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  • Sony And Universal To Restrict Zune Sharing

    We all know by now that the Zune is certainly not the hottest DAP on the market. But after dealing with Microsoft and their “points” system and the crappy music store for Zune, we’re finding out that some of the songs you may have bought can’t be shared with other Zunes—not that you’d find another one near you anyways. The culprits? Sony and Universal. Read More

  • SFW: Sony's Blu-Ray Gives You Blu-Balls, No Hi-Def Porn

    As if Blu-Ray wasn’t in enough trouble as it is, Sony has said that it won’t allow its Blu-Ray disk reproduction subsidiary, Sony DADC Global, to reproduce adult content. Being that DADC is far and away the largest Blu-Ray disk factory around means that there will essentially be no porn on Blu-Ray. While we’re sure Sony is standing on some sort of moral ground here, its… Read More

  • Desk From The Future, I Salute You!

    We like The Future. Everything about The Future seems exciting, including desks. Yes, desks, as in Desks of The Future. What is so futuristic about this Herman Miller desk? It charges your gear, that’s what. Sure, you can get desks, or even lamps, with USB for charging your gadgets, but this desk doesn’t need that, instead using HyperVoodoo Mutli-scaling Active-charge… Read More

  • Blackjack Now Shipping with Extended Battery?

    We just received a tip that Samsung Blackjack’s are now shipping with both a regular battery and an extended battery. I sent an email to Samsung PR and they were unable to confirm this, but according to our tipster he ordered two Blackjacks from Cingular and both of them had one extended battery included with it. Has anyone else had this experience? (Thanks Zack!) Read More

  • Fox News, Cingular/AT&T Team Up to Spout Filth

    If you’re a right-leaning geek in need of your daily propaganda, you go to Fox News. But if you’re on the go, mobile web browsing might not cut it. That’s why you’ll want to dial #FOXN on your Cingular/AT&T phone to be connected to a live audio feed of the crap that comes out of their mouths. But it’s not free, O’Reilly. It’ll cost you $2.99 a… Read More

  • Solar Powered Whatever

    Solar energy is an awesome power source for gadgets, and chances are you’ve used it to power a handheld device before. Don’t believe me? Find a calculator. Of course, the electronics we drool over on this fabulous blog take quite a bit more juice than the standard number cruncher, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use our friend at the center of the system to… Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…Hump Day Part One

    It’s finally Wednesday, January 10. It’s my last day of meetings. Seven of them in a row starting bright and early with Akimbo and their CEO who’s named same as me. Put simply, Akimbo is a content provider. They deliver Web-based video to TVs. They’re not trying to replace broadcast, satellite, or cable TV, but offer options that are more tailored for your personal… Read More

  • Coby's PMP4330: Some Say "Meh", I say "Yeah!"

    I know Coby as the not-Sony brand of personal electronics I find at discount stores like BigLots. Its stuff tends to be cheaper-priced versions of big name’s products. But the quality is great. I have a region-free Coby DVD player I got for about $30 new, and it’s the best looking and sounding DVD player I’ve ever owned (out of the dozen or so). That’s why I’m… Read More

  • Cingular/AT&T Finally Drops Motorola KRZR

    to market. Cingy’s KRZR is the first GSM rendition of the RAZR successor to hit the streets in America, and its features are on par with its CDMA cousins, including a 2-Megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, and microSD. It also supports instant messaging for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! networks. We’d heard gossip that the phone would drop for Xmas, but for some reason Cingular waited until… Read More

  • AT&T/Cingular Intros New Landline to Mobile Calling Plans

    So now that Cingular is all AT&Tified, you can expect that things are going to change, hopefully for the better (as Cingular couldn’t get much worse). One change being brought about by the mothership is a new plan it’s calling AT&T Unity. Unity combines a customer’s wireless plan with their landline plan, allowing free calls between the two (if both of their plans are… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia Cell Phone

    I’m not really a fan of bright red devices, but from a technological standpoint, the Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia phone is certainly pretty hot. In addition to its red face, it features landscape video on its 3-inch widescreen display. It also has a TV tuner capable of time-shift video recording. All the other typical phone features are also there, including a 2-megapixel camera… Read More

  • Hitachi W51H Cell Has Sweet Screen

    The Hitachi W51H is a sexy beast. Its most notable feature is, without a doubt, its 2.9-inch 480 x 800-pixel display—the iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen that does 320 x 480. The W51H also has a fingerprint scanner, a 2-megapixel camera phone with LED flash, 30MB on-board memory and voice-activated GPS. It’ll be available in red, white and black. Oh and it’ll probably only rear… Read More

  • WiMax Moving Along Nicely

    DSL Reports is running a piece that finds Sprint’s WiMax system is progressing splendidly. It reports that the 4G network will be rolled out in Chicago and DC in early 2008 and should enable users with speeds around 2 – 4Mbps. What’s more, it will purportedly cost just $55 a month and will support an open access system. That means you’d be able to hook it up to a router… Read More

  • JBL On Air Wireless Speaker System

    Here’s a potentially good idea: the new JBL On Air Control 2.4G wireless speaker system. I’ve always had a problem with surround sound systems in this room because of its peculiar shape. Something like this would presumably resolve such a problem by allowing me to position speakers in locations that are difficult for traditional, tethered speakers. The system includes a… Read More

  • Wham! Meets The iPod Case

    Admit it. You know you listened to a ton of Wham! back in the ’80s. What if you could get that actual record made into an iPod case? Still listening? Good. Contexture Design has released a slew of iPod cases made from actual recycled vinyl records. Each case is specially made out of a vinyl record, felt, cork, and has a screen protector. It should be noted that the price The cases… Read More

  • 200-Inch PlayStation 3 Hotness

    Prepare the salivation, you’re about to see a PS3 on a 200-inch screen. What you see might shock you (read: make you incredibly jealous), but I can assure you that no Japanese people were harmed in the making of this photo set. What you have here are images of Ridge Racer 7 and Resistance: Fall of Man treated to a $1,200 HDMI cable and an HD projector with a 200-inch screen. All of… Read More

  • Wristwatch Piercing: OMG OMG OMG

    OMG OMG OMG OMG [GearFuse] Read More

  • Want A Wii For $209?

    If you have a Circuit City near you, here’s how you can score a Nintendo Wii on the cheap: 1) Visit this website for $40 off coupon: Coupon Link 2) Visit Circuit City on a Sunday for best chance of getting a Wii. The coupon is good until March though, so you have some time to save! 3) Get a Wii for $209. You’re a winner! Easy enough, right? I’ve been considering buying a Wii… Read More

  • How Can We Help You? PollDaddy just made us a fancy custom skin so I think it’s a good opportunity to try it out and ask a quick question on what you guys like most in terms of our coverage. Go ahead and flame us in the comments as well. Thanks, PollDaddy! Read More

  • In Vino Veritas

    I’ve always been a liquor guy myself, but there are a few of us in the CrunchCamp who are certifiable winos (see: Biggs and Josh). But if you’ve ever found yourself confronted by a wino hissy fit over improper wine serving conditions, you know it’s not a pretty picture. The Nuvo Vino takes steps to ensure this never happens again. Using an infrared thermometer, the Nuvo… Read More