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  • Research Suggests $4.4 Billion Online Market In 2010

    Research firm Parks Associates has announced that it will be releasing research details at the Austin Game Conference suggesting that the online game market in North America will grow from $1.1 billion in 2004 to $4.4 billion in 2010. Research shows that PC gamers in North America currently spend an average of 18.5 hours playing games each week, 4.9 hours more than console gamers, and 9.6… Read More

  • Vertu Aerius Bluetooth Headset

    Not content with just overcharging for cell phones, Vertu is expanding into overcharging for Bluetooth headsets as well. Designed by Jacob Jensen, this headset has a push-button answering and calling system, noise reduction, ear hook and leather pouch. No doubt these will work fine with Vertu phones, but they have no problems with regular cell phones that support Bluetooth headsets too. Read More

  • Xbox 360 External HD DVD? Not in Asia.

    According to DigiTimes, the forthcoming Xbox 360 external HD DVD will not be made available in Asia. Microsoft Asia has claimed that due to a lack of HD DVD movies on the continent, the external drive will not be made available in Asia, at least for now. I thought HD DVD was being added mainly to expand gaming functionality, not just to add the support of HD DVD movie playback. This seems a… Read More

  • TrendNet ClearSky Bluetooth Skype Handset

    This TrendNet ClearSky Skype handset comes with a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into your computer. How does that help you? Well, the included software hooks into Skype, which then relays the audio to the handset over Bluetooth. How does it perform? Well, the sound quality were “reasonably free of lag”, but you HAVE to use the included Bluetooth dongle since the software is tied… Read More

  • Don't Buy An Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro Just Yet

    is going to hop in bed with the MacBook line as well. If you can hold out for another two weeks, we advise you to do so. If you can’t, you can always buy a stock MacBook in a week and return it if there’s an announcement in Paris (if it’s under the 14 day limit). Built-to-order MacBooks can’t be returned no matter what. Is Next-Gen Apple Laptop Coming Soon? [Mac News World] Read More

  • M-Cody M22 Slim MP3 Player

    The M-Cody M20, the venerable red-buttoned MP3 player has gotten an upgrade in three ways. One, it’s now the M-Cody M22, which designates that it’s definitely newer than the M20. Two, it now has USB 2.0 instead of USB 1.1, which was really quite shameful. Three, it has blue LEDs instead of red LEDs as the control buttons. Everything else is pretty much the same as it was before. So… Read More

  • Toshiba Qosimo G35-AV660: Merom Inside

    We’ve already seen a few additions of the Intel Core 2 Duo Merom to Dell’s XPS line of laptops. We’ve also gotten a benchmark of the Merom performance that shows how much better it is over previous chips. Today we see the release of the Qosimo G35-AV660 from Toshibo. The G35-AV660 features a 2Ghz processor with 4MB cache. It has two 120GB SATA drives that run at… Read More

  • PQI Turbo Industrial 32GB SSD

    PQI Turbo Industrial has announced the release of its new 32GB solid state drive. It utilizes Samsung NANDs for its storage. The drive comes in 2.5″ or 1.5″ sizes. It is currently compatible with IDE, but PQI says the SATA model will be available in the next couple of weeks. You can order it now for a mere $1799. A 64GB model (shown) will be available in September. Read More

  • Vista Beta for Free

    <img src=" life, you'll have to tell Microsoft all about it. Otherwise, it's Vista season and your PC is a shotgun. Download [Microsoft via Inquirer] Read More

  • Motorola ROKR E2 in Asia

    Can’t quite tell if this is an Asia-only phone or not, but it seems the ROKR E2 is hitting the streets of Singapore and it’s ready to rumble. It uses a USB cable to load music into an SD card – maxmimum 2GB – and allows you to store up to 500 songs and even has an FM radio tuner when you run out of tunes. The E2 runs Linux, which probably means iTunes is right out in… Read More

  • Toshiba DRAPEs Ugly Phone

    Toshiba launched today the DRAPE, a hideous phone developed by KDDI. While she might not look that good on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? The DRAPE features a 3.2MP camera that includes auto-focus, digital zoom and night mode for shooting in low light condition. As per usual, the DRAPE can also as an MP3 player. No word yet on when and where this will… Read More

  • Sigma SD14 Sneak Peek

    Sigma is a well-known high-end camerawell-known third party lens company and they appear to be teasing us with a pre-Photokina website tells little about the product but definitely generates a bit of excitement. It seems this new camera will have a Foveon image sensor and some new ways of processing RAW image data. Other than that scant information, we’re going to have to wait until… Read More

  • Panasonic D-Snap SD800N: Noise-Cancelling, Small

    This is a Japan-only product right now, but it was worth mentioning. The D-Snap SD800N is a noise-cancelling MP3 player that stores music on SD cards – did that ever work for people? – and is designed to work with Panasonic’s line of speakers and gear. While I think noise-cancelling is great in theory, in practice it might suck. Imagine: you stuff this into your bag and… Read More

  • PS3 Retail Unit Porn You all may want to get an air sickness bag, because this video is so fawning and reverential that it may cause gagging and/or puking in your mouth a little. Man. PS3 better kick my ass and the asses of both my grandmas or else I’m giving up on this whole video gaming thing. Playstation 3: In-Depth Retail Review [GameTrailers] Read More

  • Gadgets Royale

    We write for this blog because we love gadgets, which is probably the same reason you read us. On a daily basis, we pack Treos, iPods, PSPs, laptops and smartphones around wherever we go. These are our tools, and we are good with them. But there is one man who outshines us all. This gentleman is known for tree things: ruthless tactics, suave style and gadgets. Well, beautiful girls, too… Read More

  • PowerPoint Control with your iPod

    There are lots of ways to present your latest sales losses via PowerPoint–A veritable cottage industry has been built around little devices that advance or retreat your negative sales figures. They use RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, VooDoo and cables to interface with your laptop. Well the addition of the iPod to that list is long overdue. Using iPresent It, an app that costs less than $20, you… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Thief in the Night Edition

    Notable posts from yesterday’s news. How Expose Works With Spaces in Mac OS X Leopard
    PS3 Gets Re-Specced
    Radius 320 Seamless Display
    Johns Hopkins Brings Braille Simplicity
    Pretty Pepper Spray Read More

  • Beyond Microwave Oven

    I have a few friends who could immensely benefit from the Beyond Microwave Oven from Smart Home. Using a bardcode scanner, this micro can automatically adjust cooking times and temperatures. It features 4000 preprogrammed items and based on what you scan, it analyzes the food and estimates appropriate settings based on what information the barcode gives it. As Popgadget points out, this would… Read More

  • Treo 750: Blurry Pics, Feature List

    Earlier today, you read about some new pics of a purported Treo 750 caught in the wild. We can confirm that this is indeed a version the Treo 750, though it’s unclear if it’s the same 750 as the “Lennon” that is coming to Cingular in October, or if it’s the rumored 750v, which is the Euro-only version. The “Lennon” (likely to be named the 750w) we… Read More

  • First Labeling of the HTC Excalibur to be on German O2 Network

    We’ve been watching the progress of HTC’s Excalibur for awhile now. HTC is the shadowy man-behind-the-curtain for Cingular’s self-branded smartphones, and T-Mobile’s MDA and SDA. The Excalibur is the codename for their new smartphone that’s poised to go toe-to-toe with the Motorola Q. It’s first incarnation appears to be on Germany’s O2… Read More