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  • T-Mobile UK employees caught peddling personal data

    Here in the states, T-Mobile has been no stranger to screw-ups, but we’d always just figured that their UK counterparts were stand-up guys. After all, they’re British – as we all know, every one from that side of the pond is charming, affable, and rocks a bloody good accent. Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone employed there is as scrupulous as their customers would… Read More

  • Rumor: Touchscreen BlackBerry slider in the pipeline?

    Yay, rumors! Today’s fun rumor comes courtesy of one Mr. Shaw Wu, a Kaufman Bros. analyst, who believes (thanks to his sources in the supply chain) that a BlackBerry 9900 has not only hit the prototype phase, but also features an entirely new form factor for RIM – a touchscreen slider. Read More

  • The Moto Droid's Ability To Autofocus Varies From Day To Day – No, really.

    Here’s a weird one for you: A few hours ago, Motorola DROID users began reporting that the cameras on their handsets were suddenly.. better. The camera’s ability to auto-focus, which I’d railed in our review of the product, seemed to drastically improve overnight. And it did! Most assumed that Verizon and Motorola had managed to sneak out some sort of stealth over-the-air… Read More

  • T-Mobile starts selling Sidekicks again, drops prices

    Data problems? What data problems? Oh right, those data problems. Well, its been about a month so, like with any sort of break up or troubled relationship, you’ve had your chance to grieve and be angry…now it’s time to move on, folks. At least that seems to be T-Mobile’s position. Thus, Big T has resumed selling both its older Sidekick and the newer Sidekick LX, each… Read More

  • iPhone to be the best phone in all of China

    China Unicom’s chairman believes that the iPhone will be the most popular phone in China, beating out Nokia and RIM for the crown of Bounteous Emperor of the Eastern Phone World. Read More

  • Pictured: Magellan's new iPhone car cradle

    Hey, you! I know you. You’re the one that gets all hot around the collar over shots of unreleased iPhone accessories, aren’t you? Boy, oh boy – are you gonna love this.. Sure, it’s not much – but here’s the world’s first look at the just announced, GPS-boosting, speakerphone-touting iPhone car cradle from Magellan. If you’re thinking to… Read More

  • Magellan Gets Into The iPhone GPS Game, Car Cradle Incoming

    Google might be in the middle of turning the navigation market on its head with hints that their free turn-by-turn service might make its way to the iPhone, but that’s not scaring the big players away. TomTom and Telenav have both been on the platform for months and show no sign of turning tail, and now another big-name has jumped into the mix: Magellan. Just minutes ago, Magellan… Read More

  • Playing with Fire: A new MVNO, Simple Mobile, has entered the arena

    What do you mean, US MVNOs are generally doomed from the start? Sure, Helio went under. Yeah yeah, so did Disney Mobile. And Mobile ESPN. And Amp’d, Voce, and Sonopia. Thats only what, a billion dollars or so thrown down the drain? Don’t be such a naysayer. The MVNO game is one hell of a risky business, but it seems like no one told the folks at Simple Mobile that. Earlier this… Read More

  • But wait, there's more: AT&T also adds LG Shine II to lineup

    Extra, extra! Read all about it. AT&T becomes exclusive carrier for the LG Shine II. Well, that was fun, wasn’t it – making a big deal about yet another handset being launched on AT&T? Yes. Yes it was. All jokes aside, LG is launching its next-gen Shine, the LG Shine II, on AT&T whether you like it or not. Read More

  • AT&T adds BlackBerry Curve 8520 to its smartphone lineup

    Ah, BlackBerry Curve 8520. We’ve got pretty fond memories of your exclusive days over on T-Mobile. So what gives? Why the jump to AT&T all of a sudden? Oh right…increasing market share and giving consumers what they want – an inexpensive and relatively capable smartphone. Nice. Read More

  • Will It Break? HTC HD2 gets dropped. You know you like these videos

    As much as we rag on Windows Mobile (and that’s a lot), I have to say that the HD2 is a handsome phone and I’d be proud to sport it. That’s what gives the short video above some of its tension. You could drop a CLIQ and I wouldn’t flinch — in fact, I encourage you to drop your CLIQ. But this HD2 is a pretty little object and I don’t want it to come to any harm. Read More

  • Windows Marketplace now available for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1

    Long before Windows Marketplace launched on Windows Mobile 6.5 as Microsoft’s answer to the App-Store-Craze, we knew it would be extended down into Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 – the only question was “When?. The answer, it seems, is today. Microsoft has just announced that the Marketplace is available to 6.0 and 6.1 users beginning immediately. Read More

  • Video: Sony Xperia X10 Gets Hands-On'd Again

    Oh, you don’t have a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 yet? Yeah, neither do we. But the guys over at HDBlog somehow managed to scrounge up two of the devices, and they appear to be running a newer software build than anything we’ve seen before. Read More

  • Samsung announces new Android-powered Galaxy Spica (i5700)

    Attention Battlestar Galactica Android OS fans, Samsung has just taken the wraps off its newest Android-powered smartphone, the Galaxy Spica. By the sound of that name, it appears the Cylons have taken control of Samsung’s mobile division. The newest soldier in the ever-growing ‘droid army features a 800MHz processor (just like its Moment sibling) and is the first Android smartphone… Read More

  • Android 2.0 source released, already ported to the G1

    While Android 2.0 has been floating around on Motorola DROIDs for over a week now, one important chunk of it has been under lock-and-key: the source. Even amongst manufacturing partners, we’re told, Google hasn’t been completely open; outside of Motorola (and more recently, HTC), most of the other handset manufacturers have been left out in the cold with nothing to keep them warm… Read More

  • Palm Pixi Review: Not for everyone, but it fits a niche

    Palm and Sprint have taken a very different approach to the launch of the Pixi than they did with its slightly older and slightly brawnier brother, the Palm Pre. In the days leading up to the Pre, both parties were on full attack mode; keynotes were held, massive tradeshow booths were built, full page newspaper ads were run, and countdowns ticked away. With the Pixi? They’ve got a… Read More

  • XKCD on iPhone vs Droid

    It’s a rare day when we post a web comic here on MobileCrunch. To my knowledge, we’ve only done it once before. But you know what? This one’s just too good — and too topical — to pass up. Read More

  • Qualcomm releases first batch of next year's chips

    Qualcomm, one of the largest fabless mobile chip manufactures in the world, has announced the availability of samples of its next-gen dual-carrier HSPA+ and multi-mode 3G/LTE chipsets. Hello Future! Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA expands Broadband2Go sales

    While Virgin Mobile USA has been offering up a pre-paid, contract free mobile broadband service for almost half a year now, the only way to hop on board was to nab a modem at Best Buy Mobile – and, well, that just doesn’t work for everybody. Maybe you don’t have a Big Blue Box nearby; maybe you’re just not that into Best Buy. Either way, you’ll have options… Read More

  • Video: Hackers give Palm Treo 650 an Android brain

    Man – do you remember 2004? Gwen Stefani was off doing her solo thing, Hillary Swank was busting her neck in Million Dollar Baby (OMG SPOILER ALERT!), and Janet Jackson showed part of her breast to everyone watching the Super Bowl. Twas a simpler time – a time when the Palm Treo 650 was brand new. 5 years later, the Treo 650 now ranks somewhere between “relic” and… Read More