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  • NYC: Get Your Hands On PS3 Early

    A number of lucky New Yorkers will get the chance to visit a PlayStation 3 event that goes from 2PM to Midnight on November 1. The visitors will also get to play the lusted for (and hated) console for 2 hours! There are no details on what the event will include, what games there will be or anything else. All we know is that you’ve got to be there, and eventually you’ll get to touch… Read More

  • Upravlator From the Optimus Designers

    and the full-blown Optimus keyboard, the Upravlator is basically a small monitor with twelve buttons. The twelve buttons aren’t just buttons – they’re just like the Mini Three in that the buttons are screens that change depending on the context. The limit of the device depends only on the SDK (Software Development Kit) and how far programmers are willing to take it. Read More

  • Domain Name муѕрасе.com For Sale, Affordable

    How much would you pay for the domain name муѕрасе.com? NewsCorp paid millions for MySpace, but you can have муѕрасе.com on the cheap, relatively speaking (it’s at $202 on eBay right now). It’s not, but rather a cyrillic IDN domain name that looks like the genuine McCoy, but isn’t. The character encoding is different, but the characters displayed… Read More

  • Sony Talks About PlayStation 3's Online Services

    Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai, has finally announced a few details about PlayStation 3’s online services (I’m surprised they’ve done such a good job of keeping the lid closed this long). Hirai stated that Sony has taken a different philosophy on the PS3’s online services, in which there will be no differentiating between PS3’s online and offline services: What we don’t… Read More

  • Microsoft Announces 100GB HD

    Today, at X06: Korea, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a 100GB HD for the Xbox 360. If you own an Xbox 360, you already know that the 20GB HD you received with the premium console (or bought separately) wasn’t even a full 20GB. The new HD is really something Microsoft should have included with the Xbox 360 when it first launched, not something we have to dish out more money… Read More

  • Brew-Yr-Own Crosstitch Nintendo Controller DS Case

    You’ve got a Nintendo DS, some yarn, and a few handy crosstitch grids, so it makes sense (we guess) to knit yo’self a case for your handheld game unit. And if you like your style retro, as we do, it’s natch that you’d fashion said case into an old-school Nintendo controller, and that it would kick crafty ass. Then, being that you’re all DIY and friendly with… Read More

  • Xbox Live Hits 4 Million

    Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Live service has reached the 4 million subscriber mark. What’s more, it expects to log 6 million users by June 2007. It has also stated that 70 percent of its users are downloading content and 9 million voice and text messages are sent weekly. So the 3rd Gen console war is on the brink of beginning and Microsoft has already declared a significant… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-V Likes It Rough

    Now this looks like some good competition for Sprint Nextel/Motorola. Verizon Wireless’ G’zOne Type-V, the product of a partnership with IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions vendor UTStarcom, combines Verizon’s typical consumer offerings (2-megapixel camera, V-Cast support, VZ Navigator, mobile Web and full messaging options) in a ruggedized clam-shell phone that… Read More

  • LightScribe Comes to the Mac

    LightScribe, the CD etching mechanism used by various companies like LaCie, has finally been released for Mac. Although of seemingly limited use, the LightScribe drives can etch pictures or text onto your CDs, giving them a slightly more professional look than a Sharpie and your 8th-grade-level scrawling. Previous to this, Mac users could still use LightScribe drives, but they couldn’t… Read More

  • T3 Scooters Wants Cops To Dump Segway

    Slightly less dorky, yet simultaneously more dorky than the Segway scooter, the T3 Series scooters are looking to win the hearts and feet of cops everywhere. The T3 is a scooter with three wheels, LED system, GPS, glovebox and rechargeable battery. Its battery can be swapped out in the field in case the officer forgot to plug in last night, and costs around $1,200-$1,800 for each battery. The… Read More

  • British Flame War Becomes Violent, "Web-Rage" to Blame

    Proffering up NSFW insults in a chat room is part of being on the Internet to many people, including the editors of this publication, but “flame wars” are meant to be online, and that is all. There are few who take the remarks of the n00b on the other end of the t00bs to be anything but harmless text, but they exist. Our limey brothers from across the pond bring us this story… Read More

  • Internet Explorer 7 Vulnerability Found Within 24 Hours of Release

    We’re fans of both IE and the ‘Fox here at Crunch, but you gotta hand it to Microsoft for having a browser that’s got a vulnerability within 24 hours of release. Of course, Secunia rates this one as “less critical,” and it’s likely that this vulnerability was discovered way back in beta but just never reported, but the timing really makes Microsoft look… Read More

  • Sony Feels the Burn

    Well it appears all those battery recalls and and shoddy product launches is finally catching up with Sony Corp. It announced Thursday that it was cutting its net profit forecast by 38 percent to 80 billion yen (about $676 million). Sony expects to rebound from this next spring as sales of the PS3 accelerate and user loyalty begins to march once again. I, however, am skeptical. It will be… Read More

  • Memorex Mi3500 iPod Boombox: Pricey, But Not Bad

    Sure, there are lots of iPod boomboxes on the market, and we love them all equally (not really). Take, for example, this new Mi3005 from Memorex (remember them?). Running on a handful of D batteries, this SRS WOW-enhanced, 12W, FM-Tuning, dock-sporting ghetto blaster looks more like a sci-fi prop than a stereo, but that’s OK. Its speakers are angled up, which is preferred if you put it… Read More

  • Logitech Acquires Slim Devices, Won't Stop the Music

    Logitech sure thinks this networked audio thing is a trend that will take off, given its recent acquisition of Slim Devices, which would be a great name for a geeky card shark, but is also a network music player company that emphasizes audio quality over pesky things like price. That being said, Slim Devices has quite the reputation for quality, being the manufacturer of the popular Squeezbox. Read More

  • Flash Point ShareDrives: For Sharing Mobile Data, We Think

    Ever had a file on your USB thumbdrive you’re itching to copy to your friend’s thumbdrive, only to notice there’s no PC present to administer the transfer? Us either, but the people at Flash Point seem to think it’s a problem worth addressing. Flash Point has launched a combo MP3/thumbdrive/file copy device it’s dubbed a Share Drive. The pocket-sized contraption… Read More

  • SIXAXIS Will Not Offer Replaceable Battery

    Japanese tech site Broadband Watch has got some new information posted up about Sony’s controversial PS3 controller, which is called SIXAXIS. Gaming Edge translated the site, and we’ve gotten some interesting information about the controller out of it. First off, the PS3 controller will have to be paired with the PlayStation via USB cable before use. The controller will have to… Read More

  • True Utility LockLite: A Flashlight on Your Keys (Literally)

    Many people carry those little LED flashlights on their keychains. But, they can add extra bulk to your pockets creating an unsightly bulge. Enter the True Utility LockLite. The LockLight “system” is a “revolutionary new pocket tool,” in that it’s a flashlight you affix to your favorite key. House key, boat key, car key, bordello key, whatever you stick a key in. Read More

  • D-Link Goes Nutty For Draft-N

    D-Link just refreshed its Draft-N routers and managed to actually make them attractive. The new $199 Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router promises to do everything a good N router should with all the faster speeds and extended range over 802.11g. But the company says it’s the “industry’s first Gigabit Draft N router” to use Quality of Service (QoS) Technology, which… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Ode to Teresa Edition

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