14 People Who Are In Tech And Finished The 2014 Boston Marathon

2014 Boston Marathon

Running a marathon is something that many of us have on our bucket lists, but is low on our day-to-day priority list.

2014 Boston Marathon

After the tragedy of last year’s events, this year’s Boston Marathon offered much incentive for people to finally get out there and run.

2014 Boston Marathon

Over 35,000 people ran the marathon this year (versus around 26,000 last year), with increased security for obvious reasons.

2014 Boston Marathon

There was a drop-off in bandits, or people who jump into the race without numbers, and an increase in charity runners. Normally there are 500,000 spectators; today there were 1 million.

2014 Boston Marathon

A few in the tech community ran the race, and we got to cheer them on from the social media sidelines. Many of them were running for Camp Interactive, an organization that teaches underprivileged children tech skills.

Toby Daniels

Crowdcentric founder Toby Daniels ran for Team Interactive, and wrote a blog post about the marathon before participating.

Dennis Crowley

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley did not finish the marathon last year due to the bombings. He finished the race this year, preparing in part by writing an inspiring piece on Medium the Friday before.

Chelsa Crowley

Bobbie Brown digital director and blogger Chelsa Crowley ran alongside Dennis, as part of the Camp Interactive crew.

Bijan Sabet

Spark Partner Bijan Sabet was also on Team Interactive, and ran the marathon in 5:19.

Matt Cutts

Google Spam Czar Matt Cutts ran for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. “The whole marathon was memorable,” he told me, “but the last few miles were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Ryan Sarver

Redpoint Partner Ryan Sarver lost 30 pounds in his race prep, finishing in 5:11. “Hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he said, “but 100% worth it. Amazing and emotional day.”

Elizabeth Weil

Andreessen Horowitz Partner Elizabeth Weil is a self-described “ultra-marathon” runner who ran this year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Kevin Weil

Twitter VP of Revenue Product Kevin Weil also ran for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, finishing at an impressive 2:44:10.

Brett Van Zuiden

Brett Van Zuiden is a Y Combinator and MIT alumnus who has founded a startup called Ink.

MIT’s presence was especially strong since an MIT police officer was killed by the Boston Bomber.

Matt Shobe

AngelList UX designer Matt Shobe tweeted after he finished the race, “I’ve never battled that hard nor been more inspired by the crowd. Nuclear energy from them wire to wire.”

Joe Marchese

true [X] CEO and former Bostonian Joe Marchese represented for Camp Interactive.

Mitch Westwood

Mitch Westwood, another MIT alum, is a mechanical engineer at OsComp systems; his time was 4:53.

Reece Pacheco

Shelby co-founder Reece Pacheco ran for Team Red Cross, finishing at 3:33.

Chris Fralic

First Round Capital Partner Chris Fralic Facebooked a picture of his pin. “Keep calm and marathon on,” he wrote.

2014 Boston Marathon

Congratulations to this group and everyone who finished the 26.2 miles. May we join you at the finish line someday. (Additional reporting and photos: Samantha O’Keefe.)