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  • Samsung's Bada-powered Wave coming in June, Not April

    Is the world ready for yet another smartphone platform? Probably not – but it’s got until June to get prepped. According to Samsung, that’s when they’ll be launching the Wave, their first phone to be powered by Bada. The good word comes after a handful of UK retailers started promising that Wave pre-orders would be filled in the next few weeks, implying that the… Read More

  • LOL! Some1s stealing ur car!: Viper SmartStart for iPhone gets push notifications

    We’ve written about the Viper SmartStart system before. It’s the $30-per-year iPhone/BlackBerry app that, when paired with a $500 component in your car, ensures that you never have to worry about strenuous nonsense like turning a key to start your car or unlock your doors ever again. Up until this point, its been a one way deal. You can tell your car to turn on and fire up the AC… Read More

  • HTC tells Palm "It's not me, it's you", backs away from acquisition

    NOOOOOOOOOOO. There I was, letting myself get excited about possibility of HTC acquiring Palm. I mean, can you imagine webOS on HTC-made hardware? I’d buy one for each hand. Alas, those hopes and dreams have been dashed. Read More

  • SIRIUS XM Radio to hit Android in May

    Finally, SIRIUS XM says it will soon release a free Android app that will enable DROID and Nexus One owners – among others – to enjoy access to over 120 channels of sports, talk, entertainment, news, comedy and commercial-free music. For now, you can only download apps for iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry smartphones. The satellite radio broadcaster says it will release the… Read More

  • New market study shows iPhone continues to be big in Japan

    A lot has been written on how the iPhone performs in Japan, the world’s most advanced mobile nation, but the general consensus in this country now is that it sells very well (even though both Apple and provider SoftBank Mobile refuse to break down Japan-specific sales numbers). It’s rumored that the number of iPhones sold in Japan has passed 3 million. There are reasons for… Read More

  • New cell phone study to follow 250,000 users for 30 years

    And here we go again. Every few months (it seems) there’s another study telling us that either cell phones are safe, or they are evil. It just goes to show, there’s a study to prove anything. This particular study however is going to take a bit more time then the other ones have. Plus, it’ll involve quite a few more people. Read More

  • Automatic app updates coming to Android 2.2?

    Some screenshots purporting to show (or, perhaps, some purported screenshots definitely showing) an automatic update toggle on Android apps have shown up over at Phandroid, via 4chan. I see no reason why they shouldn’t be real, and it certainly would be a boon to all users — as long as some basic issues are accounted for. How many of you guys have been suckered into updating an… Read More

  • Google no longer investigating shoddy 3G on the Nexus One

    What’s that you say? Your Nexus One can’t hold a 3G signal worth a damn? Bummer, dude! In a response to the angry masses demanding a OTA fix to rid them of their woes, Google employee Ry Guy has disclosed that they’re no longer “investigating further engineering improvements”. Read More

  • Legal Exploit Enables Tracking and Spying via Cellular Networks

    Activate the cone of silence.
    Don your tinfoil hat.
    Pull the bedsheets up. Now that you’ve taken the necessary precautions, I have to tell you some bad news: two researchers have found a way to exploit the mobile phone system in order to locate pretty much anyone they want. That means you, Carmen. All those years of hiding have been for naught. They’ll be here any moment now. This… Read More

  • Brightkite Group Text on a roll in the United States, now available in Canada

    A mere month and a half after launching, Brightkite says its new Group Text feature is a big hit with users in the United States. According to the startup, which boasts more than 2 million registered users, the average Group Text user sends a whopping 17 messages per day. Already, its total usage is growing 19 percent on average per day. Brightkite is now sending more than 20 million messages… Read More

  • Super PreKernel Wants to Make Your Palm Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

    Hey kids! Do you have a Palm Pre or Pre Plus? Do you long for a little extra oomph? Some extra glide in it stride, spring in its step, and dip in its hip? Are you aware that overclocking hacks exist, but are fearful of how difficult they are to implement? Are you still listening? Good, because I have some fantastic news! Some of Pre Central’s finest have created what they call the… Read More

  • Skype Offers Free WiFi to Ease the Airport Pain

    Airports are wonderful places, aren’t they? Everyone is friendly, the seats are comfortable, the prices reasonable, and the food delicious. I love hanging around airports. I relish the time between connecting flights, and I have been known to pack my bags and drive to the nearest international airport just to hang out and pretend I’m waiting for a flight. However, I realise that… Read More

  • Dell leak outs Smoke, Thunder, Flash, and Lightning smartphones

    It looks like some internal Dell material has spilled out onto the internet, but am I the only one who finds this stuff suspect? I see lots of spelling errors and some questionable features. The vagueness of some of the specs and the very un-Dell phrasing of a lot of this stuff makes me think this is an outside contractor pitching Dell with some design ideas. If they are real, I’m… Read More

  • Video: Android running on the iPhone

    Consider my mind blown. There have been a lot of (poorly) faked videos portraying Android running on the iPhone over the last few years. Lots and lots. Like a ridiculous amount. This one’s real. Read More

  • Skyfire For Android Beta Leaked! Have some screenshots.

    By the time I got wind that Skyfire was looking for Alpha testers, the sign-up sheet had already been filled to the brim. Bummer, right? Fear not! As luck may have (the “luck” here being for early adopters, if not necessarily Skyfire), a Beta copy just leaked out for all to enjoy. Read More

  • Are third-party cell phone battery manufacturers deceiving their customers?

    1400mAh. 2500mAh! 10 million mAh! Ah-ah-ah! The vast majority of consumers don’t have a clue as to what those little numbers on their cell phones battery mean. Like with processor clock speeds and television refresh rates, we all tend to just assume that bigger numbers = better product. So when Joe Consumer sees some third-party manufacturer touting their batteries with ratings double… Read More

  • Picture: Why Customer Service chat sucks

    Can’t log in? Don’t worry. Just go ahead and log in. [Via Reddit] Read More

  • Nuance's Dragon Dictation for E-Mail now available for BlackBerry

    Typing is hard. I hardly ever type unless I have to. In fact, roughly 80% of MobileCrunch’s operating bills go towards paying a full staff of invisible underlings to write what I say and censor my vulgarity. Unfortunately for the livelihood of the aforementioned underlings, they’re now replaceable by a BlackBerry. Read More

  • Droid Incredible Arrives Early For A Lucky Few

    Despite the Droid Incredible’s release date still being a long week away, some unnaturally lucky types received have their new toys early. There seems to have been a glitch in the Matrix that caused the phones to travel back in time 9 days. By “Matrix” I mean “Verizon’s phone ordering system” and by “travel back in time 9 days” I mean “get… Read More

  • BlackBerry Clamshell Spied Wearing OS 6.0

    Following hot on the sexy heels of the BlackBerry OS 6.0 leak, comes word of some interesting BlackBerry firsts. The first first (so to speak) is that BlackBerry 6.0 has now been spotted running on a device. The second first (*ahem*) is that said device is also the (almost) first clamshell blackberry device! It shall be known, affectionately, as the 9670. Read More