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  • Unboxing the Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC

    At last! After oh-so-many painstaking months of waiting, the HTC Incredible is here. Well, almost. It doesn’t launch until April 29th — about 10 days from today — but we got our hands on one a bit early. People are pretty excited for this thing, and for good reason: with a 1GHZ Snapdragon CPU, an 8 megapixel camera, and Android 2.1, it’s easily the most spec’d… Read More

  • Microsoft semi-apologizes for highly offensive man-boob in Kin ad

    We found it pretty ridiculous when Consumer Reports made a big deal about a pretty tame reference to playful, romantic MMSing. Really, now. Microsoft is the last thing making kids send naughty pictures to one another. But I guess Microsoft didn’t want the drama, so they’ve apologized. They deleted the offending portion of the video, but if you’ll be so kind as to click… Read More

  • Android 2.1 update for the Sprint Hero bumped back to early May?

    Ugh. Internal memos. Even if they’re real, it seems like they’re never right. Take the Sprint Hero, for example: if this memo from March had rang true, we’d have seen the Hero bumped up to Android 2.1 last week. It didn’t. If the next memo that came out was on key, the update would be out today. So far, it’s a no show. And now.. now we have another memo, this… Read More

  • AT&T blacks out employee vacation dates in June, presumably for the iPhone launch

    Another year, another iPhone. Everything’s falling right into place. The rumor mill is churning at full forcing, and Apple has purportedly locked down their regular theater in San Francisco on June 22nd. Now, like they do each time an iPhone rolls around, AT&T is telling their employees not to make vacation plans in the month of June. Read More

  • Those iPhone 4 case shots? Fake!

    Yesterday evening, we posted a handful of images that were going around the Internets, purportedly showing the back of the next-gen iPhone (iPhone 4, iPhone HD, whatever you want to call it.) We spent more than half of the post decrying them as fakes — and it looks like we were right. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Q1 Results Are In, Back In The Black

    Sony Ericsson today posted their Q1 results for 2010, and the results are… good!
    Despite most analysts predicting a net loss (a recent Reuters poll of analysts showed an average estimated loss of €157m), Sony Ericsson have gone and surprised everyone by turning a €18m profit. This time last year they posted a €370m loss, and have posted losses for the last 7 quarters. Needless to… Read More

  • BugMe now available for iPad

    Like every other tech blogger, I’ve been flooded with press releases about apps that are now available for the iPad. I’ve been underwhelmed, on the whole, with “news” of app updates for iPad compatibility but word came to me recently that BugMe had been approved for the iPad. That got me thinking about my review of BugMe for the iPhone. Read More

  • Is this the back of the next iPhone? [Gallery]

    We’ve seen the supposed front of the iPhone 4 (which, according to the ol’ mill of rumors, will be called the “iPhone HD”). In fact, we’ve seen it twice. Now we’ve got the other half of the supposed-sandwich: the totally unconfirmed back of the device. Read More

  • HTC Droid Incredible now incredibly official for Verizon

    If there was even an smidgen of lingering doubt in your mind that Verizon was picking up the HTC Incredible, you really ought to read this site more often. We saw photos of this thing decked out in its Verizon garb months ago, and then again just weeks later. Leak, after leak, after monstrous, undeniable-confirmation leak, all signs were pointing to Verizon. Well, now Verizon has gone ahead… Read More

  • Gleeks Rejoice! Smule Packs Fox's Glee Into A Fantastic iPhone App

    If you own a TV, you’ve probably heard of Glee. It’s Fox’s new big thing, starring a surprisingly pretty lot of “geeks” who not only happen to be able to belt out just about any pop tune you throw at them, but can find ways to squeeze those songs into situations where no one would generally be singing (like a guy telling a girl’s parents that he got… Read More

  • PSA: New Virus Found On Windows Mobile 6.5

    This is a heads up for anyone running Windows Mobile 6.5:
    A little over a month ago, an xda-developers member reported that his phone was waking up on its own and attempting to dial out international numbers. Soon after, other users started reporting the same thing, and after some investigation, it turned out that a virus was to blame. The virus is particularly alarming because it has the… Read More

  • Deadline Extended for Compulsory Phone Registration in Mexico

    Last week, we reported on the looming deadline facing customers of Mexican telcos, where they were made to register their personal details or else face disconnection. At the time of that post, there were still tens of millions of customers that needed to register. One week later, the deadline has come and gone, and while 1.49 million mobile phones were registered at the last minute, around 30%… Read More

  • FreePlay ZipCharge wants to be your supercharger

    FreePlay’s ZipCharge claims to be the perfect device to grab and go when you need to charge your device. The gimmick is that you can quick charge your device and provide whatever you’re charging with enough to run all day. The ZipCharge’s claim to fame is that you plug it into the wall and charge it up (and it doesn’t take long to do that either), and then plug it into… Read More

  • Evernote update improves premium features

    I’m a huge fan of EverNote. It was one of the first apps I installed for my iPhone, and has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Tonight Evernote is announcing a couple of major feature enhancements for premium users: increased note sizes and notebook history. Read More

  • Consumer Reports calls out Microsoft for "advocating sexting" in Kin ad

    When a man loves a woman very, very much and he’s not really thinking of repercussions and the state their relationship might be in a few months down the road, he sends her pictures of his netherparts via his cell phone. This act, friends, has come into the mainstream lately with its very own buzzword: sexting. Sexting can be a pretty bad thing, primarily because it’s… Read More

  • Are Caller ID spoofing apps in danger of becoming illegal? Maybe, thanks to H.R. 1258.

    The first time I jailbroke my iPhone and used SpoofApp, I called up a good friend of mine and (thanks to the voice changer) pretended to be a lusty old flame that just couldn’t get over him. Not exactly my finest moment — but if I had waited a few more months, it might have even been illegal. It all depends on whether or not House Resolution 1258 (a.k.a. The Truth in Caller ID… Read More

  • GameGripper: the snap-on, no-batteries-needed gamepad for your Droid

    Bluetooth controllers? Meh. Why reinvent the wheel when the tire just needs new treading? Take the Motorola Droid. With its big ol’ physical QWERTY keyboard, it has plenty of buttons for gaming (read: playing ROMs) — it’s just that they’re not very conveniently placed. Enter the GameGripper, a snap-on accessory that converts your Droid’s old, boring keyboard into… Read More

  • Video: The iPhone 3G might be able to multitask in OS 4.0 after all.. if it's jailbroken

    Never ones to let Apple’s work go untested, the jailbreak community has just put to the test Apple’s claims that the iPhone 3G (as compared to the iPhone 3GS) couldn’t handle the multitasking functionality introduced in iPhone OS 4. As it turns out.. it can — but don’t prep the torches and pitchforks just yet. Read More

  • HTC Considering Its Own Phone OS

    HTC are considering equipping phones with their own OS, an interview with HTC’s chief financial officer, Cheng Hui-ming, revealed today.
    It’s very early days yet, with HTC only going so far as to say that they “continue to assess” having their own OS, but that there are “a few conditions to justify” before anything will come of it. This news comes… Read More

  • HTC Incredible Revealed on Verizon Staging Site, To Be Called "Droid Incredible"

    This is about as firm a leak as you can get: the HTC Incredible has been revealed on a Verizon staging site. Sadly, no further specs or pricing was revealed, but the April 29th launch date that we talked about earlier is mentioned, as is the new branding for the device: The “Droid Incredible”. Not the greatest of names, no, but I’ll give the marketers extra points for… Read More