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  • Buzzkilling Digital Piggy Bank

    The Pig E Bank takes all the mystery (and, thereby, the fun) out of your kid’s stash by telling them exactly how much money it contains at any given time, which is a very 21st century way to teach your young ones that life ain’t nothin’ but bitches n’ money (you’ll have to figure out the “bitches” part on your own). Instead of the traditional breaking… Read More

  • Samsung Debuts Folding Atrocity, Outrages the Omniscient

    This new device from Samsung is an abomination before God. Somewhere in Duder-onimy, God said with a fury that a laptop shalt not lie down with a cellphone as a cellphone lies down with a PDA. This is not as God intended, read your Bible. Also, you’ll find no mention of the platypus, likewise an abomination. It is kind of neat, though. The P9000 is an ultra-portable origami-esque Windows… Read More

  • Elecom iPod Dock

    For those who don’t want big, expensive iPod speakers laying around and taking up space, Elecom has a small alternative—the ASP-P100. Elecom’s ASP-P100 iPod dock features two built-in 1-watt speakers. The iPod dock connects via USB and operates using four AAA batteries. I’m not sure who keeps buying all of these iPod docks (or why I have to keep writing about them), but… Read More

  • Britain's Tovo Debuts GSM/WiFi Handset for the Masses

    <img src=" phone. That's Tesco, it's a supermarket. And somehow it got its mits on this little bugger as an exclusive for now. It's a standard (if somewhat fugly) GSM phone, even including a camera. But the WiFi chipset is what makes this handset stand out. Not because it's the first or only GSM/WiFi phone… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Ad In High Definition-Still Doesn't Make Sense

    From kids on rooftops to creepy looking babies, Sony’s engraved new odd images into our minds. The new European Sony PlayStation 3 ad takes you into an indoor environment—an exploding indoor environment, that is. I’m not sure why the old lady is so happy, maybe she’s like the director of these ads—freakin’ insane. And what’s with the random animals… Read More

  • HP Unleashes 30-Inch LCD

    Welcome to the 30-inch LCD age, where HP has just joined the fray against Dell and Apple. HP’s new display has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 2560 x 1600 pixels and 178 x 178 degree viewing angles. The LP3065 also has three dual-link DVI-D inputs and two dual-link DVI cables. It’s available direct from HP for $1,699 and is expected to ship on-or-around Nov. 11. If you’re in the… Read More

  • Play Guitar Hero 2 With Elmo

    Every so often a game comes around that stops gamers from arguing about which console is better, and immerses them in pure fun. Guitar Hero 2 (which released today), is one of those games. So what happens when you want your 2-year old to get into the game? You simply make her an Elmo-modded Guitar Hero controller. Using the circuitry of a PlayStation 1 controller, Mike Smith spent a few… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Reaches for 70GB?

    There was a lot of clamor a few weeks back about a larger capacity Xbox 360 hard drive. While there was never really any doubt that Microsoft would indeed soon release a hard drive with an increased capacity, those initial spy photos were ten kinds of fuzzy and thus not very intriguing. Today, however, the pics have surfaced that clearly indicate a 70GB Xbox 360 drive. A larger capacity… Read More

  • Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player Hangs On Wall, Plays CDs

    There’s something about the simplicity of this CD player that I totally dig. Just pop on a disc and pull the string to set it playing. The speakers are built in to the frame and additional controls are up on top. At $199 you can either consider it an overpriced piece of antiquated stereo equipment or a functional piece of art (I’m going with the latter).
    Muji Wall Mountable CD… Read More

  • Coming Soon: HD DVD Ads

    AdJab reports that the first advertising is now being integrated into HD DVD. Consumers who purchase “The Fast and th Furious: Tokyo Drift” (I guess someone might have liked it) will be treated to a new advertising option courtesy of Progressive Insurance. Those who choose so, can enable a feature that keeps a running tally of car damage throughout the movie. This isn’t… Read More

  • Samsung Warns Of Electronics Revolution, Hosting Summit To Discuss Tactics

    Well we all knew it would happen sooner or later. The electronics that have made our lives easier, safer, richer, happier, excitier, have finally had enough of us not giving them the respect they deserve and are organizing a revolution. Samsung is preparing a first strike though and has organized the first US summit to make sure we’re prepared for the ensuing Armageddon. You can… Read More

  • It's Bluetooth Music Month!

