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  • AT&T starts LTE field trials later this year, commercial deployment in 2011

    Are you as excited as I am about LTE and the blazing fast data speeds it promises? Sure you are. And while you’re undoubtedly holding your breath waiting for 4G service and handsets, AT&T is moving forward with field trials after announcing that Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson will be providing its equipment. What’s in store for AT&T in the near future? Read More

  • Puma Phone caught on camera

    Boom! Within minutes of uncovering details about the upcoming Puma Phone tucked away within a teaser page, one of our lovely readers has sent in a picture of it. According to the tips-bringer, this shot was snatched from a video of the Puma Phone that was very briefly available on Youtube. This is obviously the rear half of the handset, showing off the big ol’ solar charging cell… Read More

  • PUMA to announce a sports-centric, solar powered cell phone next week

    Update: We’ve now got a picture of it. We’ve known since around October of last year that PUMA was working on a branded phone with Sagem (the same folks who make the Porsche-branded phones) – but outside of the fact that it was in the works, there wasn’t much else known about it. PUMA just put up a teaser site for the phone, but it’s just that: a teaser site. Its… Read More

  • AT&T Navigator update shakes things up

    The AT&T Navigator app for iPhone got an update recently, and adds an interesting new feature. From any menu screen, simply shake the iPhone to make the app route you to a predefined “home” address. No need to work through the menus: simply shake your phone. That sounds like a convenient feature. More inside. Read More

  • MADS teams up with Netbiscuits for integrated mobile marketing solution

    Mobile marketing solutions provider MADS has partnered with Netbiscuits, which offers a B2B web software platform for the creation, publication, and monetization of mobile websites. In essence, MADS’ mobile marketing platform will be integrated with Netbiscuits mobile website publishing platform, which enables the latter’s publishers to monetize their sites utilizing mobile ad… Read More

  • Android updates fly off the shelves; Motorola CLIQ up next in March?

    Android updates appear to be getting thrown left and right recently, so it doesn’t surprise me that the Motorola CLIQ may be due for a tune-up. According to Boy Genius Report, the CLIQ will be getting Android 2.1 OS sometime in March. Perhaps it’s not soon enough for those CLIQ owners who are turning a little green watching as DROID and Nexus One owners enjoy the latest and greatest. Read More

  • Opera to preview Mini browser for iPhone: will Apple give it the green light?

    Opera is set to unveil Opera Mini for iPhone in a press and partner preview during the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, the Norwegian browser software company said in a statement released earlier today. In addition, the company will be introducing a slew of other Opera-powered devices at its exhibit at MWC. Small caveat: Opera has yet to submit the iPhone app for approval in… Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch 1.2 launching tomorrow with Swype keyboard

    We thought we knew just about everything there was to know about T-Mobile’s oh-so-subtle hardware upgrade to the myTouch, known around the Internets as the “myTouch 1.2″. Truth be told, there wasn’t really that much to know: they’d bumped the headset jack up to a standard 3.5mm jack (Hurray!), and upped the amount of RAM inside from 192 megabytes to 256. Turns… Read More

  • The world is all a buzz over Google's new social networking service

    Over-sharing the minutiae of your life is already difficult, so why complicate things with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare when you only need one service to rule them all? That’s where Google Buzz comes in and makes annoying your friends with news about your snacking habits that much easier. Read More