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  • George Clooney's Haiti telethon gets a webOS app

    As successful as some may be, single-purpose apps (like fart machines, flashlights, and tip calculators) tend to be the butt of a lot of jokes – but here’s one with a pretty righteous purpose. With a bit of elbow grease and a downright impressive amount of haste, the folks over at Mediafly have thrown together an application specifically built to let people tune into… Read More

  • Google to Developers: "Have an Android phone, please make games"

    The iPhone is indisputably on top of the mobile gaming heap, and even relative small fries like Palm are getting serious about it, but Google’s plan for this year’s Game Developers Conference marks one of their first steps towards making Android the next big platform for games on the go. Sure, they’ve committed to offering a number of sessions on Android game development… Read More

  • Windows Mobile developers ask Microsoft: Where's our money, kind sirs?

    It’s the case of the missing money. Or, less dumb, it’s a case of nobody knowing what’s going on. Several Windows Mobile developers have complained loudly that they’re owed monies by Microsoft. Microsoft is all, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll get it sorted out,” but then doesn’t, in fact, sort it. Read More

  • Internet: Theres been an OTA Droid Update! Motorola: Uh, no there hasn't.

    Over the past day or so, reports have been pouring in from around the Internet that Motorola Droid users were suddenly seeing a surprise over-the-air update hit their handsets. “Better battery life!” they said, “And Facebook bugs have been fixed!” This wasn’t an isolated reported, by any means. Dozens upon dozens of forumgoers proclaimed that they’d received… Read More

  • BlackBerry Cufflinks – Perfect for that someone who wants to look good, but still be kind of weird

    Oh no! The fundraiser is in 2 hours, and you’re not even dressed yet! What are you going to do? Sure, you want to look sharp; that’s why you rented the suit. But you still want people to know that you’re a geek, man. You’ve spent too many years fixing other peoples computers and being asked to build their websites to give it all up for one night of looking suave. BAM! Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch with a 3.5mm jack caught on camera

    Not too long ago, HTC announced — much to our excitement — that they would be putting 3.5mm jacks in all of their handsets. In non-geek speak, that means that you wouldn’t need some annoying little one inch, easy-to-lose cable adapter just to be able to use your own headphones. One of the last phones to sneak out with a non-3.5mm jack was the HTC T-Mobile myTouch. It was… Read More

  • Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus to go BOGO – sort of.

    Like this – except, you know, with cell phones. If you were planning on buying two Verizon Palm Pixi Pluses (or, if you’re feelin’ nutty, one Palm Pre Plus and one Palm Pixi Plus), get excited. It looks like you’ll be walkin’ out of the Verizon store with a bit more cash than you expected. Yesterday afternoon, Palm sent us a note to confirm the pricing of the… Read More

  • Nokia to launch a new handset on January 26th

    Whoo! Looks like free turn-by-turn navigation wasn’t the only good news to come out of Nokia’s press announcement earlier today. Read More

  • Motorola's next Verizon Android phone pops up in inventory

    For the average person, a bunch of seemingly meaningless text on a 2-color screen is by no means the definition of excitement. But you.. you.. you’re no average person. You’re a gadget lover – and tucked away behind the glare spot on that screen is a gem to be held close to the chest until the end of time. Or at least until next week, when we’re all distracted by… Read More

  • Touchscreen BlackBerry Bold-esque handset prototype caught on camera, possibly scrapped

    Ever since RIM got their act together with the BlackBerry Storm 2, we’ve been pretty excited about their new-found interest in touchscreens. When word got out not too long ago that RIM was cracking away on a half-touchscreen/half-keyboard hybrid handset (think BlackBerry Bold, with a touchscreen), we started getting all hot around the collar. Word on the street (the cell phone rumor street. Read More

  • Baby crying again? Find out why with Cry Translator. If you want, no one's forcing you or anything like that.

    Crying baby? There’s an App for that! (Boo!) It’s called Cry Translator, and it takes the various shouts and screams of your baby and “translates” them to proper language. Read More

  • Nokia Launches Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation Around The World

    For the past few days, Nokia has been trying to get everyone excited about.. something. They piqued our interests by sending out press event invites (for separate events in the UK and the US, no less), then revved the hype machine with a good ol’ fashion countdown timer. The US announcement is still a few hours away, but they just pulled back the curtain over in the UK — and while… Read More

  • Hands On With Palm's Mobile HotSpot For Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

    By the time Palm announced the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus at CES earlier this month, there wasn’t a whole lot left to reveal. From the names, to the specs, all the way down to the carrier the handsets would launch on — just about everything had made it into the realm of public knowledge by way of the rumor mill. However, there was at least one feature that Palm managed to keep hidden… Read More

  • Need to call Haiti? Its free for Verizon Wireless customers until January 31st

    Earlier this week, Skype offered up a few bucks of SkypeOut credit to anybody in Haiti; shortly thereafter, Google announced that any calls made to Haiti via Google Voice would be free of charge. Now, Verizon Wireless has joined the effort to connect people with their Haitian cohorts, without charging a dime. Verizon Wireless has just announced that any fees accrued for long distance calls made… Read More

  • AT&T needs to spend $5 Billion to catch up

    With all the crap that’s gone on (and still going on) between AT&T and Verizon, it’s safe to say that this is the last thing AT&T wanted to come out. According to a study that just came out, AT&T would have to spend approximately $5 billion US to get their network to the same level as Verizon and Sprint. Read More

  • Is the iPhone getting Binged?

    It seems that Apple may be inviting Microsoft’s Bing into the iPhone, at least according to BusinessWeek. In what could be some sort of bluff by Apple, Microsoft is apparently in talks to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone, supplanting Google’s current position on the phone deck. This does not mention if they’re moving away from Google Maps and YouTube, but… Read More

  • Google Now Targets Mobile Ads (and App Download Links) By Device

    You can target Google mobile ads by location, but now Google is opening up two new targeting options for mobile ads running through AdWords. Ads shown on a mobile browser can now target by mobile device or by carrier. It is not clear how many devices are supported, but at the very least advertisers can specify that their ads only be seen on iPhones or Android devices. To the extent that… Read More

  • RIM's official Twitter for Blackberry client spotted?

    There’s no shortage of Twitter clients for BlackBerry. Lets see; there’s Seesmic, SocialScope, UberTwitter, TweetGenius.. hell, there’s not even a shortage of good Twitter clients for BlackBerry. That hasn’t stopped RIM from building one of their own, though. It’s not available yet – nor is it even officially official – but the above shot of it leaked… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Kurara accidentally announced early, now known as "Vivaz"

    Don’t you just hate it when some big dumb press release company spills the beans on your top secret product long before you intended? Wait, you’ve never experienced that? Well, neither have we. We were just trying to, you know, connect with our readers or something. Sony Ericsson, on the other hand, has felt that burn. Just today, in fact! We’d already heard rumors and tales… Read More

  • Skyfire For Symbian Brought Up To Speed

    Between UI enhancements, bug fixes, and neat new features like smooth scrolling, Skyfire has been slamming out the updates as of late — but only for one platform. While the Flash/Silverlight-capable mobile browser is available for both Windows Mobile and Symbian, the latter edition hasn’t seen any updates in months… until today. Read More