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  • 2006 Machiniama Film Festival, November 2-4

    It’s not animation, see, it’s Machinima. It’s not CG, either. Not really. For those not in-the-know with this uber-nerdy new form of film making, Machinima is the art of creating films, either shorts or features, using the physics and rendering engines contained within off-the-shelf computer games. The beauty is that with the limitations imposed by the various games and… Read More

  • Creative Takes Back FM Recording Functionality

    Guess who the RIAA was able to roll over in its latest attempt at destroying the world? If you guessed Creative, you win a prize. Your prize is the newly found inability to do something with your MP3 player that you previously could. It seems that due to “licensing issues,” Creative has removed the functionality of its Zen Vision:M to record live FM broadcasts. I wonder how they… Read More

  • The Robots Are Working Together

    Anybody who watches “Ghost In The Shell” should be acquainted with the implications included with this story. A team of scientists from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology in Italy and the Autonomous Systems Laboratory and Dalle Molle Institute for the Study of Artificial Intelligence have developed a system by which a team… Read More

  • SlingMedia and Apple Sit in a Tree

    It’s been a long time in the hyping but it looks like there will be a Mac OS version of the SlingPlayer software for use with SlingMedia’s SlingBoxes. An interview of SlingMedia’s Brian Jaquet revealed that there were some glitches in the company’s plans to get the Player out the door, including the launch of Intel-based Macs. It’s now on track to go into beta… Read More

  • Motorola P790 Charges Your Phone Twice

    Too busy to charge your phone in one of those old-fashioned “wall socket” things? Yeah, me too. That’s why Motorola has released the P790 mobile phone charger. It fits in the mini-USB port on your phone to give you two full charges and can even be purchased with a dual-charge adapter to charge your oh-so-cool Bluetooth headset at the same time. It looks like a PEBL, which… Read More

  • Apple Ships "Small Number" of 5.5G iPods with Windows Virus (WTF!?)

    McDonalds isn’t the only place you can go to get a little extra special sauce with your DAP. Apple, of all people, has accidentally included a Windows-infecting computer virus on “less than 1%” of the 5.5G iPods made after September 12. So if you run Windows and you purchased a new iPod in the past few weeks, you need to run your anti-virus gear stat, and look for RavMonE.exe… Read More

  • Lenovo and Apple Most Reliable Laptops, Report Says

    Apple and Lenovo Laptop users are smug lots. And, according to a recent PC Pro poll, they deserve to be. After surveying 20,000 tech support calls randomly, it turns out Lenovo, followed by Apple, are the most reliable laptops one can buy in the US with HP, Dell and finally Gateway rounding out the list. Even more telling is that off-brand laptops scored at the very bottom of the heap… Read More

  • Fujitsu Goes After Consumers With N6420 Media Center, A Series Notebooks

    Fujitsu’s typically gone after the business market in the U.S. with its LifeBook series of laptops. But now it appears to be bulking up its lineup with three consumer-oriented multimedia systems, the N6420 and two new A series notebooks. The most notable feature on the N6420 is the inclusion of an HD DVD drive for viewing (not burning, though) high-def movies on the 17-inch… Read More

  • EB Games Hosts Gears Of War Preview

    Great, just what we need, another reason to wait outside of EB games to look at something we won’t be getting for another month. The truth is though, I’ll probably be attending the event anyway. I can’t help it. On October 21, EB Games will be letting gamers take a look at the upcoming Xbox 360 game, Gears of War. The official email: After participating stores close, customers… Read More

  • Sony Adds LocationFree TV to P990's Symbian

    placeshifting game in Symbian’s house these days. No, Sony is showing its flagship P990 some LocationFree TV love, as well. Of course, LocationFree TV, Sony’s brand of the same thing Sling does, only works with Sony clients, but that has never deterred them before. The Sony-Ericsson’s P990 is a fanboy’s droolphone (if you don’t know about it, please return your… Read More

