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  • New Orleans Municipal WiFi Going Dark

    What bullshit! Not surprising, but ridiculous nonetheless. Ars Technica just reported that the city-wide New Orleans Municipal WiFi will soon be shutdown in favor of a pay service from Earthlink. Apparently Earthlink will continue to offer 128kbps wireless for free for “as long as the city is rebuilding.” This was a great idea that was castrated early-on by laws that are overly… Read More

  • Kanguru 32GB Flash Drive is the Worst Ever

    It’s true that this Kanguru thumb drive holds 32GB, which is enough to take your entire operating system with you as you travel – sticking it into various local internet cafe computers like the naughty drive it is. The massive storage would be enough except for two things. The first? The $1,499 price tag. Unless you really need something the size of your thumb – perhaps… Read More

  • Target Wii Glow Cards

    Go Nintendo has scored a couple of images of Target’s purty new Wii gift cards. Look! It glows! Strange, strange days we’re in, really. Target Wii gift cards [Go Nintendo] Read More

  • i.Dream America i-Classic iPod Dock

    The i.Dream America i-Classic may be one of the best iPod docks we’ve seen all year. With four faux vacuum tubes, an iPod-white finish, wireless remote, and a red glow, this iPod dock will be at home on your bedside or on your office table. Other goodies are the 7 included iPod dock adapters so every size iPod can fit snugly into the dock, the detachable speakers so you can hide them… Read More

  • Stratellite Completes First Flight Test

    A subsidiary of GlobalTel Communications Corp has confirmed that it has successfully flown a blimp that they hope will one day be able to beam broadband internet to the cities below. This idea has been tossed around as a new solution to bringing broadband to the masses for a while now, but it appears that the idea has finally taken off (pun intended). The flight wasn’t much more than… Read More

  • Japanese Students Learning English With DS

    The Nintendo DS is now being used in Japan as a study aid for high schoolers learning English. Students use for 10 minutes at the beginning of class DS software that includes over 3000 English words. By conducting class in this fashion, students receive concise language instruction that is free of human error. It still baffles me why there is so little emphasis on foreign languages in the States. Read More

  • LG 1900 R 19-inch LCD Monitor

    Perhaps Biggs, with his week’s worth of Korean knowledge, can explain to us what Samsung means when it’s hyping up its 19-inch monitor on its product page. At first sight it makes your hearts beat and stir up your mind. It is a embodiment of design and technology. Imagine the beauty of life with LG FLATRON. With a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 4ms response time, this monitor should… Read More

  • How to Bypass IE7 Windows Validation

    Pssst. Want to install IE7? Maybe you’ve already tried over the weekend, throw up your arms in defeat as Microsoft made it clear that you had to run the dreaded Windows Validation before you could be allowed to install? Have no fear. A guy named Shaon has your back. With just a few hacked .dll files replacing the real ones from Microsoft, you’ll be able to run IE7 like a pro –… Read More

  • More Universities Going Wireless

    The Campus Computing Project has released its annual report. The results are surprisingly positive: Wireless networks now reach fully half (51.2 percent) of college classrooms compared to just over two-fifths (42.7 percent) in 2005 and a third (31.1 percent) in 2004, according to new data from the annual Campus Computing Survey. Additionally, more than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of campuses… Read More

  • Nokia 6133 Launched on T-Mobile

    Good news T-Mobile fans, the Nokia 6133 flip phone has just been launched on your favorite Catherine Zeta-Jones-less network. A relatively functional phone – it was about time T-Mobile got some – this phone has MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ playback from its microSD memory card slot. There’s also T-Mobile myFaves compatibility, which should be available on every new phone they… Read More

  • HP Gets 18x DVD Drive

    Lite-on has announced that HP has licensed its 18x DVD burner. The drive supports LightScribe label etching and will be HP’s new standard drive. It will be called the HPdvd940i and will be available in November. No word on pricing, but expect it to cost more than the $64 you can get the Lite-on for OEM. Who needs to innovate when you can just brand someone else’s innovations? HP… Read More

  • Jack Black to You: Stop Piracy

    Rocket sauce. The English Armada. I can almost forgive him for Nacho Libre. via BoingBoing Read More

  • Samsung E700: Wha?

    See, now this is weird. I just came back from South Korea and did not see this phone anywhere. Plus, it doesn’t look anything like the Samsung trade dress, with the gimpy lettering and bulk. I know the i600 is pretty beefy, but it looks nothing like this monster. Samsung is also pushing into WiMax, or, as they call it, WiBro, so this just looks weird. It appears to run Windows Mobile and… Read More

  • IBM Attacks Amazon in Court

    IBM has announced that it has filed against Amazon two patent infringement suits in two courts in the Eastern District of Texas. The manufacturer stated that it has attempted to resolve with the retailer the issues for four years. According to The Inquirer, the patents in question are: 5,796,97 – presenting apps in an interactive service; 5,442,771 – storing data in an… Read More

  • PS3 Box: As Big As Your Head

    Apparently the PS3 comes with cinder blocks, because how else can you explain what they could be hiding deep inside that cardboard case. As PS3Land writes: From the looks of the box, you may need to bring a friend to help carry your PS3 home! I wouldn’t let my friends touch my new PS3. They’ll steal my console like they stole my bike. Edit: Clearly Biggs has a mammoth head if it is… Read More

  • BitTorrent To Pre-Install Software On Electronics

    Illegal downloading just got a good bit easier, L.A. Boy Scouts Be Damned. Software maker BitTorrent has signed a deal that will enable it to pre-install its software on electronic devices. The first companies to go along with this are Asustek Computer, Planex Communication and QNAP Systems. If all goes according to plan, and the RIAA and MPAA don’t intervene some time soon, BitTorrent… Read More

  • Holiday Portable Media Player Guide: What's Right for You?

    There are loads of PMP choices—not all of them from Apple—that are worthy of being carried around and fondled as you go about your day. What’s right for you may not be right for the businessman who commutes two hours, or the athlete who burns more calories sneezing than you do the entire day. We know you don’t fit into any one “demographic,” but we… Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Excitebike Edition

    Here are some stories from the past week, including John’s trip to Korea: Sudoko Toilet Paper: You Know You’re Thinking About It
    Leica M8 Goes Digital, Expensive
    T3 Scooters Wants Cops To Dump Segway
    The Device
    CrunchGear in Korea: Hello from Sunny Seoul Read More

  • Lego PC: A Guided Tour

    Ari Levine, a very well-spoken young man, walks us through his water-cooled Lego PC. The video is a bit dark, but he shows us all we need to know. Read More

  • Microsoft Office RoundTable: An Answer to Costly Teleconferencing?

    The Microsoft Office RoundTable is a table-top device that provides synchronized voice and video conferencing. What’s cool is that from a video perspective, it produces “a 360-degree, panoramic video of side-by-side images of everyone who taking part in the conference.” The system can then identify and spotlight the individual who is speaking so that one receives prominence… Read More