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  • Johns Hopkins Brings Braille Simplicity

    A group of undergraduates at Johns Hopkins University have created a device that promises to be the biggest thing to happen to Braille since Hellen Keller.Their pen-like system utilizes a system of buttons that, when pressed in the proper combinations, punch Braille letters into a slotted plastic sheet. Because it is made of low-cost plastics, it is expected that a mass production model could… Read More

  • How Expose Works With Spaces in Mac OS X Leopard

    If you were wondering how the trusty Expose feature in your OS X will work once you’ve gone all “virtual desktop”, take a look at the video. Leopard’s going to allow you to Expose while in Spaces, so you can drag windows from one desktop to the other with minimal fuss. The only problem we have is that the windows are already small enough in regular Expose, and will get… Read More

  • PS3 Gets Re-Specced

    The Inquirer reports that the PS3 specs has changed once again, this time in the video department. Its NVidia RSX GPU has been downgraded from 550/700 core/memory to 500/650. No word as to why this change is taking place, but it marks yet another last minute revision the PS3’s quickly approaching release. I wonder what will be next to go. PS3 downgraded again [The Inquirer] Read More

  • Trekstor Vibez, 8 and 15GB HD-Based MP3 Player

    Everything about this player screams “weird”. Let’s start with the “z” in its name, which is weird coming from the Germany company Trekstor. Apologies to the German people, but hip-hop street fashion doesn’t exactly emanate from Berlin. Then there’s the sizes: 8 and 15GB. The eight gigabytes we can see, but fifteen? That’s a strange number. The… Read More

  • Touch iota BTH-738 Bluetooth Headset

    This Touch iota BTH-738 bluetooth headset is a little different from others. How it actually goes on, or in your ear isn’t apparent from the picture, but we’re going to assume that it goes into your hear like the headsets with the little gel caps. In any case, this headset just cleared the FCC squad and is going to be heading towards stores very soon. It’s a fairly… Read More

  • PSP Says "Hello, World!" and Soon Will Say Much More

    Sony hates it when people mess around with the innards of their popular PSP. It’s an arms race, really, with the users putting together pieces of unsigned code to run on their units, and Sony updating the official firmware to kill the fun. Somebody at Sony is going to be up late tonight, as the sexy libTIFF exploit has hit the streets. Using a buffer overflow flaw in the PSPs image… Read More

  • TiVo Series 3 Cometh

    The word is that the TiVo Series 3 HD-capable DVR is going to hit the streets on September 17th. Apparently the device is now showing up in the systems of many retailers. It is reported that the Series 3 DVRs will retail for $799. The Series 3 has HDMI functionality and can run dual CableCards. It also sports an eSATA interface, which allows users to add an external SATA drive for extra storage. Read More

  • FairUse4WM Strips DRM From WMA Files, Gets You Free Napster Songs

    Want to stick it to the man but don’t want to risk your neck using Bittorrent? Try FairUse4M, a Windows app that strips the DRM off of protected WMA tracks. How does this help you? Well, here’s a use case to illustrate the point. Step 1. Sign up for Napster’s 7 day free trial.
    Step 2. Download some tracks you want using the “download now” option, not the… Read More

  • Dash.Net Briefing: Flocking Cellular/Wi-Fi GPS Devices

    and I’m actually quite enthused. The company’s current release is fairly lean on details, but Lego filled me in on some of the broader details of his company’s new product. Dash has actually been around for about three years and is now launching a consumer product for release in Summer, 2007. The company will be showing a sample at DEMOfall on September 26 and is also working… Read More

  • Dell Upgrades XPS Laptops To Core 2 Duo

    The XPS M2010, M1710, M1210 and E1705 laptops from Dell have all been upgraded to the Core 2 Duo Merom processors. You can choose a T7200, T7400 or T7600 in each laptop in the “M” line, but the “E” line only gets the T7200 and T7400. The M2010 will be $3,500, the M1710 will be $2,300, the M1210 will be $1200, and the E1705 will be $1,124. Dell’s also said… Read More

