13 Ways Of Looking At A Craig Federighi Selfie (With Apologies to Wallace Stevens)

13 Ways Of Looking At A Craig Federighi Selfie (With Apologies to Wallace Stevens)

Since WWDC 2014, Craig Federighi has retweeted a steady stream of selfies taken with fans [update: the account is a spoof, but still mesmerizing]. The pics show that he’s probably one of Apple’s most approachable senior executives (to be sure, Tim Cook answers emails and he does occasionally take pics with fans).

13 Ways Of Looking At Superman

So with apologies to poet Wallace Stevens, the author of “13 Ways of Looking At A Blackbird”, TechCrunch presents “13 Ways Of Looking At A Selfie Of Apple’s Senior Vice President Of Software Engineering.”


Among 20 Apple fanbois (and girls)
The only still thing
was the hair of Craig Federighi


Craig Federighi was of three minds
like Airplay
Connecting three iOS devices


Federighi’s hair whirled in the chainsaw blade
It was a small part of the pantomine


Airplay and Airdrop
Are one
Airplay and Airdrop and Craig Federighi
Are one.


Android fragmentation filled the toxic hellstew
With barbaric malware
The shadow of Tim Cook
Crossed it, to and fro.
The mood
Traced in the shadow
A platform war


I know my lock screen
And inescapable location-based apps

But I know, too,
That the iOS 8 (and Craig Federighi) is involved
In what I know.


When Objective C flew out of sight,
It marked the entrance
Of a new language, Swift.


At the sight of translucent windows
Flying in Yosemite,
Even the bawds of your Notification Center
Would cry out “Craig Federighi.”


He strode over Moscone Center
In a blue shirt.
Once, his mom called him,
But he screened the call
Desktop calling ability still means
“This is my space.”


Craig Federighi’s hair is flowing.
Superman must be flying.


It was Dark Mode all afternoon.
It was snowing
And it was going to snow.
Craig Federighi passed
On OS X Weed.