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  • New Griffin iPod Accessories Announced

    I don’t own an iPod, and it’s very rare that I regret having bought a Creative Zen Vision: M–today is no different. Griffin has announced yet more iPod accessories, and these things are just plain goofy. First up, the iKaraoke. That’s right, now you can dub out the original lyrics of a song with your beautiful voice and broadcast it to the world with the included FM… Read More

  • Splashpower Gives You Wireless Recharging For Your Portable Gear

    toothbrushes charge themselves, by inductance. We’ll save you the Physics 101 lecture and just note that inductance allows you to transfer power via electromagnetism, which means no wire necessary. The one caveat is that only devices that support a SplashModule power receiver can be charged this way. Nevertheless, if more devices support this type of charging, you can have one central… Read More

  • The New iPod Nano Ad: In Color

    Apple’s new iPod Nano ad stresses the fact that it’s in color with streaks of blue, pink and green, not to mention a little silver. They couldn’t very well streak the 8GB black though, so keep in mind there are five different colors, not four, for the updated iPod Nano. People who attended the event yesterday tell us that the bus station ads were already up by the time the… Read More

  • iRiver S10 Is Actually Pretty Neat

    The day after Apple’s big announcement, that showcased several new products, including a new iPod shuffle, comes an announcement from iRiver of their new S10 model MP3 player. It’s about the same size as the Shuffle, but it actually has an LCD screen to display information. It has a capacity of 2GB, the ability to display bitmaps and the capability to play ASF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis… Read More


    Yea that’s right, you too can now protect your most valuable possessions by the most Bond-esque means ever: the laser beam. It also features, secret codes and biometric thumbprint recognition. Feeling safe yet? Yea, well there is a catch. The safe runs on 3 AA batteries and is made of plastic, so if you can’t wait for the batteries to run out so that you can plunder its cache, you… Read More

  • The Hard Drive Is 50 Today

    It was 50 years ago today, that IBM launched their RAMAC (Random Access Memory for Accounting and Control) 305 and RAMAC 350. The RAMAC systems were IBM’s first attempt to store information on a disk. The original hard drive even had a party Tuesday night in its honor, and the museum that is housing it currently says that they want to restore the RAMAC to working condition. I have no… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: More Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Some notable news items from yesterday: Nokia N-Gage
    Europeans Testing Hijack-proof Airplane
    Parrot NOMAD Bluetooth Speakerphone
    Uniden UDC-7M Announced
    It’s Showtime! Read More

  • State of the CTIA Union

    Hidey Ho. It’s about 3pm in LA right now and we’re winding down from a whirlwind of meetings that started early this morning. Add in the Apple announcements – meh except for the iTV – and the Crunchsters are beat! Read More

  • Penthouse Coming To Cellphones

    Porn publishing giant, Penthouse, announced today that they will begin offering mobile content throughout the Americas and Europe. This content will include games, editorials, audio and video clips, and (duh) pictures. There will even be a new mobileTV channel for the service. They’re saying that it will become available in the next couple of months. I can’t wait to be riding the… Read More

  • QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video

    QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video Quick update on QuickPlayer. The service should be supporting VGA video streaming in the next few months with interestin content from major players including most news channels and ESPN, MTV, and E! Networks. The audiocast quality was quite good but they weren’t ready to show off the video yet. They will roll out streaming video along the… Read More

  • Europeans Testing Hijack-proof Airplane

    Engineers in Europe have begun testing a “hijack-proof” airplane that is supposed to be able to pay attention to suspicious passengers, keep track of the plane staff and even steer clear of tall buildings if a terrorist tries to pull that trick again. The program is called Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment (SAFEE) and BAE Systems is in charge of the endeavor. Read More

  • Panasonic Toughbook Line With WAN

    Just got a good look at the Toughbook line from Panasonic. I’ve always liked these things – nice round touchpad, great materials, excellent battery life – but take a look at this monster. This is the T5 ($1,899), an ultralight toughbook with touchscreen and – get this – a hand strap. You hold it like a book and rather than having a swivel screen, you just tap on… Read More

  • Lafayette Fiber Case Going to State Supreme Court

    Being from Louisiana, I kind of always thought of Lafayette as one of the most backward cities in the country. The only reason I ever went there was for the cheap booze (did I mention that I’m from Louisiana?). So why am I excited to hear the latest news coming out of the ass-crack of the south? The city has been trying to get fiber run citywide for over a year now, and the guys in… Read More

  • NETGEAR Ships WiFi Skype-enabled SPH101

    Netgear announced today that it has begun shipping preorders of the SPH101, its WiFi Skype phone. They’ll also be shipping to retailers soon. It’s a pretty sweet little phone, too, with a TFT display and no extra software required. If you want to buy one, it’s going for a paltry $249.99. NETGEAR Ships SPH101 WiFi Phone for Skype in Volume [eHomeUpgrade] Read More

  • Sprint Aims for Kiddies with the Sanyo SCP-8400

    Sprint’s finally ready to release the Sanyo SCP-8400. The new phone has a high resolution 2″ QVGA screen, can play MP3/ACC, can take pictures at 1.3MP, and of course, is Bluetooth capable. The main feature that should compel the younger audience is the phone’s ability to download and stream music and video from Sprint’s Power Vision network–I’ve never used… Read More

  • Nokia N-Gage

    Live at CTIA Wireless in Los Angeles, Ca, we just got word that Nokia is releasing the N-Gage. The phone, along with games, will feature public chat, online gaming and a marketplace to download more games. Curious, are you? Check out the video for more information! Nokia CTIA Wireless Read More

  • QuickPlayer for BlackBerry Attracts Media

    Deep breath The Apple event has hardly ended and already we’re knee deep in correspondences from CTIA. What a day! Alright so here is what’s next. QuickPlayer Media Inc., has announced the first round of media partners for its QuickPlayer for BlackBerry application. The QuickPlayer allows for the delivery of streamed audiocasts to BlackBerry devices. It is supported by the… Read More

  • It's Showtime!

    Well the moment has finally arrived, It’s Showtime!. The red carpet is unfurled and Steve Jobs is on stage in the Yerba Buena Center for Arts and Theater. The speculation can finally end. Edit: I’m curious to hear what you all think of today’s announcements. Here is your chance to rack up some comments for our Race to 2000 in talkback. Our pictures are now added below the drop. Read More

  • HP: Dunn Out, Hurd In

    Hewlett-Packard announced today that chairwoman Patricia Dunn would be replaced by CEO Mark Hurd. The move comes on the heels of a scandal that involved corporate spying, mud flinging and all sorts of other nastiness. The replacement will take place on January 18, 2007. Patricia Dunn to Remain HP Chairman Through January 2007 Board Meeting; Board Appoints Mark Hurd As Successor Read More

  • Palm 750 Unveiled

    Palm just unveiled the 750, a new smartphone, in Europe for sale from Vodaphone. We’ll have exclusive video and images of it in an hour. Today, Palm unveiled the first of those devices. The 750v, which looks like a slicker, antenna-less version of its predecessors, will run on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform and will only be sold to Vodafone wireless subscribers in Europe. Read More