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  • Geared Keyboard Prevents Typos?

    Don’t you hate typos? Our editors like them – it gives them something to do – but the new Elecom TK-U09FG keyboard due for release next month in Japan might put them out of work. Instead of a standard or scissor action, each key is “geared”, meaning it’s got a pair of rack and pinions that make the key depress evenly across the face, so the center and… Read More

  • T-Mo Drops Two New Sexy, Sexy Samsungs

    T-Mobile just launched two slim Samsungs in a couple different configurations, the T619 clamshell, and the T629 slider. The mid-range phones share similar features, offering a 1.3 Megapixel cameras, Bluetooth, T-Mobile Web, and include Yahoo!, MSN, and AIM messengers. The T629 is basically T-Mobile’s version of Cingular’s D807, a fine phone indeed, and unlike the T619, the… Read More

  • Zune Caught

    Seattle must be dripping with Zunes because our Bothan spies – many of whom died while taking these pictures – grabbed a Zune in the wild. That’s right, folks. This little white Zune works, is ready to roll, and is probably in the shipping channel as we speak. I would estimate that these things will be in stores at the end of October or else the merry pranksters who sent us… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Vault Cracking Edition

    Some of yesterday’s stories, in case you missed them: Yamaha YSP-1100
    iSoundCap – Put Your iPod Nano In Your Hat
    Key Finder Thing
    Banksy’s Paris Jam
    Engine on a Chip Read More

  • Zune Phone Rumors: VoIP with an Add-On Mic

    The latest Zune phone rumors from people in the know say the Zune will be VoIP, which makes sense considering it already has WiFi built in. They also say there’s going to be an addon attachment that fits into the dock for the mic. Our guess is Microsoft will combine this with their big Live Messenger push to try to overtake Skype when it comes to desktop VoIP. They’ve already… Read More

  • SwarmTeams – Group Messaging For Multiple Devices

    The swarm team is designed for groups, or swarms, that need to message each other no matter what device they’re on. Using text messages and emails, you can reach your group no matter where you are. There are four different apps, Swarm-it!, Swarm-pro!, Swarm-web! and Swarm-api!, four apparently very excited applications that connect you with a mass of people. Read More

  • Zune Not Mac Compatible

    A wee bird – the selfsame bird who gave us Zune background a few weeks ago – told us that the Zune, out of the box, is completely non-Mac compatible. No mounting, not data drives, no nothing. There will be no drivers and no support at launch and none, one will assume, later on in the year. Read More

  • Engine on a Chip

    A group of industrious MIT researchers have developed a tiny gas-turbine engine that fits inside a silicon chip measuring about the size of a quarter. The system is said to be able to run 10 times longer than a similarly weighted battery. The engine’s turbines spin at 20,000 RPS to produce 10 watts of power. The researchers expect to start testing the engines in in various electronic… Read More

  • Yamaha YSP-1100

    The Yamaha YSP-1100 is a great looking system that features 40 individually-amped 1-inch drivers that simulate a surround sound experience. The unit supports Dolby and DTS formats for maximum versatility. It seems to offer all the goods without the the trouble of cables, speaker mounting or clutter in our living room. Another great feature of the Yamaha YSP-1100 is its Night Listening… Read More

  • HTC MTeoR: Best Smartphone EveR?

    We tend to like HTC here at the Crunch (Blake hates his Cingular 8125 though). They put out more smartphones, in more form factors with feature lists than any other company out there. And the way they deal price-point with the carriers is amazing, as well. So it comes as no surprise to read that Ubergeek Jeremy Toeman at Live Digitally thinks that the HTC MTeoR is the greatest smartphone… Read More

  • Segway Polo It’s amazing the sports people will come up with when given a little extra time. This time it’s polo–for Segway, and it’s pretty silly looking. It’s basically just some guys playing polo on their Segways and occasionally falling off. If competitive eating can be considered a sport… Read More

  • Your Friendly Electronic Bartender

    This new gadget tells you how to make 500 different cocktails. It tells you what occasions what cocktails are good for. It even tells you what kind of glass to put it in. It’s available at Hollywood Gadgets for $29.95. But it only looks like a flask, and there’s that whole internet thing where I can go for free and find out what drinks I can make with the ingredients I already have. Read More

  • SteamBoy: Steam Powered Game Boy

    Much of the electricity you use is brought to you by steam in one way or another. But why not cut the middle man? This clever fellow has hooked his Game Boy Color up to an old-school steam generator, and it works. Sure, a pack of Energizers would do the trick much more easily, but this is cool, you see? Steam Powered Game Boy [Boing Boing] Read More

  • Samsung YP-K5, Toughest Kid on the Block?

    Well this is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s impressive nonetheless. This video shows some guy running over a Samsung YP-K5 MP3 boombox with his truck. I’m not sure why he did it, but the player withstood the beating admirably. The Samsung YP-K5 Gets Driven Over [dapreview] Read More

  • Battle Test: H2O Audio

    Having lived in New Orleans forever, I have a handful of friends who work in aquatic settings–Divers, fishermen, etc. I’ve had quite a few requests from them for advice on which case to use for their beloved DAPs while working. It took a bit of scouring, but I eventually found H2O Audio, a company that makes rugged, waterproof cases that are precisely suitable for the environments… Read More

  • Sony Unleashes New DVD/CD Rewritable Drives

    <img src=" drives based on its 12th gen optical storage technology. Three of the drives will supplement the 830 series. The drives will write at 18x DVD±R, which can fill al 4.7GB 16x DVD±R disc in five minutes. The internal DRU-830A and the external DRX-830U will come bundled with Nero 7 and are compatible with Windows. The… Read More

  • OS X Market Share Actually Falling. Wha?

    This is quite interesting. A market study shows that from the period of April 2006 to August 2006, Mac OS’s market share actually fell from 4.33% to 3.71%. And from the entire year of September 2005 to August 2006, its share went from 3.74% to 3.71%. That means it actually grew to its peak of 4.35% in December, but gradually went down as the year progressed. What’s also interesting… Read More

  • Windows Vista's Choose Your Own Adventure UI

    If you weren’t aware, Microsoft’s Windows Vista has all of four different standard UI “themes” you can choose depending on your graphics card’s ability and amount of system RAM. Someone was bored enough to take screenshots of all four UIs and post them for a comparison. Which one looks the best? We’ll have to say Aero Glass, thanks to its transparency… Read More

  • Microsoft's Soapbox Joins YouTube, Google Video

    According to a Microsoft employee’s blog, Microsoft’s YouTube competitor, Soapbox, may just be launching today. The service, added to Microsoft’s Live initiative, is an internet video offering that lets users upload 100MB files in various formats. One difference between this and YouTube is that Soapbox will autodetect your browser, and if you’re using IE, it will… Read More

  • How to Never Lose at Roulette Again

    In the UK, gamblers are rushing to buy a £1,000 ($1,879) device that allows them to win at roulette. How does it work? Well, the gadget is made up of a time recorder, a hidden computer and an earpiece. It’s a “predictive device”, rather than a device that actually cheats directly. It’s somewhere along the lines of an aid that helps you count cards, but in this case… Read More