A Bunch Of Secrets That Turned Out To Be True

A Bunch Of Secrets That Turned Out To Be True

A lot of tech news seems to be breaking on app Secret these days, three months since it launched. Here are just a few big tech stories that Secret beat everyone to.

Photo Credit: gareth1953 the original via Compfight cc

Nike Lays Off FuelBand Engineers

CNet broke the news that pink slips were being handed out to Nike FuelBand engineers, but not before this Secret appeared.

Facebook Backtracks On Sharing

On the eve of F8, this Secret foretold a major change in the way Facebook shares user data with its partners.

Vic Gundotra Was Interviewing

Days prior to the news becoming official, someone on Secret announced the head of Google+ was looking for work.

RadiumOne CEO Firing

The weekend before RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal was axed by his board, this Secret appeared.

Box Postponing Its IPO

This Secret foretold the indefinite postponement of the Box IPO not long after the company’s S-1 dropped. Instead of an acquirer, though, the company found investors to put in another $150 million in the meantime. So half-true?

Mt Gox Bitcoins Disappeared

We couldn’t find the original, but this Secret confirmed one that had run a day before, showing that Mt Gox had lost a whole lot of Bitcoins.

Flurry Gets Acquired By Yahoo

A few days before Yahoo announced that it was acquiring mobile analytics company Flurry, this Secret appeared, giving us reason to dig in and find out more.