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  • Reminder: We'll be liveblogging the iPhone OS 3.0 event tomorrow!

    As if the Crunch folk have missed an opportunity to cover an Apple event any time in the recent past, a surprising number of people have been asking whether or not we’ll be liveblogging tomorrow’s preview of iPhone OS 3.0. The answer? Of course we are. We’ll be at the Apple campus bright and early tomorrow morning, and we’ll be blogging away as soon as the WiFi juices… Read More

  • Sprint's device lineup for Q1-Q3 leaks

    Secrets, Secrets, are no fun. Well, unless said secrets have to do with a ridiculous number of unannounced devices and details, and said secrets leak all over the internet. Then they’re a blast. PhoneNews managed to get their hands on Sprint’s entire device roadmap for Q1 through Q3 of 2009, and each page packs a bit of fun – so be sure to look through them all. Update… Read More

  • Cupcake in April? Maybe not. But probably.

    Uh oh, folks – looks like the “Cupcake” Android update for the G1 might not be coming out of the oven as soon as we’d heard. Last week, the folks over at PocketLink declared that they’d managed to get a T-Mobile spokesperson on the record saying that the G1 would be getting the Cupcake update in April – but now another T-Mobile spokesperson is calling… Read More

  • Venezuela shows off their $14 phone

    Last week, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez spilled the beans on the country’s plans to offer a $14 cell phone they’d call El Vergatario. Curiously absent at the time were any shots of the handset itself. Two things have since changed: Read More

  • Video: First look at the BlackBerry 9630

    If the Internet rumors are correct, and when are they not, the BlackBerry Niagara 9630 should be hitting VZW stores sometime this Spring. After the break is the first video we can find of the hardware in action. Word to the wise though, the OS is an early build and is a little buggy. In fact, it never starts up. But the hardware, oh the hardware. It looks great. Read More

  • BeeJive IM for iPhone to see an update "any time now"

    At $16 greenbacks, Beejive IM for iPhone is one of the App Store’s swankier offerings. Fortunately, Beejive makes up for the steep entry fee with regular updates, each with at least a few notable features. According to our friends at Beejive, one of these updates should be hitting Apple’s e-shelves at any time now. The update has just been submitted for approval, so it’ll… Read More

  • Video: Cut and Paste confirmed for iPhone 3.0, says Kevin Rose During the SXSW taping of Digg Nation, Internet darling Kevin Rose confirmed that cut and paste were coming in 3.0 and that everything the Pre can do, the iPhone will be able to do as well. However, there won’t be any background app action or video recording this go-around. But like Alex said, at least it has “something I wanted seven… Read More

  • boxee iPhone App now available

    Great news for boxee and iPhone users. The official boxee app was finally approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store. We hear the app is basic but it should be good enough for simple playback controls. It’s too bad that it took so fraking long for Apple’s stamp of approval. Read More

  • Facebook's Dave Morin on the search for a more social Web; Connect comes to the iPhone

    We’re here at SXSW, where Facebook’s Senior Platform Manager Dave Morin is speaking about The Search for a More Social Web. He says that computers have largely been antisocial – it was only with the advent of the computer that we’ve been playing games with ourselves. Only in the last few years have computers really started to become social. The introduction of… Read More

  • Video: Dexter for the iPhone trailer WTH is that all about? Dexter does not flail around and that ending is rather disturbing. Read More

  • Get OS 4.5 for your BlackBerry Pearl 8120

    Don’t you just love Fridays? The work week comes to a close. Weekend plans start to surface. Freedom is in the air. And today, for BlackBerry Pearl 8120 owners, it gets even better…it’s upgrade Friday! Read More

  • Symbian remains most dominant mobile OS in the world

    According to Gartner’s final 2008 “Worldwide: Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System” stats, reigning mobile OS champ, Symbian, remains on top of the world with a whopping 52.4% majority market share. Although that number is down over 11% from 2007, Symbian still maintains a healthy 35.8% lead over its nearest competitor, Research In Motion. (chart after the break) Read More

  • Alltel Wireless launches affordable QWERTY-equipped LG Banter

    In honor of our wonderful economy (jk!), Alltel Wireless has launched the very reasonably priced ($19.99 after $50 MIR w/2 yr agreement), full QWERTY-equipped LG Banter. The fraternal twin of Sprint’s Rumor2, Alltel’s 4.4oz LG Banter is a poor man’s smartphone, complete with Alltel email, Yahoo! and AOL instant messaging apps, and a “chat-style messaging… Read More

  • Kyocera intros a pair of handsets headed to Virgin Mobile

    One of these new phones is a full feature texting handset, while the other is your standard thin but basic device. One has stereo Bluetooth and a Facebook support and the other one can play games. One has a full QWERTY keyboard while the other has a number pad(!!!!). Chances are you would probably buy the X-tc instead of the Jax, eh? Yeah, probably. Read More

  • Homebrew software will unlock the full iPhone Bluetooth stack

    Rumor has it that a new homebrew app will soon open the full Bluetooth stack on the iPhone 3G, allowing for full and proper Bluetooth support including wireless keyboard connectivity and stereo Bluetooth. The app is called iBluetooth and it’s currently available on the Cydia store. Read More

  • Exclusive: Slides from Sprint/Palm Webinar, plus a live blog

    The Sprint/Palm Pre Webinar is starting in 20 minutes. We were able to dig up all of the slides from the presentation while we were waiting – and as far as we can tell, there isn’t much new stuff to be seen. We’ll keep dig through the slides – let us know if you spot anything exciting. Live blog after the jump. [PSGallery=19gaanm2ef] Read More

  • Fact: Sprint to launch LG Rumor2 on March 15

    Sprint announced today that LG’s second-gen. Rumor – Rumor2 – will be available via (and by phone, what?) as of March 15, with a retail debut following on April 19. Read More

  • Apple to spill the beans on iPhone OS 3.0 next week

    Invites have begun to trickle out for a March 17th Apple event, at which they’ll be debuting iPhone OS 3.0. It has been about 8 months since the release of OS 2.0, and 6 months since Apple missed their self-imposed deadline for push notifications for background applications. Will background apps be addressed? What about the oft-griped about lack of copy and paste? Will they polish up… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 to get the Cupcake update in April

    With the HTC Magic launching in April, we probably could have guessed that the Cupcake update would be ready to ship to the G1 at the same time. But now we don’t need to guess – a T-Mobile rep has gone and confirmed it. Read More

  • iSkoot opens their live update platform to handset OEMs

    Last month TechCrunch wrote about Kalaida, iSkoot‘s software platform purposed for connecting standard feature phones to social sites and other online content in a way not unlike that of a smartphone. This evening, iSkoot has announced that they are expanding their offerings to include KalaidaLIVE, the always-on connectivity solution that allows their Notifier application to receive… Read More