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  • Microsoft to Ship All Versions of Vista on a Single DVD

    Microsoft has confirmed that all versions of Vista will be included on one DVD. The feature, called Windows Anytime Upgrade, is intended to enable users to more readily upgrade to a “better” version of the OS. Users will be able to move up by simply purchasing a new product key. This is probably a pretty good idea. Not only does it cutdown on the overhead of packaging, it will… Read More

  • Stop Buying Petrol… and Start Wasting Money

    It’s not every day that we get scams wrapped in press releases. Scammers usually try to use more obtuse methods of spreading the good news like flyers posted to lampposts and stickers on cars that say “Sell Herbalife and Make $5 billion! I did!” However, this RamJet crap is quite an old scam and even includes a helpful book on how to “How To Develop Fuel For As Low As… Read More

  • Windows Media Player 11: DRM Out the Arse

    We like knee-jerk reactions to DRM – it kind of makes us think we’re running a political blog – but unfortunately the Inquirer is pretty much spot on. In short, WMP11 is probably some of the most draconian DRM we’ve come across to date. Let’s start with the inability to back-up music licenses. The licenses are tied to a single machine, so if you drag your… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: An Extra Twenty Edition

    Take a gander at these fantastic stories: Using Google to Take Over ATMs Is Easier Than It Sounds
    OCZ Roadster
    Sizeasy Makes Sizing Easy
    RoombaCtrl Controls Your Roomba With Your Cell Phone
    Motorola Vending Machines
    Name that Squid (CrunchGear contest) Read More

  • Blaupunkt Drops Two Gadgety Car Decks

    We’ve seen iPod connectors, sure, but Blaupunkt looks to be wanting to make our little white-or-black friends obsolete. Two of their new car decks incorporate some high-tech, gadget-friendly features that really do make the iconic portable media devices redundant. The Memphis MP66 and the St. Louis MP56 both feature digital AM/FM, full-graphic displays, and six-band parametric EQs… Read More

  • Zune vs. iPod: Tale of the Tape

    When there’s a fight, we go crazy. Blake here at Crunch Gear has been running a cockfighting league in his basement for three years now, just for the conflict. It makes good money, sure, but nothing’s better than putting two prime competitors head-to-head, mano-a-mano and letting them slug it out. And that’s what Michael at My Tech Lists did with the Zune and the iPod. He… Read More

  • Dell Woos US Army

    Dell’s exploding laptops were enough to attract at least one buyer. The manufacturer has signed a contract to provide up to $5 billion worth of materials to the US Army. The new contract is an expansion on a 2001 contract worth $300 million. Dell will provide the army with desktops, notebooks, displaysm printers and peripherals for three years, but the contract can be extended up to… Read More

  • Using Google to Take Over ATMs Is Easier Than It Sounds

    We’d never advocate going out and stealing money from ATMs (edit: But I don’t have a problem with it. – Blake), but we would warn ATM manufacturers that, armed with Google and a little patience and ingenuity, it’s fairly easy to do, especially if the machine is the fairly common Tanax Mini-Bank 1500. You might recall the story of the man last week in Virginia Beach, VA… Read More

  • Moto-i880-Ready-to-Rola

    <img src=" (the Nextel side, see) via Boost (most likely), this larger-than-average handset features MP3 playback with stereo speakers, Bluetooth, a 2.0MP camera, MicroSD, dual color displays, PTT, GPS and WiDEN for fast, fast mobile data. Though this phone hasn't been announced officially, it's been listed as passed… Read More

  • OCZ Roadster

    OCZ Technology has announced a tiny USB jump drive called the OCZ Roadster. It will be available with a 1GB capacity. As you can see, it functions with a folding mechanism and has an eyelet for a lanyard or keychain. No word on pricing or availablity, but expect it soon. Roadster super small USB flash drive [uber gizmo] Read More

  • Sizeasy Makes Sizing Easy

    Here is a problem that plagues me pretty frequently. With all the product information we sort through here, dimensions can be some of the most arbitrary. Saying that something is 90mm long really doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Enter Sizeasy. This website allows users to input various dimensions that are then sized to scale with proportions held against other objects like playing… Read More

  • JVC VCR Lets You Shine Shi… Uh, VHS

    Don’t throw away that VHS copy of Animal House yet, brother. You can now watch it on your High Definition TV without wanting to scream bloddy murder. Or so they say, “they” being JVC. The new JVC DR-MV7S DVD/VHS can apparently use Voodoo to up-convert your old VHS tapes to 1080i or 720p for viewing on your HDTV via HDMI. No, really. We’re not sure if this works, but if… Read More

  • 80GB iPod Unboxing

    Can’t afford an 80GB iPod? Already have a 5G iPod? Like watching people unwrap stuff? Here you go. Try not to drool too much at the even-shinier-than-before back. Partner this with the Sonnet Votla and you can fill your entire day with episodes of 24 downloaded from iTunes. iPod Video 80GB [gadgets FosFor] Read More

  • The Pod is a Bean Bag For Your Camera

    Is your camera lazy? Did it move home after college, promising to find a job but has just been bumming around with his High School friends (Pointy, Shooty and Dessler) for 8 months? Get him The Pod, which is a poor man’s tripod in the shape of a bean bag. The platform is just a nylon bag that has a slip-proof base that mounts on uneven surfaces to give you shots more pop and less shake. Read More

  • A Diva We Actually Care For

    Last night, we watched America’s Next Top Model, and it was good. One of the themes of the show was stereotypes, specifically the “diva” stereotype. We hate divas. Self-important is a horrible way to live. Unless, of course, you’re these sexy new Diva 2.1 speakers from Miglia. The aluminum tubes offer room-filling audio for your computer or iPod (or Zune) in a small… Read More

  • RoombaCtrl Controls Your Roomba With Your Cell Phone

    Oh yes. Now you can override the self-navigating Roomba controls with your own. Use your ham-covered fingers to guide your robotic maid through your house, using nothing but a cellphone that’s Bluetooth and Java enabled. Oh, and you also need a RooTooth device to connect to the Roomba to enable Bluetooth connecting on the Roomba. Check out the movie to see a demo of it in… Read More

  • iKEY Plus

    The iKEY Plus is a portable audio recording solution. It can record in uncompressed WAV or MP3, with bitrates up to 320kbps. There is a backward compatible USB 2.0 on the side that allows it to record to any external USB storage device.
    It also features a 6-bar VU meter, overload indicator, phono pre-amp and an LED to indicate how much space your storage device has left. Unfortunately, it only… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Launches Music Store

    <img src=" label out of Europe. Because it only works on unlocked phones, expect M-Buzz to be for our friends across the pond first, with a rollout here sometime next year with carrier endorsement (read: Cingular). There are hints that M-Buzz will be for more than music downloads, but we're not sure exactly what that means. Read More

  • Manta TR1 Allows Apple Remotes On All Macs

    Envious of your friends and their new iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the Apple remote? If you get the $16 Manta TR1 IR receiver, you can control any Mac with the Apple Remote. The device connects via USB, and can be hidden out of sight to not clutter up your desk. There’s also an IR expander in case you want to do IR transmitting or IR blasting. As of right now, the transmitter… Read More

  • Nokia Drops Busy 3G Euro Slider, May Be State-bound

    Nokia has unloaded a new phone in Europe today that we should see making it’s way to Cingular here in the states. The 6288 is a small slider chock-full of prime 3G features, and comes in black or white (Hello, Apple’s using color now, duh). You start off with UMTS and a QVGA 320 x 240 screen, then add a 2MP camera with flash to the back, give it dedicated zoom and photo controls… Read More