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  • Want To Get Sued For $9 Mil? Sell Console Mod Chips

    According to a report on Ars Technica, France-based company Divineo, along with two other defendants, will have to cough up more than $9 million in damages for selling mod chips for Sony PlayStation consoles as well as HDLoader, an app that lets you rip and store games to a hard drive connected to a system. Selling the chips is in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because… Read More

  • Beverage Buddy Could Be My New Best Friend

    Nothing too fancy here, just a radio-controlled car that looks like a dune buggy — wait — what’s that I see? Two frosty beverages being driven to me? Now that looks like it might be worth buying. Well, it would be worth buying if it wasn’t $49.95, and if I had somebody standing at the fridge that knew what to do when this little guy came rolling up to them without… Read More

  • Best Buy Partnering with Real, SanDisk for Music Store

    . And they’re doing it with their new best friends, SanDisk and Real Networks. Real and SanDisk already have a partnership aimed at Apple in the form of the Sansa e200 DAP and Real’s Rhapsody service. Best Buy’s input will likely be a subscription-based service at around $10 a month for unlimited downloads. Quit paying, and the downloads cease to work. We’re not sure… Read More

  • Fujitsu + E-Ink = Color Hearts

    Oh, snap! While Sony was busy whining about the production woes and the dubiously “high demand” of its lackluster PRS-500, Fujitsu went and made color e-ink. And what’s better, there is already a working prototype in a respectably small case. This new setup had a 4.7 x 6.3 inch display and can project 4096 colors. It has 32MB of on-board memory and a miniSD expansion slot. Read More

  • So Many Headphones, So Little Head

    as well. Top 10 Headphones Reviewed [Webpodge] Read More

  • Konica Minolta Shows Off New Holographic HUD

    Konica Minolta has been getting its Star Trek on at Ceatec. Today, they showed off their new light-weight holographic wearable display. The idea is that people can watch TV or read a book while they do other things, like living. Right now, it’s just a prototype and they’re still looking for a niche market to push this thing toward. It’s just a pair of glasses with an… Read More

  • Second Life Terrorists Attack

    Warren Ellis has written a breathless report from Second Life where horrible little geeks unleashed a terrorist attack on thousands of unsuspecting people who sit in desk chairs for far too long. He describes it thus: Materialising on the Integral Castle grounds, I found myself in the middle of a rain of small boxes, all of which were trying to load themselves into my inventory (where the… Read More

  • R.I.P. California RFID Bill

    Well, it’s not totally dead dead, but California Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the Identity Information Protection Act of 2006 (SB 768), which was an attempt to safeguard personal information stored on radio frequency identification (RFID) tags used in government-issued documents and ID cards. Drafted by California State Senator Joe Simitian, the bill also would have given citizens control… Read More

  • 300 Trailer

    Maybe not gadgets news per se, but worth a mention anyway. Frank Miller’s “300,” an epic graphic novel about The Battle of Thermopylae, will be finding it’s way to the silver screen next year. The first official trailer for the film is now available in sexy Quicktime HD. I thoroughly recommend that all self-respecting dorks check it out. Like “Sin City,” it… Read More

  • Meet-UpDate

    The response for our first meet-up has been delightfully unexpected. We blasted past our initial quota and expanded twice, but we simply must cut off registration now or risk breaking fire code and all sorts of other horrors. We’re holding some spots for walk-ups, so if you didn’t manage preregister, you might want to try your luck anyway. Read More

  • Ultrasone's $1,500 Edition 9 Headphones

    As a complete headphone junky, Ultrasone’s Edition 7 limited edition headphones were sort of the Holy Grail of headphones to me. I only saw them in person once and never got to hear them. Just 999 sets were made and they sold for $3,000. Well, it’s time for the drool-fest to begin again as the German manufacturer launches the new Edition 9. The price on the black chrome… Read More

  • Add Bluetooth to Your Old Dot Matrix or USB Printer

    Using this USBGear Combo printer adapater, any USB or parallel port printer can be used wirelessly. What will you do with all that free space around your computer now that the printer can be all of 30 feet away from your Bluetooth dongle? Maybe a second monitor, a big stack of paper, a second computer, a tanning booth, or a TV? Yeah, sounds great. The adapter works with Mac and Windows, so… Read More

  • Embattled HP Execs Charged with Felonies

    It certainly seems to be raining shit on Patricia Dunn and pals. We’ve been reporting about the whole spying debacle for weeks. Today, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed felony charges against Dunn and four others who are implicated in the case. HP initially announced that Dunn would be resigning early in 2007, but the move was accelerated last week when she stepped down… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson's Z558 Clamshell With Touchscreen and Stylus

    If you just can’t get the hang of T9 typing on your cell, Sony Ericsson’s Z558 has a touch-screen with writing recognition, thanks to the tiny stylus hidden somewhere in the phone’s body. Using the stylus, you can write directly onto the screen to write text messages, MMS messages, notes, and even little doodles to yourself. You can then save what you draw as a picture and… Read More

  • How to Build an Arcade Controller for Xbox 360

    This how-to involves a lot of wiring, a lot of balls, and a lot of love for old school arcade games like Frogger, Street Fighter 2, Galaga, and whatever early ’80s shooter they’re pumping out onto Xbox 360 for your $5 this week. As you can see by the horrific pictures, it involves taking your wireless Xbox 360 apart and hooking it up to the innards of some discarded arcade stick. Read More

  • TDK Develops Mini Blu-ray Discs for HD Camcorders, 200GB Blu-ray Discs For Everyone

    Two Blu-ray developments from TDK today. The first is a 200GB, six-layer Blu-ray disc that can hold four times the amount of “movie” that you get with the current Blu-ray dual-layer discs. The other is an 8cm mini Blu-ray disc that holds 16.5GB and will be used in HD camcorders and other recordable media traditionally using mini DVD discs. Why should you, Joe Sophisticato, care? Read More

  • Fraunhofer's SX Pro Converts Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound

    A new technology by the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated Circuits, the same place that gave you the MP3 more than a decade ago, is developing a technology that converts Stereo music to a 5.1 Surround Sound extravaganza. That means your MP3s you download illegally – yes you, Aunt Burtha – can be made into 5.1-channels of audio. How do they do it? By analyzing different parts of… Read More

  • Mustek's Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player

    These things are still completely alien to me. Back when I was a kiddie and my parents would chauffeur my friends and I around, we often hypothesized about the ability to play video games and watch movies in the backseat. I guess it was always inevitable, but it seemed rather impossible at the time. Anyway, for today’s kids, this is very much a reality. Rather than wishing for… Read More

  • Gates and Ballmer Get Bonus Cut, Blame Vista

    In an all but unreadable stat burp from Bloomberg, we learn that Stevie and Bill are getting a 13% bonus cut this year, giving them $350,000 each in walking around money. The boys earned $616,667 last year, which means they’re going to Disney this holiday. Shares fell 6.2 percent this prior fiscal year due to XBox and Vista issues and, interestingly enough, the average signing bonus for… Read More

  • QuickerTek MacBook Connect: More Better Wireless For Your Apple Notebook

    The QuickerTek Connect Wi-Fi amplifier claims to provide a faster and stronger wireless signal to your Apple MacBook without wires. The device attaches or sits next to your MacBook (there are versions for older Apple laptops as well) and boosts the signal of the internal AirPort card to “five times the standard wireless range.” The $200 Connect (yes, it’s $200, so you got… Read More