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  • Samsung Galaxy Lite gets caught on video done up in green

    Just this past week, we were looking at a somewhat blurry shot of the Galaxy Lite, wondering when we’d see more. Seeing as Samsung is about as good at keeping handsets secret as I am at playing a guitar with my feet, it didn’t take too long. Early this morning, new shots of Samsung’s sightly sibling surfaced on – and this time around, it got caught on video. Read More

  • It's coming: WinMo update 6.5 shows up for the XPERIA X1

    Windows mobile has had a hard time of it of late, what with the Blackberry and iPhone being so popular. And frankly, the current version of the mobile OS, sucks. There’s good news on the horizon however, because the latest release version 6.5 is coming. Read More

  • Sprint offers up a $100 credit with a new Palm Pre activition

    There has been a few rumors about Sprint cutting the price on the Palm Pre the last few days. Those might still work out, but until then there is this deal. There is a lot of fine print with the offer, but if you’ve been eyeing a Palm Pre, you should definitely see if you qualify. Read More

  • Two days before Moto's Android event, two handsets unearthed

    Here comes the trickle, folks. With just two days left before the grand unveiling of Motorola’s first Android-powered device(s), the basic specs for two separate ‘Droid sets have shown up on Motorola’s own territory. CellPassion was hunting around in one of Motorola’s repositories when they found them: the MB200 and MB300. Could these be the Morrison and the Calgary? Read More

  • Verizon launches the Samsung Rogue

    After letting it float around in the rumorsphere for months on end, Verizon finally announced at the end of August that they would be launching the Samsung Rogue on September 8th. September 8th has come and, sure enough, so has the Samsung. The Rogue isn’t quite a smartphone, but it still packs a good amount of heat for a $99 messaging phone. It’s got a 3.1″ touchscreen, with… Read More

  • T-Mo T-oBuy O-Range I-n U-K

    Rumor has it that T-Mobile UK and Orange UK will merge, creating a 28.4 million customer uber-carrier. The next largest carrier will be Telefonica’s O2, the former heavyweight. The deal will be signed by November and the merged company will share networks and CRM services in the UK. This does not directly effect T-Mobile’s German parent company except in that it will lose its… Read More

  • HTC unveils the Tattoo

    HTC’s naming conventions are kind of funny. I was almost hoping that after the Hero they’d call this the HTC Ninjastar or the HTC Hobo, but sadly it ended up being the Tattoo. The Tattoo runs the Sense UI, which is great++ and it has a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3.5mm headset jack, and MicroSD memory slot. The phone will be available in Europe in October and, as we all well know, may… Read More

  • Rumor: Palm Pre getting a price cut?

    Palm picked a pretty nasty time to stage their own revival. Smartphone prices are plummeting. If an iPhone 3G S at $199 wasn’t enough, HTC’s Hero for Sprint further mucks things up by coming in at just $180. The only choice Sprint and Palm have at this point is to undercut everyone – and it looks like they’re about to. PreCentral just got a tip containing a brand… Read More

  • Review: Gameloft's GTA-style Gangstar for the iPhone is "hella phat"

    phat [fat] adj. slang.
    1. <abrev.> Pretty Hot and Tempting.
    2. 1990’s slang largely used today by gangster wannabes and 13-year-olds.
    3. The best word to describe Gameloft‘s Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. If you liked the Grand Theft Auto series, and you have an iPhone, you absolutely have to buy Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (iTunes link). Even if you’ve never heard of the… Read More

  • Android Market Now Over 10,000 Applications Strong

    In the mobile OS world, Google’s Android is still a challenger but with the amount of devices that will be running the system that are due to come out in the coming months alone in combination with its open approach it is definitely a contestant to watch closely. The success of Apple’s App Store for the iPhone / iPod Touch is often measured by how many apps have already been… Read More

  • LG's first Android handset spotted: Meet the Etna (Again)

    Earlier this year, LG began offering a strange little QWERTY slider called the “Etna”. We didn’t hear much about the handset before or after launch (primarily because it was only available in the UK), but we don’t often forget a name. As such, we were quite surprised to find out that there is another device going by the Etna name – but this ones got a little… Read More

  • Nokia starts offering VERTU mobile phone services in Japan

    Japan is a tough market to crack for many non-Japanese cell phone makers, and even the world’s leading cell phone maker, Nokia, had to give up its Japan operations after having failed to gain a foothold in this country (in November last year). But they’re trying again, this time with their luxury brand Vertu. Read More

  • This isn't going to end well: NTT Docomo to enter the US cell phone market next year

    Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, the country’s biggest mobile phone subscriber with over 50 million subscribers, is considering fully entering the American cell phone market – as early as next year. Various Japanese media are reporting that the company plans to offer phones featuring DoCoMo’s proprietary mobile web service “i-mode” in the USA (the picture shows phones… Read More

  • A guide to Japan's 32 best iPhone apps (all available in English)

    It’s not really a secret that Japan is absolutely crazy about cell phones. And even though domestic makers churn out more than 100 different handsets every year (some of which are simply amazing), the iPhone is selling over here. SoftBank Mobile, the country’s exclusive iPhone provider, doesn’t release official data, but estimates put sales in Japan at well over one million… Read More

  • Multivid for iPhone: wi-fi synchronized video playback
    This handy-looking little app is straightforward, but could be very useful for some. Using a wi-fi access point, it transfers video files to several iPhones or iPod Touches, then lets you control playback of the video using your Mac… Read More

  • Wow, people sure don't believe AT&T's Seth the Blogger Guy

    So what do you guys think of Seth the Blogger Guy? He’s AT&T, well, blogger guy, talking to people like Greg, Biggs, MG, and myself whenever AT&T deems it necessary, usually to put out some sort of fire. (See: The initial confusion surrounding the price of the iPhone 3G S.) He’s a nice man, of course, even though I so rarely reply to his e-mails (but that’s just because… Read More

  • HTC Touch Pro 2 heads to Verizon Wireless on September 11 for $199 (after rebates, contracts, etc.)

    T-Mobile, Sprint, and now Verizon Wireless. Yup, the HTC Touch Pro 2 should be ready and waiting for you at your local VZW store on September 11. In what may be the first example of VZW customers getting a deal (compared to the other carriers), the phone is only $199 after $100 rebate and two-year contract. Read More

  • A couple WinMo 7 features blabbed by Moto employee

    Ono Moto. Better be careful what you put on the internet. Just as a salacious Facebook profile picture will always be found by your boss, salacious unreleased-OS details in your accomplishments will always be found by intrepid bloggers. Some Motorola developers inexplicably included some features of Windows Mobile 7 in their LinkedIn profiles — nothing too juicy, but it does give us a… Read More

  • New Palm Pre firmware gets leaked – by Palm!

    When PreCentral user go4craig went to go wipe his Pre with Palm’s end-all-be-all restoration application, he got a little surprise: v1.2 of the Pre firmware, which hasn’t been released yet. Whoops! Thats why you keep this type of stuff on completely separate servers with safety checks in place. Read More

  • LG Chocolate BL20 is a bit less crazy than that other one

    Our collective jaw just about hit the floor when we first saw the first leaks of the LG BL40. Not because it had a touchscreen, and not because it could double as a yardstick, but because it looked nothing like any Chocolate-branded device we’d seen before. All of the Chocolate handsets that came before were wonky little sliders with an occasional flip phone thrown in for good measure… Read More