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  • Verizon comes clean and announces the Android-powered Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR

    The Verizon-bound Motorola Devour wasn’t much of a secret after the retail packaging leaked last week. We knew it was coming, but not so soon because big red VZW just announced it to the world. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not a Droid replacement as Android 1.6 is powering it instead of 2.0. That doesn’t mean it’s not another fine phone to add to… Read More

  • LG gets bragging rights for Japan's first certified 4G device

    The rest of the world is catching on rapidly but overall, Japan is still the world’s most advanced mobile society. That being said, you’d assume that the first 4G (LTE) device to get an official certification from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications must be coming from one of the many mobile companies over here, but it was South Korea’s LG who got… Read More

  • Ovi Maps: 1.4 million downloads to date, averaging a download per second

    I’m starting to suspect people like free stuff – a shocker, I know. Nokia says the new version of Ovi Maps that includes free walk and drive navigation has been downloaded over 1.4 million times since its introduction on 21 January 2010. Nokia says the 1 million mark was reached after just one week following the launch, and the company’s Executive VP Anssi Vanjoki adds… Read More

  • Fwix Launches Mobile City Apps to Provide You Local News on the Go

    As you’ve probably realized, local news is undergoing a massive transformation. The rapid demise of “old media” has resulted in fewer local publications, and it’s likely that in a few months your local paper may no longer exist. As “new media” takes over, users will be faced with a plethora of choices to consume local news. This is great news for most (no… Read More

  • Vinyl Android figurines are the coolest things since sliced ice

    Okay, look. I wasn’t going to post about these, because every bit of attention these things get will make it that much harder for me to acquire them before they sell out. But then this little nagging voice in my head (which sounds like a freakish cross between CrunchGear editor John Biggs and my mother) started saying “But, Greg! It’s your job! You have to post awesome… Read More

  • Google Nexus One gets OTA update, multi-touch goodness

    When Google announced the Nexus One at an event early last month, one journalist asked, “Why doesn’t this have multi-touch? When is it going to get multi-touch?” Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google, said, “It’s something we’re looking into. It’s just a software thing right now.” Well, today our prayers have been answered via an… Read More

  • Love your jailbroken iPhone? Don't update to 3.1.3

    Consider this a PSA from one person with a jailbroken iPhone to another: Don’t upgrade to the just released iPhone OS 3.1.3. The iPhone dev team — the guys who make all of this jailbreaking stuff possible — have just confirmed that the PwnageTool and redsn0w jailbreak/unlock tools do not work with iPhone OS 3.1.3. In this endless (and really, mostly futile on Apple’s… Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.1.3 now live on iTunes

    Before you start scrambling for your phone, laptop and data cable, just relax for a second. The latest update to the iPhone software, version 3.1.3, is a minor one. A quick glance at the changelog shows that the update will improve accuracy on the reported battery level on the 3GS, which is a huge help because we’ve sometimes seen it go from 20% to dead in just seconds. The launching… Read More

  • Verizon: You know who should buy a Pre Plus? Your mother.

    Two new TV spots for the Pre Plus have just made their way out, and it looks like Verizon has taken a decidedly.. different approach to marketing Palm’s handset than they did with the Motorola Droid. Lets compare, shall we? Read More

  • Meet Marc Flores, the new MobileCrunch writer

    I begged and pleaded with Greg, editor of MobileCrunch, not to make me write this, but it looks like I’m stuck introducing myself to you all. So in my best Troy McClure voice let me say: Hi, my name is Marc Flores. You might remember me from popular sites such as Boy Genius Report or True/Slant. Read More

  • Samsung S8500 becomes first Bluetooth 3.0 approved handset

    There is nothing more satisfying than claiming to be the first at anything, and so far this week, Samsung must be pretty happy with itself. After announcing its plans to mass produce AMOLED touchscreens, the first to include built-in touch functions, Samsung’s S8500 will be the first consumer handset to feature Bluetooth 3.0. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG, has approved… Read More