  • Merom Exposed

    Laptop magazine has a test drive of Intel’s new Core 2 Duo mobile chip, Merom. As expected, the results were great, with the Merom based laptop significantly outperforming its older sibling, the Core Duo, in all tasks. The chip tested featured a 2.16Ghz clock speed and a 4MB cache. It utilizes Intel’s Wide Dynamic Execution technology to deliver more executions per clock cycle for… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Stackable Edition

    Here are some stories from last week’s vicious news cycle.
    Wii to Cost a Wii $170
    Maxtor Shared Storage II Hands On
    Radiomann Kit
    Onkyo Introduces D-TK10 Guitar Speaker
    More Canon: LV7575PR Projector
    TechCrunch gets chummy with Chumby Read More

  • I-Rocks RF-6570 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard

    Most wireless keyboards use RF instead of the clogged 2.4GHz band, which sits WiFi, Bluetooth, your microwave, and many other devices. Not i-Rocks though. It has 8,388,608 unique IDs to differentiate the keyboard and the mouse from other wireless devices. It also comes with a USB dongle that stores inside the mouse. The keyboard is also a “laptop style” keyboard with… Read More

  • Bengal Boy Rocks the HTC Artemis/Trinity

    I know some folks have trouble with YouTube embeds, but this is the video age, man, and we have to keep up. For example, we have the Artemis, a smartphone from one of the most unsung OEMs in the world, HTC. The video is a little rough, friends, and Bengal Boy has a voice for newsprint, but it’s nice to see this thing in action. BengalBoy’s Divine Trinity! The HTC Trinity Pocket… Read More

  • Palm Treo 750 Caught In The Wild

    The first shots of the yet-to-be-announced Treo 750 has leapt into the wild. Compared to the 700w, there’s no longer an antenna, the button scheme is different, and the case is blue instead of metallic. We wonder what service this is going to be under, or if this is a European-only release. Click the image to get a better view. Tatsdiy [via Everything Treo via uber gizmo] Read More

  • OLPC Laptop No Longer CM1, Now 2B1

    It was only last week that everyone reported the One Laptop Per Child project’s first laptop changed its name to the CM1, which stands for Children’s Machine 1. But now their official wiki has removed all references to CM1 and replaced it with “2B1 – The Children’s Machine”. Does “2B” stand for “to be”? In any case, the laptop still… Read More

  • Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest: No Entries = My Dog Gets the Q

    Well, friends, it’s Monday and I have exactly no “Six Degrees of Crunchation” contest entries. The concept is pretty simple: take your picture holding up a sign with your own name or a sassy saying and then pass that sign to a friend and have them take their own picture THEN have that friend pass it on to one of their friends, ideally someone YOU don’t know. Simply… Read More

  • Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard Exposed The Saitek Eclipse II lights up in three fancy colors, red, blue, and purple, and still has room for media buttons including a volume dial and a few pre-set keys for track forward, reverse, and play/pause. The Eclipse II costs about $70.00 online. Saitek Eclipse II Gaming Keyboard Review [EverythingUSB] Read More

  • Dash Navigation to Potentially Rock You Like a Hurricane

    No screenshots yet, but Dash Navigation is offering to change the way we drive to work by offering… hold on, where’s that press release… “Dash saves drivers significant time and enables them to find and explore new destinations. Dash will not only deliver real-time and relevant information to the car, but also create a network of drivers who help each other avoid… Read More

  • Radius 320 Seamless Display

    Wall Street Types take note: this is perfect for bringing up your trade sheets, the Drudge Report, and maybe a game of FreeCell or twelve. Best of all, this 50-inch panel from SeamlessDisplay consists of three 20.1″ panels stuck together seamlessly, allowing for some cool left to right window dragging action. What’s the catch? You need a card – or cards – that… Read More