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  • HTC announces the HD2 (aka Leo)…for Europe

    You win some, you lose some. In this case, the European mobile market is the winner of HTC’s newest handset, the HD2 (previously known as Leo), while the US is s#^% out of luck…for the time being. Read More

  • Oops! Verizon's two Android phones get caught on camera

    Duhwaaaah? Verizon was workin’ all hard this morning to ensure that no one slipped up and mentioned any names when it came to the devices that would emerge from the VZW/Google partnership. Then, not even an hour later, they put a picture of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam holding two separate devices in their own press release. Bloops! Read More

  • GSM Palm Pixi makes an early appearance

    Rumor has it that Palm’s second webOS-powered device, the Pixi, is dropping October 20 on Sprint. However, just cause we hear speculation about the CDMA version doesn’t mean its GSM cousin wants to be left out in the cold. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson partners with Comverse for visual voicemail

    Earlier this morning Comverse announced a new partnership with Sony Ericsson to bring visual voicemail to future SE handsets. Ever since a certain mobile device (hint: starts with “i” and ends with “phone”) hit the mobilesphere, consumers have been clamoring for visual voicemail on other cell phones / carriers. Slowly, but surely, the incredibly convenient feature has… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 Review: It Still Sucks.

    Windows Mobile 6.5, we wanted to love you. We wanted you to come along and wash away the past, whisking away all signs of the antiquated 6.1 we’ve grown so tired of ragging on. We went into this review with the full hopes of emerging with a generally positive outlook. Sorry, Windows Mobile 6.5 – it’s just not going to happen. Read More

  • Apps for Blackberry cost way more than iPhone, Android apps

    We’ve covered a couple of Distimo reports in the past because they provide us with some valuable insights on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market based on the startup’s in-depth analysis of publicly available data. Now the company has added RIM’s Blackberry App World store to the fray, which gives us even more data points to compare the rivals’… Read More

  • Microsoft releases My Phone backup service, adds premium features

    Coinciding with the introduction of the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, Microsoft has upgraded and launched its free phone backup service My Phone – previously in beta – and added a couple of useful premium features to it. Despite the fact that the official My Phone blog and Twitter account remain silent for the time being, users have definitely taken notice and started… Read More

  • Verizon and Google form strategic Android partnership

    We’ve seen a few different Android devices that seem to be VZW-bound over the last few weeks, but Verizon hasn’t said anything about the handsets or platform until now. The company has a webcast scheduled for later today but released a preemptive press release that outlines the basics. Verizon and Google have formed a strategic partnership that will “leverage the Verizon… Read More

  • Palm: Free Apps For The Web, Free Development For Open Source, And Free Phones!

    I’m here in San Francisco for a meeting Palm has called to give its newest employees, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, who both came over from Mozilla, a chance to talk a bit about the state of the webOS platform. The two, along with Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and some other executives spoke at length about the hardware, the platform, and the plan going forward. The message was pretty clear… Read More

  • Palm's first paid application for WebOS goes live

    Four months after the launch of the Pre, and just a few weeks later than we’d expected, paid application downloads for WebOS arrived today. And what application did Palm choose for their premium premier? What monster of mobile merrymaking would serve as the model for all that follow? Would it be some advanced navigation application, or one that pulled Palm’s hardware to its… Read More

  • Microsoft's Project Pink Might Be Dead In The Water

    To say we were unimpressed with the first leaked shots to come out of Microsofts “Project Pink” would be a bit of an understatement. This was Microsoft’s first in-house foray into the mobile hardware space, and we’d been hearing tales of it for years; yet in the end, what we were seeing was bad enough that we equated the two leaked devices to “a midgie Pre and a… Read More

  • iPhone Erotica: Looks like Apple's okay with it, as long as it's tiny.

    Looking for nudity in the App Store? Well, it exists. Contrary to what hundreds of application denials might have implied, it seems that Apple’s perfectly okay with showin’ the goods within an application – so long as said goods are shown in itty-bitty (though zoomable) thumbnails. Before we dive too deep, we should make it clear: We’re very much in the “This… Read More

  • Vonage Mobile released for iPhone and BlackBerry

    Vonage, the once almost-zombie VoIP company, has roared back from its flirtation with the deadpool (er, from being sued into near oblivion for patent infringement by Verizon et al.). Its latest product, Vonage Mobile, will surely continue to ruffle all the big telecoms’ feathers because it allows consumers the ability to circumvent their mobile carriers’ networks to make low… Read More

  • Adobe Flash 10.1 to support just about every mobile OS (except the iPhone's)

    Adobe took the wraps off its latest and most versatile version of its Flash Player to date earlier today. The newly announced Flash 10.1 software will be available “for smartphones, smartbooks, netbooks, PCs and other Internet-connected devices, allowing content created using the Adobe Flash Platform to reach users wherever they are.” It’s kind of a big deal. Version 10.1… Read More

  • T-Mobile rolling out Wi-Fi calling for corporate BlackBerry users

    T-Mobile is set to begin offering corporate customers the ability to use BlackBerry devices to make calls over office Wi-Fi connections without using up cell plan minutes. Calls initiated via office Wi-Fi would automatically switch over to T-Mobile’s network when the caller left the office, too. Read More

  • Behold! The Samsung Behold II with Android

    What do you get when you add Android to TouchWiz? WizDroid! Samsung’s new Behold II is running a nicely modified version of Android with some unique UI improvements. We’ve known about this old girl for a few weeks now but it’s finally been announced on T-Mo. No pricing or availability date. Following the success of its predecessor, the Samsung Behold®, the Behold II will… Read More

  • Oops: AT&T sells Windows Mobile 6.5 phones a little early

    So WinMo 6.5 is just about to break, and of course, like any company launching a new product, Microsoft would like all the news and handsets and what have you to hit at the same time — overpowering your senses and causing you to speak in tongues. But that won’t happen, first because most of the details of the new OS and phones are pretty well-known, and second because an… Read More

  • Palm defies USB authorities, restores iTunes compatibility for Pre

    Wow, it’s on. I thought that Palm was going to work out an alternate solution after that official reprimand from the USB Implementers Forum, but they’re going right ahead with iTunes compatibility again. I suppose they feel that it’s more of a crime for Apple to restrict device access than it is to spoof a device’s maker. At any rate, the conflict just got escalated. Read More

  • Google Maps for iPhone now serving up ads

    The free ride is over, ladies. Go ahead and fire up the Google Maps Apps for your iPhone (or iPhone touch), and you may well run into something you’ve avoided for so, so long: an ad. That’s right: Google Maps now shows advertisements. Things fall apart. Read More

  • Sprint LG Lotus 2 coming in January, will rock a touchscreen face?

    Be honest: the first time you saw the somewhat-short, somewhat-stout LG Lotus, did you think it would be successful enough to get a sequel? Looks like it was. One of our sources just spilled the beans on what we’re tentatively calling the “Lotus 2″, for lack of a better name. It’s sounding a whole lot like the original so far, with just a few little tweaks thrown in… Read More