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  • Disney's Mix Max PMP For Kids

    <img src=" slot, 2.2-inch display and a movie playback rate of 30FPS. Not too bad for something that only costs $99. Most likely this thing will play back all of Disney's movies, available for separate purchase instead of being ripped from the DVDs and VHS cassettes you already own. The player plays WMV, MP3/WMA, and JPEGs. Read More

  • Suunto t3: It's Got it All

    We like Suunto – they make a nice watch with lots of features and have a cetain style that makes their watches look less like wrist computers than dinner plates with numbers. The t3 includes a heart-rate monitor, pedometer, as well as real-time calories burned read-out. It’s about $169.99 with a black face and $149.99 for a standard LCD face. Pedometer and heartrate pods sold… Read More

  • Universal Drops Blu-ray Support

    , one of which is a movie about an ugly beast who gets angry, and the other about a Marvel comic book character. As one of the only studios to support HD DVD directly, Universal is putting all its chips into one can of salsa, whereas a few others are doing both formats. In any case, this is the first we’ve heard of a studio dropping support for a next-gen format. A sign of things to… Read More

  • For Programmers Only: Neuros OSD Linux PVR That You Have To Program Yourself

    Nothing as sophisticated or polished as TiVo or Windows Media Center, this Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder has users jumping in coding functionality, which eventually gets shared all other users. Ludicrous for someone who just wants to make sure they don’t miss the Colbert Report, but open source coders, contributers, and users are all over this type of thing. There are only 200… Read More

  • Apple iTunes 7 Music Purchases Not Working on SLVR and ROKR Phones?

    Among the various problems users have encountered with the new iTunes 7 software, one of the worst has to be the fact that the iTunes Music Store purchases aren’t working in Motorola ROKR and SLVR phones. The songs that have been ripped from CDs or downloaded as MP3s from elsewhere on the web work fine, it’s just the DRM tracks from iTMS that don’t work. No fix has been… Read More

  • Name that Squid

    Thanks to the amazing Bryce Durbin, we’re lucky enough to have our own jolly mascot, the Blue Squid or Blue Goo or Whatever You Want to Call Him. However, the poor soul doesn’t have a name. In an effort to remedy that, we’re asking you, readers, to send us your best names for the Blue Goo. Creativity is a plus – write the proposed name on a birthday cake, on a shirt, or… Read More

  • Samsung Trace Quick Look

    Feast your gadget-starved eyes on the Samsung Trace aka the T519 from T-Mobile. It’s thin, light, and magical. It’s very SLVR-like – which is what T-Mo is going for here – and very inexpensive ($99). Unfortunately, it’s made of Samsung plastic and feels pretty chintzy but if you’re looking for something to slip between the pages of a book to hold your place… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Will Support 1080p, Upscale Your DVDs and Games

    <img src=" Also, HD DVD will most likely be played back at 1080p when the HDMI cable is released – or just on their component cables now, we're not sure yet. The system should also be upscaling your current DVD movies to 1080p as well, which will be a welcome addition for most households with HDTVs but no upscaling… Read More

  • m300 GSM Cell Phone Watch is the First Cell Phone Watch to Market

    <img src=" Super Nerd. And we're all for it. This m300 GSM phone will have a 99-count phone book, 70 hours of standby, and will be available by Christmas season. Their site says we have 72 days left until its release date of December 1, so we're super excited. The watch also has Bluetooth in case you wanted to use a headset… Read More

  • Floating Windmills Are "Invisible" From Shore

    I never really thought of windmills as being something that I couldn’t bear to look at, so I’m not completely sure why everyone’s excited about these new windmills from MIT. The concept is simple enough, they want to tether large windmills to concrete blocks way out at sea. This way, nobody would have to stare at them dumbly windmilling. The National Renewable Energy… Read More

  • Wireless Color Baby Monitor with Infrared Lets You Watch Your Baby, Paris Hilton, in the Dark

    Not only does this baby monitor have sound and video – thanks to its camera and 1.5-inch color LCD – you can also switch it to infrared mode and watch your baby when the lights are off. The monitor works on the 2.4GHz frequency, or what we like to call the rush hour frequency, where WiFi, Bluetooth and various other devices are fighting for dominance. It’s powered via AC… Read More

  • Bob Iger Confirms iTV Hard Drive

    During a Conference yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Igor spilled a key detail about Apple’s forthcoming iTV: it has a hard drive. While he didn’t state how large the hard drive was, he did explain that it would be able to store media directly within the unit. Iger see’s the iTV as having a significant impact: It felt like a game changer to me in many respects… What I like… Read More

  • USBCELL AA Batteries Are USB Rechargeable

    Have you ever wanted to charge your AA batteries with your computer? We’re not talking about a USB-powered charger either, we’re talking just sticking your AA into the USB port. So have you? We know we have, and with this $24 pair of USBCELL AA batteries, our life’s dream has been fulfilled. The batteries fit into any USB port, be it your laptop, PC, or powered USB hub, and… Read More

  • Zenum's Opus Opteris Pocket PC Smartphone Looks Great

    <img src=" MHz GSM, a 2 megapixel camera, WiFi, and a 2.5-inch screen. All pretty reasonable features for a phone of this size to have, despite its advanced design and the fact that there are no candid shots of it in existence, just mockups. Following the link on their page, we find out it's designed by Jaren Goh, the same… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson P990i Available on Amazon

    Sure it costs $649.99, but isn’t that worth it? No? Yea probably not, but it’s still a pretty sexy beast. The P990i features tri-band GSM/GPRS, 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and an FM tuner. It also has UMTS, but the frequency it supports is only available in Europe. You’ll also get a 240 x 320 260K color TFT touchscreen and two cameras. One, as you can see, is intended for… Read More

  • Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

    Pinnacle announced today the release of the PCTV HD Pro Stick, an ultra-compact USB 2.0 TV tuner that comes in an attractive stick form. It supports ATSC Digital SD, EDTV and HDTV. The Pro Stick can also play analog NTSC signals such as those from cable and DVD players. When coupled with the PCTV MCE Companion, it is fully compatible with Windows Media Center Edition. The companion enables… Read More

  • The Rocket Bag

    At first glance, the Rocket Bag just looks like another men’s bag. Don’t be fooled though, the Rocket Bag is more like THE men’s bag of the year. Designed by the infamous Bill Amberg, the Rocket Bag gets its name from the bag’s side panels, which have a rocket shape on them (DUH!). The bag features anodized handles and metal feet on the bottom of the bag to allow it… Read More

  • Geared Keyboard Prevents Typos?

    Don’t you hate typos? Our editors like them – it gives them something to do – but the new Elecom TK-U09FG keyboard due for release next month in Japan might put them out of work. Instead of a standard or scissor action, each key is “geared”, meaning it’s got a pair of rack and pinions that make the key depress evenly across the face, so the center and… Read More

  • T-Mo Drops Two New Sexy, Sexy Samsungs

    T-Mobile just launched two slim Samsungs in a couple different configurations, the T619 clamshell, and the T629 slider. The mid-range phones share similar features, offering a 1.3 Megapixel cameras, Bluetooth, T-Mobile Web, and include Yahoo!, MSN, and AIM messengers. The T629 is basically T-Mobile’s version of Cingular’s D807, a fine phone indeed, and unlike the T619, the… Read More

  • Zune Caught

    Seattle must be dripping with Zunes because our Bothan spies – many of whom died while taking these pictures – grabbed a Zune in the wild. That’s right, folks. This little white Zune works, is ready to roll, and is probably in the shipping channel as we speak. I would estimate that these things will be in stores at the end of October or else the merry pranksters who sent us… Read More