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  • QuickerTek MacBook Connect: More Better Wireless For Your Apple Notebook

    The QuickerTek Connect Wi-Fi amplifier claims to provide a faster and stronger wireless signal to your Apple MacBook without wires. The device attaches or sits next to your MacBook (there are versions for older Apple laptops as well) and boosts the signal of the internal AirPort card to “five times the standard wireless range.” The $200 Connect (yes, it’s $200, so you got… Read More

  • Cellphone Boom-Times are Over

    It was a good run, guys, but the days of huge phone sales are over. Go ahead, Motorola. Pack up those plans for the Moto WAFR and the WLHNG. Nokia: scrap the 81294 with WiFi, a sense of self, and a drink dispenser. Folks just want a damn phone, not a mini triage unit. This news comes to us from Informa Telecoms and Media, a polling firm that believes that it will be harder and harder to… Read More

  • Ultimate Game Chair

    This is something the boys on South Park could have used last night for their seven week WoW marathon. The Ultimate Game Chair 12 vibration motors that synchronize with gaming rumbles. It also has integrated 3D stereo speakers ground effects lighting. It will be available later this month for $399. And for those of you who don’t need vinyl leather or the kick out foot rest, the Raptor… Read More

  • Gates and Ballmer Get Bonus Cut, Blame Vista

    In an all but unreadable stat burp from Bloomberg, we learn that Stevie and Bill are getting a 13% bonus cut this year, giving them $350,000 each in walking around money. The boys earned $616,667 last year, which means they’re going to Disney this holiday. Shares fell 6.2 percent this prior fiscal year due to XBox and Vista issues and, interestingly enough, the average signing bonus for… Read More

  • T-Mobile Launches New Samsung Phones

    We reported recently that T-Mobile would be launching two new Samsung phones. Today it’s become official—T-Mobile and Samsung have launched the t629 slider and the t619 clamshell. Both phones have 1.3MP cameras and EDGE connectivity. The t629 has a microSD slot and it’s available for $249.99 or $149.99 with two year contract, while the t619 is available for $199.99 or $49.99… Read More

  • Fanatec Heäd$h0t is the Most Feature Heavy Mouse and Mousepad Ever

    USB hub, which means it needs an AC adapter. You snap on the plastic arch, which holds the old school telephone receiver-style cord of the mouse in place. The mouse itself has a really wide wing on the right to keep your ring and pinkie finger on the mouse as you move it, and you can even adjust the mouse’s width if one of your parents passed on the “gorilla hands” gene. Read More

  • Credit Cards Required to Play Demo Wii at Gamestop

    . Apparently they tried tethering these wireless controllers, but the experience just wasn’t the same and it just made people cry. In unrelated news, Gamestop is not selling Zune games, assuming the Zune plays games, and Sony sucks the big rock because they didn’t give out enough schwag at the annual Gamestop manager’s conference. Kiosk To Require Credit Card? [Kotaku] Read More

  • Skype to YouTube Us All

    The Venice Project, a secretive product by Skype founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom that launched, in beta, this year is nearing completion and BusinessWeek is reporting that it is essentially YouTube with fancy, professional content. That’s right: no more diet Coke and Mentos videos. The Venice Project is currently trying to convince a range of small, medium, and large media and… Read More

  • Phantom to Show Product Next Week, This Time Wants Your Lap

    via a download-and-play model. Needless to say, I’m fairly skeptical of anything that comes out of this chip shop. So what do we have now? They’re releasing some sort of “lap board” for playing games while you sit on the couch. So, let’s recap: from earth-shattering super console that could cure cancer in puppies and allow you to play Halo IV in the original… Read More

  • Microsoft Readies Vista for Piracy Wars

    Besides an advanced graphics engine, a new file browsing technology, and an updated interface, the next version of Windows may make some computers almost completely useless. So let’s say you’re one of those nefarious types who likes to install Windows but doesn’t like to pay money for it. You’d be branded a pirate, Jolly Roger or not. In the early days, you had the run… Read More

