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  • Samsung's 1.98-inch VGA Screen For Cell Phones

    <img src=" The screen uses Samsung's Amorphous Silicon Gate, and makes the 400ppi display even better than a 40-inch HDTV, which has only 40ppi. These will have a viewing angle of 75 degrees and a contrast ratio of 300:1. However, having such a high resolution on a phone screen will probably mean text messages are even… Read More

  • PlayStation Portable GPS Unit

    PlayStation Portable GPS Unit

    Sony’s getting ready to drop a GPS bomb on us next month. The GPS unit, pictured above, is going to stick out from the PSP like a thumb that’s been smashed two too many times with a hammer. The GPS will most likely be used in a navigation app, or well, I guess that’s it. Navigation on your PSP. I suspect it will be difficult to use when you’re driving, but fine when… Read More

  • The New Yorker Goes Digital… Again

    The New Yorker Goes Digital… Again

    Not content to let its 4000 digitized back issues sit in DVD stasis, The New Yorker has released a small portable hard drive to incapsulate every issue from February, 1925 – April, 2006. The new offering comes in the form of an 80GB hard drive housed in a 3 x 5 brushed-aluminum casing. Being a literary nerd, the thought of having 4000 issues of The New Yorker is somewhat appealing, but… Read More

  • MyFabrik Stores and Shares Your Precious

    <img src=" application that lets you manage files remotely with just a web browser. You can upload and download pictures, music, videos and documents privately or publicly, depending on what permissions you set. The Web 2.0-ness of the web-app comes from tagging, sharing with others, and the ability to quickly post the files… Read More

  • DSILO: Dead Skin In/Lint Out

    DSILO: Dead Skin In/Lint Out

    Here’s a bit of fun on this sunny Friday – PCs in horrible states of disrepair and linitness. This IBM, for example, seems to have black lung. We’re assuming that the one on the bottom is the intake fan and that the owner of this particular PC lives in a laundromat where instead of thowing away dryer lint, they use it in some sort of ticker-tape-parade-esque ritual… Read More

  • Sprint Revises EV-DO, Issues new Card

    Sprint Revises EV-DO, Issues new Card

    In the race against Verizon for EV-DO market dominance, Sprint just nosed ahead. The company has announced that it is upgrading its EV-DO network to Rev. A and will soon be releasing cards that utilize the new implementation. Revision A cards will support download speeds averaging from 450 – 800kbps and uploads ranging from 300 – 400kbps. The new Rev. A cards are backward… Read More

  • Brando Remote Control Watch

    Brando Remote Control Watch

    If you’re in need of a remote control and have $18 to blow, you might want to consider this touchscreen remote control watch from Brando. The device features a programmable touchscreen face that will allow you to control home theater peripherals directly from your wrist. Maybe not the most useful component, but not the most useless either. I used to have a watch similar to this in… Read More

  • Sony Apologizes for Burning Your Pants, Blames Self

    Sony Apologizes for Burning Your Pants, Blames Self

    Listen… this whole battery thing makes for great news copy, kind of like sharks off of North Carolina and babies falling down wells – it’s pretty damn rare and it effected a total of 6 people in the past few months. That’s 6 out of millions. Anyway, Sony is sorry that they burned those people and it cost them about $200 million dollars to recall all those batteries and… Read More

  • Hawking Wireless USB Adapter With Antenna

    Hawking Wireless USB Adapter With Antenna

    This USB wireless adapter one-ups normal USB wireless adapters thanks to its removable antenna. Normally, people buy these to use on older laptops that don’t have 802.11b/g wireless built in, and normally those dongles have poor reception. No more! The Hawking adapter works with WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x Encryption, TKIP and even “Turbo Mode” for faster transfers with… Read More

  • Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Webcam Hands-on

    Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Webcam Hands-on I just got in the QuickCam Ultra Vision and I was taken aback. It seemed pretty beefy, and once I took it out of the box, I discovered it was even beefier than I initially suspected. This is thing is big, but it’s nothing if it’s not well balanced. The main camera tube feels solid while the arm that holds it in… Read More

