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  • No Components For 1080p

    Last week, we posted about how the Xbox 360 will support 1080p, upscale DVDs and upscale your games. We’ve recently learned that copyright restrictions on HD DVD don’t allow 1080p over component cables. AACS over HD DVD format doesn’t allow them to use the component cables for better output than 1080i. VGA is classified as “authorized computer monitor output”. Read More

  • Thomson PMP2516: Almost Cool

    Thomson China brings us this svelte and iPod-ish little DAP, the PMP2516. It’s compatible with pretty much any format you want, MP3, Mpeg 1-4, Jpeg photos, WMA, ASF, WMV, and WAV. The 2.5-inch LCD screen is just the right size for viewing, and this little guy even sports TV-out connectivity, which is nifty indeed. The features are rounded out with USB 2.0 and 1GB storage. Thomson PMP2516… Read More

  • Next Gen Gaming Reaches India

    On September 23, Indian gamers were finally introduced to next generation gaming. Microsoft decided to bring the Xbox 360 to India, making it available in a total of 31 countries. India will be receiving 25 initial launch titles, and will then have 7-10 games added monthly. Codemasters also has given a hand in developing Yuvraj Singh International Cricket 2007, with Indian gamers to be… Read More

  • HD DVD/Blu-ray Hybrid Discs Solves Next-Gen Media Crisis

    British company New Media Enterprises says they’ve made a technical breakthrough to allow multi-layered DVD discs to be produced at only 150% the cost of current generation DVD discs. These multi-layered discs can have both Blu-ray and HD DVD layers on it, rendering the format wars pretty much moot from a media standpoint. The company says they solved the problem of low yields, which… Read More

  • Intel has Four Cores Coming by November, 80 Cores in Five Years

    Good news for Intel fans. Not only did Intel CEO say their Core 2 Extreme processors with four cores will be available in November, he also said the Core 2 Quad for mainstream computers will be released sometime in Q1 2007. Even better news, he promises Intel will have an 80 core processor sometime in the next five years. Five! Intel also says the Quad core processors have 70 percent… Read More

  • Nokia Adds New Accessories to New Phone Frenzy

    the Internets today, and if you’re not overloaded on them yet, then feel free to look through its list of fancy new music-centric accessories for these phones. Besides decent features, they look sexier than most cellphone accessories.They range from standard headsets to desktop speakers, and were designed in conjunction with Sennheiser, and if you know anything about music gear, then… Read More

  • Blind Camera Takes Other Peoples Photos

    Here’s a pretty neat concept dreamed up by an artist/student named Sascha Pohflepp based in Berlin. His new project, named the Blind Camera doesn’t take pictures. It does take a record of what time you pressed its big red button. Then, it goes to the internet and searches for pictures taken at that same time. Maybe an hour later, or a couple of weeks later, when somebody… Read More

  • The Japanese MusicMug: DAP Speaker In A Mug

    Meet the MusicMug! It’s from Asia and it’s a mug! With a speaker! And a DAP jack! It plays your iPod’s music! It’s one of those things we probably won’t see here in the US, but, then, in this case, that’s OK by us. Really. It’s made of bone china, comes in black or white (like your iPod), and has a speaker concealed in the bottom. We’re not sure… Read More

  • Velocity Micro Announces Quad-core Workstations

    Along with other news coming out of the Intel Developer Forum today, Velocity Micro unveiled its updated ProMagix W160 workstation with Intel’s upcoming quad-core processor (code-named “Kentsfield”). What does this mean to the average consumer? Not a whole lot. But if you’re a day trader with massive spreadsheets and you like to listen to music, download pirated… Read More

  • GeoTagger: GPS Tagger For Photogs

    Jelbert, a group from the UK, knows that the only way to make vacation slide shows more boring, perhaps, is to include timestamps and GPS data along side photos. With the GeoTagger outfitted atop your camera via the flash shoe, not only will people be able to tell which beach you’re at, but exactly where on the beach, and at what time the photo was taken. OK, so it’s not really… Read More

  • Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

    Nintendo has already announced that the Wii will feature full online browsing capability via Opera web browser and its own internet channel for an optional fee. Opera Software today, announced that the software will be free for all Wii users until June 2007. After that, users will have to use Wii points, similar to Microsoft points, to buy the Opera web browser. The Opera web browser will… Read More

  • GTA Blamed In Another Court Case

    It seems as though we’re never going to get passed that whole “blaming actions on violent media outlet” phase. Just how many times can Marilyn Manson and Doom be blamed for things going extremely wrong? Back in 2004, Cody Posey was convicted of killing his father, stepmother and stepsister after years of mental and physical abuse. So what went on at Cody Posey’s… Read More

  • PepperPad 3 Pre-Happiness

    We got our hands on a PepperPad 3 last week and we just got the go-ahead to write about, so we decided to do a quick pre-review discussion and go into a full review later this week. The PepperPad 3 is an Internet tablet with Bluetooth, WiFi, a full QWERTY keyboard, and a Linux OS. It makes a great kitchen/living room computer and is excellent for web surfing and email.

    The reason… Read More

  • TGS 06: PSPs Go Silver

    Since Sony Europe had already announced the release of the pink PSP in October, Sony needed something new and fresh for their Playstation Portables at Tokyo Game Show this year. So Sony Japan announced that Japan will be getting a silver PSP. I’m not gonna lie–the silver PSP is hot! But this still doesn’t solve the bigger problem of, you know, the Nintendo DS owning the… Read More

  • Sony VAIO TX

    Sony announced today the addition of Sprint EV-DO service to its VAIO TX line. The ultra-portable TX will retain its other specs: 2.8-pound weight, XBRITE 11.1-inch widescreen, a DVD+R double layer/DVD+RW drive and an Intel Core Solo processor. The cases come in charcoal, platinum, sienna and slate blue. EV-DO enabled VAIO TX systems will be available in late September, starting at about $2,300. Read More

  • A Cavalcade of Nokias

    Just rolled in from this morning’s Nokia event where they unveiled a whole slew of phones. Many of them are retooled versions of the previous N-series – the N80i is an update N80 with better web software and the N91 8GB is an 8GB version of the 4GB N91 – but the rest of the phones are fairly compelling. BTW – Do not ask me what that Nokia car is about as I just took… Read More

  • Intel Challenges PC Designers To Think Small, Sexy

    PC branding campaign, Intel openly challenged PC designers and manufacturers worldwide to come up with the next generation of small-form-factor Media Center computers, ponying up $1 million to the winner. Dubbed ” The Intel Core Processor Challenge,” the grand prize winner gets up to $300,000 for mass production costs and $400,000 for co-marketing activities with Intel. The… Read More

  • Launched Treo 750v Gets Launch Date For Launch

    “Launched” can mean more than “available”, it seems. For example, the Treo 750v for Vodaphone was “launched” a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not “available”. See? But don’t worry, our lucky Eruo-bretheren, your new Treo is set to be “available” October 2, according to the Vodaphone official site. Unfortunately, the price… Read More

  • Battle Test: SanDisk Cruzer Titanium

    A few years ago I got a Lexar 2GB USB flash drive for Christmas. It came in a small, unattractive package and stood amongst other far more valuable items. In retrospect, it was probably one of the single greatest and most useful gifts that I’ve ever received. The drive stood with me through a lot and never once failed. Not even when I lost its cap and feared the USB slot would be damaged… Read More

  • Epson Photo Bank and PMP Stores, Displays Your Pictures

    <img src=", DivX, H.264, WMV, and MJPEG video. The display is pretty huge at 4 and 3.8-inches, and has a resolution of 640×480. It's pretty much a great photo dump and video player, if you fit yet another gadget into our camera bag. We may have to take out all this Jello Pudding. Damn it. The new Epson Photo Bank and… Read More