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  • Battle Test: Cingular 3125 "Star Trek"

    When it comes to smartphones, there are generally two types: cellphones with built-in PDAs, and PDAs with built-in cellphones. The Cingular 3125 is the former. A slim flip along the lines of Motorola’s RAZR family, the 3125 (known also as the HTC Star Trek or STR TRK) fits into your pocket like any other slim phone, and is stylish to boot. It also offers the business-class features of… Read More

  • NBC News Looks to Video Podcasts

    Let’s all take a moment to welcome NBC to the digital age. In a play that surely isn’t dumb, NBC will begin offering the NBC Nightly News and Meet the Press in their entirety via video podcasts. The Nightly News will be available nightly at 10PM EST and Meet the Press will pop up each Sunday at 1PM EST. Each broadcast will be available for download at This is… Read More

  • ActionDVR: PVR for Your Day-to-Day

    This device is clearly intended for those with lives more exciting than mine, namely those who do more than sit in front of a computer all day. The ActionDVR is a portable digital video recorder that straps to a hat and looks totally ridiculous. Who cares though? You can record everything you see. Well everything for eight hours at least. It includes a small camera and microphone and weighs in… Read More

  • Nyko to World: We Did Not Burninate Your Xbox

    In response to claims that Nyko’s Intercooler 360 Xbox cooling system burns up Xbox 360s, Nyko is essentially saying that it’s impossible and that you people better calm yourselves. Fair enough. However, they’re also saying: While a small percentage of all products suffer from defects, the total defect rate for the Intercooler 360 is well under 1%, which is less than half of… Read More

  • Hey Baby, Wanna See My iSnake?

    Let us say you’re really lazy. Lazy to the point where you need both hands free to eat Doritos and use the remote on your TV. Perhaps you like to listen to music while watching this aforementioned TV. Well now you can keep your iPod hands-free thanks to the iSnake. Aside from having a silly name, the iSnake is a 27-inch flexible metal pole with a clamp on the end for your iPod. It will… Read More

  • Attack Of The Gaming Notebooks: Toshiba Joins The Battle

    Hot damn! For some reason, gaming is a popular topic this holiday. So it comes as no surprise that PC manufacturers are releasing gaming notebooks left and right. Toshiba’s offering is the Satellite P100-ST9742 notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo. Aside from the terrible model name/number, this sucker is packed to the brim with awesome features like a 1.4” chassis, NVIDIA GeForce Go… Read More

  • Yamaha Miburi Wearable Instrument

    So yesterday we told you about that crazy wearable air guitar, right? Turns out the Aussies copied the Japanese (isn’t that always the case?) version of the same shit from the 1990s. Dubbed “Miburi” and released by Yamaha in the 1990s, this wearable instrument allows for 1980s-style outlandish and synthesized performance. Just check out the video of some chicks and dudes… Read More

  • Elecom SCR-CD0001 Disc Destroyer

    So you’ve just burned some top secret information to a CD, but evil ninjas are on your tail. They are, of course, bent on stealing said top secret information to use for all sorts of diabolical schemes. What do you do? Simple, carry the Elecom SCR-CD0001. When those ninjas are finally closing in, you can just plug the SCR-CD0001 into an available USB port and insert your top secret disc. Read More

  • Velocity Micro Launches Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core Processor Machines

    There will be plenty more of these “quad-core” announcements today I’m sure, but Velocity Micro is one of my favorite desktop vendors for both gaming PCs and workstations. The boutique system builder (though you can now find its handy work in Best Buy stores) is all-in with Intel’s new very, very fast processors. For example, there’s the Velocity Raptor… Read More

  • Zune Headache on Launch Day

    Just installing the old Black Zune here, folks, and I’m here to say that either the Zune marketplace is running on an old 386 complete with a copy of Windows 98 or somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do. Like Ryan over at Engadget, I went through the Zune install rigamorale on a fairly new Gateway laptop and am now waiting patiently for the Marketplace to appear. I started… Read More

