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  • CrunchDeals: All Konami iPhone games on sale for $.99

    Got a buck? Own an iThing? Like to game and save money? Sweet! Then you’ll be really happy to hear that Konami’s entire collection of iPhone / iPod touch games are all on sale for $.99 until Saturday, November 21. Read More

  • iPhone 3G and 3GS coming to Virgin Mobile Canada

    Virgin Mobile Canada has announced that it will begin to sell the iPhone 3G and 3GS in Virgin Mobile Retail Stores and online in Canada in the “coming months.” VMC joins fellow Canadian carriers Telus, Bell Canada, Fido, and Rogers in becoming an authorized iThing dealer. Read More

  • Sprint pushes OTA bug-fixin' update to HTC Hero

    Sprint has pushed out an over-the-air firmware update for its popular HTC Hero ‘droid handset. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Android 2.0, but it does purportedly fix a pesky SMS bug which has been causing battery drain issues. Oh, and it also helps your favorite Hero play nice with daylight saving time. But apparently, that’s just about all the update does. Read More

  • NTT Docomo to start LTE services in Japan in December 2010

    Faster data access with virtually no latency: LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile broadband networks are coming, at least in the world’s most advanced mobile market, the nation of Japan. The country’s biggest cell phone carrier, NTT Docomo, said yesterday at GSMA Mobile Asia Congress in Hong Kong it will go fourth generation as early as December 2010. Read More

  • Hey Apple, Google, et al.: Why Do You Hate Christmas?

    As the TechCrunch Network’s resident mobile guy, I was given the task of writing up a list of apps for each smartphone platform that you ought to buy as little e-stocking stuffers for your loved ones. It was to be my primary contribution to CrunchGear’s ultra-amazing Holiday Gift Guide; my festively themed magnum opus. But there’s a problem with this idea: it can’t be done. Read More

  • Smartphones to overtake non-smarties in 2015

    Really? Who could have guessed? I’m not an official big-shot analyst by any stretch, but I’m pretty sure that I could have made the same conclusion, as could anyone who knows anything about technology trends (like spoiled teenagers). But alas, an actual organization, Telecom Trends International (who?), has just released a report saying that smartphones will indeed overtake… Read More

  • The Palm Pixi really wants to be a Pre

    Don’t worry. This won’t be another post on the merits/shortcomings of the Pixi and whether such a handset is worthwhile as its older, more capable brother, the Pre, plummets in price. Other sites have done that to death. I just wanted to point out that, regardless of how anyone feels about the handset, even the Pixi wants to be a Pre. Check out this picture, taken right from a… Read More

  • Nokia N900 now available in the US

    We’ve got news, both good and bad. What do you want first? We’ll start with the bad news first. It’s easier that way, you know? Read More

  • The Google Phone May Be Data Only, VoIP Driven Device

    Yesterday we wrote about the soon to launch Google Phone, a Google branded Android phone that we believe will hit the market in early 2010. Lots of people are saying there’s no way Google will enter the phone market directly and compete with all these handset manufacturers who have bet on Android. Daring Fireball, PC World and InfoMobile are among the doubters. And a lot of people… Read More

  • iPhone gets official government approval in South Korea

    A little while back, we wrote about the Korea Communications Commission’s decision to make an exception for the iPhone, essentially clearing the way for Apple to submit the phone for radio approval (a la FCC procedures in the States). Now, two months later, the KCC has officially approved Apple’s iPhone for sale in South Korea. Read More

  • Sharp to go Android next year as first Japanese cell phone maker

    Android is still in its infancy in Japan where most domestic makers still stick with their proprietary operating systems, with basically no one outside the geek community knowing what it is. But things are changing slowly. Last week, SoftBank (the country’s third biggest cell phone carrier) announced an Android-powered phone for next year when the company announced their new models for… Read More

  • Verizon and iSkoot make feature phones just a little bit smarter with Social Beat

    We may blather on a daily basis over which smart phone reigns supreme – but, outside of the tech world, smart phones are still the minority. Believe it or not, as many as 80% of the handsets floating around out there are basic feature phones. Take Verizon, for example; sure, they’ve got the Droid now, but the very, very vast majority of their catalog (and presumably, their… Read More

  • AT&T plans San Francisco Bay Area network upgrades for 2010

    Hey SF Bay Area iPhonestas…good news! Your beloved carrier, the one and only AT&T, has big plans for major 3G network upgrades across the SF Bay Area come 2010. Apparently, the lovely folks over at AT&T have pumped some $65 million “from 2008 through the 3rd quarter of 2009 to complete a substantial upgrade of its local 3G wireless network in the greater San Francisco Bay… Read More

  • T-Mobile UK employees caught peddling personal data

    Here in the states, T-Mobile has been no stranger to screw-ups, but we’d always just figured that their UK counterparts were stand-up guys. After all, they’re British – as we all know, every one from that side of the pond is charming, affable, and rocks a bloody good accent. Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone employed there is as scrupulous as their customers would… Read More

  • Rumor: Touchscreen BlackBerry slider in the pipeline?

    Yay, rumors! Today’s fun rumor comes courtesy of one Mr. Shaw Wu, a Kaufman Bros. analyst, who believes (thanks to his sources in the supply chain) that a BlackBerry 9900 has not only hit the prototype phase, but also features an entirely new form factor for RIM – a touchscreen slider. Read More

  • The Moto Droid's Ability To Autofocus Varies From Day To Day – No, really.

    Here’s a weird one for you: A few hours ago, Motorola DROID users began reporting that the cameras on their handsets were suddenly.. better. The camera’s ability to auto-focus, which I’d railed in our review of the product, seemed to drastically improve overnight. And it did! Most assumed that Verizon and Motorola had managed to sneak out some sort of stealth over-the-air… Read More

  • T-Mobile starts selling Sidekicks again, drops prices

    Data problems? What data problems? Oh right, those data problems. Well, its been about a month so, like with any sort of break up or troubled relationship, you’ve had your chance to grieve and be angry…now it’s time to move on, folks. At least that seems to be T-Mobile’s position. Thus, Big T has resumed selling both its older Sidekick and the newer Sidekick LX, each… Read More

  • iPhone to be the best phone in all of China

    China Unicom’s chairman believes that the iPhone will be the most popular phone in China, beating out Nokia and RIM for the crown of Bounteous Emperor of the Eastern Phone World. Read More

  • Pictured: Magellan's new iPhone car cradle

    Hey, you! I know you. You’re the one that gets all hot around the collar over shots of unreleased iPhone accessories, aren’t you? Boy, oh boy – are you gonna love this.. Sure, it’s not much – but here’s the world’s first look at the just announced, GPS-boosting, speakerphone-touting iPhone car cradle from Magellan. If you’re thinking to… Read More

  • Magellan Gets Into The iPhone GPS Game, Car Cradle Incoming

    Google might be in the middle of turning the navigation market on its head with hints that their free turn-by-turn service might make its way to the iPhone, but that’s not scaring the big players away. TomTom and Telenav have both been on the platform for months and show no sign of turning tail, and now another big-name has jumped into the mix: Magellan. Just minutes ago, Magellan… Read More