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  • New Samsung Slim Mouse

    I never really liked laptop-specific mice. They’re always feel small and flimsy. They usually look pretty stupid, too. Thankfully, Samsung’s got my back with its new mouse for laptops and UMPCs—that holy glowing ring is actually a horizontal scroll wheel. The mouse is 8mm and Samsung has managed to cram five buttons into it. It will be released in black and pink. Read More

  • Come to Korea, Where People Can Actually Try Phones Before Buying Them

    Katie from Shiny Shiny appears to be on the same Korean junket as our own John Biggs. Along with a picture of an AnyCall/Samsung 7-megapixel camera phone with a 3x optical zoom, she took some video of a T-World Zone phone shop in Seoul that lets customers test the phones and their features. A far step from the locked-down and cabled dummy phones we find here in the shops in the… Read More

  • Sony Playstation 3 Gets FireFox

    Terra Soft recently announced that they have developed Yellow Dog Linux v.50, a next generation linux operating system that will support the Playstation 3. Owen Stampflee, Lead Software Engineer of Terra Soft Solutions stated, From the days of the Commodore 64 to modern overclocked and water cooled home computers, a battle has raged between dedicated game boxes and home computers for… Read More

  • Cortex HDC-1000 Review

    The Cortex HDC-1000 is a dual digital music controller that allows DJs to transport their entire musical collection without carrying a laptop, CDs, turntables or vinyl. If you want to refresh your memory a little bit, click here. The first thing I have to say about Cortex’s sweet looking music controller is that it is great at being exactly what it is, nothing more. Cortex actually had… Read More

  • LG Brings The Heat With Shine Slider

    We’ve been showing you a bit of the tech love Samsung’s been cranking out recently via John Biggs on location reporting in South Korea. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you in on something that other SK company is cooking up: the LG Shine slider phone aka SV420/LV4200/KV4200. Specs include a 2-megapixel camera with a Schneider-Kreuznach, 1GB of storage and an… Read More

  • CrunchGear in Korea: OMG C00l! L33T Phonez and Computerz!

    Oh, South Korea, why do you taunt us so. Here are some highlights from today’s trip to Samsung HQ and the tech mart in downtown Seoul. Not much to say except that I want a CE-looking Media Center PC mit der blinkenlights running MCE for my own home like the Samsung Magic Station, above. I’m late, said the White Rabbit. The YP-W3L MP3-player pocket watch. Another MCE monster… Read More

  • Wii Box Pictures

    Here are a couple pictures of the back of the Nintendo Wii box. Nothing too spiffy, except the dissapointing fact that Wii Sports may not be included with the Nintendo Wii after all. There are already rumors flying about questioning what the Wii startup disc is all about. Anyone got any ideas? I have to agree with the comments, a startup disc for the Wii OS would really be a drag. Wii Box… Read More

  • LimeWire Counter Sues RIAA

    [The RIAA’s] goal was simple: to destroy any online music distribution service they did not own or control, or force such services to do business with them on exclusive and/or other anticompetitive terms so as to limit and ultimately control the distribution and pricing of digital music, all to the detriment of consumers. In August, the RIAA sued LimeWire for not complying with the… Read More

  • Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Connects To PCs Via USB

    Here’s some news about the HD DVD drive coming for the Xbox 360 that may justify that $200 price tag a little bit: It can connect to your PC via USB, allowing you to have an external HD DVD drive that can connect to your computer. That’s the good news. Now for the bad – Microsoft isn’t providing any kind of driver for the HD DVD drive, so you won’t be able to… Read More

  • Sony Talks Playstation 3 And Blu-Ray

    “Already, at our launch titles, we’re getting up close to the 25GB limit that we have on our Blu-Ray discs this year,” he claimed. “Next year we’ll raise that to 50GB, and I’d expect that we’ll be getting close to that in the fairly near future as well.” Sony’s worldwide studio boss Phil Harrison has finally stepped up to the plate to… Read More

  • Samsung D900 aka Black Carbon Hands On

    is another Ultra model – the D900 is an extremely slim slider with 3-megapixel camera and a unique UI designed in conjunction with Adobe. The Samsung folks didn’t mention a timeframe, but it should be hitting our shores very soon for about $350-400. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sneak Peek Edition

    Take a gander at these highlights from recent posts: Ultimate Hoody; No Glare, No Prying-Eyes, No Sex
    Sony Bravia Ad: Paint-tastic
    TokyoFlash Presents Retsu
    The Robots Are Working Together
    CrunchGear in Korea: Hello from Sunny Seoul Read More

  • Sony's Third-Gen LocationFree Base Station Misses By That Much

    SlingMedia SlingBox’s main competition currently is Sony and its line of LocationFree Base Stations. For the unfamiliar, both products let you view and control your TV via any broadband-connected laptop or desktop (Windows-based for the time being) from any location in the world. Also, like SlingMedia, Sony recently launched new models: The $249 LF-B20 and $199 LF-B10. Sony had them… Read More

  • 2006 Machiniama Film Festival, November 2-4

    It’s not animation, see, it’s Machinima. It’s not CG, either. Not really. For those not in-the-know with this uber-nerdy new form of film making, Machinima is the art of creating films, either shorts or features, using the physics and rendering engines contained within off-the-shelf computer games. The beauty is that with the limitations imposed by the various games and… Read More

  • Creative Takes Back FM Recording Functionality

    Guess who the RIAA was able to roll over in its latest attempt at destroying the world? If you guessed Creative, you win a prize. Your prize is the newly found inability to do something with your MP3 player that you previously could. It seems that due to “licensing issues,” Creative has removed the functionality of its Zen Vision:M to record live FM broadcasts. I wonder how they… Read More

  • The Robots Are Working Together

    Anybody who watches “Ghost In The Shell” should be acquainted with the implications included with this story. A team of scientists from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology in Italy and the Autonomous Systems Laboratory and Dalle Molle Institute for the Study of Artificial Intelligence have developed a system by which a team… Read More

  • SlingMedia and Apple Sit in a Tree

    It’s been a long time in the hyping but it looks like there will be a Mac OS version of the SlingPlayer software for use with SlingMedia’s SlingBoxes. An interview of SlingMedia’s Brian Jaquet revealed that there were some glitches in the company’s plans to get the Player out the door, including the launch of Intel-based Macs. It’s now on track to go into beta… Read More

  • Motorola P790 Charges Your Phone Twice

    Too busy to charge your phone in one of those old-fashioned “wall socket” things? Yeah, me too. That’s why Motorola has released the P790 mobile phone charger. It fits in the mini-USB port on your phone to give you two full charges and can even be purchased with a dual-charge adapter to charge your oh-so-cool Bluetooth headset at the same time. It looks like a PEBL, which… Read More

  • Apple Ships "Small Number" of 5.5G iPods with Windows Virus (WTF!?)

    McDonalds isn’t the only place you can go to get a little extra special sauce with your DAP. Apple, of all people, has accidentally included a Windows-infecting computer virus on “less than 1%” of the 5.5G iPods made after September 12. So if you run Windows and you purchased a new iPod in the past few weeks, you need to run your anti-virus gear stat, and look for RavMonE.exe… Read More

  • Lenovo and Apple Most Reliable Laptops, Report Says

    Apple and Lenovo Laptop users are smug lots. And, according to a recent PC Pro poll, they deserve to be. After surveying 20,000 tech support calls randomly, it turns out Lenovo, followed by Apple, are the most reliable laptops one can buy in the US with HP, Dell and finally Gateway rounding out the list. Even more telling is that off-brand laptops scored at the very bottom of the heap… Read More