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  • T-Mobile fires up 3G in St. Louis, MO

    Fact: That is actually what 3G radio waves look like. Yep, little tiny 3Gs. Crazy coincidence. You feel that warmth, St. Louis? That’s the feeling of 3G radio waves swimming around your head. Following launches in El Paso, Bakersfield, Thousand Oaks, Milwaukee, Chattanooga, Jacksonville, and a ton of other cities, T-Mobile has just flipped the switches in St. Louis, MO. They’ve… Read More

  • For two days only, Metal Gear Solid Touch is $2.99

    Didn’t buy Metal Gear Solid Touch the first time ’round? Good, because Konami just dropped the price by $5. Yup, it’s now $2.99 on that there App Store for two days only. Once August 15 hits, it goes back to its full price. So if you were ever on the fence, you know… Read More

  • Talkback Thursday: Would you use tags if we implemented them?

    Welcome to our first ever Talkback Thursday, where we reach out to our readers for feedback on what they want to see. We generally feel that community committees lead to chaos (and that alliteration is amazingly awesome), but we like you guys. MobileCrunch has grown a lot over the past year or so. A lot a lot. I’m not sure if we’re revealing the numbers just yet – but take… Read More

  • Rumor: Dell's smartphone gets rendered, specs revealed?

    We probably won’t be seeing Dell’s smartphone hit our shores anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t piqued our interest. I mean, come on: It’s Dell, who brings a fresh face to this whole crazy (and stagnating) world of cell phones, and it’s Android. Along with the absurdly blurry render you see up above, BGR got their hands on some new details… Read More

  • One… MILLION HTC Magics

    Good news for HTC! The Magic, also known as the MyTouch 3G, has sold a million units, according to Digitimes. I never really liked the look of this thing, but I’m sure it’s a solid phone. Arrington seems to like it, anyway. I like my G1, but don’t think I wasn’t tempted by the Magic’s increased internal storage and sleeker form factor. I just love me some… Read More

  • Oh, By the way: The Palm Pre phones home with your location [Updated]

    This is going to end well, and no one will be upset about this. Also, everything I said in that last sentence is probably wrong. When Debian developer Joey Hess started tinkering with webOS, he noticed that it was sending something to Palm once a day. Surely, Palm wasn’t sending anything too potentially incriminating without making it blatantly obvious to the user, right? Read More

  • Palm goes after Pre skin for Android

    Lets say you just finished hacking and cracking your myTouch 3G through the just unveiled rooting process. With the myTouch lagging behind some other in the looks department, your first quest is to retheme it. You’d heard about a Palm Pre skin, which decks Android out with Pre-esque visuals from top to bottom. Partly out of spite and partly out of genuine curiosity, you set out to… Read More

  • myTouch 3G gets rooted

    After a few false starts and a handful of hoaxes, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G has been rooted. For those a bit behind the times on their lingo, “rooting” an Android phone is similar to the concept of “jailbreaking” an iPhone, in that it gives you full access and control of your system files. This allows you to retheme the device, run applications that otherwise… Read More

  • Now that he's talking… Here's 6 Questions Apple's Phil Schiller should answer

    So, apparently, Apple’s Phil Schiller is starting to talk about Apple’s missteps. After months of silence, one of Apple’s top executives (and possibly the most public-facing one next to Jobs) has started to reach out to the tech community to help explain Apple’s numerous, absurdly embarrassing blunders. Some may be satisfied with Schiller slowly sending private e-mails… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson's Jalou, with Dolce&Gabanna branding, is, like, so hot

    Are you an English WAG? (And if you are, how did you hear about us, lol!) Good news, then, since Sony Ericsson just lifted the veil on this fashiony phone, the Jalou. I’ve been pronouncing it J-Lo, like the singer, all morning, so feel free to do the same. Read More

  • World ranking: New Yorkers pay lowest cell phone charges

    I’m aware studies comparing cell phone charges generally have to be taken with a grain of salt (especially cross-country studies like the following one), but this one coming from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is pretty interesting. It’s not really a “world” ranking, but the ministry compared [JP, PDF] cell phone charges in seven major… Read More

  • The HTC Touch Pro 2 is now available at T-Mobile. Too bad it's really $349.

    We’ve heard real good things about the HTC Touch Pro 2. The 3.6-inch WVGA screen is good, the slide-out keyboard is apparently awesome and HTC once again shipped a great skin for Winmo 6.1. It’s just too bad that at $349, it’s the most expensive handset available at T-Mobile just like we feared. Read More

  • Microsoft Office coming to Nokia handsets

    It looks like Microsoft and Nokia, beleaguered giants of the mobile industry, are forming an alliance in order to defend against the alternative smartphone onslaught. Details are scarce at the moment, but tomorrow is guaranteed to see us better informed. What we know is that Microsoft has been expanding the platforms Office 2010 will work on, which now includes several browsers. I think… Read More

  • Rumor: O2 UK Getting The Palm Pre On October 30th?

    Good news, UK folk! You’re getting the Pre sooner than previously thought! Well, only slightly. Last we’d heard, Brits were going to have to wait until right around Christmas before getting their hands on Palm’s wunderkind. MyPre has it on good word that the date is now set for October 30th, which pushes it well outside of the Christmas rush. It’s still pretty dang… Read More

  • LG survey shows netbooks, "blooming" keyboards, and ultra-dumb phones

    Surveys are fun. Some ask you your favorite color, purely for the sake of science. Others help you determine which Twilight character you are. Our favorites are the ones that reveal all of the awesome concepts handset manufacturers are cracking away at behind closed doors. Take this latest one from LG, as spotted by an EngadgetMobile reader, for example. In but a few pages of text, three… Read More

  • AT&T doubles up the 3G in Atlanta

    Throughout much of the country, AT&T’s 3G can be wonderful. Step into a major city, however, and it tends to grind to a halt. Here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, for example, it soars; anytime I head to San Francisco or New York, however, it’s practically useless. Speeds are all over the place, with pages loading one time and then timing out the next. Slowly but surely… Read More

  • HTC Touch Pro 2 to be T-Mobile's most expensive phone?

    Look – we love the Touch Pro 2, if only because the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is one of the most comfortable and usable keyboards we’ve ever used. We loved it even more once HTC started sneaking 3.5mm jacks into it. But hot damn, T-Mobile wants a lot of money for this thing. Read More

  • China begins to crack down on ‘naughty’ text messages

    “Obscene information not only harms the people’s soul but harms the people’s morality as well.” It’s with that rationale that China has begun to crack down on the scourge of inappropriate (read: “dirty”) text messages. Send one, and you can find yourself behind bars for a little while. Read More

  • First Impressions: Samsung Reclaim

    As we mentioned earlier, we got a big box of (partially) recycled goods today. In just a few days, Sprint will be launching Samsung’s “Green” phone, the Reclaim. We put “Green” in quotes here because it’s somewhat questionable just how eco-friendly this phone is. It’s greener than most phones, yes. A step in the right direction, sure. We like that. Read More

  • Dell to launch China-only mobile phone after all, calls it "Ophone mini3i" (Updated)

    We broke the news on Dell launching a China-only cell phone on Sunday, and today major Chinese news portal reports the device is on its way: What Dell will be offering in China is an Android-powered “Ophone” called the mini3i. China Mobile, the world’s biggest carrier, will distribute the device and plans to launch it as early as “in the middle of this… Read More