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  • Bad news: That Sprint Touch Pro 2 price cut? Not happening.

    Earlier today, we passed on word of a rumor that the Sprint Touch Pro 2 would be seeing a price cut from the oh-so-absurd price of $349 (after a $100 mail-in rebate, mind you) down to the much more reasonable $149. It sounded great! With Verizon’s Touch Pro 2 already at that price, it certainly didn’t sound too good to be true – but it was, for the most part. Turns out… Read More

  • More Motorola Tao (Sholes) Android shots leaked

    Lots and lots of Big Red’s customers (not to mention potential defectors from other carriers) are getting really excited about the purported launch of an Android-powered, Motorola-made mobile for Verizon. New images of what was originally known as the Motorola Sholes, and more recently rumored to be named the Motorola Tao, have surfaced on the Interwebs. Read More

  • SNES on the Nokia N900? Yes, please.

    You know what? Your phone could play Crysis at a high resolution with the settings cranked way up, and I wouldn’t really care all that much. But coax it into playing SNES ROMs? I’ll take three. With a bucketful of elbow grease and more tech know-how than anyone should be allowed to have, Konttori (One of the Maemo project managers) and the DRNokSNES team have managed to squeeze… Read More

  • AT&T desucks the 3G in Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs: Home to 415,000 people, scary-ass gravity-defying boulders, and, as of this morning, AT&T’s 850 Mhz 3G Network. As we saw in San Francisco and New York last month, Colorado Spring’s towers have now been tweaked to dedicate the 850 Mhz spectrum to 3G data rather than TDMA, which theoretically ups the number of simultaneous users the data network can handle. Read More

  • Get 'em while they're hot: HTC releases Touch Pro2 and Diamond2 hotfixes member Cathy was kind enough to post information regarding two new HTC hotfixes, one for the Touch Pro2 and the other for the Diamond2. Read More

  • Sprint looking to drop their Touch Pro 2 down to $199?

    (These guys are excited that they might soon be able to buy the Sprint Touch Pro 2 without declaring bankruptcy.) Good news, everyone! According to some dude on the internet who heard it from another dude — and a bunch of people who have already managed to get the deal — the Sprint Touch Pro 2 is going to see a huge price drop as early as tomorrow. How huge? Like 44% huge. Read More

  • LG announces new "Pop" mainstream touch screen phone

    Korean electronics giant, LG, believes there is an entire segment of mobile consumers who’ve been left out in the cold, i.e. the mainstream public, when it comes to touch screen phones. In other words, not everyone wants a full-fledged (read: “complex”) smartphone, but most people do lust after a touch screen. In light of this disturbing realization, LG has announced its… Read More

  • Safety: Obama Administration now looking to eliminate texting while driving

    Looks like the Obama Administration, which really ought to be focused on getting Americans like me affordable health care (unless doctors now accept World of Warcraft Gold as payment, lol!), has set its sights on eliminating the scourge of distracted driving once and for all. Case in point: Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood is holding a summit this week that has the ultimate goal of… Read More

  • Hands-on with the BlackBerry TiVo app

    TiVo finally got with the program and released its first BlackBerry app this morning. The good news is that it seems to work as advertised, but let’s just say that it’s a pretty basic app and is just made for scheduling recordings. You can’t remotely control your TiVo or stream any content from it, but this app is a good start. It’s easy to use and gets the job done. Read More

  • Dropbox Meets The iPhone; Access Files On The Go

    Dropbox, the easy to use file access manager which syncs your files across all your computers and the web, has introduced an iPhone application to make it even easier to access your files anywhere in the world. After almost 7 weeks of waiting, Apple has finally approved the application. With this new iPhone app, users will get access to all their Dropbox documents, PDF’s, pictures… Read More

  • T-Mobile Moto CLIQ to cost $200 on a two-year contract

    Even after the pre-sale countdown for the Moto CLIQ began this morning, we were left with two burning questions: How much would it cost, and when would we get’em? Fortunately, T-Mobile didn’t leave us hanging for too long. According to the press release that just hit the wire, Moto’s Android-flavored, QWERTY-packin’ baby is going to set us back $200 bucks alongside a… Read More

  • T-Mobile Netherlands to launch Android-powered Pulse October 12

    T-Mobile’s got a bit of a thing for Android, and they’re not afraid to show it to the world. Since the fledgling OS debuted on its G1 almost exactly a year ago (Sept. 23, 2008), T-Mobile has launched more Android handsets than all of the other carriers combined – and they’re about to add one more. Read More

  • T-Mobile 3G goes live in Columbia, South Carolina

    Congrats, Columbia, South Carolina! Your town city is the proud new recipient of T-Mobile’s (slowly) expanding national 3G mobile service! Now your citizens have no excuse not to stream your own favorite son’s show, The Colbert Report, to their mobile devices. Or, you know, porn. Read More

  • Pre-pre-sale: The Moto CLIQ pre-sale countdown begins

    Boom! Looks like Moto CLIQ pamphlet that leaked out a few days ago was spot on. The pamphlet claimed that pre-orders for Motorola’s first ‘Droid handset would begin on Oct. 19th – and sure enough, T-mobile just started the official countdown. There isn’t much in terms of new information, but hey – at least now we know when we’ll be able to throw some money… Read More

  • LG's commercial for the BL40 is a big pile of awesome.

    Damn it, LG. We found comfort in chalking you up as that phone manufacturer who, though they managed to sell a bajillion phones each month, didn’t do anything awesome. Then you went and made the BL40, a phone which has a soft-spot in our hearts for being absurdly long. (Really. If you get shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean, you could use one BL40 as a raft and another as a… Read More

  • This is the Samsung W880: It's a phone with a 12-megapixel camera. Because why not?

    And here I thought the megapixel race was over! Guess not, what with Samsung showing off, for the very first time, the SCH-W880, the world’s first cellphone with a 12-megapixel camera. Because how many times have you said to yourself, “Man, I want to take a photo of this unusual drink, but only have the iPhone’s rubbish camera”? Read More

  • Mobile High-Definition Interface Working Group announced

    What do you get when you mix Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony, and Toshiba together? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not NokSamSilSonTosh. Give up? The Mobile High-Definition Interface Working Group, that’s what! Read More

  • LG goes insane, wants to buy back their phones for 10 grand each

    Okay – either LG accidentally plopped military secrets onto a handful of devices, or they’re looking to start a Golden-Ticket-esque hunt for their handsets. The Korean manufacturer has just offered up $10,000 to anybody who can bring them a handset with any of the following serial numbers: Read More

  • Hey look! Moto CLIQ box art! And new details!

    Few things get a phone geek’s blood boiling like leaked box art for an upcoming handset. It’s like a strip tease where the dancer starts out wrapped in 10 layers of clothes, and you’re primarily interested in looking at the stitching of the fabric. Leakdroid has managed to unearth the box for Motorola’s first stab at Android, the Moto CLIQ, along with a few new details: Read More

  • Garmin nuviphone G60 finally has a release date: October 4, for $299

    Approximately 37 years ago, John, Peter—PLEASE COME BACK, PETER!—, and I attended a Garmin press conference where it announced some sort of touchscreen phone. There was genuine interest—I’m hesitant to call it “excitement”—for a few days, but just as time heals all wounds, time also makes you forget; we’ve since forgotten all about said Garmin phone. Read More