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  • Absolut wants to get you crunk with Drinkspiration

    This could be the most ridiculous or ingenious app of all time. It’s silly, really, but I thought I’d share it with you guys. Now you can show your friends on Twitter and Facebook just how big of a lush you are. Just watch the demo video. Drinkspiration is available now for the iPhone (iTunes). An Android app is in the works and will be available soon. Read More

  • Android gets a torrent-monitoring app, but it still has a long way to go

    One of the abilities of smartphones I’ve always coveted is the ability to peek in at your torrents and see how they’re doing. Is that movie finished? Is anyone downloading that pack of videos I put up? These are questions that demand answers while you’re waiting in line at the coffee shop three minutes from your house. Well, Android has a promising young app called… Read More

  • Verizon to open up GPS on the Omnia

    We just got word from Verizon that they’re planning on opening up the GPS on the Omnia to third parties soon. How soon? Really soon. As in within the hour. No longer bound to VZ Navigator, you should be able to use just about any WinMo 6.1-friendly navigation app you can dig up. Freedom! Verizon’s word: “…new software for the Samsung Omnia will be available within… Read More

  • G1 Rumors: Visual Voicemail? Check. Exchange email? Ehhh.

    For some, these latest rumors are a reason to celebrate. For others, it’s time for sorrow. That’s why I used the “Happy face/sad face” theater clown masks. It’s symbolic. The usually accurate TmoNews says they’ve got it on good word that G1 owners have a new toy to get excited about: T-Mobile Visual Voicemail. According to their tipster, visual voicemail… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson posts fourth quarterly loss

    Let’s pour a little out for Sony Ericsson because if they’re not dead now they’re dying rapidly. The phone maker posted a loss of $300 million for Q2, it’s fourth consecutive quarter of lagging earnings. What’s the problem? They’re not releasing anything anyone wants. The X1 was a dud and the rest of their new line hasn’t been announced yet. Read More

  • The LG BL40 is real, is long

    If there were any doubts in your mind that the LG BL40 (otherwise known as “the longest phone in the entire world”) video that got out a few days ago was anything but real, let them be cast away. Pictures of the BL40, which may or may not be the new Chocolate (and might also be called the LG Oh-God-where-the-hell-do-I-store-this-thing), have made their way onto a German phone… Read More

  • Blizzard's World of Warcraft Armory App for iPhone looks darn good

    This is the only World of Warcraft iPhone App you’ll ever need. Blizzard has just released World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, which gives players of the game full access to the Armory. (The Armory tracks player and item stats and the like. It’s essential for “real” players of the game.) So add this App with a few trips to WoW Wiki and Thottbot, and you’re a mobile… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Find temporarily free iPhone apps with Twitter

    Twitter and the iPhone. They’re both pretty love-it-or-hate-it subjects — but put them together in the right way, and they’re wonderful. Because everyone loves getting stuff for free that they’d normally have to pay for, 148Apps has thrown together a Twitterbot that monitors for premium apps that have dropped down to the gratis zone. Sure, they’re not always the… Read More

  • Verzion to push Slacker Radio onto all BlackBerry Storms

    Quick note for all you BlackBerry Storm users out there: Starting today Verizon is pushing Slacker Radio out to all the Storms network wide. Why? Well, Verzion worked out a deal with Slacker to integrate V Cast into the app. So when a song is playing on Slacker, there will be a button which will allow you to purchase the song via V CAST Music with Rhapsody catalog. Neat, I guess. Read More