  • Logitech To Cool Sweaty Palms Of PS3 Users, Make America Safe

    The ChillStream controller for PS3 from Logitech features a built-in fan-based cooling system to keep even the sweatiest of your competitors from using that “hey, my hand slipped” excuse. The controller has three vents on each side pushing air directly onto your fingers and palms and can be set to high, low or off. Logitech also claims the fans are quiet during operation. Fans… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Emergency Landing Edition

    Enjoy a few recent highlights: Ring Hides Dirty Secret in Mobster Style
    Power Chute: Slows You Down to Speed You Up
    European Satellite To Solve Mysteries Of The Universe
    Renault Concept Car With Two iPod Docks
    Meet Your Future Stalker, Win Prizes On Read More

  • Ring Hides Dirty Secret in Mobster Style

    We’re not sure why this is called the Mullet Ring, but it’s certainly a “gentleman’s secret”. In side this so-gauche-it’s-cool gold pinky ring is entombed one blue Viagra pill. So when you’re acting like Joe Pesci and talking smack about your partner’s new ride, and you gesture with that pinky-ringed finger, you can literally wag your manhood in… Read More

  • Easy Recorder 2: Video On PSP Made Easy

    Hooray for more DVRs! The Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com, is geared mainly toward the PSP, though it can also function on any other device that can stream MPEG-4 from a Memory Stick Duo or PRO Duo. With that said, all you have to do is connect the Easy Recorder 2 to your TV via standard video inputs and it will directly record onto a Memory Stick Duo or PRO Duo. The $140 device… Read More

  • Zune With Cordless Headphones: File Next to Pigs, Flying

    A little bird sent us this clearly doctored image of a Zune with some mysterious “WiFi” headphones that apparently use a chip technology yet unknown to modern man to compress a DSP and Wi-Fi receiver into buds the size of an anal polyp. Please, friends, don’t be fooled – Microsoft could never come out with something this cool. Read More

  • ID Vault: Like A Tiny Safe In A USB Key

    If you’re not afraid of someone getting a hold of your personal financial information on the Internet, you should be. Cyber-criminals are everywhere: Starbucks, the library, next door, on the other side of the world, right behind you! Seriously though, if you’re saving all your bank account and credit card login information to your browser or typing them in manually, you’re… Read More

  • Power Chute: Slows You Down to Speed You Up

    Running as exercise has indeed come a long way from its roots a gazillion years ago. Most notably in the late seventies and early eighties with the first modern designs for running shoes and, more recently, with Nike’s shoes featuring iPod integration and bluetooth. But technological advances still take a backseat to tactical advances. The new Power Chute by Power Systesm (these guys… Read More

  • PSP Touch Screen

    The PSP TouchMe is a touch screen that connects to the PSP via USB and lies over the PSP’s original screen. TouchMe is homebrew-based device that will only work with specific homebrew software, so don’t expect to Sony to start licensing games that have touch screen compatibility. Cool either way though, right? The TouchMe mounts onto the PSP by screwing into the top of the PSP and… Read More

  • WoW Inflitrates South Park

    I wasn’t lying when I said this game was huge, so huge that World of Warcraft will be the theme around the South Park season premier airing tonight on Comedy Central. Don’t worry WoW players, it gets even better: Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of WoW, worked with Matt and Trey Parker for the WoW content that will be featured in the episode. I can’t wait! WoW… Read More

  • Real Voice-to-Voice Translator, It's Atsui (Hot)!

    Who knows how many lives this new Japanese-to-English voice translator will save at sketchy sushi joints? Developed by Sharp and IBM jointly, the PalmPilot-looking handheld listens to what you say, translates it, then “speaks” it back in Japanese. I certainly hope it works well, as comedic mishaps based on poor translations aren’t funny if they’re happening to… Read More