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  • Apple Bans Another Developer, 1000+ Apps Pulled

    As the old mantra goes, “Cheaters never prosper”. In this digital age, it may be time to revise that saying. Granted a veil of anonymity by the Internet, cheaters surely prosper from their cheating; it’s just that when they get caught, they go down hard. Alas, “Cheaters may temporarily prosper – but if they get caught, they’re totally boned”… Read More

  • Guest Post: App Developers, Get Ready For The Post-Christmas Rush

    Consumer spending during the holiday retail season, beginning with Black Friday, is among the most important predictors of U.S. economic health. Since the late 90s, tracking online sales of websites like on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, has become a second important barometer. The National Retail Federation, the world’s leading retail trade group… Read More

  • Leaked: HTC's handset releases for the first half of 2010

    If HTC’s trying to keep their device releases top-secret, they’re not doin’ a very good job. While individual leaks seem to be rare, they seem to be making a habit out of bundling up all their upcoming releases into one big presentation, which in turn leaks all over the internet. It happened right at the beginning of 2009 and, sure enough, it looks like the first half of 2010… Read More

  • Should we sue cellphone companies over car accidents caused by distracted drivers?

    You knew this was coming. Someone’s driving a car. They’re talking on their cellphone, too. The car crashes. It crashes into another car. The driver of the other car dies. And now the family of the killed driver wants to sue someone. That “someone” just so happens to be the wireless provider and the manufacturer of the phone. Read More

  • iPhone in Korea off to a good start

    The iPhone officially went on sale in China at the end of October and in Japan in summer last year, but many people in one important Asian market were still waiting for it the whole time: Korea. After getting the official government approval in mid-November, the country’s number two mobile carrier, KT Corporation, started rolling out the iPhone on November 28. And it can be happy about… Read More

  • The Missing Sync for Android now available

    Just about each and every time we review an Android phone, one of the first questions that shows up in the comments is, “So – how is it at syncing?” The answer to that is a bit complex. If you’re just looking to sync with Google services (like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.), it’s great. Anything outside of that and, well, it kinda sucks. For anyone accustomed to… Read More

  • Video: Verizon Droid calls iPhone ‘digitally clueless’ in latest ad

    The word “droid” is short for “android.” When you think of androids you think of robots. “Robot” is a Czech word that means “drudgery.” “Drudgery” is defined as “dull, irksome, and fatiguing work.” And let me tell you: it is dull, irksome, and fatiguing to sit through this latest Verizon Droid commercial. Read More

  • QVC launches an iPhone app, Grandmas everywhere rejoice

    When’s the last time you ordered something off of QVC? For me, the last time was when I was 11 years old. Christmas was coming, I hadn’t bought my family any presents yet, and QVC just seemed so damned convenient. Combine that with the fact that I knew exactly where my parents kept their credit cards, and you can probably guess what happened next. Why yes, customer service agent, I… Read More

  • Verizon announces software update for Droid Eris coming in 2010

    While Verizon might not be shoving the HTC Droid Eris down our throats the same way they are with its Motorola-made sibling, the Droid, the Eris is still one slick little piece of mobile kit. What it lacks in form factor (that is, a physical keyboard), it makes up with its drop-dead-gorgeous Sense UI. The only shortcoming, as I see it, is that it’s still stuck on Android v1.5 while the… Read More

  • Apple hit with iPhone digital camera patent lawsuit

    Looks like Apple’s lawyers will be extra busy in the coming days. Some entity by the name of St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants has filed suit against the house that Jobs built, alleging that the iPhone infringes upon several of its patents. Read More

  • HTC Touch.B runs elegant Zune-ish interface over Brew

    If this is the future of “dumbphones,” then sign me up. I love my Android, but the plain install I’ve got lacks panache. This HTC Touch.B is running on Qualcomm’s Brew platform, so it’s going to be missing all those apps and such, but it’s nice to see a featurephone not bogged down by an ugly D-pad-based UI. [via WMPowerUser and Engadget] Read More