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  • Have You Seen My Stapler (So I Can Club You With It)?

    Ever been in a meeting with a PR guy and you hate his guts so bad you wish you could just shoot him? Well now you can, but it won’t lethally injure him. The site OfficeGuns has been brought to our attention and it’s pretty much the greatest wealth of information available for those of you in an office. Learn the tricks of the trade, how to build weapons from basic supplies, and how… Read More

  • Let’s Just Say Apple Is Now A Fan Of Christmas

    So it seems a lot of people got iTunes Music Store giftcards for the holidays. I’ll even bet my money that little Johnny down the street got that iPod he asked for too! So with all this hoopla of Apple-ness going around, iTunes sales skyrocketed and people logged on to iTMS to purchase songs. Visits were up a whopping 413% compared to last year’s Xmas. Anyone who wants to start… Read More

  • Readers: Make Funny About Porn, Win Zune T-Shirt!

    was this quote from the mother of the 12 year-old girl who received the sullied Zune: What do you tell a 12-year-old child that you have five men having sex with each other? That’s not a conversation that I want to have. We feel that Mrs. Martin’s grammatically questionable phrase is a bit bigoted. It’s almost 2007, we’re supposed to be open-minded, enlightened, and… Read More

  • Plastic Strips Play Back Analog Recordings, Scare Gear Bloggers

    We’re trying really, really hard to determine if Talking Tape is cool as hell or scary as hell. You tell us. These pieces of plastic tape have audio messages along the lines of “happy birthday!” encoded on them using a technique similar to the pull-string dolls of your youth. It’s analog, an audio recording and playback system similar to the grooves in records, but the… Read More

  • Luggage Tags for the Globe-Trotting Geek

    Part of my anima revolves around me finding cool things immediately after they would have been useful. Like chipping teeth opening a beer only to be handed a bottle opener moments later, that sort of thing. So goes it with these cool geek-friendly luggage tags. Now that I’m through with my holiday travels, they show up in my inbox. But, in hopes that some of you might be on the eve of… Read More

  • Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Day 03

    It’s a good thing this is a slow week, because I don’t think I’d be able to hang otherwise. I think I overdosed on tryptophan at some point Monday evening and my body has been reeling to reachieve equilibrium. In the meantime, I’m in slow motion along with the week. But that didn’t stop me from finding a winner for day three of our Holiday SPECTACULAR. He is the… Read More

  • Presto EverSharp

    <img class="right" src=" when I saw this crazy knife sharpener on Uncrate. The utilizes a two-stage system with Sapphirite sharpening wheels to render your blades certifiably deadly and not suitable for children (or Blake). It's electric, so you don't have to flail your arms wildly during the sharpening process. Read More

  • Tattoos for the Indescisive

    For years I’ve considered tattooing various lines of verse and prose all over my back. The problem is that I often change my mind on what lines I’d want to stick on my body (although the opening verse of “The Waste Land” and various lines from Blood Meridian have endured as ideas for sometime). Fortunately for people like me, a new type of ink will soon be introduced… Read More

  • Magic For All You Gamers

    No not Magic the card game…nerds. In case you were wondering about that Samsung Magic Station that Biggs told you about way back when in October here are some stats that are sure to entice and make you cry. The Magic Station has Intel’s Core 2 Quad CPU so you can kick everyone’s butt on WOW, watch some Pron and bid on that blow up Paris Hilton doll you didn’t get… Read More

  • Why The PS3 Is A Decent Bargain: $749 Blu-Ray Drives

    People moan and bitch about how the PS3 costs $600 and so on. Well if you were considering buying a Blu-Ray drive for your home theater, a PS3 may be your cheapest bet. As I strolled through a Best Buy today, I noticed it was selling internal Blu-Ray drives for a whopping $749 a pop. That’s some serious moola, even they let you burn to still-expensive Blu-Ray discs. So if you… Read More

  • Samsung Does It Again

    Samsung has just released the thinnest HSDPA slider ever! HSDPA?!? That’s right the Z720 or the Ultra Edition 13.8 is revved up by High-Speed Downlink Packet Access that allows for some wicked fast data transfers clocking in at 1.8 Mbps which is said to be 6 times faster than 3G UMTS. According Samsung the Z720 is set apart from the rest of the market because it will give users much… Read More

  • Hey!Watch Online Video Converting

    TechCrunch is reporting on a service that might interest quite a few of you. Hey!Watch is a forthcoming service that gives users to intelligently convert media online. While we’ve discussed online video converters in the past, this is the first one I’ve seen that is developing a business model out of the practice. The service allows users to upload video from their hard drives… Read More

  • Vaporware 2006

    Wired this morning released its annual vaporware list. It features several new entries from the likes of SED TVs, Will Wright, Skype and more. But, of course, what would a vaporware list be without the most vaporized product of all? That’s right, Duke Nukem Forever, the reigning king of vapor, returns for a record five total years in first place. Wired managed this comment from… Read More

  • Who’s Got The Smallest? Argard’s M10 For Sure

    Though Argard isn’t a household name like Nokia or Jabra, its new M10 Bluetooth headset just might make them one. This shiny coin-shaped earpiece fits snugly into your ear and uses an external receiver for connectivity. It also only weighs 5-grams, has 3 hours of talk-time, over 100 of standby, and comes with multiple rubber ear inserts to ensure it fits comfortably and tight. Seems to be… Read More

  • Got Milk?

    If I had this commercial growing up I probably would have drank more milk. Hell just watching this makes me want a glass. Milk Gooood [Tokyo Mango] Read More

  • Teclast Says Touch Me

    Teclast has introduced a new touch-screen MP3 player that’s a smidge smaller than a credit card. Of course, we won’t be seeing one in the States, but hey at least we can dream and drool in the meantime. The C260 features a plethora of goods but unfortunately nothing new or ground-breaking. So this sucka’ has a 260,000 color TFT 2.4-inch QVGA LCD touchscreen, does the amount… Read More

  • Motorola A910 Gets FCC High Five

    Good news for those of you are beyond sick of Motorola’s crappy OS: Moto’s A910 won’t come with it. The FCC approved Motorola’s new Linux-based A910 cellphone for use on GSM networks. Features you ask? Oh there are plenty of them. The A910 comes packed with GPRS and UMA for connecting over WLAN networks, a new Linux-Java based platform, 1.3-megapixel camera with… Read More

  • Dyne Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 DAPs

    Just a heads up that Dyne is releasing the Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 in Korea and both look sexy as hell! You can pick them up in 512MB (why even bother with this size anymore), 1GB, and 2GB versions. The Tuny rocks a 2-inch 176×220 pixel display and is only half an inch thick. You also get 18 hours of battery life, TV out, Bluetooth, FM radio, and support for multiple codecs. Pretty sweet… Read More

  • Worst Commercial Ever From Company That Rhymes With "Bikes Row Soft"

    Microsoft has all the cash in the world and you’re telling me they couldn’t hire a better guy in PR and Advertisement? Whatevs Microsoft. Your Windows 95 commercial is seriously lacking some hot 1990s-esque footage. Read More

  • Eight Hour Laptop Battery? Mebbe

    Ever been on a really long airplane flight and your battery gives out about 3/4 of the way through your Seinfeld: Season 5 DVD? No longer will you miss George trying to get that Frogger machine across the street thanks to Samsung. Samsung has released details about their new Sense Q35 laptop (pictured with gianormous battery). They say it will be powered by a really ugly fuel cell battery that… Read More