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  • Sirius Stiletto 100 is Coming… Surprise

    Sirius officially announced today the Stiletto 100 portable satellite radio. This shouldn’t come as an surprise to anyone since we’ve been reporting on the Stiletto 100 for months now, but the officialy press acknowledgement signifies the impending release of the product. Sirius says that the Stiletto 100 will be available this month for an MSRP of $349.99. There are also kits… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: DVD Bites Dog Edition

    Run, yesterday’s stories are going to get you! Smack Talk Talks Smack
    Joel Johnson Launches Dethroner
    Lucky And Flo Are Coming For You, Digital Pirate
    The Skype Mouse Makes Its Entrance
    Name That Squid Update Read More

  • Everyone Stop Panicking, Sony Style Prices PS3 Games at $59.99

    seem to be a little premature. All the games on Sony Style, Sony’s official store, are priced at $59.99. Activision says their games are going to be $59.99, and other third parties may be even lower. So relax, PlayStation 3 games should be around the same price as Xbox 360 games. It’s possible that Blu-ray prices will keep PS3 discs a bit higher than Xbox 360 DVD discs, but those… Read More

  • Man Saves HP Laptop From Battery Fire

    Thanks, no doubt, to all the warnings about burning laptop batteries on the internet, a man knew exactly what to do with his HP notebook decided to catch a little fuego. We wouldn’t recommend following what he did, but as soon as he saw smoke he pulled out the battery and threw it outside into the parking lot. His quick thinking saved his laptop from total destruction, but still left… Read More

  • Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker

    , rocks you out in the reclining position. You can hook up your iPod, PSP, PS2, TV, or pretty much any device with the two RCA inputs. There’s even a strap and a place for your iPod to go, rendering it safe from any rocking of the literal and metaphorical sense that you may engage in whilst sitting in the chair. Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker [MacWorld] Read More

  • Sirius Launches Subscription Internet Radio Service

    There were rumors weeks ago that Sirius, the numero-uno satellite radio biz in America, would be branching out to Internet streaming it’s content. Today they went ahead and launched the service right under our noses. Starting at $12.95, the service allows you to listen to the majority of Sirius’s content on your desktop or laptop, via Windows Media. No word yet on if… Read More

  • Red Theivery Update: Prototypes Gone, Mysterium Sensors OK

    , makers of the Red One ultra-high-definition digital cinema camera. James Jannard, founder of the company, brings us this update via a post on DVX User: While items taken included many computers, drives, monitors, prototypes (including our “shiny” aluminum IBC prototype), ID files and our Scratch system… it appears that the thieves did NOT get any sensors, sensor information… Read More

  • Fuji FinePix F31FD has Hardware Face Detection

    Fuji’s FinePix F31FD helps focus your pictures on what’s usually the most important part of the shot, the face. The point-and-shoot has a hardware face detector that identifies and optimizes the shot within 0.05 seconds, much faster than traditional cameras. The camera also has a 3x optical zoom, a 2.5-inch LCD, and 30 FPS video capture. Nothing extraordinary except for the… Read More

  • 3jam Text Service Lets You Bug All Your Friends Simultaneously

    The SMS-based 3jam service lets you send a text to one number, which then gets multicast to everyone in that “group”. They’re free to use right now, and normal text messages still apply. But it’s one text per group, despite however many members you have in the group. There’s no obvious money-making model here right now, though there’s a great money-losing one. Read More

  • Core 2 Duo iMacs Shipping With pre-802.11n WiFi Cards?

    According to people who’ve installed Windows Vista on their new Core 2 Duo iMacs, the Microsoft OS identifies the wireless card as a Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter. If that’s true, it means Apple’s shipping pre-N gear without enabling it in OS X, something probably coming in the future via an update. There’s also been speculation that the Apple iTV set-top-box is… Read More

  • Kenpo's Spring Line of iPod Jackets

    Keep your iPod snug and protected while you’re out in the elements with this Kenpo iPod Jacket line for 2007. Available in various colors, but one style, the Jackets have iPod controls on the left sleeve so you can manage playback while concealing your player from the world. Useful for public transportation, the bad side of town, and public transportation through the bad side of… Read More

  • Smack Talk Talks Smack

    Alright, we know that one of the best things about playing online on Xbox 360 is telling someone how you “wtf? pwned” them. It’s like instant gratification. Digital Innovations has capitalized on this idea and created the GameDR Smack Talk, a device that talks smack with the push of a button. The Smack Talk plugs into the headphone jack of your Xbox 360 controller (it has its… Read More

  • Hauppauge's WinTV-HVR-950

    The WinTV-HVR-950, released by Hauppauge, is an easy-to-install USB2 receiver that lets you watch HDTV on the go. The WinTV-HVR-950 features analog cable TV, ATSC HD digital TV (the standard HD for North America), Hauppauge’s WinTV2000 application to watch and record TV in small or full screen and WinTV-Scheduler that lets you set recording times. The receiver also comes with an antenna… Read More

  • Sony Starts Interactive Commercials

    With all the ad-skipping PVRs out there, Sony has decided to start making interactive commercials for viewers who own PVRs. The commercial is actually for Sony’s Bravia televisions and offers viewers two pick one of two different endings – one for male and one for female. The question here is: Will interactive commercials actually get people to watch Sony’s commercials? Read More

  • Free Digital Life Tickets

    We’ve got some hot free tickets to the Digital Life in New York in October. If you’re in town, we’re planning a Meet-up for that week so we’ll keep you informed. Otherwise, visit this site and enter the code “INSIDER.” Please comment if you think you’d be interested in joining some CrunchGear editors for an evening of fun and frivolity in a Manhattan bar. Read More

  • Game On Comes Home

    Game On is the first major UK exhibition that lets the audience review the culture and history of video games. The video game exhibition has taken place in several different locations over the years including the most of Europe, Israel, Chicago, San Jose, Seattle and is now returning home to London. Game On doesn’t only showcase the new and upcoming games like most exhibitions and… Read More

  • TGS 06: Sony Debuts PSP GPS

    For the first time ever, the PSP’s new GPS receiver was out in the public at the Sony booth at Tokyo Game Show. According to Gamespot, there was no touching and no photography allowed of the actual GPS receiver. Gamespot also got some stats on the peripheral: The receiver is extremely compact at less than two square inches (45mm x 41mm x 17mm), meaning it’s a little bigger than… Read More

  • Canon Launches Portable Media Storage Devices

    Canon, makers of many things digital camera-centric, has launched a couple of new portable digital storage devices aimed squarely at photographers. More than just hard drives with batteries, the M30 and M80 feature a full-color LCD screen for previewing images, digital image zooming, SD and CF card slots, and even a headphone jack for MP3 playback. The internal hard drives are at 30GB and… Read More

  • IOGEAR Germ-Free Mouse Free Of Germs

    Yes! IOGEAR has finally made it safe to lick your friend’s mouse. That is of course if they are using the $39.95 Germ Free Wireless Laser Mouse, also to be known by its far-catchier name, the GME227RW6. The mouse has a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Silver (Ag) nano-particle compound on its surface that deactivates enzymes and proteins preventing bacteria, virus, fungi, and algae from… Read More

  • 1 Million For Wii

    Ron Bertram, vice president and general manager of Nintendo of Canada, has stated that one million Wii consoles will be available for the North American launch on November 19. Previously, Nintendo has stated that they will have four million units shipped out before the end of the year, but never announced where the consoles would be available. Along with the consoles, Nintendo has stated that… Read More