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  • HTC sends out chocolate Hero replicas, LG realizes they missed an opportunity

    You know, the grass really is greener on the other side. Take the HTC Hero, for example; Russia’s got it, and so do we – albeit with a slightly less awesome body. No discrepancies there, though – we’ve both got the same basic phone, so we can all be happy. But now Russia has an HTC Hero made of chocolate. Read More

  • Tingalin releases Jersey Shore iPhone app before MTV

    Tingalin, the makers of the world-famous Tingalin app, have outdone themselves. Their new app, based on the magic of the Jersey Shore but not directly affiliated with the MTV show in any way features a number of useful tools for the Situation-in-training. While the upcoming “fake tan” system is not yet in place, the app does have a nickname generator, a fist pump challenge that… Read More

  • Video: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 caught on film

    Our buddies over at Phonescoop spotted a handset running a copy of the as-of-yet unreleased Windows Mobile 6.5.3 floating around at CES, and were nice enough to snap some footage for everyone not living in the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. They run through just about everything 6.5.3 has to offer, from the new finger-friendly UI to the brand new, seemingly much improved onscreen… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile gets one step closer to release

    It’s still not ready for its “official” launch, but Firefox Mobile just took one big ol’ step closer to the big day with the launch of Release Candidate 2. As with the past few releases, this one’s only available for Maemo devices — namely, the N900. Don’t got Nokia’s latest greatest tablet? Don’t sweat it – you can still play with it… Read More

  • Hands on with the MagicJack femtocell

    We saw MagicJack’s femtocell design live in their suite and came away dazzled and slightly bemused. The device itself is far from finished – it’s basically just a PCB right now – but the concept is compelling. For about the price of the MagicJack ($40 or whatever) you stream your cellphone calls through their device, bypassing the cell carriers completely. Will it work? Read More

  • Analysis: iPhone's touchscreen slightly better than Droid, Nexus One and Droid Eris

    To be honest, I don’t really care which is the better smartphone (or super-duper phone): the iPhone 3GS, the Motorola Droid, HTC’s Droid Eris, Google’s Nexus One, Nokia’s N900 or the Palm Pre. It’s just great to witness this seemingly never-ending advancements in mobile technology, both on a hardware and software level, and to see increased competition drive… Read More

  • Not a Rumor: LG launches the Sprint Rumor Touch at CES

    It’s been a big week of sequels for LG at CES 2010; first they launch the LG Lotus’ slightly-upgraded sibling, the Lotus Elite, and now they’re following up the LG Rumor with the finger-centric Rumor Touch. The LG Rumor Touch is a feature phone, but it’s probably about as fancy as feature phones come before you start wondering why the didn’t pack a bigger… Read More

  • ION's iType full-sized iPhone keyboard could be great, if it weren't for Apple.

    We’re big fans of the idea of external keyboards for the iPhone around these parts, so I more than get where ION’s going with the nearly full-sized keyboard accessory they just launched. Unfortunately, decisions on Apple’s part keep the idea from really being worthwhile. Read More

  • Sprint LG Lotus Elite announced

    Remember that quirky little square LG phone from last year, the Lotus? Well, they’ve gone and made another one: the Lotus Elite. This ought to sound pretty familiar for anyone who’s been reading MobileCrunch for a while, as we scooped all the details on this handset (sans the name) way back in October. All of the details coming out today, from the January launch date to the… Read More

  • Hands on with the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus

    We just did some live video from the Palm lounge where we saw the Pixi and Pre Plus, two improvements to the current WebOS line-up. Notable points? The 3D gaming was quite impressive and the design has been considerably improved in this iteration. Read More

  • Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus confirmed, exclusively for Verizon

    Fresh out of Las Vegas, Palm just confirmed the existence of the long-rumored Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. They’re not announcing pricing details yet, but they did spill the beans on the launch date: January 25th. We’ll update you as we hear more. Read More

  • Live From Palm's CES 2010 Press Event

    We’re live from Palm’s CES 2010 Press Event, where they’re expected to announce … something. Will they tell us which two phones AT&T will be carrying? Will they finally confirm that they’ve got handsets heading to Verizon? We’ll keep the live blog goin’ as long as the mighty mobile broadband overlords allow – follow along after the jump. Read More

  • HTC Smart revealed, runs dumbphone OS

    Remember the HTC Touch.B, the slick Touch2 lookalike that surfaced last month? The one running that nifty, minimalist interface over Qualcomm’s BREW operating system? Well, it looks like it’s finally ready for primetime with a brand-new (if not the most accurate) moniker. The HTC Smart is gunning for the budget-minded phone nerd, and for a lower-end phone, it brings a decent amount… Read More

  • Fandango comes to Android, Babylon makes its way to BlackBerry

    We’re rolling two separate announcements into one post, if you don’t mind. Fandango this morning announced the official release of its free app for the Android platform, enabling owners of Google’s Nexus One and other devices that run Android to check out movies showtimes and more on the go. The news comes a couple of weeks after the company put out a beta release of the… Read More

  • Hands on and video: Lenovo's Lephone

    Lenovo gave us a chance to check out their latest smartphone today at CES 2010. It’s Android-based with a complete facelift and hardly any of the original OS sticking out. I doubt they intended it to be, but it seems like a sort of interesting mix of webOS, iPhone, and Android features. I quite liked it. Read More

  • Quick Hands-On With The Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot

    Look out, MiFi – Sprint just pushed out your new baby brother, and he looks like a mean one. The Sprint Overdrive is a mobile hotspot, not unlike the aforementioned MiFi. The idea is simple: turn it on, and you’ve got a WiFi access point pulling down data via Sprint’s third and fourth generation networks. We just got our hands on the device for the first time, and while… Read More

  • Our report from Sprint's bacchanalian Overdrive launch

    The era of 4G – WiMAX, basically – is dawning and the Overdrive from Sprint is the first creation in that brave, fast world. Sprint called out all the great ones, from Hesse, the CEO, to Ballmer, the other CEO, as well as a Frank Caliendo, that guy who does voices. The device, which is shaped like a squarish hockey puck, is being touted as a hotspot away from your hotspot. It streams… Read More

  • Confirmed: T-Mobile to launch the HTC HD2

    All the signs were already indicating that T-Mobile was planning on launching the gloriously beautiful HTC HD2, but good ol’ Stevie Ballmer just confirmed it during his CES 2010 keynote. Dates? Nope. Pricing? Nope. The best we’ve got is still HTC head honcho Peter Chou’s confirmation that it’d be launching in the US in “Early 2010” – but that’ll… Read More

  • Hands-on with Motorola Backflip

    We spent a few minutes with the just-announce Backflip and, well, it’s a Moto Cliq with weird swivel keyboard. Really, everything about the device feels the same as the Cliq. Even the love-it-or-hate-it MotoBlur interface is still in place. But depending on the price and carrier, it could be a popular product. The device is different and that’s important these day. The… Read More

  • Ovi Store comes to AT&T, brings carrier billing with it

    If you’re an AT&T customer and you have a Nokia phone, you probably already know that the app scene is pretty barren. AT&T’s Media Mall offers a few pages of arguably useful apps, but support for programs like AT&T’s App Beta developer initiative is limited to a single Nokia handset. Fortunately, Nokia has just opened up their catch-all Ovi Store to all… Read More