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  • Paid Android apps start showing up

    Our resident G1 owners are AFK, so we’re going based on what others have posted. It looks like paid apps are finally showing up in the Android Market. Since I don’t have a G1, I can’t confirm which paid apps have showed up. Is there anyone in the audience who can help us out? Update: Devin here. I’m looking at my G1 and there are no pay apps at all. I’m… Read More

  • Hesse confirms Android coming to Sprint, Pre is humming right along

    In an interview with BI, Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that the number three carrier in the US was in talks with Google about an Android phone. Hesse wouldn’t divulge any other details like a launch date or handset manufacturer, but stated that it would not be tied into Clearwire. Is WiMAX still around? When asked about the Pre, Hesse said that Sprint has “high… Read More

  • Early info about the Verizon-bound BlackBerry 8230 Niagara

    You didn’t think Verizon was going to let the craptacular BlackBerry Storm stay around as VZW’s top BlackBerry, did ya? Hells no. The upcoming 8230 Niagara should take that spot when it drops in May according to our and BGR’s source. It seems that the 8230 is going to be a cross between the Bold and Curve 8900 with the physical size coming in between as well. If the rumored… Read More

  • Ryanair offers first in-flight mobile phone services in UK

    Ryanair, the low-budget (i.e you get to ride alongside cargo boxes and livestock) Irish carrier, has become the first airline in the United Kingdom to provide in-flight mobile phone service. To start, the cellular technology (see above) has been installed on 20 planes and is readily available for passengers flying between Dublin and the London-area airports at Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. Read More

  • Top Secret HTC Touch Diamond With Windows 6.5 On It Gets Stolen

    A prototype of an upcoming HTC Touch Diamond device, powered by the yet-to-be-released Windows Mobile 6.5, was stolen from a Telstra executive after the company’s CEO Sol Trujillo demoed the phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Apparently, the device was loaded with secret product information, sparking Sky News to claim there’s a major security scare going on at Microsoft. Read More

  • Video: Google demos Palm Pre running HTML5 Google Maps

    On top of the offline Gmail app that Vic Gundotra demoed, he also demoed the Palm Pre running an HTML5 version of Google Maps. You’ll have to watch the video to get the gist, but Gundotra said that the Pre was “arguably one of my most favorite devices.” Read More

  • Video: Offline Gmail Web App for Webkit browser phones demoed

    Google’s VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, demoed a ‘technical concept’ at MWC that would allow devices with Webkit browsers to use Gmail offline. Such devices include the iPhone, Magic aka G2 and Palm’s upcoming Pre. The app is dependant on HTML5’s AppCache and Database standards, so developers need only code one application for multiple platforms with a GUI… Read More

  • T-Mobile testing out $50 unlimited voice plan

    Image via Radiotania Before you get too excited I have some bad news. This great deal is limited to T-Mobile customers in San Francisco who have been with the magenta for at least 22 months. However, those of you who are on any other carrier who decided to switch to T-Mobile will get a $135 credit. The Reuters report doesn’t state whether that credit applies to just San Francisco… Read More

  • Latest Google Maps update unlocks BlackBerry Storm's GPS

    Woohoo! I just sent my Storm to Matt, so I can’t verify this, but I’m sure it’s legit. The latest update to Google Maps for BlackBerrys, 3.0.2, is now compatible with the Storm’s GPS. In case you haven’t updated in a while this latest round includes Latitude, too. Now go get it! via BerryReporter Read More

  • Alone at the bar again? Schmap's GeoTweeter app will tweet your location and guide the way

    Schmap, Inc., creators of the iPhone-friendly Schmap city guides and map sharing service, further expanded their iPhone offerings this morning with the launch of their new “GeoTweeter” iPhone application. GeoTweeter plays on the common practice of using Twitter to inform your followers of your current location, with one neat little twist: it shows them how to get there. Read More

  • Your iPhone Has Died of Dysentery: Oregon Trail coming for the iPhone

    It’s not that often I get giddy enough about a mobile game to write about it, yet it has somehow happened twice today. First it was Guitar Hero on Android, and now it’s something that plays on the nostalgic strings of my heart like a finely tuned guitar: Oregon Trail is coming to the iPhone. Read More

  • Guitar Hero rocking on over to the Android Market

    ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!? Yeah!? Thats cool, but would you settle for jamming little buttons on a touchscreen instead? Now that the Android Market is beginning to allow developers to submit paid applications, the big name brands are starting to pay attention. Telegraph is reporting that Guitar Hero is headed for Android, and should be one of the first apps to go up for sale. Gameplay… Read More

  • LG blacks out the Renoir, debuts it as the slightly improved KC910i

    With just about everyone in Barcelona coming out with 8-megapixel cameraphones this week, LG’s taking the opportunity to polish up the 8-megapixel handset they announced back in October, the LG Renoir, with a revised model called the LG KC910i. Read More

  • Android "Cupcake" build to bring YouTube Favorites to the home screen

    As work on the Android “Cupcake” build (Firmware 1.5) continues, the developers continue to slip more little features in under the radar. We were spending a few minutes with the just announced HTC Magic last night, and we noticed one bit in the live folders screen we hadn’t seen before: YouTube Favorites. Live folders are a new addition to Cupcake which allow you to add… Read More

  • Pantech gets official with the Matrix Pro for AT&T

    You’ve seen this form factor on many occasions from Pantech with the Helio Ocean being the most notable of the bunch and probably the best. I’m a fan of Matrix, but haven’t actually touched it myself, yet. The Duo was an utter failure and POS, but the Matrix Pro looks like a champ. It’s a full-fledged Windows Mobile 6.1 device with the familiar dual keyboard slide… Read More

  • Lens-on with the Vodafone HTC Magic [UPDATED]

    It wasn’t quite final hardware (the face buttons are slightly different – a bit larger and round) and we weren’t allowed to touch the thing, but we just got back from spending a bit of time with the second-ever Android phone to make its way into a carrier’s line up. The HTC Magic, essentially a polished up and physical keyboard-less G1, totes a 3.2 megapixel camera… Read More

  • All known Palm Pre features

    Must be nice to have just one beat obsession. Jonathan over at Precentral has compiled a nice list of features for Palm’s upcoming Pre. Kudos, Jon, kudos. Read More

  • 2012: Year of the Universal Mobile Charger?!

    Earlier today, the GSMA announced that it has successfully brokered a deal with leading handset manufacturers and network operators to standardize mobile chargers by 2012 (for most, but not all cellular phones). The primary goal of this new agreement is to cut down on the environmental impact created by trashing old chargers. According to the AP: The GSMA calculates a reduction in… Read More

  • Sidekick 2009 spotted in the wild

    There she be, folks. We still don’t really know anything about the Sidekick 2009 aka Blade other than what showed up in an online survey, but we do know that that’s new hardware. The image is too small to glean any tid bits, but at least we know they’re out there. It’s just a matter of time before T-Mobile makes it official. Do we have any Sidekick 2009 users in the… Read More

  • InThrMa takes your (Proliphix) thermostat to the "next level"

    Is there anything worse (ok, maybe our current economy) than having to get out of your glorious warm bed to turn up the thermostat? Clearly, the answer is a resounding NO. Well, if you have a Proliphix (who?) thermostat, hate installing software, and have a connected web browser then you are in luck my lazy friends! InThrMa (Intelligent Thermal Management) is a web-based (aka nothing to… Read More