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  • Appcelerator: Over 90% of Developers are "Very Interested" in Building Tablet Apps

    Talk of the Apple Tablet is in full swing as the wide world of web is in a frenzy over the upcoming Apple event tomorrow. Most of the discussion has centered around features: how will it use multi-touch? will it have a camera? what kind of OS will it run? But one thing that matters perhaps more than features is what kind of apps the tablet will have and what developers think about the product. Read More

  • Reminder: Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now available from Verizon

    Hey! Guess what? The Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus are now available for Verizon! You sure as hell wouldn’t know that from looking at Verizon Wireless’ front page today, where there’s no mention of either handset in sight. Read More

  • Leaked: HTC Bravo looks like a Nexus One with more Sense

    Considering that the much heralded Nexus One is being sold as a pure Android experience by Google themselves, it wasn’t at all surprising to see that it didn’t sport HTC’s oh-so-awesome Android interface overhaul, Sense. Surprising? No. Disappointing? A bit. The 2.1 build of Android that the Nexus One runs is pretty dang solid – but in the end, we’re still longing… Read More

  • Motorola MOTOSPLIT makes the Backflip look normal

    Motorola’s by no means a stranger to phones with wonky form factors. I mean, just look at the Moto Backflip – the keyboard! It’s on the back! What is this, the future? It gets crazier, friends. Read More

  • Breaking: Flurry Notices Cupertino-based Users Testing Apps on Apple Tablet

    Flurry, a mobile app analytics company, has noticed approximately 50 devices in the Cupertino that match the characteristics of Apple’s tablet device. Flurry claims to have reliably placed these devices on Apple’s Cupertino campus, and are confident that they are “observing a group of pre-release tablets in testing.” This make sense – as the Apple Tablet has to… Read More

  • Get multi-touch on your Nexus One

    Cyanogen is at it again; the creator of the popular replacement interface for Android phones has come up with another hack, this time for the Nexus phone. The hack allows you to use multitouch functionality in the browser only for now, but the plan is to add this (much wanted) option to application in the future. [via Gadget Lab] Read More

  • George Clooney's Haiti telethon gets a webOS app

    As successful as some may be, single-purpose apps (like fart machines, flashlights, and tip calculators) tend to be the butt of a lot of jokes – but here’s one with a pretty righteous purpose. With a bit of elbow grease and a downright impressive amount of haste, the folks over at Mediafly have thrown together an application specifically built to let people tune into… Read More

  • Google to Developers: "Have an Android phone, please make games"

    The iPhone is indisputably on top of the mobile gaming heap, and even relative small fries like Palm are getting serious about it, but Google’s plan for this year’s Game Developers Conference marks one of their first steps towards making Android the next big platform for games on the go. Sure, they’ve committed to offering a number of sessions on Android game development… Read More

  • Windows Mobile developers ask Microsoft: Where's our money, kind sirs?

    It’s the case of the missing money. Or, less dumb, it’s a case of nobody knowing what’s going on. Several Windows Mobile developers have complained loudly that they’re owed monies by Microsoft. Microsoft is all, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll get it sorted out,” but then doesn’t, in fact, sort it. Read More