  • Novint Gets VTech To Build Falcon Game Controller

    Novint Technologies Falcon game controller is the first controller to make high-fidelity interactive three-dimensional touch possible and practical for consumer computing applications. (Admittedly something I didn’t know I needed, but now feel I must have.) The Falcon lets users feel weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics, 3D motion and force effects when playing enabled games. Read More

  • Nvidia Recreates Adrianne Curry Into World's First Real-Time, Virtual Celebrity

    Alright, so wasn’t Adrianne Curry already kind of a virtual celebrity? If so, then maybe Nvidia wasted its time using its new G80 processors to create another one that’s possibly just as vacuous, but with better posture. Well, at least this one doesn’t talk, which was the biggest shortcoming of the original model. Nvidia’s made a little movie to show off its creation. Read More

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet Unveiled

    Lenovo unveiled their new ThinkPad X60 tablet PC today. The X60 is a vast improvement over previous tablets offered. It features a newly designed screen that has improved indoor/outdoor viewing and allows users to use their finger as well as a pen for input. Another very cool feature is called Active Rotate; no matter which way the PC is turned, the desktop will always face the user. This… Read More

  • Viewsonic Announces High-Priced Rugged Handhelds

    Viewsonic apparently is looking to make some serious buck off their new V38r-06, V38r-07, and V38r-07a rugged handhelds. Just announced, these guys come with some serious features, but they run friggin’ Windows Mobile 2003. Come on Viewsonic! At least throw version 5.0 on there for the $1600-$2000 you’re going to charge us for these devices. What are you paying out the ying-yang for? Read More

  • Ferrari Does That GPS Thang

    Here’s something you can add to your 1996 Honda Civic with the fat exhaust: The Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro from Becker. For $900 USD, you get a sexy little GPS navigation unit with the Ferrari logo sans horse. It can receive TMC info, keeps a list of speed radars and packs a 400MHz CPU, 4.5 hours of battery life, 4-inch touch-screen with 65k colors, and 64MB of internal memory. You even… Read More

  • ASUS G1 and G2 Gaming Laptops Sport Ultra-Gnarly Lights

    Asus has won a place in my heart for not making a gaming laptop that sucks. Its new G1 and G2 laptops are pretty much the same aside from the ultra-gnarly neon lights on the side and screen size. Enough with the small talk though, I know you want the details straight up. The G1 is the 15.4-inch WXGA/WSXGA model that comes in green and has a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go7700 graphics chipset while… Read More

  • Apple Sells About 106k iPods a Day, Showers In Diamonds and Emeralds

    Our pals over at iLounge noticed something with Apple. Apparently during fiscal year 2006, the Cupertino clan managed to sell 39 million iPods between October 2005 and September 2006. That, is a ton of iPodage. When you break it down and divide the 39 million sold by the 365 days in a year, you’ll find that Apple sold an average of 106,849 iPods a day. iLounge speculates that Apple… Read More

  • Klegg Electronics KLM401A 40-Inch LCD With Smart Home Technology

    Klegg’s calling it the “world’s first IP controlled Microsoft Windows Media Center TV.” Maybe that’s true because it’s at least new to me. But I don’t really care since the set just sounds cool. Unveiled at the 2006 Fall Electronic House Expo (EHX) in Long Beach, California this week, the next generation Klegg KLM401A 40-inch flat panel LCD… Read More

  • EB Games/GameStop Take Some Heat For Console Bundles

    Everytime a new console is released, EB Games/GameStop put together a “bundle” for you to purchase from its online stores. Gamers are usually forced to buy these bundles if they want the console at launch due to shortages from the manufacturer. EB Games/GameStop does not offer the console by itself at launch. Since gamers usually buy accessories and games when they buy new… Read More

  • Dash Detox Contest Update: The Nagging Wife

    Our second Dash Detox Contest entrant created a late night infomercial, complete with a chipper announcer and the voice of a shrieking harpy out to steal your immortal soul. Rules:
    I am not allowed to use a cellphone for one month. I need you to hop on your web cam and record a one minute video telling me to be strong. Or if you’re sadistic like Blake, feel free to taunt me with… Read More