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  • O2's Awe-Inspiring Smartphone is King of the Hill

    Occasionally, a phone hits the networks across the sea that’s so badass that none of our pop-culture references or childish hyperbole can do it justice of any kind. One such device is the Flame from Germany’s O2 network. We like the BlackJack, we like the Treos, we like smartphones, but this sucker belongs in its own category. Geniusphone, perhaps, as there is nothing this… Read More

  • Get A PlayStation 3 On Black Friday

    The PlayStation 3 has been getting pummeled this week. Personally, I really don’t feel it’s that bad of a console. When Xbox 360 first launched, it really only had one good game: Perfect Dark Zero. PlayStation 3 faces the same predicament with Resistance: Fall of Man. Sure, there are problems with the interface and with Buy-Ray playback, but the console hasn’t even been out for… Read More

  • Zelda Peripherals For Wii?

    We’re not quite sure how legitimate these accessories for Nintendo Wii’s Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are, but we’re trying real hard to find out. You’ll find more the a few discrepancies indicating that Link’s sword and shield add-on might be fake. The first is where the Wiimote says “Nintendo” at the bottom, the actual Wiimote says… Read More

  • UnZoone Removes Flawed Zune Software

    We came across a cute little website today. This website has a piece of software called UnZoone on it. UnZoone is a piece of software designed for removing Zune software and all the bugs that come with it. Though a small tool (128kb in size), UnZoone is powerful. It deletes everything from registry entries to those pesky DLL files that get leftover even when you use an uninstall tool (one… Read More

  • Giving Thanks Giveaway Update

    Happy pre-Turkey Day! Proporta makes cases and accessories for portable devices. They’ve been kind enough to offer a nice accessory package for one of our lucky readers. Here’s how to enter: send an email with the subject “THANKS PROPORTA” describing the portable device you’re most thankful for and why. It can be a camera, an iPod, a Zune, a pocket jet… Read More

  • Palm Treo 680 Video Unboxing

    A cavalcade of video reviews of the Treo 680, available now on Cingular for $199. If I were blowhard, I’d name this phone the must have smartphone of the year. It’s inexpensive, runs a great OS, and appeals to the fashionistas as well as the business types. Palm Dropped the Treo 680 for Cingular and Unlocked Version [SlashGear] Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Limin' Hologram Edition

    ‘Holographic’ HDTV Spotted on Ebay UK
    Toys Not To Buy This Holiday Season
    Helio Makes Moves, Opens Stores, Feeds People To Fish
    Holidays 2006: Must Have Wii and PS3 Accessories
    Giving Thanks Giveaway Read More

  • Treo 680 Video Love

    If Blake’s mega Treo 680 rundown wasn’t enough good times for you, the Mobility Today people popped up a couple hands-on videos overviewing the new every-person’s Treo. Warning though, this is filled with some pretty steamy Palm-device action. Check out another video after the jump of some footage the site shot at this year’s Digital Life show of all the new colors of… Read More

  • Here Comes the Treo 680

    Hot off the press comes news from Palm and Cingular announcing that the Treo 680 will be available Nov. 24, otherwise ominously known as Black Friday.
    The Treo 680 uses Palm OS 5.4.9 and sports a bevy of features beyond its predecessors, including many upgrades to the user interface. Read More

  • Toshiba Launches Tablet PC with UMTS/HSDPA

    , perhaps). That means that with the new M400, you can (theoretically) get T1-equivelent speeds on a mobile network without having to tether your handset or use an add-on card. Sure, you’ll need a SIM from your provider, but, provided you’re in a 3G metro area, you’re all set. Actual speeds in most areas now top out at between 700-750Kbps, but for most of us, that’s… Read More

  • PSP Firmware Update Enables Remote Play

    If you’re one of the few with a PlayStation 3 and would like to use your PSP for Remote Play, you’re gonna have to download the new 3.0 firmware update. The new update will allow you to view images and stream music from your PSP to PS3, as well as enable the Remote Play feature, allowing you to use your PSP as a controller for the PS3. The new firmware update also has an Auto… Read More

  • Dash Detox Contest Vote-Off 2.0

    This is our second try for this whole thing. Looks like our polling system is screwed up, so here we go: a new poll. I’ll be adding the previous votes in a moment. We’re closing the polling at noon EST tomorrow. The Dash Detox Contest is officially over and here are our six entries made by five entrants. Here’s how we’ll do this. You will vote on each entrant, not… Read More

  • 'Holographic' HDTV Spotted on Ebay UK

    BornRich spoted this peculiar HDTV rig on Ebay. The system utilizes an HD projector and a hanging piece of specially cut glass to deliver an image that looks as if it’s hovering in midair. The display technology blurb calls it a holographic screen, but there really isn’t anything holographic about it. At 80-inches, it’s definitely a cool screen, but that’s about it. Read More

  • LG Prepping Low-End 3G Phone for Cingular

    Cingular, to its credit, is really pushing its 3G service hard, making it accessible to even modest handsets, like the LG CU400. Feature-wise, it’s pedestrian at best, with Bluetooh, a VGA camera, and dual displays, all things our mom’s phone has. But it does have connectivity to Cingular’s UMTS/HSDPA network, and should support DUN, meaning if your laptop sports Bluetooth… Read More

  • ADS Tech's Instant Video To-Go Converts Video For Mobile Devices

    See how happy this girl is? It’s because she used ADS Tech’s Instant Video To-Go to transfer video from her Windows PC to her portable video player, such as an Apple iPod or Sony PSP. Instead of using software alone to handle the conversion, ADS set it up so that this USB drive does the H.264 conversion instead. The hardware-based coversion is up to five times faster than relying… Read More

  • Lenovo Reaches 22-Inches

    Akihabara reports that Lenovo is now offering a 22-inch widescreen LCD. The display supports a 1680×1050 WSXGA+ resolution. It also has a 700:1 contrast ratio, a 300cd/m2 brightness and 5ms response time. The D221 will be available in Europe in early December for $350EUR. Expect it to drop stateside in relatively quick succession for about $460. A Lenovo 22” Wide screen [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Wii Bit Of A Problem

    More Wii problems to take some of the heat off the PlayStation 3. This particular error comes into effect when using WiiConnect24 to download the initial update for the console. IGN reports there are several error codes users are experiencing, but the codes 110213 and 32002 seem to be the common ones. Nintendo has acknowledged the problem, and you have a couple options, should you be… Read More

  • Toys Not To Buy This Holiday Season

    At some point I became that guy that tells the “when I was a kid” stories, as in “when I was a kid, I had a toy xylophone made from razor-sharp pieces of metal and nobody ever said a word about it being hazardous.” Well, thankfully, the US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) started doing its yearly Troubles in Toyland report 21 years ago to help, among other… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Gets A Makeover

    If you’re getting bored of looking at your year-old Xbox 360 while everyone is rejoicing over their Nintendo Wii systems, check out this sweet case mod made by a reader over at Xbox 360 fanboy. The case mod features Half-Life 2 logos on either side, a window on the left side and orange and grey HL2 themed colors. Yes, this case mod would bring a tear to Gordon Freeman’s eye. So why… Read More

  • NY Times: PS3 is Stinking Up the Place

    Seth Schiesel, who loved him some Xbox 360 back in the day, is basically saying this to Sony: Your company’s new video game system just isn’t that great. Wha! How dare he! He’s essentially saying that the PS3 feels unfinished and that the UI sucks the big one. The resulting mini-rant is well-reasoned and intelligent, so you can’t fault him on that front. Clearly, Sony… Read More