  • OLPC Children's Machine Inches Closer

    OLPC Children's Machine Inches Closer

    The One Laptop Per Child initiative announced today that it had named its first “$100 laptop” the Children’s Machine, aka the CM1. Each unit will feature a 400Mhz AMD Geode processor, a 7.5″ LCD display and will be mesh network compliant. It will also include VoIP and an SD slot. The CM1 is physically for completely remote areas in that it is physically powered by a… Read More

  • Toshiba 1089 Media Player Gets FCCed

    Toshiba 1089 Media Player Gets FCCed

    The Toshiba 1089 is the latest media player to slip through the FCC. It features a 30GB hard drive and a 3″ TFT LCD. The system utilizes USB 2.0 for respectable uploading and is also compatible with 802.11b/g. Its WLAN capabilities allow users to act as a DJ, streaming your plays to the surrounding area. Other users with compatible devices an then tune in to the broadcast. It’s… Read More

  • Pong Dress

    Bleep bloop yourself into her heart with this art project gone horribly wrong. Designed by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann, the dress has a set of LEDs and two control pads for projecting your sexual aggression onto the bodies of passive females through the guise of electronic play. Clearly the person who wrote that last line a) hasn’t had their coffee this morning and b) has… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Baked Apples Edition

    Daily Crunch: Baked Apples Edition

    Here’s a selection of some of yesterday’s popular stories. Radiomann Kit
    Diamond BizView BV300 and BV200
    Microsoft Launches More Gear Not For Noobs
    Gateway Heads Fiery Batteries Off At Pass
    Apple, Dell, Lenovo Hold Battery Summit Read More

  • New Pics of Palm's Antenna-less Treo

    New Pics of Palm's Antenna-less Treo

    Here are some more Sean Connery 007 (not Daniel Craig 007) style spy pictures of the upcoming Treo. The phone’s running Windows Mobile 5, and the top of the phone where the provider’s logo should be is blacked out, so you can’t see what service this is on. Could it be Cingular? More Pictures of Palm’s New Antennae-less Treo [Slashgear] Read More

  • Gateway Heads Fiery Batteries Off At Pass

    , Gateway has announced that their laptop batteries are fine, thank you for asking, and that they won’t be exploding in your face any time soon. A quote, straight from the Gateway’s mouth: Gateway has extensive measures in place to ensure product safety. Based on available information and our suppliers’ input, we do not believe our systems are at risk for the same… Read More

  • Radiomann Kit

    Radiomann Kit

    The Radiomann Kit is a German radio set that is complete with vacuum tubes, coils, antenna, capacitors and other components, allowing you to build your own little covert radio. The Radiomann, when complete, will be able to produce and receive medium and shortwave broadcasts and allow the user to conduct more than 30 radio experiments such as Morse code reception, feedback manipulation… Read More

  • Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest

    Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest

    This is a complex one, but this is a great pair of prizes so please bear with me.
    This, our final contest for August, involves creating chains of users. Up for grabs is an Motorola Q and a Kodak Easyshare V603. Here’s how to play… Read More

  • Diamond BizView BV300 and BV200

    Diamond BizView BV300 and BV200

    The Diamond BizView BV300 is a dual-monitor GPU designed for 2D workstation applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Suite and GIS software. It features Unified and WHQL-Certified drivers, DirectX 9.0, Shader Model 3.0, and Open GL. The card itself is 256MB GDDR2 and also provides HDTV support. The BV200 is just a scaled down version of the BV300, but it loses some key features in the downgrade. For a… Read More

  • Bose Upgrades Flagship Products

    Bose Upgrades Flagship Products

    I should have rocked these yesterday, but I didn’t see the embargo date of – oh… yesterday. I got to see the latest Bose gear firsthand here in New York and was relatively impressed. First, there’s the Acoustic Wave Music System II, which is a digital version of the earlier systems with some interesting signal processing that can smooth out audio as its pumped… Read More