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  • Qik For Android Alpha leaks, Immediately Hits The Market

    Uh-oh. Looks like the race for live video streaming on Android is on. When we got footage of Kyte running on Android last week after hearing next to nothing on the matter from the competitors, we guessed that it might be the first mobile streaming app to go live on the platform. Turns out, Qik has had something up their sleeve – and it just slipped right out. We’re not quite clear… Read More

  • Motorola prepping to launch Android handsets for T-Mobile and Verizon by year's end

    At this point, it’s by absolutely no means a secret that Motorola is cracking away at some Android phones. Hell, Android is kind of a big deal for them now. While early details have come in abundance, the finer things — such as a release date for any of the Moto/Android handsets — have been evasive. We still don’t have anything specific, but if these latest rumors pan… Read More

  • Do women need special cell phones? Deutsche Telekom says yes

    Do cell phone producers really need to think of female customers as a specific market segment? So far, most of them think if they make the devices pink, cute or small enough, women will just take the bait. But quite unsurprisingly, a German design researcher from Deutsche Telekom says this isn’t enough [GER]. Read More

  • Howard Stern not on the Sirius XM iPhone app because of ‘contractual rights thing’

    So how’s the Sirius XM iPhone app treating you? I hear good things! (Remember: I don’t have an iPhone, and I never will.) But here’s something that probably should be brought up: the lack of Howard Stern. He’s not my cup of tea, and my loyalties lie elsewhere, as you know, but to deny his show’s importance to Sirius XM is silly. Anyway, Mr. Stern explained… Read More

  • Motorola Karma QA1 coming to AT&T, social networkers take notice

    Announced today by AT&T is the full QWERTY slider from Motorola, Karma. Starting June 28, the Karma QA1 will act as your social networking hub with one-touch access to Facebook and MySpace. Didn’t MySpace just lay off 2/3 of their workforce? With a 2-megapixel camera and full QWERTY keyboard I’m sure people will want to purchase this instead of paying the extra $20 to get an… Read More

  • Bad start: Toshiba fails to properly launch the TG01 in Japan

    I haven’t had the chance yet to try it out but those who did say the Toshiba TG01 seems to be a pretty good cell phone. Needless to say, the TG01 (1 Ghz CPU, 9.9mm body and a 4.1-inch touchscreen) was due out in Japan first. But most customers over here are still waiting for the “iPhone killer”. Read More

  • Pageonce's updated iPhone app brilliantly combines all your online accounts into one app

    Step aside, Mint. Pageonce just launched a major update to its iPhone application, and it blows you out of the water. Pageonce’s v3 update is absolutely fantastic, and Mint’s app pales in comparison. Pageonce’s premium app, A Personal Assistant Premium, allows you to connect all of your online accounts to one login (and one application). What do we mean by all accounts? We… Read More

  • Review: Palm Pre

    Now that everyone has had their say about the Palm Pre, I thought it wise to say a few words about the oft labeled “iPhone killer” that Sprint and Palm hope will bring each back from the edge of the dreaded deadpool. It seems as though every touch-screen device to launch since the first generation iPhone has faced an uphill battle and the Pre is no different. It’s… Read More

  • Flash Player 10 coming to Android, Symbian, WinMo, and webOS in October

    If you’re rocking an iPhone and are looking to get Flash up on your handset, continue holding your breath. If you’re on an Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, or webOS-powered handset, however, we’ve got good some news. In Adobe’s earnings call last week, CEO Shantanu Narayen slipped in one little meaty morsel on Flash on the go: Read More

  • Review: iPhone 3G S, the best phone out there, but power users should wait it out

    First, an anecdote: when the iPhone first launched in 2007 I took it on a tour of Central Europe, namely Budapest and Warsaw. Communism had just fallen and the dreams of these benighted nations were dashed. But as I pulled the iPhone from its protective cozy, the eyes of those present were filled with hope again, hope that there was something better out there, something magical. That something… Read More

