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  • Google to pull all games from the Android Market in South Korea

    Are you from South Korea? Are you carrying an Android phone? Love gaming? Stop reading this. Go download every game you can from the Android market, and then come back. Don’t worry! We’ll wait! Now that you’re back, here’s why we had you do that: Google’s about to pull all games from the Android Market in South Korea. Read More

  • Is the Nexus One's display inferior to the Droid's?

    Science! Big words! These are two things we like around these parts, even if we don’t really understand them. When I look at the Nexus One’s display, I can’t help but slap my knee and let out some sort of proclamation of joy, like “Gee Wiz!”, or “Well, I’ll be!”, or “Fwaaaaarg.” Some people, however, aren’t quite as impressed. Read More

  • BreezyPrint brings printing to BlackBerry, iPhone and Android versions coming soon

    Are you tired of not being able to print pictures of cats from your BlackBerry? Boy oh boy — do I feel your pain. Enter BreezyPrint. BreezyPrint is a new bit of software which allows you to print from your BlackBerry by way of what I can only assume is some sort of voodoo. Read More

  • Six Flags Launches an iPhone App to Save You From the Horrors of Loneliness

    Big day at Six Flags planned sometime soon? No natural sense of direction? Constantly worried that you will lose your friends at a large theme park, and end up having to spend the night all alone in the cold, hiding from Crazy Jimmy the Maintenance Man? Own an iPhone or iPod touch? I’ve got some good news for you: Six Flags have just launched a brand new iPhone/iPod Touch app that has… Read More

  • Nokia brings free turn-by-turn Ovi Maps navigation to the E71 and E66

    Nokia just about turned the navigation world on its dome back in January when they announced that they were making their turn-by-turn Ovi Maps navigation service completely free for anyone with a compatible handset. Today, two new handsets join the compatible handset roster: the Nokia E71 and E66. Read More

  • MetroPCS Launches Voice Mail-to-Text Service

    Following in the footsteps of Google Voice, MetroPCS has just launched message transcription for their voice mail service. For a $3 monthly fee, voicemails will be automagically transcribed to text and sent to you via SMS or email, eliminating the arduous task of dialling in to check your voice messages. The service, powered by Yap, also includes the original message along with the email… Read More

  • Leaked: Is this the Samsung Moment2 for Sprint?

    Oh, Sprint Moment; we hardly knew ye. You were just announced in October of last year, right as Android 2.0 made its grand debut. And yet, there you sit, still holding on to Android 1.6. Before you’ve even had the opportunity to dance in the up-to-date spotlight, it looks like Samsung is already working on your replacement. Read More

  • The $7,000 Vertu Constellation Ayxta unboxed at long last

    Have you been eagerly saving your pennies for a Vertu Constellation Ayxta, but haven’t been sure of the $7,000 commitment? Do you want a little assurance that the feature phone of your dreams really is the luxury item that the price demands? What’s that? No? Me neither. But for those that live such a life (or those that are merely curious) the Vertu Constellation Ayxta has finally… Read More

  • Palm bails on Modernista, the ad agency behind the creepy witch lady

    Up until recently, Palm’s ads haven’t exactly been anything we’d consider “embraced.” They also haven’t been anything we’d consider, you know, “good.” Expect the ads to get more consistently good from here on out — or at least more consistently not featuring a creepy chick being creepy*. Palm has just cut their ties with Modernista… Read More