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  • Vodafone targets developing markets with mobile web and Opera Mini

    Now that most of us are essentially swimming in 3G signals on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget that a solid percentage of the world still has to make do with GPRS. Telecom giant Vodafone hasn’t forgotten though, and they’re taking a novel approach to making sure the developing world gets their mobile internet fix: they’ll pre-load Opera Mini on 20 low-end phone models. Read More

  • HTC Incredible coming April 29th? Looks like it

    For all of you folks who were left disappointed after Verizon’s deafening silence regarded the HTC Incredible at CTIA : start smiling. Earlier today, the above image from an internal Verizon e-mail started circulating. “New devices coming really soon!”, it promised. Now, it would have probably been safe to assume that included the Incredible – but assumptions are… Read More

  • Palm stock sky rockets thanks to Lenovo buyout rumor

    The graph above pretty much says it all, but to throw in a bit of context: at around 10:30 EDT this morning, a rumor ripped through Wall Street indicating that Lenovo (who you probably remember as the Chinese tech company who bought IBM’s PC division in 2005) was considering snatching up Palm. In the roughly 3 hours or so that have passed, Palm stock has surged by just over 70 cents… Read More

  • AdLib: Apple's Secret Weapon For Making Better Web Apps For The iPad

    Did you give in and buy yourself an iPad? Go grab it. If you don’t own one, just reach your arms out, conjure up a temporary air of smugness, and play along. Now take your iPad (or your imaginaryPad, or what have you) and pop into Safari. Hit the bookmarks button, and then tap “iPad User Guide”. Explore a bit. Notice the dual-pane view with independent scrolling; notice… Read More

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Now Available for iPhones Everywhere

    I have fond memories of playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on my PlayStation back in high school. I remember trading stories with friends about the biggest tricks I’d pulled, and being astounded at the scores that “a friend of their’s” could pull in a single trick. I remember single-mindedly trying to beat those trick scores, re-starting a level each time I bailed… Read More

  • Stuart Hughes' Privé Phone Proves Money Can't Buy Taste

    Is your StarTAC looking run down? Does it not draw the attention that it once did? It’s time for an upgrade. Don’t let the technology of the recent decades cloud your judgement when choosing your new phone. Think, and I mean seriously think, about the time when talking on a mobile phone was at its most impressive. That’s right, all the way back to 1983. What better way to… Read More

  • Yet another video of the supposed iPhone 4G/HD screen surfaces

    What happens when you take what seems to be the same LCD/bezel we saw a few weeks ago, add a pinch of Coldplay, and toss in a camera that just can’t seem to focus? This video. Read More

  • The Nexus One car dock is finally pictured [Update: And on sale!]

    Boy have we been waiting for this one — since January 14, actually. As it turns out, too, the backside of the dock we spied a few weeks back is actually the official dock. But it just doesn’t hold the phone in place, it also has built-in speakers, volume controls, and the goods need to charge the Nexus One. That’s pretty much everything we wanted. It even auto-launches the… Read More

  • Google to pull all games from the Android Market in South Korea

    Are you from South Korea? Are you carrying an Android phone? Love gaming? Stop reading this. Go download every game you can from the Android market, and then come back. Don’t worry! We’ll wait! Now that you’re back, here’s why we had you do that: Google’s about to pull all games from the Android Market in South Korea. Read More

  • Is the Nexus One's display inferior to the Droid's?

    Science! Big words! These are two things we like around these parts, even if we don’t really understand them. When I look at the Nexus One’s display, I can’t help but slap my knee and let out some sort of proclamation of joy, like “Gee Wiz!”, or “Well, I’ll be!”, or “Fwaaaaarg.” Some people, however, aren’t quite as impressed. Read More

  • BreezyPrint brings printing to BlackBerry, iPhone and Android versions coming soon

    Are you tired of not being able to print pictures of cats from your BlackBerry? Boy oh boy — do I feel your pain. Enter BreezyPrint. BreezyPrint is a new bit of software which allows you to print from your BlackBerry by way of what I can only assume is some sort of voodoo. Read More