    In case you’re one of the two people on this planet that hasn’t heard, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has declared November “Bluetooth Music Month.” What should you do to celebrate? Well you should start by buying yourself a cell phone with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) that lets you download songs to your phone and listen to… Read More

  • Cellphone Garter for Sexy, Sexy Geeks, Lonely Girls, Your Realdoll

    This is a garter with a slim pocket for cellphones. That is all this is. We’re not sure who this is for. We’re not sure who would buy this for themselves. Even more, we’re not sure who’d buy this as a gift. But we’re sure they’re out there. They must be, but we just hope we never, ever meet them. That is all we have to say about this item. Garter maker… Read More

  • MacBooks To Get Core 2 Duo Treatment

    , so it’s not totally suprising. But what’s interesting is that only the high-end 2GHz MacBooks are featured, meaning that they will likely be the only models bumped. The 1.83GHz model is still use a regular Core Duo. This makes the high-end MacBooks true prosumer laptops, in both black and white. What’s even nicer is that the 2GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD-sporting MacBook will be… Read More

  • Belkin Drops Gobs of Zune Accessories

    With the launch of Microsoft’s Zune imminent, it’s a surprise we haven’t seen more Zune accessories yet. Belkin, at least, is on the ball—or on the Zune. It’s announced a bunch of Zune accessories that anyone with an iPod should be familiar with. Most expensive amongst accessories is is the TuneBase FM Transmitter for Zune. It’ll retail for $79.99. The… Read More

  • Sprint Gets a SLVR, Calls it MOTOSLVR

    Sprint and Motorola seem to be new friends, as the carrier is now selling Motorola’s popular SLVR under the MOTOSLVR name. The SLVR is Moto’s RAZRed-up candybar phone, with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, and MicroSD. The slim phone also supports Sprint’s TV service, but will anyone watch it on such a small screen? We doubt it. Just yesterday Sprint launched its version of the… Read More

  • YouTube To Go Mobile With Verizon?

    I reported last week that YouTube founder Chad Hurley stated his ambitions for making YouTube mobile by the end of 2007. Well it now appears that the internet video giant might be inching closer to that goal quicker than it had anticipated. Reuters this morning ran a piece speculating that YouTube might soon be penning a deal with Verizon to deliver its videos to Verizon phones. It does… Read More

  • Kanguru Bio Slider II USB Drive Reads Your Fingerprints So You Don't Have To

    The Kanguru Bio Slider II USB drive has a finger/thumbprint reader on its shell to keep your data safe. Nothing really too new about it, though; it just sounds like the company made it a bit easier to set up and used a more up-to-date 500-DPI sensor for an “extremely low false acceptance rate.” I’d rather have no false positives, but I guess I’m being too picky. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Acquires UIQ Technology

    <img src=" used by Sony Ericsson in most of their smartphones. This isn't earth shattering in any respect but it's quite a move by a company that is mostly involved in the hardware side of things. Looks like either things are speeding up in the UIQ front or S-E is just in an acquiring mood. Sony Ericsson to acquire… Read More

  • OQO Not Dead Yet, Shows Up In First Retail Location

    After the initial burst of excitement, I had all but forgotten about the little OQO Model 01+. (You know, out of sight, out of mind.) Anyhoo, the world’s smallest fully-functional Windows XP computer will make its retail debut this holiday season at RCS Experience in New York City. According to the press release “RCS Experience is renowned for its merchandising expertise in… Read More