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  • Hey Fatty, Hit The Treadmill Before You Wii

    So it seems that Mr. Deleon over at Gizmodo never realized that gamers were out of shape. I mean, gamers out of shape? Heaven forfend! Since the Wii launched a little over a week ago, gamers have been reporting that they are indeed exhausted and famished from playing the Wii too much. Some chick said it was “harder than playing basketball” and others whined about sore… Read More

  • Japanese Develop Umbrella With Flickr And Youtube Integration

    This has got to be the official umbrella of Web 2.0. A group of scientists at Tokyo’s Keio University have developed an umbrella with a digital camera, WiFi, and a projector built-in dubbed “Pileus”. The umbrella is used for capturing images and video while walking around in the rain, which are then sent to Flickr and Youtube respectively. As if that wasn’t cool… Read More

  • StealthPlug: Covert Sex Toy Or Guitar Accessory?

    Aside from having a humorous product name, the StealthPlug from IK Multimedia is actually a decent looking accessory. On one end of a cable you have a standard 1/4” jack you’d plug into your guitar. On the other end, you have a USB cable to easily plug into your computer. The device also features 1/8” stereo output so you can record your tunes easily to an external device. Read More

  • iPhone to Feature OS X?

    Looks like today is Apple rumor day. Next up, we have some mongering on the highly speculated, extremely anticipated iPhone. This he-said-she-said device has been the source of more rumoring than anything I’ve ever seen or heard of. There have been about a million mock-ups and supposed release dates and yet, to date, not a single thing has gelled. Now we have tenuous information… Read More

  • Beatles Coming to iTunes?

    After years of deliberation and resistance from Beatles management, it appears that a deal may soon be struck to bring Beatles music to digital formats for MP3 player consumption. Oddly, speculation currently indicates that the Beatles might first be released exclusively on iTunes. No word as to when, but David Munns. the head of EMI, has said it will be “soon.” Users can… Read More

  • Toshiba Gigabeat S60 Reviewed

    Krunker has posted a review of the Toshiba Gigabeat S60 and they seem to like it a lot aside from a few shortcomings. This Zune-before-the-Zune media player uses an embedded version of windows, which actually has a pretty decent looking UI. Video playback is nice and although there’s no WiFi-based song sharing, the player still holds its own as a decent competitor. One major problem… Read More

  • Samsung M610 Quick Look

    The Samsung M610 is an ultra-slim phone that costs $179 with a 2 year contract from Sprint. Nothing specifically amazing except for the design and size. It has Bluetooth, a 2-megapixel camera, and a beautiful screen. Wafer thin! UPDATE – Video fixed. Read More

  • Breaking: The Rojas MP3 Player

    We just got in news that Jason Calacanis, the former head of Netscape over at AOL, has decided to create the Rojas MP3 Player. The device is named after Engadget’s Peter Rojas and is designed to both play music and download Jason Calacanis’ podcast – CalacanisCast. Seems Rojas and Calacanis have teamed up to create the ultimate tool and music player. Seriously though, perhaps Mr. Read More

  • Micro Center Tries Its Luck With An Xbox 360 Special

    If you’re one of the cranky millions (me included) that got hosed by Amazon and its $100 Xbox 360 Core system special on Thanksgiving, then you’ll want to go to your local Micro Center store. The computer-and-electronics superstore is offering a $100 rebate on in-store purchases of any Microsoft Xbox 360 system throughout the holidays. Best of all, the rebate is good for either… Read More

  • Mac Tablet In The Works? Possible 2007 Release

    What would Monday be without another Apple rumor? This time there is speculation that Apple is looking to make a tablet PC with a docking station. In fact, Apple already has a working prototype and is preparing talks with three different Taiwanese manufacturers to produce the tablet. Amazing how some people have so much detail from sources and yet, fail to snap a single picture of this… Read More

  • Wii Works With Candles

    Let me take a moment to say that I was wrong about the Wii. Joel Johnson and my buddy Paul brought all their Wii games to my house on Friday and we had a blast playing the titles — maybe everything except Madden. We were also discussing how to create a DIY sensor bar and it appears all you have to do is go to Ikea and get a candelabra because any regular light source, including candles… Read More

  • MAKE Offers Open Source Gift Guide To The Masses

    is one of the cooler items on the guide, but you’ll find stuff like Ubuntu Linux with tech-support, the x0xb0x (which is a homemade improvement on the popular Roland TB-303 bass machine – techno junkies will LOVE this), and robot kits that will keep any five-year-old entertained for hours. They even have some freebies on the list too, like the open-source music player firmware… Read More

  • Nike C.O.R.E. Audio iPod Backpack: Party Like It's 1991

    If you have an iPod and frequently trek around with a bunch of crap in a backpack, you’re in luck: Nike realized that by partnering with Apple and offering products that integrate with the iPod is a good move. So they’ve released the Nike C.O.R.E. Audio iPod Backpack. For $85, you get a backpack that looks like it’s straight out of a 1991 episode of MTV’s The Real… Read More

  • JVC Announces Dual-Mode Noise Canceling Headphones

    If you’re going to be flying this holiday, you may want to grab a pair of the recently released JVC HA-NC80 Headphones, as they’re “suited for travel.” These over-the-ear style headphones can give you all the protection you need from your mother-in-law with up to 75 percent noise reduction with two separate modes of noise cancellation. This is where stuff gets… Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: UK Clay Edition

    Mac Talk Pretty One Day: How to Make Speech Recognition Useful
    Nikon D40 Hands-on
    Crooks Nab $1.5m In Xbox 360s In The UK
    Dash Detox Contest Vote-Off 2.0 Update
    Giving Thanks Giveaway Winner Read More

  • Nikon D40 Hands-on

    DSLRs take sharper stills, but their price, size and overflow of features tend to scare Average Joes back to the compacts. The 6-megapixel D40, Nikon’s training wheel DSLR, tries its best to cut back on the scare factor, hopefully easing people into a lifetime of dropping Benjamins on pricey lenses. It hits shelves in December, but we’ve been playing around with it for a few days. Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Looking To Take On Mobile And Broadband TV

    Sony-Ericsson is looking to move past the cellphone market and into new ground for them: mobile and broadband TV. The cellphone giant is now looking to help put content on consumers’ screens within the next two years. Ericsson’s Per Nordlof says he envisions about 30 percent of cellphone users watching programs on their phones and that “within two years”; a mass market… Read More

  • E-mail Turns 35, Viagra $2, Xanax $8 Anytime U Want

    Well looks like we had another occasion to celebrate this weekend other than watching football and eating turkey: E-mail’s birthday! E-mail turned 35 this weekend and to celebrate, we’re not going to clean out our SPAM folder for a day. How is e-mail 35 you ask? Back in 1971, a programmer named Ray Tomlinson was messing around with an idea and eventually sent the first e-mail message. Read More

  • Zune: Sucking Wind?

    cred. That said, the Windy City Roller Andy Ihnatko writes: After that, it’s nothing more than a bookmark for purchasing the track in the Zune Marketplace. It amounts to nothing more than free advertising. The Zune is a complete, humiliating failure. Toshiba’s Gigabeat player, for example, is far more versatile, it has none of the Zune’s limitations, and Amazon sells the… Read More

  • Giving Thanks Giveaway Winner

    Happy post-Turkey Day! Proporta makes cases and accessories for portable devices. They’ve been kind enough to offer a nice accessory package for one of our lucky readers and that lucky reader is Burt, late of Gmail way. Burt – check your email and spam box and drop us a line @ contest at crunchgear dot com. Again, thanks for entering and thanks to Proporta for hooking us… Read More