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  • Are Caller ID spoofing apps in danger of becoming illegal? Maybe, thanks to H.R. 1258.

    The first time I jailbroke my iPhone and used SpoofApp, I called up a good friend of mine and (thanks to the voice changer) pretended to be a lusty old flame that just couldn’t get over him. Not exactly my finest moment — but if I had waited a few more months, it might have even been illegal. It all depends on whether or not House Resolution 1258 (a.k.a. The Truth in Caller ID… Read More

  • GameGripper: the snap-on, no-batteries-needed gamepad for your Droid

    Bluetooth controllers? Meh. Why reinvent the wheel when the tire just needs new treading? Take the Motorola Droid. With its big ol’ physical QWERTY keyboard, it has plenty of buttons for gaming (read: playing ROMs) — it’s just that they’re not very conveniently placed. Enter the GameGripper, a snap-on accessory that converts your Droid’s old, boring keyboard into… Read More

  • Video: The iPhone 3G might be able to multitask in OS 4.0 after all.. if it's jailbroken

    Never ones to let Apple’s work go untested, the jailbreak community has just put to the test Apple’s claims that the iPhone 3G (as compared to the iPhone 3GS) couldn’t handle the multitasking functionality introduced in iPhone OS 4. As it turns out.. it can — but don’t prep the torches and pitchforks just yet. Read More

  • HTC Considering Its Own Phone OS

    HTC are considering equipping phones with their own OS, an interview with HTC’s chief financial officer, Cheng Hui-ming, revealed today.
    It’s very early days yet, with HTC only going so far as to say that they “continue to assess” having their own OS, but that there are “a few conditions to justify” before anything will come of it. This news comes… Read More

  • HTC Incredible Revealed on Verizon Staging Site, To Be Called "Droid Incredible"

    This is about as firm a leak as you can get: the HTC Incredible has been revealed on a Verizon staging site. Sadly, no further specs or pricing was revealed, but the April 29th launch date that we talked about earlier is mentioned, as is the new branding for the device: The “Droid Incredible”. Not the greatest of names, no, but I’ll give the marketers extra points for… Read More

  • Vodafone Announces iPad Service in Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK (Update: And O2!)

    We’ve received word that Vodafone announced today that it will be the exclusive carrier for the iPad in Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, with price plans for all models offered from the end of May. There are no dollar figures to go with the announcement, either for the plans or the iPad itself, but you can be sure we’ll keep you in the loop as information comes to… Read More

  • My Sprint, Support, Community Sites Down Since Sunday

    Sprint tried rolling out a website upgrade/overhaul on the weekend, but have suffered outages since Sunday because of it. The main site appears to be up and running again, but the “My Sprint”, “Support”, and “Community” sections still appear to be broken. Read More

  • Fourth Gen iPhone Almost Certainly to be Announced June 22

    “Hey. You. Come over here.” A scraggly female voice rang out from the bushes. I looked over at the gypsy, half hidden by the shrubbery. “Why?” I asked. The last time I did what a gypsy said I almost lost a kidney, so this time I wanted to be careful. “I have something to tell you. Something the world will want to hear.” Intrigued, I moved toward her. She… Read More

  • Android 2.1 at Fault for Nexus One Screen Issues? Droid Owners Beware!

    No doubt by now you’ve heard that the screen on Google’s Nexus One is apparently worse than the screen on Motorola’s Droid. The story goes that images on the Nexus One aint be poppin’ like they do on the Droid, and a study by DisplayMate apparently confirmed this. But now that Droids have been updated to Android 2.1, users have begun to complain that images displayed… Read More

  • Apple finally granted patent for iPhone's hardware likeness

    Every device maker is plagued by lookalikes mass-produced in the far east, and Apple is no exception. The fakes themselves, while always pretty terrible, often have looked mighty close to the real thing as far as hardware design. It only takes a single rogue iPhone to spawn a thousand exact replicas as far as dimensions, shape, and materials. Well, Apple’s taking steps to prevent… Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch Slide to come in three colors?

    Man, I can’t remember any phone in recent history for which details and pics have leaked as frequently as they have for the myTouch Slide. This thing’s not even official yet, but we know more about it than a celebrity stalker knows about their stalkee’s underwear drawer. The latest bit of knowledge, added just today: color variations. Read More

  • Android Coming Soon to an x86-based Phone Near You

    While not the first to do it (that title goes to Acer), Intel has now ported Android to the x86 architecture. While the obvious application for this is tablets and netbooks, Intel has said that they have it running on smartphones based on their Atom line of processors. Most smartphone processors are based on the ARM architecture, while Intel’s processors on the other hand are typically… Read More

  • Reports of AT&T Outage in Seattle Area [Update: All fixed]

    Rumours abound that the AT&T Network is down in the Seattle area. The outage seems to be affecting voice calls. Service has been trickling back to some users over the last half hour, and rebooting has fixed it for some people, but others are still out. How’s it going for you? If you lost service service today, let us know in the comments what area you are in and if it’s… Read More

  • Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Coming to O2 and Vodafone Germany

    Word on the German street (or Straße) is that both the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus are coming to O2 and Vodafone on April 28. These are the same phones that Americans have come to know and love, but with GSM radios and a European-friendly QWERTZ keyboard. You know the drill: the Pre Plus is their flagship device with 16GB storage, while the Pixi Plus is for those just dipping their toes… Read More

  • HTC Incredible Full Spec Sheet Leaked

    Jonesing for a bit more info on the hotter-than-hot HTC Incredible before its April 29 release?
    Well, you lucky devil, the full spec sheet has been leaked ahead of the Verizon launch, and it looks, well, you know… incredible. On top of the already-known Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI, the Snapdragon processor, the 8MP camera with autofocus + flash, and the 3.7″ WVGA… Read More

  • Dev variant Kin has a cooler color scheme

    I just popped into a local pub and ran smack into into a variant of the just-announced (but long-rumored) Kin 2 being tested by a Microsoft associate of mine. It’s not really major news, but I have to say that I think it looks a lot better with this red-and-white keyboard — it helps set it apart from all the other sliders out there. I don’t know, maybe it attracts dirt… Read More

  • Hands-On Demo Video: Opera Mini for iPhone [Update: First Impressions, Speed tests!]

    Today was the day that pigs flew. Seemingly out of no where (or, arguably, perfectly timed to downplay all the rabble rousing surrounding some new terms added to the SDK), Opera Mini has been approved for the iPhone. It’s not going to be available in the US for a few more hours, but we were able to dig it up by tinkering around with some settings and, well, pretending we were somewhere else. Read More

  • Apple approves Opera Mini iPhone app

    Good news for Opera (and its legions of fans around the world): the company has just announced that its mobile browser Opera Mini has been approved for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store. The app will be available as a free download within 24 hours, depending on which market you are located in. The iPhone app was shown off by the Norwegian software company to a small circle of reporters at… Read More

  • Kin and Zune HD are… kin, when it comes to chipset

    Here’s a little smidgen of info that escaped the announcements and hands-on today. The specs page at is a bit… non-literal, so there’s not a lot of information on what model of CPU it’s running, what amount of RAM, and so on. But we do now know that they’re Tegra-based and likely share a fair amount of hardware DNA with the Zune HD. That doesn’t… Read More

  • Hands-On with the Kin 1 and Kin 2 [Update: Video]

    After years of rumors, hearsay, and leaks, we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to play with the final product of Project Pink. These are the first real products of Microsoft’s 2008 acquisition of Danger, creators of the sidekick. So how are they? Read on for our impressions Update: Now with video of the Kin 2 in action – check it out after the jump. Read More