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  • Compact 200GB Has Ports to Spare, Blue LED

    OtherWorldComputing is selling a fat 200GB travel drive with – get this – FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and SATA support for $379.99. You can also get a USB 2.0 version at 120GB for $149.99 and a FireWire+USB version for about $279.99. Aside from the plethora of available ports, this drive is completely bus powered, which means you don’t need a wall wart to power it. Read More

  • ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router Z100G: It's The Software That Makes It Good

    Anybody can go out and buy a wireless 802.11g router, but why not get one that has had its security software designed by a company that knows what it’s doing? ZoneAlarm, consumer division of Check Point, must’ve thought the same thing, so it went out and put together the ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router Z100G, a single-box solution for home networkers, families, gamers and… Read More

  • Xbox Live Marketplace: Now With Video

    November 22 brings us downloadable content – TV and movies – from CBS, Warner Brothers, and a few others. You download the preview then pay for the movie. Rentals you can hold onto, unwatched, for two weeks, and then have 24 hours to finish it before it goes poof. You can also “purchase” content that will sit on your drive. Pricing is fairly nebulous at this point, but… Read More

  • Bostitch Nails PopSci Innovation Of The Year

    Popular Science magazine announced its 2006 “Best of What’s New” list today giving innovation of the year to a nail made by hardware manufacturer Bostitch. The HurriQuake nail is designed to withstand nature’s tantrums.
    The bottom section is circled with angled barbs that resist pulling out in wind gusts up to 170 mph. This “ring shank” stops halfway up… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Vote Tampering Edition

    Here are some of Monday’s stories: Hasbro’s Massively Mini DAP for Kids
    Nvidia Takes On ATI’s Mobile Business With PortalPlayer Purchase
    Snap Circuits: For the Kiddies
    Cingular 8525 Hands On
    TiVo Now More Expensive: Thanks, Santa! Read More

  • Japanese PlayStation 3 Commercial

    I may be alone in this, but I like the new Sony PlayStation 3 commercials. Yes, they are creepy, odd and make no sense, but once in a while you need a few commercials to talk about, and that’s exactly what PS3 commercials are. Or maybe I’m overlooking the fact that Sony hasn’t figured out Halloween was last week? Who knows, at least this one gets right to the… Read More

  • Panasonic PT-AE1000: Full 1080p HD for Home Theaters

    Panasonic is trying to get under your tree this holiday season with its new AE1000 projector. This slick black box puts out your video at full 1080p. What’s more is that it has a 11,000:1 contrast ratio, which is total hotness. Panasonic is aiming this projector at high-end home-theater lovers, although you should be able to find it for under $5k, which really brings it into the… Read More

  • LG KE820: Lost in Translation

    Alright, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here (because my Italian is non-existent), but alicell has a full review on the new LG KE820, which might be a good read if you can understand Italian. The phone is dimensions of the phone are 95 x 52 x 9.9-millimeters and it weighs just 70-grams. It can apparently play MP3s and has a 2-megapixel camera@mdash;and yes it has a flash.
    Read More

  • Turtle Beach's Ear Force X1 Headset Reviewed: A Long Cord Is A Good Thing

    Back at the beginning of October, I mentioned the release of Turtle Beach’s Ear Force X1 Headset for gaming. While there are plenty of gaming headsets on the market, I like the X1’s combination of features such as the in-line amplifier for control over game volume and the mic and the ability to connect into both your Xbox and PC. ExtremeTech tested them out recently and enjoyed… Read More

  • Sony's Phil Harrison Talks PlayStation 3 Shortages

    In an attempt to appease the European gaming market, Sony’s Phil Harrison released a statement regarding the PlayStation 3 delay in Europe, stating that Sony has in fact tried to do too much by implementing Blu-Ray into its new console. According to Sony, the manufacturing of the Blu-Ray diode is the cause for PS3 shortages worldwide, and PS3 delays to other countries. We have… Read More

  • Samsung Black Carbon Quick Look

    A video interlude in which I fondle the Samsung Black Carbon for your edification. I also use the word sleek, which I swore I would never do. Product Page [Samsung] Read More

  • Mobio Brings Web 2.0 Theory to Handsets for Movie Lovers

    If you’re a mobile geek who actually uses your handset for things besides calling your grammy, and if you like watching movies in theaters (instead of from Limewire, you pirate), then have a look at Mobio. Mobio mashes up movie show times, theater listings, maps and directions, and reviews into a central interface. You search for your movie, find your directions, and buy your tickets… Read More

  • Hasbro's Massively Mini DAP for Kids

    <img src=" support. Sure, 128MB doesn't store many songs, but it's enough for a couple Raffi albums. We think it'd be funny to buy this for your friend's kid for Xmas and pre-load it with Cradle of Filth. Or some GWAR videos. Yah, that'd be great. Of course, you'd have to shop at Wal-Mart, and the… Read More

  • Recycled Virgins

    Don’t get excited, fanboy. We’re just telling you about a new initiative from Virgin Mobile, a fairly popular MVNO amongst you youth types. It has started packaging envelopes with their new handsets with the intention of its customers using it to recycle their old handset. It’s kind of a cool idea, if people actually use it. Far from going to the dump, the phones will be… Read More

  • Dell Adds AMD Mobile CPUs To Laptop Lineup

    Not a huge shock, but now that Dell’s added AMD processors to its desktop lineup, the mega computer retailer has added AMD’s Sempron and Turion lines of mobile processors to its notebooks. On the consumer side you’ll find the new Inspiron 1501 with a choice of CPUs ranging from the budget (or PoS, depending on how much patience you have while you work) 1.8GHz Sempron 3500+… Read More

  • Sprint Gets KRZY, Too

    , Sprint today has officially made the Motorola KRZR available to its subscribers. For those two of you not in-the-know, the KRZR is Motorola’s sequel to the pervasive and slender RAZR. You probably have one, or at least know someone with one. They’re getting obnoxious. So why not make them obnoxiousier? Like its Verizon brother, the KRZR (which Sprint is calling the MOTOKRZR)… Read More

  • PSP Cell Phone With Nintendo Emulator

    The PSP-clone cell phone is another ultra-cool phone that will probably never reach American shores. Released by TJR of China, the V191 PSP -clone cell phone features video playback (AVI), music playback (MP3, MPEG-4), a microSD memory card slot, a 1.3-megapixel camera and a touch-screen display. The V191 does not have the analog stick found on the original PSP, nor does it have a UMD drive. Read More

  • TiVo Now More Expensive: Thanks, Santa!

    else. The Series 3 units aren’t selling well, as far as we know, and now the service is getting more expensive. They’re raising their prices from about $12.95 a month with a one-year commitment to $19.95 per month with $12.95 coming with a 3 year commitment. I love me some TiVo, but I’m not sure what the hell is up over there. 1. At the time of activation of a TiVo Service… Read More

  • Helps Find Your Wii, PS3

    Everyone on the Internets is so nice and helpful these days. Earlier we mentioned a Wii inventory mashup one of our readers created. Shopping site is getting in on the hunt for next-gen consoles as well, offering Wii- and PS3-specific shopping engines to locate the consoles in the inventories of online vendors. A trip to the PS3 and Wii TechHunter sites turned up nothing… Read More

  • AMD In Your Apple Power Mac G5 Quad…Sort Of

    So, AMD’s ownership of ATI now means that anywhere you once put the graphics chip-maker’s products, you’ll now be putting in AMD. In this case, it’s the newly available ATI Radeon X1900 G5 Mac Edition. The card is your best option for delivering high-end 3D graphics performance to an older Power Mac desktop with a x16 PCI Express slot. For $349, you get 36 pixel… Read More