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  • Rumours of a 3D Motorola Handset Rise From Below

    3D is pretty hot right now. There’s the movies, the TVs, the games, the handhelds, and, well, why not the mobile phones? Photos of a rumoured 3D phone by Motorola surfaced today, and while the screen on the device looks 2D on my monitor, there is reason to believe that the screen is, in fact, a 3D thingo. Read More

  • Blackberry OS 6.0 Pinned For Summer Release, Upgrades Possible

    Straight from the horses mouth, comes the news that the latest incarnation of every suit-totin’, email-checkin’, business-type’s favourite phone OS (that is, BlackBerry OS 6.0) will be released this Summer. During an analyst talk today, RIM co-chief Mike Lazaridis showed off the first official teasers of the new OS. Read More

  • Rumour: EVO 4G to cost $199 From Best Buy

    Are you hankerin’ for some hot 4G action, but a little worried that the new tech could add a premium on top of the handset price? Well, lucky for you I have some good news: The new hotness — the Sprint EVO 4G — is rumoured to cost only $199 on contract from Best Buy. Read More

  • The Nokia N8, Nokia's new flagship phone, is official

    Every year, like the swallows returning from Capistrano or the tourists returning to Disneyworld Paris, Nokia releases a flagship phone. Sadly, the boatwrights at Nokia haven’t dropped a winner in nigh on three years now and, if early reports are to believed, their new N8 is not looking seaworthy. The N8 looks like the Motorola Devour and has a 3.5-inch OLED, capacitive touch screen… Read More

  • AdMob: The Original iPhone is Dead, Android Becoming Increasingly Diversified

    Here at MobileCrunch, we love numbers. We especially love numbers that make good stories. And we more especially love numbers that make good stories about phones. And so we love it when AdMob packages together data from 18,000 mobile ad publishers and sends us a little PDF detailing what they’ve found. AdMob (which is being acquired by Google) released its March 2010 Mobile Metrics… Read More

  • Jawbone Icon to get A2DP as a free update tomorrow

    Tiny wireless headsets getting new features, for free, by way of a software update? We’re living in the future, you know. Read More

  • Dilbert prods at the lost iPhone 4G prototype

    Scott Adams, everybody. If he’s not one of your heros, you probably just need to read up on him a bit more. Read More

  • Sirius XM radio coming to Android "soon"

    Hey, Android handset owners! Tired of your iPhone-toting friends bragging about how they can tune into SiriusXM radio on the go, while you can’t? Me too. (Don’t have any friends who happen to have both SiriusXM accounts and an iPhone? Me neither. We’re pretending, okay?) Fret no longer! Your time in the shadows of inadequacy is nearing its end, friend: SiriusXM is… Read More

  • New developer challenge offers Android devs a trip to TED if they can get people moving

    Obesity sucks. Unfortunately, smart phones generally don’t do much to make the problem any better. Sure, there are plenty of exercise-assistance apps, like RunKeeper, built to make exercising easier and thus more likely to happen — but for the most part, our smartphones help us to move less. Why walk to the computer downstairs, when you’ve got the web in your pocket? Why… Read More

  • Video: Droid Incredible does multi-touch better than the Nexus One

    Nexus One owners, you might want to take a seat for this one. You know the HTC Incredible? That phone that popped up out of no where, matched or surpassed all of the Nexus’ specs, and then killed off any chance of a Nexus One for Verizon? Now, you recall that unfixable issue that the Nexus One has with handling multi-touch input properly? Yeah.. erm.. the Incredible doesn’t have… Read More

  • Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC jointly develop new mobile OS

    Just last week, we asked the question if the world needs yet another mobile operating system (Samsung’s Bada). Now it turns out Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier, NTT DoCoMo, apparently thinks the answer is yes. The telecom behemoth (55 million customers in Japan) today announced [press release in English] the development of a brand new “application platform for mobile… Read More

  • Novatel MiFi 2372 rises from the ocean, stomps its way to Japan

    I sort of love the MiFi. (What’s a Mifi? It’s a portable, battery-powered WiFi router that pulls data over a 3G connection.) If I had a box of candy for every time the MiFi got me out of a jam, I’d be.. well, I’d probably be crazy fat. Good news, people of Japan! Now you have the opportunity to get crazy fat, too! Read More

  • Nokia N8 running Symbian^3 is the suck

    Sigh. Nokia may be selling phones like hotcakes to the developing world and my father-in-law in Poland, but they can’t make a popular phone to save their life. The new N8, leaked and reviewed on Electronista is little more than a rehash of Symbian circa 2000. Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin goes so far as to jokingly accuse Nokia employees of sabotaging the company’s brand… Read More

  • Nexus One not coming to Verizon after all?

    Many were questioning the Nexus One’s fate on Verzion when the HTC Incredible was announced a few weeks back. After all it’s nearly the same phone, instead skinned with HTC’s Sense UI. Well the question might be answered as Google’s Nexus One’s page now tells shoppers to buy the Incredible instead. Previously the same line indicated that the Nexus One was… Read More

  • The BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G hit the web a bit early [update: now official]

    Oh well. Even though The Street announced RIM’s two upcoming phones a bit early this morning, it still doesn’t take away from their appeal. Suits, corporate types and anyone that takes mobile email seriously should take notice. These two are nice. Read More

  • San Mateo County police now looking into the lost iPhone prototype

    About eighteen seconds after word got out that a prototype of Apple’s next iPhone had been lost, found, and then subsequently sold to Gizmodo (for somewhere around $5,000), commenters and pundits everywhere started asking: is all this legal? There are a bunch of complicated laws involving the ownership and selling of lost goods — not to mention lost top-secret intellectual… Read More

  • Palm Shake-Up Imminent, Rubinstein May Be Out

    Palm right now is a disaster. Its sales are going nowhere, its market share is plummeting, and try as it might, it can’t even find a buyer. Industry sources tell us that a major restructuring and management shakeup is imminent and CEO Jon Rubinstein may be replaced. This is still a rumor at this point, but it makes sense. Palm is suffering from a ton of unsold inventory, and it… Read More

  • Samsung's Bada-powered Wave coming in June, Not April

    Is the world ready for yet another smartphone platform? Probably not – but it’s got until June to get prepped. According to Samsung, that’s when they’ll be launching the Wave, their first phone to be powered by Bada. The good word comes after a handful of UK retailers started promising that Wave pre-orders would be filled in the next few weeks, implying that the… Read More

  • LOL! Some1s stealing ur car!: Viper SmartStart for iPhone gets push notifications

    We’ve written about the Viper SmartStart system before. It’s the $30-per-year iPhone/BlackBerry app that, when paired with a $500 component in your car, ensures that you never have to worry about strenuous nonsense like turning a key to start your car or unlock your doors ever again. Up until this point, its been a one way deal. You can tell your car to turn on and fire up the AC… Read More

  • HTC tells Palm "It's not me, it's you", backs away from acquisition

    NOOOOOOOOOOO. There I was, letting myself get excited about possibility of HTC acquiring Palm. I mean, can you imagine webOS on HTC-made hardware? I’d buy one for each hand. Alas, those hopes and dreams have been dashed. Read More