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  • Xbox Live Features TGS And XO6

    Starting September 20th, Xbox Live has an answer for all of us game junkies who can’t afford to fly to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show. The Xbox Live community will be able to download tons of video game demos, videos and more stuff featured at TGS 06. That’s not all either: Xbox Live will also give users access to X06, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain. We’ve had this… Read More

  • Programmatically Fetch iTunes Album Art

    Pretty cool little hack. Jesper Nøhr created a perl library – and others have created Python and PHP versions – of a system to grab iTunes album art on the fly for almost any application. As an exercise for you, our readers, we encourage you to post links to amazing scripts you’ve written using this API. We might even make it a contest, so get cracking. Everyone is asleep… Read More

  • iSoundCap – Put Your iPod Nano In Your Hat

    Want to carry your iPod Nano along but think an arm-band or a necklace is too high-class for you? Then might we interest you in the $29.99 iSoundCap, a baseball cap with a slot in the back for an iPod Nano. The cap includes a sleeve for the iPod, a spool for the wires, and a white flare design on the bill. Just check out this lovely lady on the left for an example of how the iSoundCap will… Read More

  • Banksy's Paris Jam

    This isn’t quite gadgety, but it’s great video. This is artist Banksy’s jam on Paris Hilton’s new album, I Do Not Have an Anus, in which he places 500 disks with his own modified CD and booklet into stores around England. Great prank, even better social commentary. Video of Banksy’s Paris Hilton Jam [WoosterCollective] Read More

  • USB Card Reader with TV-Out

    <img src=" Pro), but also has a TV out function. Why? To display your pictures on your TV in case your camera doesn't have that ability. Unfortunately the device only supports JPEGs and not video, but has a 3×3 preview screen, slideshow, and works on NTSC as well as PAL. Rotate and zooming also supported, for some… Read More

  • Motorola to Acquire Symbol Technologies

    Motorola announced today that it would buy Symbol Technologies Inc. for $3.9 billion. The move will position Moto as the world’s largest seller of hand held bar-code scanners. The companies have had a close relationship for years, so this isn’t too much of a surprise. Nevertheless, the acquisition could beef up Motorola and aid their run at taking cell market dominance from Nokia. Read More

  • Crazy Newegg Deals – 99 Cent Promotion

    Newegg has an internal promotion going on right now, offering various small electronics for $0.99 after rebate. Some things were pretty cheap already, but at $0.99 you can afford to stock up on a few in case the ones you’re using now break. The items include a 2 gigabit ethernet adapter, Bluetooth dongle, USB 2.0 802.11b/g WiFi adapter, PCI Wireless Adapter, powered wireless antenna… Read More

  • The Temple of Nod Mod

    I don’t know what’s weirder: the fact that some of you geeks spend hours modding the cases of PCs that will be obsolete in 18 months, or that there isn’t a reality TV show on Bravo dedicated to it yet. Some case mods are just insane, and this, of the Temple of Nod from Command and Conquer, really is impressive. I tried my hand at model making about twenty years ago. It was… Read More

  • Key Finder Thing

    versions and shows you which keys it found on your disk. Might be a good way to backup your info, as necessary, and keep things on the legal.You could also potentially go into Best Buy, pop out your USB key, rock some warez. Retrieve Serial Numbers or CD Keys from your computer [Raymond] Read More

  • Creative Zen Vision:M Now $249

    Creative’s iPod competitor, the 30GB hard drive-based Zen Vision:M is now $249, down from $299. Wait, wasn’t another 30GB player also lowered from $299 to $249 recently? The ePod? iPard? We forget the name. In any case, this player is pretty decent for the people who want an alternative to the most popular MP3 player out there. You can even save another $15 when you buy it on… Read More

  • CrunchRace 2000

    You did it! We’ve hit 2000 comments. The race has spanned about a week and has racked up over 1000 comments. You’re all winners, but only one of you gets a Nano. And that person is Brooke who will receive a shiny new first-gen 4GB iPod Nano. We’ll be in touch shortly with details on how to claim your Nano. Special thanks to Apple for providing the prize. Now that the contest… Read More

  • Lost Your Cellphone? It Can Scream For You

    Ok, we’re not sure exactly how (or if) this works, but Synchronica has developed a way to make your stolen cellphone scream. And when we say scream, we mean scream. If you’re a customer of their Mobile Manager software, and your phone is stolen or lost, you can have them activate the theft feature. It locks your phone, deletes all personal information you’ve flagged as… Read More

  • T-Mobile Wins FCC Bandwidth Auction, Ready to Play

    Oh good gonanzas! Holy Zeta-Joneses! T-Mobile, you sneaky guys, you! What did they do, you ask? They went and bought tons of digital 3G PCS spectrum, sitting on the 1700MHz range like you knew what was coming. Read More

  • MacBook Update By Hanukkah?

    I’m not Jewish, but I certainly would love to play eDreidel on a refreshed MacBook Pro. It seems Apple is coming out with Intel Core 2 Duo MacBooks in a few months with an estimated Thanksgiving launch, just in time for the holidays. This could coincide – dare we say it – with the touchscreen, WiFi/Bluetooth iPod launch that has been floating around the Webernetic Mesh… Read More

  • CyberPower High-End Gaming PC Hands-on

    CyberPower PC lets you configure your very own high-end PC, and lets you do it at really good price (just a little bit more than you would pay for parts). I was skeptical at first, but CyberPower PC advertises in quite a bit of gaming publications, including PC Gamer. I decided to give it a shot and configure one. My specs (the stuff that counts) ran as follows: AMD 64 FX 62 Dual-Core… Read More

  • Nike MaxSight Lenses Released

    <img src=" (or less than perfect) vision. The lenses offer enhanced clarity, elimination of glare, and filter over 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB. Aimed mostly at the athletic audience, the MaxSight lenses also offer distortion free optics and the individual does not have to worry about fog or fit issues. Pretty… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Guitarhunting Skills Edition

    Enjoy this face-melting recap of yesterday’s stories: NES Controller Alarm Clock
    Heart-Shaped Digital Frame/Keychain Thing
    The Escopetarras
    MicroOptical myvu Made for iPod edition
    Digital Cuckoo Clock Read More

  • DigiMate III: USB Card Reader on Steroids

    USB card readers are handy, handy gadgets. You’ve got your cellphone, Treo, who-knows-how-many digital cameras (Five for yours truly), and they all take different types of removable media. Reading and writing data to these little silicon wafers is the job of your multi-card reader, but that’s about all it does. Enter the DigiMate III. It’s a USB-2 multi-card reader (SD… Read More

  • Zune Priced?

    Engadget got a scoop earlier that Wal-Mart had a page listing the Zune price at $284. This jives well with the projected $300 tag everyone was assuming. The page has been pulled, but not before screen captures were, well, captured. There is still no word on availablity, but I’m guessing November–and I base that on absolutely nothing. Wal-Mart leaks Zune price — $284? [Engadget] Read More

  • Heart-Shaped Digital Frame/Keychain Thing

    , but OMG these are so cute. Sure, they’re not for macho guys like us, but the girls who read CrunchGear, they like gadgets made for them, too. These little buddies can store up to 56 digital photos via USB from your computer, and you can scroll through to select the sweetheart of the week’s face, so every time you get into your Porche, there he/she/it is. They come in red, blue… Read More