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  • No-contact Shock Jacket If you’re paranoid about prying hands, then consider the No-contact. The jacket utilizes a 9-volt battery to deliver 80,000 volts to anyone who touches you while the jacket is armed. There is a key mechanism that engages the system. A rubberized layer prevents it… Read More

  • trioBike Gets Versatile

    Here’s on e for the favorite yuppie parent in your life. The trioBike is a bike with a built-on stroller. The stroller can be driven by the bike like a kiddie rickshaw, or it can be detached and strolled about old school. Either way, the system doesn’t seem like a horrible idea. At least, not if you can afford the $3319 price tag. Is it just me or does the stroller look sort of like… Read More

  • Wii Teardown

    Semiconductor Insights tore up their Wii and offered a delightful voice-over describing the consoles various goodnesses. Read More

  • Blu-Ray Playback Problems With PlayStation 3

    In the past few years, consoles have had some serious issues when they first launch, and the PlayStation 3 is no different. The PS3 is currently having problems with high definition scaling. If you don’t have a HDTV that supports 1080p, the console sets itself to output 1080i, which leads to a picture that looks basically like a normal DVD. My PS3 is set to output 720p, yet, when I tried… Read More

  • CrunchGear Dash Contest Vote-Off

    The Dash Detox Contest is officially over and here are our six entries made by five entrants. Here’s how we’ll do this. You will vote on each entrant, not their specific entries. Judge on humor, creativity, and usefulness. Who, in this case, is your favorite director. Gaming the system is prohibited, but if you want to get your friends to vote en masse, go ahead. This is supposed to… Read More

  • Just Don’t Use Craigslist To Sell Your PS3, Ok?

    OK, it goes without saying that the online listings service known as Craigslist is already shady enough. You should know better not to put an over-inflated console up for sale and not to meet the guy who wants to buy it at 1AM. Some jackass in La Palma, CA did just that and ended up getting pepper sprayed and then having his PS3s stolen. Next time you want to sell a console for $5000 dude, do… Read More

  • IXOS Disco Cube Gets Down Tonight

    If you used to be into prog rock then moved on to disco, boy have we got the product for you. The IXOS Disco Cube is a pretty rad looking cube with multiple colored sides that will flash lights to the beat of your music when synced up to your iPod. Though it’s a bit expensive at $142, think about how relaxing this will be when you take your next acid trip while listening to the 180th… Read More

  • Verizon Gets Windows Mobile for New Clamshell Smartphone

    <img src=" Trek, the 802 has most of the same features as the GSM phone: a 320×240 main screen, full color secondary screen, Bluetooth, microSD, 1.3-megapixel camera, and a slim flip form factor. The Pantech, however, also includes EV-DO for wireless broadband, at speeds that smoke the 3125's EDGE speeds. While a… Read More

  • Pixma MP600 Video Review

    Hottech at G4 TV has a video review of the new Canon Pixma MP600 printer. The All-In-One printer features an easy-scroll wheel that lets you select options via a color LCD. It can also print lab quality photos with Canon’s ChromaLife100 technology. Product Page [via Hottech] Read More

  • Bow to Your New Banking Robotic Master

    We love robots. We really do. And we don’t just say that so that our asses are covered when we’re forced to serve mechanical overlords—we’re saying it from years of experience with Transformers. Robots can be helpful, like this Talking Robot Bank from Sharper Image. This robotic assistant is a piggy bank that features the grim visage of a destructive droid that… Read More

  • Smokeless Ashtray Powered by USB, Guilt

    Smokeless ashtrays have been with us for a few years, they’re not new. By using either air convection or ionic attraction, they suck up the excess smoke caused by your cigarette to keep it from affecting those around your (or your PC). What is new is this USB-powered smokeless ashtray. It seems rather clear that this thing is geared toward old-school Unix programmers, as they tend to… Read More

  • Keep Your Crap In Order With Flic

    Not to be confused with a popular photo-sharing service, Flic is a sweet little $200 gadget that will really make the movie or CD lover in your inner circle gleam with happiness. Though a bit costly, what Flic can do is invaluable to those of you with a big CD or DVD collection. Basically, you just scan barcodes on the back of your stuff with Flic then use the accompanying software to organize… Read More

  • EV-DO Thrashing WCDMA

    Chetan Sharma at GigaOM has put together an article explicating the current divide between EV-DO and WCDMA. It finds, unsurprisingly, that EV-DO is currently “ahead by a mile.” According to the piece, EV-DO coverage is bordering national availability, while Cingular only blankets 52 major markets across 28 states, which equates to just 50% of the market. It also finds that there… Read More

  • Windows Turns 21 Years Old, Crashes 25m Times A Day

    Love it or hate it, you and I both know that Microsoft Windows is the world’s #1 desktop operating system. Today Windows turns 21 years old and to celebrate, we’re taking it out to the local pub to get hammered. Connected Internet has put together a great list of facts about Windows to celebrate its birthday. Some highlights include: “Between 1986 and 1996… Read More

  • For The Price Of An Actual Kia, You Can Pretend To Drive One

    Check it. Above is a picture of the Home Pro Racing Simulator. For the exorbitant price of $3999, you get that sweet chair with all the fixings, a 1000-watt 5.1 Dolby sound system, and a steering wheel. Nope, that TV doesn’t come with it, so be prepared to bring your own. You’d think for a price like $4,000, you’d get at least some kind of cheap, no-name 42-inch plasma with it. Read More

  • Wiimote Smashes TV?

    According to Engadget, some Goon was bowling in Wii Sports when disaster struck. The controller strap purportedly snapped and the Wiimote went sailing into his 60-inch TV. As you can see, the TV didn’t withstand the blow very well. I’ve been playing Wii Sports for the past day and this seems to me an unlikely scenario. While you do indeed swing the controller around wildly… Read More

  • PopSci Breaks Its Wii

    So aside from this article’s title sounding completely ridiculous, PopSci did some shit that is going to make you Nintendo Fanboys cringe in pain: They broke their brand new Nintendo Wii after a few hours with it. Naturally, the peeps over at PopSci wanted to get down and dirty with the Wii and check out its guts. Unfortunately for them, Nintendo decided to use proprietary screws on… Read More

  • Wave-on 5.1-surround Headphones

    The AON MDH-501H/D headphones from Wave-on offer 5.1 stereo surround in what is probably the largest headphones ever conceived. The unit comes with a dolby decoder that supports SPDIF/Optical. Seriously, look at the size of these things. It looks as if the setup is aimed at gamers, but I suspect you could cause neck trauma by wearing them for too long. It will be available later this month… Read More

  • Dude Installs Linux On PS3, Doesn’t Dig Games Apparently

    We all knew it was a matter of time before that one guy got his mitts on a PS3 and spent all afternoon trying to get Linux on it. Well there’s now a video on YouTube that looks pretty legit (although let’s face it, it could easily just be thrown together) showing Linux being run on the PS3. Looks pretty easy to boot into it too, as the guy just changed an option in the menu and… Read More

  • LG VX9900 enV Coming to Verizon

    According to Gizmodo, the LG VX9900, apparently dubbed the enV, is set to drop on November 27. The smartphone features a 2.0-megapixel camera, EV-DO, VZNavigator, microSD and dual stereo speakers. Rumors set retail price at $320, but you can knock that down to a more realistic $150 if you’re willing to pawn off two years of your life to Verizon. LG VX9900 QWERTY Smartphone… [Gizmodo] Read More