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  • Samsung P310 Credit Card-Sized Phone

    The Samsung P310, which has the length and width of a credit card – but not the thickness – is their cellphone that appeals to the fashion conscious user who wears tight pants. The P310 has a 2-megapixel camera, 1.9-inch QVGA screen, a touch sensitive key, and 80MB of internal memory. The keypad is also unique, that the last row “#”, “0” and “*”… Read More

  • Mophie's Radura iPod Nano Cases

    The dust didn’t even have time to settle on the Apple announcement before Mophie rolled out their new cases for the updated iPod Nano. We’ll leave the debate on whether the aluminum Nanos even need cases for a later date. The Relo Radura cases are made of clear, hard plastic, and surround your Nano almost entirely, save for the click wheel and the ports for headphone and dock… Read More

  • The Microsoft Zune Marketplace

    is official. And the Zune software? Just as official. We thought it would be integrated into Windows Media Player 11, but instead it’s a Napster-like application that gives you access to the Marketplace, as well as viewing your playlists and playing back your downloaded and rented music. The design is meant to look like the Zune itself, complete with the playback buttons on the bottom… Read More

  • iRobot Dirt Dog Cleans Your Workshop, Not Your Home

    dirty places, like its workshop namesake, the Dirt Dog has a 40% larger bin than the standard Roomba. The Dirt Dog has two bristle brushes that spin at 1,000 rotations a minute to pick up heavier debris, like nails and woodchips, things that you wouldn’t normally find in your living room. The Dirt Dog is the same size as the standard Roomba, but probably shouldn’t be used in… Read More

  • Windows Live Mobile for Windows Mobile Devices Launched

    Microsoft’s just launched their mobile version of their Live site, allowing Pocket PC and WM5 users to access Mail, Spaces, Local, Live beta, MSN beta, and Weather directly from their pocketIE or Opera Mobile browsers. The site has been redesigned for mobile devices – slimmed down the width and reduced the amount of images – so it’s easier to use. This Microsoft… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Interface Videos

    Nintendo’s released some official videos showing off their Wii interface. It looks like you’re using the Wiimote to control and select the items on the screen, like a presenter does with a laser pointer during a Powerpoint presentation. Some of the other videos show how you can customize the appearance of your avatar – like making yourself look like a Japanese woman –… Read More

  • Zune is Here

    Microsoft today announced a bunch of official information on Zune. The first Zune branded digital media player will hold 30GB and will be available for the holidays. It features wireless connectivity, a built-in FM turner and a 3-inch screen. The big feature is its ability to share music wirelessly with the ingeniously named Zune-to-Zune sharing. It feels to me like Microsoft is putting a lot… Read More

  • Pentax Optio E20 6-Megapixel Camera

    Pentax’s successor to the E10 has just been revealed, slightly ahead of Photokina. The Optio E20 has a 6.0 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, 2.4-inch LCD and 13MB of internal memory. It’s powered by two AA batteries, which in our opinion is better than the proprietary batteries usually found in other cameras. This way you can carry a stash of cheap AA batteries to flip in and… Read More

  • Cingular 3125 Hands-On

    We got a chance to look at the Cingular 3125 yesterday AKA the HTC Star Trek and were pretty impressed. The phone is amazingly thin in real life, a bit thicker than a RAZR – we should create a whole new phone measurement system using the RAZR (1.5 RAZRs thick) – and the Windows OS looked quite snug on the 8125’s bright screen. Read More

  • LG Goes Flip-Chocolate With The VX-8600

    The upcoming chocolate flip-phone from Verizon is called the XV-8600, and comes with the same chocolate design as the original slider version of the chocolate (VX-8500). The flip phone XV-8600 has a lower resolution display compared to the 8500, but everything else is intact. To refresh, stereo Bluetooth, EV-DO, one-megapixel camera, microSD slot, music player and external touch-sensitive… Read More

  • CarMD Tells You When Your Car Needs Love

    A new company calling itself the Corporation has released its one and only product, the aptly named CarMd. You’ve seen this contraption before, you just might not recognize it. In a much larger and greasier form, this is in every mechanic shop in the country. You (or previously the mechanic) plug it into your car’s data port and it lets you know what’s going on… Read More

  • Canon Fire: Cameras

    Canon loves to release a bazillion products in one day. Today they’ve announced a bunch of cameras that cover the gamut of shooting habits. Three new cameras will be added to the Digital ELPH line. The SD900 shoots at 10MP, has a titanium body, zooms to 3x optical and supports those new 4GB SDHC cards–it sells for $500. The SD800 IS has 7.1MP, optical image stabilization and ISO 1600. Read More

  • Alltel Releases Samsung Nimbus U420 Slider Phone

    Heh heh, 420. Oh sorry, the Samsung Nimbus slider phone has made its way over to Alltell, making it one of the only sliders on that network – if not the only one, since we couldn’t find any others on their website. The features, however, aren’t as impressive as its looks. The phone only has a VGA camera, Bluetooth, speakerphone capabilities and a Java BREW 3.1.4 client. It… Read More

  • Toyota Makes Robot Leg That Jumps

    Toyota has developed a new robotic leg that can do something that half of America probably has trouble doing, jump 1.6-inches. The leg can jump and stay stable on its own and that’s a big deal. Having the ability to jump means that future robots will be able to run smoother, and hopefully jump higher than they have been able to in the past. It’s only a matter of time before our… Read More

  • XDA Stealth Sliding WM5 Smartphone Clears FCC

    <img src=", and a mini USB connector. No word on which carrier will be launching it in the States (most likely Cingular or T-Mobile). XDA Stealth – stylish Pocket PC Phone in slider design [Phonearena] Read More

  • Segway Glitch Causes Recalls

    Segway has announced that it is recalling about 23,500 of its Personal Transporters due to a software glitch that has caused injuries. The software related error causes the wheels to start spinning in the opposite direction, which I can imagine would be a shocker to one using the device. This recall involves all Segway PT i167, i170 and i180 (“i Series”) models, the p133… Read More

  • Wii Gets Date, Price

    Well we were off by about a week–the Nintendo Wii will be released on Sunday, November 19. It will cost $250 and is going to ship with Wii Sports, which includes golf, bowling, baseball and tennis. The Wii is sort of bittersweet to me. I’m completely anxious to play games like Battalion Wars 2 with that wonderfully creative controller, but the lack of HD support really pisses me off. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sumo Spy Edition

    Let’s recap yesterday’s posts: Bagir iPod Suit
    CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!
    Splashpower Gives You Wireless Recharging For Your Portable Gear
    CrunchGear and the Race to 2000 Update Read More

  • SD Cards with USB Plugs. Suh-wheat!

    No longer will camera lovers be chained to the evils of the SD card reader. No more! We will be free to move about with our laptops, extra-baggage left in the waste bins of history. No longer will our desktops need those damned multi-card slots, making the face of it appear to be that of a pimply teenager. Done are we with the labors of cables and such, for OCZ Technology has combined two… Read More

  • Sony Gets Chic with New VAIOs

    Sony has unveiled the VAIO N line of notebooks–These laptops feature Intel Core Duo processors (on select models?!), 15.4-inch XBRITE-ECO LCDs, DVD burners and integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless. The specs are pretty basic to be honest, but the real draw is clearly the colored cases. The N series comes in black, white or brown. Seems a little superficial to me, but if you’ve been… Read More