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  • Your iPhone 3GS can play 1080p video just fine (but will Apple let you?)

    Go ahead, I dare you to explain to me the utility you derive from playing 1080p video on your iPhone 3GS. A post on a Chinese forum suggests that the phone is perfectly capable of playing 720p and 1080p when encoded with H.264; Apple currently limits playback resolution to 640×480. The angle right now is, “How dare Apple artificially limit the resolution that we can play?”… Read More

  • Video: HTC Click previewed – Runs Donut, lacks Sense

    I do believe this is a first: not only has someone at Vietnamese mobile site Tinh Té managed to get their hands on an HTC Click before it’s even official, but it looks like they’ve had it for long enough to laser etch a bunch of crazy crap onto the back. Fortunately for us, they’re not just sitting around basking in the exclusive warmth of their unreleased phone. Instead… Read More

  • AT&T 3G should now suck less in San Francisco and New York

    Since the launch of the iPhone brought a few million data-devouring 3G users onto AT&T’s towers, dealing with 3G in any major city was just a wee bit more efficient than sending a carrier pigeon. Well, things ought to be a whole lot better in San Francisco and New York now: like they’ve been doing in other places over the past few weeks, AT&T has fired up their 850 Mhz… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm gets V CAST Video

    We’ll openly admit it: We haven’t touched Verizon’s V CAST video service in years. We tend to avoid most feature phones as if their outer casing is made of unstable explosives, and V CAST and smartphones don’t tend to mix – until now. Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei 8220) details revealed?

    Oh, Internet. You give it a little bit of information and a reason to dig, and some super sleuth will uncover all there is to know. Such is the case with the Huawei 8220 Android phone; once it was given a name and a carrier by the Wi-Fi Alliance’s filing for the “T-mobile Pulse”, the Android detectives were off. The latest bit of information they’ve uncovered comes from… Read More

  • Last call for the iSkin BlackBerry case giveaway

    Consider this a friendly reminder that if you have a BlackBerry Curve, Bold, or Storm, you have a good chance to win an iSkin case for your beloved phone. Just head over to the contest post, and drop us a comment with what BlackBerry you have. That’s it. Nice and easy. The contest ends on Monday, the 24th. Read More

  • Give this phone to someone you love, then run away

    China knows how to make products. It’s not enough to make this bastard gold-plated – they added flowers! The 999 is $120 from and has a “gravity sensor” (SENSOR POSITION: DOWN!), a 2.6-inch display, and 1.3-megapixel camera. It also has “7 common games.” Read More

  • Alltel begins selling the BlackBerry Tour

    Back when Verizon bought up Alltel last year, the FCC made them leave 91 markets behind. If you happen to live in one of these areas and want a BlackBerry Tour, you’re in luck. Beginning today, Alltel will be peddling the tour through their online shop and remaining retail spots for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate and a 1-year contract. You’ll need to splurge at least $69.99 a… Read More

  • Students plan to protest Nokia store in NYC re: Iran role

    Word on the street is that students plan to protest outside of the Nokia store in Manhattan because of the company’s alleged evildoing in Iran. The protest is being led by Project Nur, which is a student-affiliated “initiative” of the American Islamic Congress. Good luck, bro. Read More

  • Leaks: Samsung B3310 is sickeningly sweet, with an emphasis on sickening

    Look at that phone. What do you see? Let us walk you through our train of thought upon seeing that phone, step by step: OH GOD, THE PINK. IT BURNS MY EYES. What the hell? Vertical number row on the side when the QWERTY keyboard is closed? Which alien race is this designed for? OH GOD IT BURNED MY EYES AGAIN Oh hey, that keyboard actually looks somewhat usable. Then we went completely… Read More

  • HTC Hero soars through the FCC, again – this time for Sprint

    Last time we saw the HTC Hero grace the labs of the FCC with its presence, it was swimming chin deep in GSM 850/1900Mhz territory – otherwise known as AT&T’s turf. Things got interesting when, just a few weeks later, a product page for a Sprint-branded HTC Hero popped up. Sprint and AT&T use two totally different radio technologies; where was this one’s FCC… Read More

  • Telus announcing something on September 15th

    September 15th. 26 days from today. Do you know what’s coming? Do you have any idea what’s heading your way? Cause we sure as hell don’t. Canadian carrier Telus has been running a series of ambiguous ads in movie theaters north of the border, highlighting September 15th as the day of the big reveal. We don’t have a clue what they’re planning, though we’ll… Read More

  • Rumor: Both Garmin-Asus nuvifones headed to AT&T

    Oh, nuvifone. How we loved you and forgot you. Now that almost every featurephone comes with GPS navigation, both of your models might finally launch on AT&T. Just think if you would have got your act together a year ago, you could have ruled the market before there was a market. Read More

  • Alltel launches the Samsung Glint, the world's most generic flip phone

    Fun fact: I do believe this is the most basic phone we’ve ever written about on MobileCrunch. Really. The press release is all of five sentences, and the specs sheet rattles off “VGA Camera”, “Messaging”, “Stereo Bluetooth”, and then realizes its own futilility and gives up. Have you ever noticed that Samsung can sell the same phone for 8 years? Sure… Read More

  • Ground Control to Major Douche: LG Watchphone comes to Orange UK

    Pip pip, guv’nor! How’s about a shine? Right-o. Grand pair of shoes, guv’nor. ‘Tis a pleasure to apply paste to the likes of these. S’that? Aye, I’ve got a Nokia, nice phone. Me bird got it for me. Pre-paid. Cor, crikey! A watch phone! On Orange? ‘Tis not every day a fellow sees the likes of that. Might I ask how much something like that cost? 500 quid! Read More

  • HTC Lancaster: AT&T's first Android device already in trouble?

    Why does this not surprise me? Remember the whole fiasco with the BlackBerry Bold? Looks like AT&T is shafting HTC and its first Android device, the Lancaster. According to the Digi Times, the launch of Lancaster could either be delayed or canceled because it hasn’t passed AT&T’s validation process. It was supposed to launch earlier this month, but that obviously… Read More

  • makes sure you stay on top of Japan's mobile tech scene

    Everyone pretty much agrees that Japan boasts the most advanced mobile infrastructure in the world. After all, this is the country with 100 million 3G subscribers, 120 new handsets every year, the first mobile phone featuring a decent web browser (in 1999) etc. etc. But it’s pretty hard to keep up with what’s going in Japan’s super-vibrant mobile world if you don’t… Read More

  • G1 will get Donut, says Cyanogen (maybe)

    I’m a n00b to the whole Android scene; I make no bones about it. But I have been lurking the XDA forums for the last couple months and I feel comfortable rooting my Android devices (except the Hero) and swapping between “cooked ROMs” from various hackers devs to get the latest and greatest features. So when the Interwebs started freaking out over the G1’s lack of… Read More

  • Microsoft to pit Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 against one another?

    According to Digitimes, Microsoft will be using a “dual-platform” strategy to compete with Android and the iPhone. 6.5, due to be rolled out October 1, will stay alive just to compete with Android, while WinMo 7 will compete with the iPhone. I don’t think this is as shocking as Gizmodo does, but I certainly don’t see the wisdom in having dueling OSes. Dueling… Read More

  • Droidify: An unofficial Spotify Android app to tide you over [UPDATED]

    Spotify, a free and increasingly popular music streaming service available on the other side of the pond (and currently by invite only in the US), has yet to launch an official Android Market app. But not to worry. A group of Spotify fans have developed Droidify, an unofficial Spotify client for Android. The free app: lets you search, browse, manage playlists and listen to the millions of… Read More