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  • WoW Inflitrates South Park

    I wasn’t lying when I said this game was huge, so huge that World of Warcraft will be the theme around the South Park season premier airing tonight on Comedy Central. Don’t worry WoW players, it gets even better: Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of WoW, worked with Matt and Trey Parker for the WoW content that will be featured in the episode. I can’t wait! WoW… Read More

  • Real Voice-to-Voice Translator, It's Atsui (Hot)!

    Who knows how many lives this new Japanese-to-English voice translator will save at sketchy sushi joints? Developed by Sharp and IBM jointly, the PalmPilot-looking handheld listens to what you say, translates it, then “speaks” it back in Japanese. I certainly hope it works well, as comedic mishaps based on poor translations aren’t funny if they’re happening to… Read More

  • CombiMouse: Apply Directly to the Forehead

    Ergonomics are hot. I could use a little ergo myself here in the dungeon I call an office. But maybe this is stepping over the line a little. It’s some sort of split keyboard , proudly tested by Wichita State University, that looks like a a pachyderm got ahold of a Logitech and shat out something that looks neither comfortable or usable. Hey, what do we know. Maybe Wichita knows something… Read More

  • Big Brand Vs. Boutique: Does It Really Matter?

    With HP buying VoodooPC last week and Dell purchasing Alienware earlier this year, there’s been more than a few comments around the Web on how these mainstream vendors will impact the quality of the boutiques. The fact is, many companies have high-end, mainstream and value brands, so why should computer vendors be any different? HP and Dell deserve some credit for realizing that… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Launch True 3G Data Network Friday?

    here in the United States, meaning it can finally play catch-up. That day appears to be fast in coming. In fact, sources from eWeek have leaked that on Friday, October 6, T-Mobile will be holding a press conference in New York City to announce the launch of its new 3G data network. Not only that, they detail that the network will sadly be incompatible with the European UMTS standard, as… Read More

  • PS3 Causes Sony Stock Drop

    Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate Playstation 3. In fact, I can’t wait to get my hands on one – if it works, that is. David Gibson, an analyst of for Macquaire Equities, released a report stating that Sony just had a recent a 2.75% drop in their stock due to technical problems with the Playstation 3 units at TGS this year. We are concerned that such a negative… Read More

  • Burger King Offers Xbox And Xbox 360 Games

    Here’s one I didn’t see coming. Burger King has announced it will be releasing three Xbox and Xbox 360 games that will be available for $3.99, with the purchase of a value meal. The three titles, rated E, are Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin’, and Sneak King. Two of the three games will feature online play via Xbox Live. Just what parents need: their kids eating unhealthy food… Read More

  • BlueAnt Wireless Realizes People Like Color, Adds to Bluetooth Headsets

    I like the BlueAnt X3 Bluetooth headset: It’s small, lightweight, connects to three devices at the same time including your Windows or Mac PC for VoIP calls, and it’s reasonably priced at $69. And now, I can add “comes in six colors” to my list of likes. Just in time for the holiday season you’ll be able to pick up an X3 in black, cool white, hot pink, gold… Read More

  • Fujitsu Laptops Join the Sony Battery Recall

    Fujitsu’s just announced that it’s recalling 287,000 batteries – all made by Sony. The company joins Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Sony itself in recalling batteries, which pushes the grand total of recalled units to 7.6 million. Acer reportedly talked to Sony earlier this week about recalling batteries, but hasn’t issued a recall just yet. If you’ve got a… Read More

  • Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Triple-Driver Earphones

    Ultimate Ears has spent most of the past 11 years creating custom-molded headphones for musicians. But not to be outdone by the likes of Shure and Etymotic, UE put out a line of more consumer-friendly universal-fit earbuds last year under the name. Today, it announced the pre-order availability of its $399 10 Pro headphones that feature three miniature speakers per earpiece. Read More

  • Dyson Airblade Video

    Here’s a video of the Dyson Airblade in use, drying your hands and killing all sorts of British germs. Suzy from Shiny Shiny demos it for us, showing how it dries your hand like the car wash dries your car. The one thing we found kind of disgusting is the bowl of water everyone needs to stick their hands into in order to get their hands wet to test the drier. That bacteria-killing… Read More

  • Elvis Was a Hero to Most, But That Doesn't Stop me From Downloading the Sun Sessions

    A charming little video by the Futuristic Sex Robotz who seem to be upset by some sort of “copy protection” on music. I suspect they’re just angry because they don’t have big record deals like Nelly Furtado and don’t get to be taken both from behind and the front by rapacious contacts. Next year, boys! via BoingBoing Read More

  • PS3 Reveals Herself to Pasty Geeks, We Are Jealous

    PlayStation 3 Magazine got a chance to play with the PS3 ( Yes, it’s true. It’s not made out of wood, it’s not behind bullet-proof glass at the Tokyo Game Show – it’s a real live PS3 and we’re really playing it. The two Sony reps that were kind enough to bring us the machine brought it in a bag, popped it out and placed it on our table. We connected it to our… Read More

  • X10's RF Remote for Windows Media Center

    . The other difference between this and the standard remote is the the odd “shield” shape and the required USB dongle in order to receive RF. Other than that, not much. You can pick one up for around 20 Euro, or 25 US Dollars. X10 Launch New RF Remote for Windows Media Centre [Automated Home via uber gizmo] Read More

  • Haier Black Pearl Cell Phone

    Made by Haier, the Chinese company mostly known for Air Conditioners and various other cheapy home appliances, the Black Pearl looks as wide as around two human fingers, and just about as long. Don’t think that this phone is small because they dropped features. Oh no! it’s got an FM tuner, MP3 player, thumb rocker, 1GB trans-flash slot, mini USB connector, and a small color… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Racing Wheel Video

    Nintendo hasn’t given out too many details on the Wii racing wheel, but this video gives you all the basic information. The Wii racing wheel, which doesn’t have an official title yet, is more of a tray for your Wii remote. Like the video states, there isn’t any circuitry or new technology in the actual wheel. All you have to do is place your Wii remote in the crevice on the… Read More

  • Wolverine ESP PMP Stores Your Photos, Plays Back Your Media

    <img src=" output that can connect to any TV to annoy people with pics of their kids – here's Kasper spilling cereal on himself! Other features worth noting are the built-in speaker (just one), AC charger, USB 2.0 compatibility, and optional ESP cradle and car charger. The price isn't all that shabby either, at $399… Read More

  • Biotronik Defibrillator Txts Your Doctor

    Heart defibrillator manufacturer Biotronik has announced the first implementation of their Lumax VR-T and Lumax DR-T ICDs. These are heart defibrillators that are installed in your body to jump-start your heart with an electronic pulse when needed. The new models have some added features, though. Once a day, the ICD uses mobile phone networks to send your doctor information via SMS, e-mail or… Read More

  • TV Hear Wireless Remote Speaker

    so you don’t miss out on any mysteries being solved – though that never happens. The device works on a 900MHz frequency so there’s less interference with your Wireless or Bluetooth devices, and transmits from up to 30 feet away. The only downside comes from the six AA battery requirement, which means you either have to stock up on some rechargeable or head down to your… Read More

  • When All You Need To Do Is Make A Freakin' Phone Call

    It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that some people just want to be able to make a good, clear phone call and send the occasional text message with their mobile handset. With that in mind, InfoSync World gathered up 10 phones, from the pricey and pretty Nokia 8801 to the nearly disposable Samsung Trace, that might come up short in other departments, but make solid choices on the… Read More