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  • LG Cookie gets upgraded with S-Class interface, 3G, mispelled name

    Just around 6 months after the launch of the LG Cookie (KP500) , LG has announced details of a followup. Because the name “Cookie II” just made too much sense, LG has instead opted to name this second handset “Cooky”, which is not a word. We had joked that LG had chosen the name “Cookie” because there were no good words left in the phone-naming pool. Now… Read More

  • iPhone Nano Rumor #5,838,321: Screen stays the same, Home button moved to the side

    According to Le Journal du Geek, the much-fabled iPhone Nano is coming in June, and will be debuted by none other than Jobs himself. The new, meaty bit: to make it smaller (for the sake of the whole “Nano” bit), they say the home button has been moved to the side – but that 3G, GPS, and WiFi get to stay! Okay, look. The whole iPhone Nano thing is bananas. I’m pretty… Read More

  • Android Dev Phone 1.1 released, fixing numerous issues

    If you’re an Android dev freak, it’s time to update that sucker “1.0” nonsense you’re rolling with. Girls flip when they see you rock the 1.1, I’m telling you. It’s got the voice search support, fixes a bunch of bugs, and now you can even see paid apps in the Marketplace! Player! That is off the hook for rook! Seriously though, it’s an… Read More

  • Samsung's latest touchscreen phones to hit Europe this Spring

    Is it coming to this? Are touchscreen phones going to be the new default, the way clamshells have been for years and candybars were before that? If the specs and pricing get much lower, it’ll be easier to get Grandma some low-end Touchmaster than a basic Moto flip phone. In any case, Samsung’s newest touchscreen offerings are pretty much what you’d expect. Read More

  • Early iPhone prototype up for auction

    A fella in Illinois has himself an iPhone protoype with an early beta OS and it’s up for sale on eBay if you’re into that sort of thing. In fact, he has two prototype iPhones for sale, but only one works and it has a matte plastic screen. The dud has a glass screen and doesn’t seem to offer much of anything save for spare parts at best. The working prototype appears to be able… Read More

  • LG Viewty II gets stuck behind dirty glass, caught on camera

    Apparently the LG Viewty II was on display at Mobile World Congress and nobody noticed. Unfortunately absent from the convention was any sort of cloth that could be used for cleaning the glass in front of the phone. Read More

  • Venezuela to get a $14 cell phone

    Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, has announced that the Venezuelan government has teamed up with a firm to create a $14 phone complete with MP3 playback, FM Radio, and a camera. Called El Vergatario, the handset should launch in May. We dug around a bit, but we’re having a hard time figuring out exactly what El Vergatario means in this context. It seems that Vergatario is everything… Read More

  • This kre-8 cellphone concept is only for music buffs

    This is one of the better concepts I’ve seen ’round these parts, and I see plenty of them. It’s called the kre-8 (the name could use some work, yes), and it’s a cellphone designed, as it were, for those who fancy themselves as DJs, music creators, etc. Read More

  • Nokia E75 photo quality samples trickle out – what do you think?

    We’re not sure whether the big-wigs over in Finland gave this one the greenlight, but a series of photos taken by a prototype E75 have escaped their owner’s cubicle and landed on the internets. We certainly hope he got this approved, seeing as how one of the photo samples is his badge. Read More

  • TetherBerry: The extremely easy BlackBerry tethering app

    Tethering a mobile phone to a laptop was once was a laborious adventure into the depths of forums and hack sites. Eventually though, the task become a bit easier with just a few settings on both the phone and the notebook, but TetherBerry makes it even easier. Like stupid easy. Read More

  • Latest OS updates for BlackBerry Bold and 8900 leak out

    Attention BlackBerry users- Just wanted to let the Bold users know that the latest official OS, v4.6.0.414, has been released in Austria, but works with all carrier models. According to one BlackBerry Forum user this update seems to improve the browser and adds a bit of extra memory among other things. You can grab 414 here, but if you’re not sure what you’re doing then follow… Read More

  • Jailbreakers Junction: Cydia Store and others to sell apps outside of the App Store

    Long before the launch of Apple’s official App Store, Jay Freeman (otherwise known as Saurik) unleashed Cydia, an open repository of third-party applications for jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. If you knew the right server addresses (or “Sources”), you could get just about anything. Sure, some folks use it for getting around that whole “paying for stuff”… Read More

  • Carnival Hammer for the iPhone – this won't end well.

    Step right up, ladies and gentleman! Test your strength and potentially break the hell out of your iPhone! Carnival Hammer is a new game for the iPhone that simulates.. well, a carnival hammer. You know, that game where you smash a little pad with an awkwardly weighted hammer to try and impress your lady friend with your smash-a-little-pad-with-an-awkwardly-weighted-hammer skills? Read More

  • Myspace for BlackBerry gets updated to v1.5

    Not looking the soon-to-be-released Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 get all the glory, Myspace has gone and loosed v1.5 of their own application. Our BlackBerry handset is giving us all sorts of trouble right now, so we’re not having any luck testing it out for ourselves – so let us know in the comments how it is. Read More

  • Nokia confirms that the 5800 XpressMusic is ready to return to the shelves

    Calling the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic’s North American launch a rough start would be a bit of an understatement. After inventory issues, faulty speakers, and reports of connectivity woes, it looks like the 5800 might be returning to the shelves soon. Nokia has issued a statement confirming that the lingering 3G issues were caused by improper firmware configuration, and have since been fixed. Read More

  • Leaked shots of new Instinct hit the webs

    What could this be? Spy shots of the new Instinct? It seems that brave forum-goer Phonetec got his hands on Samsung’s latest and took a few snaps with his Blackberry. He says it’s smaller, more lightweight, and that the interface is the same. Well! How exciting! I certainly like the new look a lot more. We’ll have more info and/or pictures as soon as we get ‘em. Read More

  • Press shots of the Moto RUSH 2 leak out

    The Moto RUSH 2 confuses us a bit. It’s not exactly gorgeous, but it’s not terribly ugly. It doesn’t look dirt cheap, but it doesn’t look like something we’d expect to pay more than $99 bucks out the door for. One of the product shots implies it has a touchscreen (note the on-screen dialer), but it’s a tiny one. It’s as if Motorola set out to make the… Read More

  • Ballmer on WinMo: We need to hurry up

    It’s a tough time to be an IT guy in charge of mobile right now. Employees go home and get their daily dose of Apple from their friends, family, and television, and come back to work wondering why they’re still using Windows Mobile. At Microsoft’s CIO Summit yesterday, a member of the audience took the opportunity to grill Steve Ballmer on the matter: Read More

  • HTC Magic gets spotted in black

    Not diggin’ the vanilla look of the HTC Magic that was shown during the announcement? Looking for something a bit more stealth? Like the yin to the white model’s yang, an all black model of the HTC Magic has hit the floor at this week’s CeBIT show in Germany. Like the model we saw at MWC, this version isn’t quite final – the narrow buttons will be replaced with… Read More

  • Yahoo’s Inquisitor Makes Search Shine On The iPhone

    Last May, Yahoo acquired a startup called Inquisitor which offers a search plug-in for all the major browsers. Today, Inquisitor is available as an iPhone app and it shows how certain features, such as Yahoo’s Search Assist, really shine on a mobile device where you want to keep your typing to a minimum. When you start typing a search in Inquisitor, a list of suggested keywords… Read More