of October 2009

    100,000. That’s the number of iPhone apps that have been approved to be sold on Apple’s App Store. So how the hell do you decide which ones to buy? Well, you could surf through the App Store’s featured list, but that means you’re only buying the ones Apple wants you to buy. Or, you could scour through the App Store’s Genius recommendations – which are still… Read More

  • Sirius XM SkyDock: The satellite radio that uses your iPhone's interface

    Satellite radio fans! The Sirius XM SkyDock, first revealed a few months ago, is now available at wherever you buy your equipment. It’s a fully functional radio, but one that uses your iPhone (or iPod touch) as the interface. That is to say you’re iPhone isn’t the radio, but rather the interface for the SkyDock itself. Read More

  • And now Verizon pushed Bing Mobile onto BlackBerry Storms

    Alright, Verizon, you’re doing it wrong. Stop pushing apps onto my BlackBerry Storm. Within the last few months, YouTube, a Verizon-linked verizon of Slacker Radio, VZW Tones, and a V Cast Video app have been pushed to my phone. I thought that’s what App World is for; you know, apps. But now a terrible mobile version of Bing was pushed onto my Storm. Seriously, stop it. Read More

  • Texting and driving now banned in New York State

    Residents of New York State, beware: texting and driving is now 100 percent banned. No, it’s not the first state to enact such a ban—far from it, actually—but sometimes things don’t register till they happen in your backyard. The law goes into effect today, and infractions carry a maximum fine of $150. Read More

  • Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid

    If hype were to be believed, the Motorola DROID is the pièce de résistance of the mobile world; the conclusive creation sent down by the Great Smartphone in the sky to rid us of our woes. It would prepare your breakfast promptly each morning, tuck you in at night, and, maybe — just maybe — knock the iPhone down a notch or two. Beginning about a week before its launch (largely due… Read More

  • Video: Sony Ericsson Rachel tantalizingly teased

    With the Sony Ericsson Rachel (otherwise known as the XPERIA X3 or, more recently, the X10) having already made numerous unofficial appearances across the Interwebs, it seems like Sony Ericsson’s down to show their cards a bit early – or at least the back and sides of them. Read More

  • BillShrink shows us that the Droid is as expensive as the iPhone 3GS

    Not amazing news but interesting nonetheless: Billshrink, a site dedicated to “saving you money” compared the total cost of ownership in the 3GS, the Pre, the MyTouch 3G, and the Droid. They found that TCO for an unlimited rate plan costs $3,799, the same as the iPhone 3GS. Both the Pre and the MyTouch are over $1,200 cheaper. Read More