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  • Amazon cut the BlackBerry Torch in half

    Of course they didn’t literally cut it: don’t be silly. Amazon are now listing the latest-and-greatest BlackBerry — the slideriffic Torch 9800 — for a measly $99.99 with two year contract. That’s half price! A full $100 less than what AT&T stores want for it! No matter which way you spin it, that’s a bargain. The Torch is the only handset in the… Read More

  • Qualcomm will ship 1.5GHz dual-core snapdragons in Q4, phones may come as early as Christmas

    Qualcomm announced today that they will begin to ship their fastest ever mobile processor — a dual core Snapdragon running at up to 1.5GHz — come Q4 of this year. The part of this news that excites me is that Qualcomm reckon that those manufacturers equipped with ninja skills may even have dual-core handsets out in time for Christmas. Read More

  • PayPal coming to Android Market?

    Not the most exciting rumour coming out of the mill today, but one that could impact at least a fair chunk of you. Bloomberg are reporting that Google are in talks with PayPal to enable payment of apps in the Android Market using the near-ubiquitous payment service. For those not in the know, payments for apps in the Android Market are currently handled using Google Checkout. The thought is… Read More

  • US Dell Streak to get Froyo instead of Eclair

    A nice little unconfirmed nugget from Dell’s Lionel Menchaca via Twitter over the weekend: the super-sized Dell Streak may bypass Éclair entirely, jumping straight into everyone’s favourite Android flavour, Froyo (despite earlier UK Éclair leaks). While clearly good news feature-wise, as far as release date is concerned, this will probably only push back the update. You’ve… Read More

  • Froyo coming 18th August for HTC Incredible

    It’s a great time in a phone user’s life when they receive a major software update. I remember eagerly awaiting the eclair update for my trusty ol’ HTC Hero. I also remember the frustration of seeing so many other phones getting the software bump, while I was left in the cold. You HTC Incredible owners out there are probably feeling a bit like this right now (unless, of… Read More

  • Droid 2 Gets The MG Siegler Treatment

    Droid 2 Gets The MG Siegler Treatment (TCTV)

    For the last 30 or so hours self-described Apple fanboy MG Siegler has put his iPhone 4 aside (Jason Kincaid and Greg Kumparak held him down while two interns broke his Kung Fu grip) to give Motorola’s Droid 2 a proper test drive. The verdict? A definite step above the HTC EVO 4G. If you read MG’s review of the EVO back in May, you know he gave HTC’s bundle of joy a… Read More

  • Oops: Samsung Announces GPS Fix For Galaxy S Coming In September

    Don’t you just hate it when a company releases a product and it has problems right away? Samsung announced today that they are addressing the often discussed issue with the GPS on the Galaxy S, and that consumers should expect an update in September. This announcement came via Samsung’s Twitter stream, so we can only hope that Samsung is a little more accurate about their… Read More

  • Uh-oh: Early Droid 2 Units Having Signal Issues?

    Don’t fire up the Antennagate Alarm just yet, but we’re hearing a good number of reports within our geeky circle that Motorola’s brand new baby, the Verizon Droid 2, might not be so good with that whole maintaining-a-solid-signal thing. Read More

  • Manager Who Oversaw Evo 4G, Epic 4G Leaves Sprint

    The midwife who pulled the Evo 4G and the Epic 4G through the mobile birth canal, Kevin Packingham, is leaving Sprint effective Monday. He is starting a new, unnamed company. Read More

  • Yet another Windows Phone 7 prototype leaks out, this time from Samsung

    Ain’t no party like a Windows Phone 7 leak party, ‘cuz a Windows Phone 7 leak party don’t stop. This time around, the party bus is camped out in front of Samsung HQ, from the depths of which emerged a handset never before seen by the world. Read More

  • Unboxing the AT&T Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

    After five months of floating around in the UK, the Android-powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 will finally be hitting US shores in just two days. We had the opportunity to meet up with some of the folks from Sony Ericsson to nab a unit fresh off the production line early this morning. Of course, we couldn’t open up a shiny new toy without giving it the customary photoshoot — so join… Read More