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  • Wii Getting Built Just Fine, Thank You

    So it looks like the Wii is going to be the winner right out of the gate. Apparently Nintendo has 2 million Wiis waiting for shipment for the launch and an expected 6 million units in March and an expected 11 million by the end of 2007. That means all of us, the biggest of us to the smallest of us, can enjoy a Wii. I never really wanted a Gamecube – although I did enjoy playing it at… Read More

  • PriceGrabber: Dual-Core CPU Prices Will Continue To Plummet

    We here at CG love dual-core processors. In fact, our office motto is “more cores, more better.” So we were happy to read’s dual-core processor Market Trends data from Market Reporter, the company’s statistical database tracking consumer shopping behavior on the site, that predicts prices on AMD’s and Intel’s dual-core chips will drop… Read More

  • Philips Shows Off New Concepts

    Philips has been holding its annual concepts show this week at the ExCel Centre in London and there are a few things that came out of it that are really, really cool. There is a health monitor that sits in your bathroom and records your weight, body fat ratio, hydration levels, and body shape measurements. There are touch-sensitive light and sound adjusters that look like giant, glowing… Read More

  • The Gizmondo Story, In Words

    Wired is running a beautiful feature about the Gizmondo head Bo Stefan Eriksson and his constant and consistent scam-a-palooza that ended in the fiery explosion of a Ferrari Enzo. The Enzo has less than 6 inches of ground clearance, and at that speed, it took only a slight scrape under the front bumper to launch the vehicle. The airborne Ferrari landed in a skid that in a blink became a… Read More

  • Mark/Space Discontinues MissingSync for Hiptop

    <img src=" and now, like the Autumn leaves dragged down the storm drain, it is gone. Is it really that unpopular to use a SK3 with a Mac? What's going on here, people? Is it a corollary effect? The more potential Swavorski crystals on a device the less you actually want to use it for something useful? Oh well. Anything else… Read More

  • Nikon Gives Out D80s to Flickr Photogs: Wow, Nice

    Now this is how it’s done. Nikon handed out D80s to a bunch of prolific Flickr photographers and then collected their shots in one handy website and featured them in an ad campaign. They even made a Flash-rich webpage that is actually usable and included lots of their best shots. So what have we learned here, marketers? 1. Social networking/sharing sites are useful collectors of talent.
    2. Read More

  • Good Vibrations Dumped From PS3 For Cost Reasons

    The head of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Kaz Hirai, said Sony dropped vibration feedback from the PS3 controllers because finding a way to combine it with the new tilt-motion sensors would have made the controllers too expensive for consumers. In a video interview he stated the “balancing act” that would have to take place in order to get the two technologies to… Read More

  • Mitsubishi Replaces Silly Shiny Surface With LCD

    <img src=" Mitsubishi 7 inch Rear-View Camera Color LCD Display [I4U] Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mini Driver Edition

    Try to avoid spilling your drink on these recent news items: Ultimate Game Chair
    Starbucks Beds iTunes, Births Unholy Three Headed Beastie
    Beverage Buddy Could Be My New Best Friend
    Side Airbags Are Effective In Saving your Life
    ASUS Makes Us Look Twice with Dual-Screen Laptop Read More

  • ASUS Makes Us Look Twice with Dual-Screen Laptop

    We’re liking this idea. Even the cheapest clamshell phones these days have a secondary external display. Doesn’t it make sense for your laptop as well? ASUSTeK thinks it’s a good idea. Their WSFe is the first production laptop to market with an secondary display, on the back of the primary LCD. You can use it to check your email (read only), reference notes to yourself, or… Read More

  • Opel Antara Has Retractable Bike Rack

    Here is something I’d use all the time. In 2007, Opel will launch the Flex-Fix system as an option on its Antara and Corsa models. The system is a retractable two bike rack that slides in-and-out of the bumper. It’s completely concealed and allows users to avoid strapping those bitchy straps everywhere. This needs to be an option on US cars immediately. Write your congress people… Read More

  • Intel to Eat Nvidia?

    I’m going to go ahead and call this one a little too convenient to be probable, but it’s worth speculating regardless. Rumor has it that Intel is currently scoping Nvidia in a bid to contest AMD’s recent acquisition of ATI. Rumormongering alone was enough to send Nvidia stock surging to $38 per share. If this is indeed true, it can only negatively affect the consumer. I… Read More

  • LG Philips Creates Ultra Thin LCD

    Are you read for the new hotness. LG Philips has unveiled a new LCD-TFT display that sort of redefines thin. It measures just 1.3-millimeters thick with no image degradation. There haven’t been any orders for it yet, but that doesn’t mean anything. Expect to see these in cell phones everywhere in 2007.

    Getting the skinny on mobile displays [] Read More

  • No PSP Price Cut In Sight

    Sony today announced that it had no plans to drop the price of the PSP in the final months of 2006. It’s almost as if Sony is using its high prices as a selling point. Like, “Our stuff costs more, so it’s clearly better.” It is of note to consider though that the available games on the PSP is expanding rapidly and with the PS3 dropping soon, those who own both the PS3… Read More

  • Starbucks Beds iTunes, Births Unholy Three Headed Beastie

    So I’m sitting in Chicago right now. Gavin’s web connection is worthless, so I’ve been planted in a Starbucks all day, listening to the most horrendous music ever (except for right now they happen to be playing The Decemberists, which is the first good song they’ve played in six hours). Anyway, I’m sure many people come into Starbucks and think to themselves… Read More

  • Apple Hiring iMarketing iManager for iPhone iTunes

    Apple has inadvertently dropped another hint of features that the iPhone will probably have: a Mobile iTunes store. A job listing on Apple’s website, advertises that it’s seeking a Mobile Marketing Manager for iTunes. The job is just what it sounds like from the listing, and it’s looking for someone who can “Collaborate with iTunes Engineering to build program components… Read More

  • Side Airbags Are Effective In Saving your Life

    Side airbags have been relatively standard as of late, and apparently they’re proving to be worth it. A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that they reduce drivers deaths when struck on their near sides by 37 percent. The rating jumps up to 52 percent for the side airbags installed in SUVs. If you’re wondering when you would use an airbag on the side of… Read More

  • Want To Get Sued For $9 Mil? Sell Console Mod Chips

    According to a report on Ars Technica, France-based company Divineo, along with two other defendants, will have to cough up more than $9 million in damages for selling mod chips for Sony PlayStation consoles as well as HDLoader, an app that lets you rip and store games to a hard drive connected to a system. Selling the chips is in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because… Read More

  • Beverage Buddy Could Be My New Best Friend

    Nothing too fancy here, just a radio-controlled car that looks like a dune buggy — wait — what’s that I see? Two frosty beverages being driven to me? Now that looks like it might be worth buying. Well, it would be worth buying if it wasn’t $49.95, and if I had somebody standing at the fridge that knew what to do when this little guy came rolling up to them without… Read More

  • Best Buy Partnering with Real, SanDisk for Music Store

    . And they’re doing it with their new best friends, SanDisk and Real Networks. Real and SanDisk already have a partnership aimed at Apple in the form of the Sansa e200 DAP and Real’s Rhapsody service. Best Buy’s input will likely be a subscription-based service at around $10 a month for unlimited downloads. Quit paying, and the downloads cease to work. We’re not sure… Read More