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  • Contest: Design an awesome GelaSkin, win an awesome GelaSkin

    When we mentioned a few weeks back that GelaSkins was now printing custom skins for mobile phones, MobileCrunch reader Ankit Gupta said “This is something you guys should just do a contest for… give away 5 of these or something, you know?” Yes, Ankit – we know. Ask, and you shall receive. We’ve teamed up with GelaSkins to give away skins to 5 lucky TechCrunch… Read More

  • Oops! Verizon's update for the Samsung Trance allegedly breaks things

    After we found out about the Samsung Trance’s then-impending software update a little early, I honestly didn’t expect to hear about it again. If things had gone smoothly, I probably wouldn’t have. Read More

  • LG Lotus 2 gets caught on camera, touchscreen and all

    Way back in early October, we broke the story that an LG Lotus 2 was in the works. At the time, more than a few people didn’t seem to believe that a followup to the original Sprint Lotus would rock a touchscreen on the face. This morning, pics of the device have surfaced, and whaddya know – its got a touch screen. Our sources still pin this one on a launch sometime in January, so… Read More

  • AdMob Launches Beta Ads For Palm WebOS

    Though its had an application store of its own for many months now, Palm’s webOS has really yet to flourish as a development platform. As it currently stands, webOS’ App Catalog only offers up around 400 applications. This stunted growth is largely because Palm still considers the App Catalog “beta” – thus, they’re being rather selective with what gets in. Read More

  • Tons of new Android handset codenames unveiled in HTC's Android 2.1 ROM

    Remember that leaked Android 2.1 ROM for the GSM HTC Hero from a few days ago? Looks like there was more to it than meets the eye. Tucked deep inside the ROM was a list of around 20 Android-based handset codenames, nearly all of which have never been seen. Read More

  • Santa-Pain Brings The Cheer, Adds Holiday Tunes to I Am T-Pain

    Considering that it’s still one of the App Store’s top grossing apps of all time, I Am T-Pain is pretty great. With that said, it’s not exactly something you’d want to pull out at your family Christmas party. Believe it or not, Grandma probably wont be impressed with the on-the-fly Autotuning technology be it that you’re singing songs about strippers. Making things… Read More

  • Nokia shows a sneak peak of the next Symbian

    Symbian, as it currently exists, is tired. It’s not that it’s not functional, mind you – it’s just that the UI is such a hot mess that said functionality seems hidden. The next version of Symbian was shown of at Nokia’ Capital Market Day, and it looks like they may well be on the right track towards cleaning it up. Read More

  • Coming soon for Android: the crocodile keyboard app

    The crocodile keyboard is coming to an Android phone near you on December 7! Instead of refreshing MobileCrunch every five minutes, on Monday you can instead refresh every five minutes until the app is released! That’s the Christmas spirit! Read More

  • Video: WebGL might eventually bring awesome 3D to web apps

    As mobile platform makers grant more and more system functionality to their browsers, the once distinct lines between native applications and web applications are beginning to blur. Over the past few months, HTML5 and other advances in web technology have allowed developers on various platforms to access to GPS coordinates, accelerometer data, and more. Plenty of limitations still exist… Read More

  • New Nimbuzz app runs natively on BlackBerry phones

    Mobile communication startup Nimbuzz has just made the first native application for BlackBerry smartphones that allows for multi-network chat sessions available in Research In Motion’s App World store (get it here). The native functionality allows the free app to run in the background without interruption, have alert notifications ‘pushed’ to the BlackBerry device’s… Read More

  • Smart Alarm wakes you up early when the weather turns bad

    I don’t often find myself writing about new Alarm apps here on MobileCrunch, primarily because there are roughly 9 billion of them. This one is too clever to not mention, though. Read More

  • Video: Wii Remote controls MAME on iPhone, our collective heart skips a beat

    A few weeks back, the Internet saw its first proof-of-concept video of an iPhone interacting with a Wii remote over Bluetooth. This was part of the “BTStack” project, which is aiming to add a bunch of Bluetooth protocols to the iPhone that it doesn’t otherwise support. Once in place, however, its the homebrew developer’s job to make use of the new functionality –… Read More

  • Palm Pixi gets an upgrade to WebOS 1.3.2, fixes "Security Issues"

    Just a few weeks after launch, it looks like the Pixi is already hoggin’ all the update-love. Early today, Palm pushed WebOS 1.3.2 out to Pixi owners, leaving Pre owners wondering when they’d get theirs. Palm’s not making a big fuss about this update, but we managed to dig up the patch notes and find out what was goin’ on. Read More

  • Mophie Juice Pack Air gets festive, now available in red

    What is there to say about this, outside of the headline? We loved the Mophie Juice Pack at first, only to have it almost literally fall apart in our hands. Mophie said the problem we had definitely shouldn’t have happened, and shouldn’t happen again. Whether or not the problem was isolated and/or fixed, I’ve got no idea. But I do know one thing: now it comes in red! Earlier… Read More

  • Moto Cliq gets an OTA update, still running Android v1.5

    Upset that your Motorola Cliq is still running Android v1.5? Think the battery life stinks? Motorola’s got a patch for one of those problems, but not the other. Early this morning, Moto began pushing an over-the-air update to Cliq owners. Alas, it doesn’t look like they’ve managed to port the BLUR user interface over to Android 2.0 yet – even after updating, the Cliq… Read More

  • PSA: Account For Your Mobile Phone Before Exiting A Cab

    This is a test of the Crunch Network Public Service Announcement System. Before exiting a cab/taxi/limo/bus, be sure to account for all of your gadgets. This is only a test… While maybe obvious, this is very sound advice, especially during the holiday season where many of us find ourselves traveling in distant lands, taking countless cabs here and there. Take London, for example. Read More

  • HTC Hero unofficially upgraded to Android 2.1, ROM leaked

    If you’re the owner of an HTC Hero, you’re probably pretty tired of waiting for the update treatment. While other handsets have been bumped up to Android v1.6 and others have hit the shelves with v2.0, you’re still stuck way back at v1.5. Well, the time to upgrade has come – as long as you’re down to do some hackery, that is. The always incredible guys over at… Read More

  • NES Cartridge iPhone Dock: Ghetto-It-Yourself

    Look. I’m all for the D.I.Y-spirit. I go to the Maker Faire, I randomly add LEDs to things that have no reason to have them, and I’ve voided more warranties than I can count. But this is just cheating. When we got a tip today from reader Roland with a subject line of just “NES Cartridge iPhone dock”, I got a little bit tingly inside. Read More

  • Fring for iPhone gets one-way video calling

    Last week, Fring took their first step into the video calling space by bringing Fring/Skype video support to a handful of Nokias. Not looking to let the momentum fizzle, Fring has already released their next video-enabled app — this time for the iPhone. Read More

  • Apps of the Month: Best iPhone Apps of November

    Last month we launched Apps of the Month: a series dedicated to profiling iPhone apps that you should actually buy, instead of the ones that simply got the most hype. This is a tough task, given the 100,000+ apps on the store and the fact that discovery is an absurdly difficult task, even for those who spend as much time as we do playing with iPhone apps. Of course, we scoured our inboxes and… Read More