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  • The Motorola Cliq: An Android smartphone powered by the social media star, MOTOBLUR

    The Cliq might be the first Motorola device with Android, but with a 350-person team, it better be good. At least it looks solid on the surface with a custom Android GUI called MOTOBLUR, slide-down keyboard, 5MP camera, 24 FPS video cam, WiFi, 3.5mm headset jack and a screen that better be able to handle a massive amount of info. The phone’s interface is built around what Motorola is… Read More

  • Live From Motorola's Android Announcement

    We’re live from Motorola’s Android announcement at the Mobilize conference, where the company is expected to announce at least two new handsets running Google’s mobile operating system. This is a big day for Motorola – nearly one year ago, the flailing company switched up their game by dedicating a 350-person team to this new endeavor. Have their efforts been worthwhile? Read More

  • Verizon to launch Nokia 7705 Twist early next week

    Thanks to an earlier leaked slide regarding Verizon’s upcoming lineup, we had a good idea that Nokia’s boxy little number, the 7705 Twist, would be joining Big Red’s network sooner than later. Fast forward two weeks and Nokia has officially announced the launch of its 7705 Twist. Besides its unusual shape, the Twist features a, you guessed it, twist-out full QWERTY keyboard… Read More

  • Verizon beats everyone at the HTC Touch Pro 2 game

    Slow and steady wins the race, right? Verizon’s certainly not the first off the gate with the Touch Pro 2, but they definitely just took the lead in our books. Both Sprint and T-Mobile are charging a dang-near-absurd $350 bucks for theirs, with the latter adding insult to injury by not even including a 3.5mm jack. (BOOOOOO!) As we’d heard last week, Verizon’s Touch Pro 2 is… Read More

  • Meet AppCentral, the enterprise mobile app store

    Mobile applications targeting enterprise customers most certainly have their place in platform-agnostic app stores like GetJar, device-agnostic stores like Android Market and vendor-specific ones such as the iPhone App Store and Palm’s App Catalog. But finding enterprise-grade apps on these stores in between the plethora of games, music apps and general-purpose software programs for… Read More

  • Sprint changes the game, offers up unlimited everything for $69 per month

    Let’s just say it: Sprint is back. First the carrier nabs the hottest handhelds with the Palm Pre, BlackBerry Tour and soon the HTC Hero and Palm Pixi. But that’s just the start. Now, it’s offering up the $69 Any Mobile, Anytime plan which includes – get this – unlimited calls to any mobile phone, unlimited web surfing, Blackberry access, unlimited Direct… Read More

  • Recap: iPhone OS 3.1 goodies

    As if it wasn’t enough to introduce the sickest mini MP3 player/Video camera/Radio ever and a gorgeous new version of iTunes, Steve Jobs had to throw in an iPhone OS update for good measure. For those of you who missed our live feed, here’s an overview of what the iPhone OS 3.1 update contained: Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.1 brings improved App organization via iTunes 9

    Way back in February, when iPhone OS 3.1 was but a distant “dream,” we posted 8 Little Things We Still Can’t Stand About the iPhone. More than half a year has passed and we can finally knock #7, “Arranging applications sucks something terrible,” off the list with the release of iPhone OS 3.1. Read More

  • Apple Strikes Back: iTunes 9 does NOT sync with the Pre

    Looks like the never-ending “sync war” between Apple and Palm continues to rage on. According to numerous PreCentral forum contributors, iTunes 9 does NOT sync with their beloved Pres. What now, Palm? Read More

  • Review: Bomb Commander for the iPhone

    The quality of iPhone games have been improving over the last couple years and Anima’s Bomb Commander is clearly one of the latest wonders to hit the iPhone (and iPod Touch). It’s a simple game, really. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless raises the price of the enV Touch and enV3

    This is strange, even for a wireless carrier. Both the enV Touch and enV3 launched in May at $179 and $129, but then dropped down to $149 and $99, which is about right. After all, non-smartphones generally only stay at their original price for a few months. But now both of these phones are back up to their starting price. Why? We hit up a couple of our Verizon tipsters and they indicated… Read More

  • AT&T unveils the A-List, thinks it's 2006

    Welcome to 2006, AT&T. That’s right, folks. AT&T has finally joined the fray and they’re calling it the A-List with Rollover. AT&T prisoners can now call up to five domestic “VIPs” without putting a dent into their pre-existing plan. As an added bonus, the Rollover feature has been bundled in and starts with the individual Nation plans higher than $59.99. Read More

  • Palm updates webOS to v1.2.0

    With all the excitement buzzing around about Palm’s second webOS device, the Pixi, an update to the vaunted OS quietly creeped into the handsets of those with the Pre. A gaggle of new features have been added and an even longer list of issues have been remedied. A few nuggets to be found in webOS v1.2.0 include: copy on steroids in browser and email, filtered search in email and support… Read More

  • Sprint drops the price of the Palm Pre, explains the $100 credit offer yesterday

    Yesterday the Internet was abuzz with an offer from Sprint that involved a $100 service credit if you port-in a number and buy a Palm Pre. It was a fair deal but Sprint quickly pulled the offer and now explained what happened. Read More

  • iida Ply and Prismoid: Japan gets two new designer cell phones

    Japan’s No. 2 cell phone carrier KDDI au is stepping up its efforts to promote its iida sub brand of designer cell phones (here‘s my photo report of some iida concept phones from back in April). Not only did it present its robotic cell phone Polaris today, it now gives us another two (more conventional) phones. And these you can actually buy soon (if you live in Japan). Read More

  • More trouble with the App store: C64 iPhone application pulled

    Oh Apple.. you are such a fickle taskmaster when it comes to the App store. On one hand, it’s brilliant. On the other hand, their approval process can be draconian and bizzare at the same time. Recent case in point: the Commodore 64 emulator. It was approved, published, and then promptly removed. Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Lite gets caught on video done up in green

    Just this past week, we were looking at a somewhat blurry shot of the Galaxy Lite, wondering when we’d see more. Seeing as Samsung is about as good at keeping handsets secret as I am at playing a guitar with my feet, it didn’t take too long. Early this morning, new shots of Samsung’s sightly sibling surfaced on – and this time around, it got caught on video. Read More

  • It's coming: WinMo update 6.5 shows up for the XPERIA X1

    Windows mobile has had a hard time of it of late, what with the Blackberry and iPhone being so popular. And frankly, the current version of the mobile OS, sucks. There’s good news on the horizon however, because the latest release version 6.5 is coming. Read More

  • Sprint offers up a $100 credit with a new Palm Pre activition

    There has been a few rumors about Sprint cutting the price on the Palm Pre the last few days. Those might still work out, but until then there is this deal. There is a lot of fine print with the offer, but if you’ve been eyeing a Palm Pre, you should definitely see if you qualify. Read More

  • Two days before Moto's Android event, two handsets unearthed

    Here comes the trickle, folks. With just two days left before the grand unveiling of Motorola’s first Android-powered device(s), the basic specs for two separate ‘Droid sets have shown up on Motorola’s own territory. CellPassion was hunting around in one of Motorola’s repositories when they found them: the MB200 and MB300. Could these be the Morrison and the Calgary? Read More