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  • Hands-on with the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide

    In a perfect world, every phone would be like the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. It’s small, it’s light, it has a keyboard, and it’s easy enough for almost everyone to use even if it’s running one of the most powerful mobile OSes out there. Built by HTC to T-Mobile’s specifications, the MyTouch Slide with full QWERTY keyboard is, in actuallity, one of the best… Read More

  • Sprint fires up 4G service in Central Pennsylvania

    You feel that, Central Pennsylvanians? That slight warmth radiating through the air? That’s Sprint’s 4G service you’re basking in, friend. (Whats that? You don’t feel it? That’s okay. You’re not supposed to be able to. That was just a shout out to all the crazies that swear they get headaches from radio towers — even when they’re turned off.) To… Read More

  • Apple might have to battle the DoJ and FTC over decision to ban Adobe's Flash compiler

    Uh ohs. The world has begun to move on after Steve Job’s public decrying of Flash (and the subsequent word-by-word breakdowns) and the pre-emptive App Store banishment of Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone compiler — but not everyone is willing to just let go. In fact, two big players are purportedly looking into the whole ordeal: the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission. Read More

  • iPhone app review: GoodReader

    One of the things I’ve always wanted to do with my smartphone — whether it was my original Palm Treo 650, or my current iPhone — was to read books while on-the-go. Unfortunately, the screens on these smartphones have all been way too small to make reading comfortable for anything more than a screenful or two. Even reading long email messages can be a strain on my eyes. It… Read More

  • First Update to Droid Incredible Arrives via Over-The-Air Voodoo [Updated]

    It’s great these days that devices of all types can receive updates after they’ve been purchased. The ability to offer fixes and updates to devices has changed the product lifecycle (no longer do manufacturers have to bug-test as thoroughly or fully complete the software before selling hardware and recouping development costs), and many products have received new and unexpected… Read More

  • Rumoured Microsoft Kin Release Date: May 13th

    For all you text-happy teens out there, this one’s for you: A screenshot purportedly from an internal Verizon report states that the new Microsoft Kin social media phones will be up for pre-order on May 6th for a May 13th release. Microsoft mentioned during the Kin announcement last month that the phones would launch on Verizon in May, so the news today isn’t shocking, but… Read More

  • Verizon Drops Palm Pre Plus Down to $29.99 On Contract

    Well, here’s a tasty bargain: Verizon are now offering the Palm Pre Plus for a meagre $29.99 (no rebate necessary) on a two-year contract. That price includes the free mobile hotspot, too! Read More

  • LG Ally Shown in Iron Man 2 Themed Commercial

    After her quick appearance yesterday, everybody’s favourite Korean vanilla Android QWERTY handset, the LG Ally, has made her public début in an Iron Man 2 themed commercial.
    There’s explosions. Boom! There’s weapons! Bam! There’s some hot Iron Man action! (that came out wrong…)
    Check it out, after the break. You’ll love it. Read More

  • Official Twitter App Launched For Android 2.1

    After acquiring Tweetie, so they can launch an official Twitter app for iPhone, and after working with RIM to make an official Twitter app for BlackBerry, Twitter have now released an official app for Android. Sadly, it is only compatible with Android 2.1 devices — the unfortunate side-effect of Android’s break-neck pace of development. The app actually looks really good, both… Read More

  • Yes indeed, the iPad 3G is already jailbroken

    Been reading up on all the fun you can have with a jailbroken device, but were afraid your iPad 3G might be unhackable? Fear not. The “Spirit” jailbreak should work on the iPad 3G, just as soon as @comex releases a revision for the firmware shipping with the 3G. Just be sure to back up your blobs. That part seems to be very important. [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • G1 + Atari gamepad = gaming bliss

    There isn’t any info on how this was pulled off, but this looks like a great way to play a few old-school games on my G1. Presumably it’s a straightforward mechanical hack: the buttons just press down on keys he’s designated in the emulator to do this or that. Not the best option for texting, but for Mario, it can’t be beat. Hard keyboard forever! [via Reddit and Make] Read More