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  • Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

    Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

    Editor’s note: Guest author Steve Cheney is an entrepreneur and formerly an engineer & programmer specializing in web and mobile technologies. On the heels of the latest Android phone, the Sprint HTC EVO, and as we approach iPhone 4, it seems like mobile devices and platforms are innovating at about five times the pace of personal computers. Rapid advancement in mobile is often… Read More

  • iPhone 4 pre-orders begin shipping

    EVERYBODY PANIC! Wait. No. What’s that other thing we use to open posts sometimes? Good news, everyone! Yeah. That’s the one. Good news, everyone! According to roughly 67 billion tips in our inbox, Pre-ordered iPhone 4s have just started hitting delivery trucks around the country! Read More

  • Sale time: Palm slashes all apps by 50%

    Palm and AT&T held a webinar for developers on Thursday, and at said webinar they anounced a pretty sweet deal for WebOS users: a half price sale on the entire WebOS catalog. Read More

  • Windows Phone 7's bus tracker app looks incredibly useful

    From time to time, I find myself traveling on the Metro here in Seattle. You see, I’m lazy, and poor, so I don’t drive and I don’t want to bike more than a couple miles. So it’s the bus for me. I use Android’s SeattleBusFinder, which works, but isn’t exactly a UI revelation. If I could use this slick, gorgeous, and practical bus tracker app instead, I’d… Read More

  • AT&T begins rolling out coverage improvement to the areas you people reported

    If you were so obliging as to use the “Mark the Spot” app on your iPhone to tell AT&T where coverage was poor, you may find things improving in the spots you marked. In 60-90 days, anyway. Apparently they’ve crunched their six months’ worth of data and determined a few areas that could use a little boost. Thanks, AT&T. Now if it’s not too much to ask… Read More

  • AT&T will count Micro-Cell usage towards your data cap – UPDATE

    Just when you thought it was safe to love AT&T again, we have another interesting tidbit about their famous 3G Micro-Cell, AKA the “rip-off box.” As you recall, AT&T’s MicroCell is being marketed as a way to repair bad connectivity in areas with little or no AT&T reception including, but not limited to, basements, attics, Manhattan, and San Francisco. It… Read More

  • CLIQ and Backflip users to get 2.1 this year (but where's 2.2?)

    This little chart indicates pretty clearly that the CLIQ and CLIQ XT will be getting the 2.1 update in Q2 2010, which is to say pretty soon. The Backflip and DEXT variant of the CLIQ will be getting it in Q3. Man, people can talk all they want about the definition of fragmentation and all that, but the fact is it’s hard as hell to keep track of this stuff. I’m resigned to the… Read More

  • iPhone 4 doubles your RAM (doubling of fun not confirmed)

    Some time during WWDC, it was mentioned at a meeting that the new iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM, twice what’s in the iPad or 3GS. This magical number isn’t mentioned on the “tech specs” page, or else somebody probably would have noticed it by now. Anyway, it’s just getting out that the 512 megs are there, and it explains a fair amount. iMovie being iPhone 4-exclusive… Read More

  • HTC threatens handset hackers with legal action for distributing ROMs

    Leaks happen — especially in the mobile world. There are just too many people involved in the process of creating a mobile device to keep things under wraps. Take any given new phone’s OS installation package (known as its “ROM”), for example; when something is as easily copied and distributed as any other piece of software, it’s bound to find its way out… Read More