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  • The Droid X's manual storms the interwebs

    If you’re still on the fence whether to opt for Verizon’s Droid X or instead go 4G with the EVO on Sprint, you may want to spend a few minutes perusing the Droid X’s leaked manual. It shows in detail the tweaked UI, on-screen keyboard with Swype, and even gives tips to extending the battery’s life. There doesn’t seem to be anything that surprising within, though… Read More

  • Verizon hops on the Galaxy S train with the Samsung Fascinate

    Oh, you thought Verizon would let AT&T , Sprint, and T-Mobile all nab their own variants of the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S without them getting one too? Not a chance. Read More

  • T-Mobile makes their Galaxy S variant, the Samsung Vibrant, official

    We already knew a good amount about T-mobile’s variant of the Android-powered Galaxy S superphone. We knew about its 4″ AMOLED screen; we knew about its 1 Ghz processor. We knew about the 5 megapixel camera (with HD video recording!), and its 16GB of internal memory. We even knew about the $199 price tag and July 21st launch date. What we didn’t know: when it’d be… Read More

  • Sprint announces their QWERTY-ified version of the Galaxy S, the Samsung Epic 4G

    Remember the Galaxy Pro? It popped up around the rumor mill almost immediately after the Galaxy S was announced, and was supposedly a nearly identical phone, with one major difference: a big ol’ full QWERTY physical keyboard. It disappeared for some time after its first leak, only to make another appearance last week. And now.. it’s real. It’s oh, oh-so-real. Read More

  • Clash of the Titans: The Battle To Become The Mobile Search Leader

    Clash of the Titans: The Battle To Become The Mobile Search Leader

    Editor’s note: The following guest post is by Krishna Subramanian, co-founder of mobile ad exchange Mobclix. Mobile search is still one of the big unclaimed prizes on the mobile web. Everyone from Google and Yahoo to Apple is going after it, but Microsoft’s Bing may stealthily become the king of the castle by aggressively promoting Bing through mobile apps. Let’s look at… Read More

  • Palm loses their Ex-Apple PR Head, Lynn Fox

    HP’s buyout of Palm may have won them webOS, but it doesn’t seem to have won them many friends within the company. There are only so many names within Palm that are so oft-mentioned that I could name them off hand — and of those, the talent seems to be disappearing left and right. First to go was interface mastermind Matias Duarte, followed shortly thereafter by Rich… Read More

  • iOS update to ship early next week, fix death grip issue?

    I’ll believe this when I see it: there are reports that the death grip phenomenon is actually the result of a software error. I’d heard this going around yesterday, but the more specific issue seems to be that the device goes to no signal mode when it should just be switching frequencies. And holding the phone in the “wrong” position aggravates this… Read More

  • The full story on Google's remote app detonation from yesterday

    There was a minor flap yesterday when it came out that Google had used their remote kill ability to delete apps from a few users’ phones. I’m not going to restate my thoughts on that here, but in the interest of getting the complete story out, I thought I’d give a link to Jon Oberheide, who created the apps they removed. He’s a security researcher and was evaluating… Read More

  • Palm stockholders approve HP buyout, merger expected to close on July 1st

    With all of the hubbub about HP buying Palm back in April, you may have thought the whole deal went down months ago. In actuality, there’s a fairly hefty, many-months-long legal process that has to be followed before all is said and done. During that time, HP’s not even allowed to hint at how Palm should be doing business. Said process, it seems, is just about over. Read More