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  • Hey UK folks: Marks and Spencer now has a mobile website

    While the iPad may be too confusing for the British, that’s not stopping UK retailer Marks and Spencer from rolling out a mobile version of their website. I guess if you’re the kind of person who shops at Marks and Spencer this might be good news for you. And while is not a particularly mobile-friendly URL to key in, the site does helpfully explain upon your… Read More

  • The Mobile Web continues to expand, according to Taptu

    The proliferation of mobile content has caught Taptu (and a lot of other people) by surprise. Perhaps unsurprisingly the number of mobile applications has also increased rather dramatically. There’s an interesting balance to be struck for content producers between device-specific applications and app stores, and the general availability, but reduced functionality, of a mobile web site. Read More

  • People like mobile ads, says JiWire

    JiWire has been watching mobile and in-app advertising, and says that “Advertisements in mobile applications are especially effective.” Their new report, released today, “examines device use, consumer adoption of Wi-Fi and consumer preferences for mobile content and advertising delivery.” Interesting take-aways from the report include the fact that iPhone has surpassed… Read More

  • One more time, or the next installment in the Hero upgrade saga

    Ok. I’m very nearly at the point where I don’t want to keep posting on this, but I’m eternally optimistic, so here goes: An internal Best Buy Document has leaked all over Android Central’s best shirt, claiming that the Android 2.1 upgrade date for the eternally neglected Sprint Hero will be the 21st of May. Read More

  • Android 2.2 sets Android 2.1 on fire. From the friction. Because it's so fast.

    Man oh man. While it may just be benchmark scores at this point, this kind of speed increase is nothing to snuff at. Ian Douglas has run some benchmarks on his Froyo-powered Nexus One, and it’s scoring almost 5 times better. To be a bit more specific, an Eclair-powered Nexus One usually scores around 6-7 MFLOPS in Linpack benchmarks, but this shiny new Froyo build delivers a blistering… Read More

  • Video: Samsung I5801 mid-range Android phone

    It must be Spring, because it looks like the little Androids are multiplying. Today sees another mid-range Android device previewed before being set upon the masses. This time it’s from Samsung. Specs are a bit scarce at the moment, but as it stands, the device appears to run Android 2.1, 802.11n, 3G, a (possible) 240×400 display, 3.5mm headphone jack, and MicroSD slot. Read More

  • Yet another prototype iPhone slips from Apple's clutches

    Well, well, would you looky here? Seems like that super-exclusive iPhone leak that Gizmodo and Engadget were involved in has repeated itself in Vietnam. Engadget reported earlier this morning about the leak, and noticed that the phone is slightly different from the one seen during Gizgate, in that the screws on the bottom of the phone are no longer present. Aside from that, there are few… Read More

  • WinPho 7 screenshots – almost final?

    Microsoft has been throwing their latest builds into the Windows Phone developer tools, so they haven’t exactly been secretive about exactly what WinPho is going to look like. Luckily, there’s a developer who’s shared the latest shots with us, from what looks to be close to the final ROM. Read More

  • Verizon: Android 2.1 rollout for Droid Eris begins today, done within 2 weeks

    We called it yesterday, and sure enough, Verizon has just confirmed it: the Droid Eris’ migration to Android 2.1 begins today. Read More