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  • Motorola Morrison spec'd out

    Like Palm before the Pre, Motorola is on its last leg and the adoption of Google’s Android OS could make or break the handset division of the company. We’ve seen numerous images and industrial sketches of the forthcoming Morrison, but hardware specs have been absent until now. Android and Me has been tipped off on the purported specs for the QWERTY slider. Moto has gone with a… Read More

  • Get angry: AT&T changes contract to prevent class action lawsuits UPDATE FROM AT&T

    When was the last time you read your AT&T contract? If you answered “never,” then may I suggest you take two minutes to look this over. That’s right, unbeknownst to you, you just lost the ability to enter into a class action lawsuit against the mobile phone carrier. High five! Read More

  • New case protects your iPhone from scratches, water and sand

    A Japanese company called Sanwa is selling a waterproof case [JP] (or a bag as they call it) that protects your iPhone from nasty stuff like scratches, water and sand. Sanwa says their 200-PDA016 is ideal for all users who can’t go hiking, to the beach or skiing without their iPhone. The case looks pretty robust, but the company promises that users will be able to do everything with… Read More

  • AT&T getting BlackBerry 9700 (Onyx), Garmin Nuvifone G60, others

    So, BGR‘s AT&T insider(s) have tipped him off that the BlackBerry 9700, Garmin G60 and a handful of other HTC smartphones are in the pipe for the future. As a quick refresher, the 9700 is the Onyx, but with a new model number. And the Nuvifone is, well, whatever. Read More

  • FCC docs show… Nokia's N900?

    Remember that big reveal we did of Nokia’s next internet tablet? Well, these FCC documents appear to show the very device… or at least its outline. The picture is only for the FCC to show where its little “OK by us” label is, and there’s no revelation other than the basic shape (lozenge) and many buttons or knobs around the edges (indeterminate). If you click… Read More

  • Review: Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition

    The first few times I picked up Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition (iTunes link), I wanted to throw my iPhone out the window and watch it slowly sail 8 stories below into the Potomac river. Now, after five days of playing through the game’s 12 levels, I am ready to take my iPhone into bed with me and make sweet love to it. The controls take a lifetime to get used to, but once you’ve… Read More

  • OMG!!1 HALP ME!: 911 Center in Iowa now accepting texts

    You know, sometimes you’ve just gotta call 911. But all that talking; it’s such a damned pain. Sure, there’s a guy beating another guy to a pulp in the movie theater. But come on, people are trying to watch a movie! They don’t want to hear you blabbering away on your phone! Fortunately for the folks of Black Hawk County, Iowa, their local 911 center is now taking… Read More

  • Massive 3800mAh battery makes the Palm Pre look cancerous

    Remember that 1350mAh extended Palm Pre battery that Seido released back in July? Childs play. Accessory manufacturer Amzer has gone and made an absolute beast of a battery; one that pats the Seido battery on the head, gives it a juice box, and tells it to go take a nap. Coming in at roughly 3x the thickness of the original battery, Amzer’s electric enormity checks in at an outright… Read More

  • TOTAL BS: T-Mobile is not getting the HTC Hero [Confirmed]

    Total and utter b*llshit or so I’m lead to believe according to our friends at HTC. Cole Brodman vehemently said during the myTouch 3G event last month that T-Mobile has no plans to carry the Hero in the US. A Sprint Hero is still more likely for the US. via TmoNews Update: It’s been confirmed to us by HTC that the image you see above was a photoshop job. Read More

  • Motorola to "skin" Android with "Blur"

    Motorola appears to be investing in Android pretty heavily, but we haven’t seen anything definitive yet. But BGR has been tipped off that Moto is hard at work on skinning Android like HTC has done with Sense on the Hero. The question, however, is whether or not “Blur” is merely a skin on top of Android or if Blur is as deeply integrated as Sense. The rest is a bit jumbled since… Read More

  • Dropped your phone in water? Put it in a bowl of rice!

    Let’s say you drop your phone in the sink or pool for whatever reason. You are, in fact, S.O.L., but there’s a couple things you can do to minimize the damage. The first, obviously, is to remove the battery from the device… unless you have an iPhone, at which point you can thank Apple for choosing form over function. Read More

  • The Shack to sell the Palm Pre for $150 this weekend

    Didja hear that RadioShack is rebranding? The hoopla will of course include some sales to drive traffic. Apparently the Pre will be part of this upcoming sale and will be only $150 for new customers. Nice. Read More

  • Moto Morrison gets drawn up from every angle

    Can’t get enough of the Motorola Morrison? We can’t say we blame you. While we’re not the biggest fans of the black and blue hue scheme it keeps popping up in, we’re still pretty excited to see Motorola’s massive Android move finally coming to a hardware head. While the Morrison has had its fair share of camera time, everything we’ve seen has been rather… Read More

  • Yeah, this Vertu concept looks better than most of the ‘real’ phones out there

    Apparently this phone is getting ready for a big Muay Thai match. It’s a Vertu—“vertu” is “virture” in French!—designed by one Norihiko Inoue. No, you cannot buy it, I just thought it looked neat. Read More

  • Samsung product manager says sub-$100 Android devices will be out next year

    It shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering the fact that we’ve known for some time that Samsung is hard at work on multiple Android devices, but the NYT is reporting that Samsung will have multiple touch-screen Android devices in the market next year for under $100. Casey Ryan, the product manager for the Reclaim at Samsung, said that by next year, touch-screen phones… Read More

  • Realtime Blabfest With Andrew Keen, John Borthwick, and Kevin Marks

    Earlier today I had a debate about the Realtime Web with author Andrew Keen on a Blogtalk Radio podcast hosted by Supernova’s Howard Greenstein. (It is embedded below if you have an extra hour to spare). Andrew thinks that real time streams such as Twitter are overwhelming and not very helpful for normal people yet. He pulled out the old canard that real time media will never… Read More

  • Nokia E72 gets an in-depth preview

    We always liked the E71 and E71x, despite their being saddled with a less-than-gorgeous S60 OS. Well, the E72 is out there somewhere, being previewed by some very thorough Russians, and it looks like, in my opinion, that they’ve fixed all the wrong problems. Read More

  • AdultSpace now plays friendly with smartphones [NSFW]

    We’ll go ahead and make it clear, for the sake of those who missed the headline: This post is not something you want to peruse in your cubicle. We’ll try to keep the post itself pretty clean, but clicking through just about any of the links within will lead you to pages packed with boobies, wing-wongs, and hoo-has. And yes, I did just use those words on TechCrunch. Back in March… Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry Curve 8520 (T-Mobile)

    John already gave you his “quick look” on the 8520, but a second look never hurt. Take into account the fact that my main phone is the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and you can see why I’m anxious to give you my thoughts on the latest Curve to hit the streets. It’s a budget BlackBerry that skimps on aesthetics, but manages to offer a lot of “must have” features… Read More

  • Schiller responds to Ninjawords debacle

    You and I can rail like a beplagued Job against the unfairness of the Apple store but do we ever get emails from Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president? John Gruber does. Gruber got an email from Schiller last night after the SVP talked through the Ninjawords debacle with the Application Approval team. As you recall Ninjawords is a dictionary app that seemed to include some saucy language… Read More