  • Quickfire returns to AT&T, no longer Quick to start on Fire

    Four months after the Quickfire got pulled from the shelves for being a fire danger, it has returned. We’re can only assume they’ve fixed that nasty little charger-of-fiery-death issue. After 4 months and a recall warning, these things probably weren’t going to fly off the shelfs at the original $99 dollar price tag – so AT&T went ahead and chopped it down to… Read More

  • Bing Mobile concept screenshots surface, looks to be a simple rebadging

    Microsoft just launched Bing a few weeks ago with lots of fanfare and media coverage. Already the service has gained market share, but it seems that Microsoft is ready to be in the mobile field as well. But, unlike the Internet site which received an extreme makeover, the mobile client might simply be a rebadging if these screenshots are true. These screenshots come from an April-build of the… Read More

  • T-Mobile Will Drop Its Second Android Phone, The myTouch 3G, This August For $199.

    As the first Android phone, T-Mobile’s G1 was a much welcomed entry into the smartphone market. And it may have been considered the must-have smartphone were it not for a certain device from Apple. The reason is that while the Android platform itself has a lot of possibility given its open nature, the G1 hardware simply was not great when compared to something like the iPhone. But… Read More

  • Apple rejects a Commodore 64 emulating iPhone app that coulda been a contender

    It’s happened again. Apple has officially rejected an app that at first blush seems harmless and fun. This time it’s a Commodore 64 emulator from Manomio that offered a realistic joystick and keyboard, portrait and landscape gaming, and a fully licensed C64 emulator code. It was all on the up and up. Apple seemed excited. But then Manomio got the dreaded rejection mail: Thank you… Read More

  • Video: Layar’s Augmented Reality Browser for Android

    Layar is one mobile application that has definitely managed to get quite some tongues rolling and keyboards rattling this past week, including at the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference in Spain where I just got back from (video demo below). Layar is a so-called ‘augmented reality browser’, an application that turns you mobile phone’s camera viewer – only on Android-powered… Read More

  • iPhone App Roundup: Sirius XM, Bento, DocsToGo and more

    Big week, eh? For most of us, the iPhone OS 3.0 was exciting enough: cut and paste, full search, in-app purchases, voice memos and landscape keyboard support. And don’t forget MMS and tethering… Oh wait, never mind. AT&T sure does know how to kill an iPhone owner’s buzz. Fortunately, Apple knew how to bring the party back to life – 3G S style. But even during the… Read More

  • AT&T says tethering won't cost $55

    Look at AT&T, using the new social network Facebook to break news. How cute! The news: rumors of a $55 tethering plan are false. AT&T didn’t reveal, or even hint at, the actual price, so we’re left to speculate for a little while longer. Read More

  • webOS 1.0.3 includes Google fixes, "miscellaneous updates"

    Hey, Preeps! That’s what I’m calling you from now on. Your phone should soon be receiving the boon of webOS 1.0.3, a very incremental upgrade that fixes some Google Calendar and contact sync issues, as well as probably a few minor changes to your core apps. All the information you need and more is available right here. Read More

  • A second opinion on Palm's Pre app numbers

    The Pre is emerging as a polarizing device, even more so than the G1 (which everyone agreed was kind of beta), probably because it’s the closest thing to a legitimate threat that the iPhone has faced. Who wouldn’t get defensive? With strong sales in its first two weeks and an entirely new OS for developers to do their thing with, it’s strong out of the gate but controlled… Read More

  • Android Users Are Stickier Than iPhone Users

    No, no – that headline wasn’t intended as commentary on the hygiene of Android users (though if a good chunk of the Android devotees I know are any indication, it very well could be. Zing!) Earlier this morning, mobile analytics group Flurry gave us an exclusive sneak peek at their Smart Phone Industry Pulse report for June. Flurry’s June report harvests data from 1,100… Read More