  • EA Games Closes Warrington Studio

    Electronic Arts has made an official announcement stating that it will be closing the Warrington Studio, which developed the PC and Xbox 360 hit Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Warrington Studio, located in England, housed fifty developers, which will all be transferred to Chertsey or Guildford, which are also located in England. Officials stated that the studio was not shut down for its… Read More

  • Ultimate Hoody; No Glare, No Prying-Eyes, No Sex

    We first saw this a couple of months ago, but it’s a slow news day. That being said, we dare you to use this new concept monitor hood at your office. In fact, we double-dog-dare you. Not like you can buy one yet—it’s a concept—but you could make your own. No, wait, we have a better idea. Instead of making fun of you, we’ll help you. Close the blinds. There! Now… Read More

  • Xbox Live Is Down

    If you turned on your Xbox 360 earlier today and panicked because you couldn’t get Table Tennis online, relax! Xbox Live, Xbox forums and the official Xbox site are all down for a scheduled maintenance. This also means that when you call Xbox support for a system that needs repair, they won’t be able to file anything for it. They’ll give you a long repair id number, and tell… Read More

  • Apple to Release Multiple Phones, Possibly a Smartphone

    We trust analysts as far as we trust bankers and financial analysts, but one from Prudential says Apple will enter the cell phone space with two phones next year, possibly as early as Q1 ’07. The analyst says Apple will be releasing a smartphone with WiFi, and a keyboard, possibly hooking into many of Apple’s iLife or communications applications. So far there’s only been talk… Read More

  • TiVo Series 3 Modded to 1TB

    If the 250GB of storage on your Series 3 TiVo isn’t enough – those HD recordings really suck up space – a guy on the Tivocommunity forums has devised a way to grow your puny storage to something your parents would be proud of. A word of warning before taking this mod to town. You should be experienced in opening up your Tivo, or if not that, your own PC. You should also… Read More

  • OnAir GT Mobile HDTV Receiver

    It might not be the first notebook accessory you reach for, but the OnAir GT mobile HDTV receiver is certainly one of the coolest, letting you watch high-definition and analog over-the-air and digital (QAM) and analog cable television broadcasts on your laptop. Distributed by Autumnwave in the States, this little black box draws its power via USB cable and delivers video through an included… Read More

  • Verizon's LG9900 Official Marketing Shots

    Judging from these product photos, the newest LG communicator from Verizon, the 9900, seems to be almost ready to launch. Looking a bit sexier than the 9800, the 9900 has a 2-megapixel camera (up from 1.3-megapixel in the FCC filing), microSD slot, QWERTY keypad, and built-in speakers. Fans of the older communicator will definitely want to upgrade, even though the external screen is… Read More

  • Vista's Media Center Remote Sneak Peek

    Vista enthusiasts will already know the Windows Media Center viewing and recording suite will be included on all higher-end copies of Vista. No longer a separate SKU, Media Center is now ready for a mass market audience – and so is its remote. And just like all mass market technology, its streamlined and made easier to use. Compared to the old Media Center remotes, the new Vista remote… Read More

  • Folding@Home Works 20x Faster On a GPU Than CPU?

    we looked at earlier to run the Folding@Home software, you’ll get 20 to 40 times the output compared to a CPU. That’s a mighty bold claim, one that Techreport discovered wasn’t quite as it seemed. Although Stanford claims the beta GPU client runs 20 and 40 times faster on new Radeons, and although Radeons have many gigaflops of processing power, the current client… Read More

  • Delphi SKYFi3 Wants Your Card in Its Slot

    Man, I never get tired of making juvenile “slot” comments. Anyhoo, Delphi and XM radio continue their satellite-radio partnership with the SKYFi3. It’s 65-percent smaller than the previous generation SKYFi and adds a microSD slot so you can store an “unlimited number of MP3 files” though you’re limited to the capacity of your card so I guess it’s… Read More