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  • Top Ten Things to Improve in OS X Leopard

    While most of these are fairly esoteric, TUAW has some good ideas for making OS X even better than the average bear. For example: Removing applications – and all their baggage: Deleting (or “uninstalling”) an app on Mac OS X is easy: you just move it to the trash. But what about all the extra data apps create when you use them (databases, media libraries, etc.)? Because… Read More

  • Windows 3.11 Is Alive

    This is a serious oldie, but it just appeared on the Diggdar, so we’ll give it a little airtime. Just look at 2006 Google showing up on 1989 Windows 3.11. Beautiful. A bit long, but go ahead and grab a Crystal Pepsi and rock out. Read More

  • Cingular 8525 Hands On

    If you read my 10 Things I Hate About Smartphones post last week, you’d discover that I hate Windows Mobile and that, even though they run Windows Mobile, I love HTC. So with that piece of cognitive dissonance in mind, I present my review of the Cingular 8525 aka the Hermes, a Windows Mobile Pocket PC smartphone with fold out QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. It costs $399 with contract. Read More

  • Wii Inventory Locator

    If you’re like me, you skimped on preordering a Wii, but now you’re starting to feel doubt about whether or not you’ll be able to get a console in some agreeable time frame. Well, reader Chris Lambert wrote in to say that he’s developed a mashup based on the Wii inventory numbers Target released. The numbers are supposed to be relatively accurate, so check it out, it… Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Robot Survey Edition

    Here’s a recap of last week’s news: Survey!
    Lexar JumpDrive Mercury: Awesomest JumpDrive Mercury Ever
    All Your Base Are Belong To U-ROBO
    Asus W6 and S6 Leather Laptops
    Good Morning, Starshine: The Wake-Up Light Read More

  • Palm, Samsung to Drop Surprise QWERTY Fun for Xmas (With Cingular Rebates)!

    Cash back bonanza holy moly! We’ve got two scoops in one, all based on a flickr screen grab. Sometimes Cingular auto-tragically publishes stuff it don’t mean to. Oops, Cingular! We found this graphic on flickr. Cingular, the orange fan of all things with the words “Treo” and “GSM,” is set to launch not just the anticipated Treo 680 this winter, but also… Read More

  • Cingular Revamps Biz Site: Treo 680 Culprit?

    , we notice that Cingular’s website (at least the business end) keeps going down. Then up. Is this a ripple-effect of the imminent Treo Launch? Or something else altogether? We have no idea here at CrunchGear Central. We did, however, notice that a new marketing loop plays from time-to-time on the main business website, featuring highlighting of the word “now.” This falls in… Read More

  • White Chocolate Now Available via Verizon

    the white version of the popular LG Chocolate. The music-phone, which is a straight shot at the Apple iPod and the Sony-Ericsson Walkman phones from Cingular, is known for its light-up, touch-sensative buttons. Now, that’s a lot of hyphens so I hope you were paying attention, because this phone is cute. It’s a Nano-looking (edit: Hickey is hyphen-crazy) MP3 player that slides into… Read More

  • Brando MP4 Watch

    This big and clunky watch from Brando is actually capable of playing MP3s and WMV or MP4 video. It has 1GB of on-board memory and a 128 x 128 pixel screen capable of displaying 65k colors. There is also a built in mic for voice recording. I can’t wear watches because they make me feel claustrophobic (the world is closing in!—on my wrist), but if you’re in the market for a… Read More

  • Kotaku Kidz: Suffer the Little PS3-Loving Children

    Kids + PS3 = Proof that We Over 25s are Dinosaurs. Brian Crecente’s kid picked up the PS3’s SIXAXIS controller and immediately figured it out. It took me four weeks to figure out those ketchup bottles with the big tops are supposed to go cap side down. Clips: My Son Masters the Sixaxis [Kotaku] Read More

  • Preorder Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

    Now that your Xbox 360 can support 1080p (if it isn’t broken that is), it’s time to get that nifty Xbox 360 HD DVD Player for “true high definition” resolution. You can preorder the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player on Amazon for $199, and it will be shipped to you when released on November 7. You’ll probably be able to pickup one of these when you walk into any store… Read More

  • Hands on With the Nintendo Wii

    Here we see the Wii in all her glory. I’m going to commit fanboyicide here, but the graphics were very muddy on these units, reminding me more of the original Playstation than a 2006 console. The gameplay, obviously, is the draw, but I’m withholding praise until i see some good launch titles. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tornado Edition

    A whirlwind of stories caught our attention recently: Vadim Releases Quad-Core PC With Dual GeForce 8800GTX Graphic Cards
    OSIM iGallop, Get Fit and Look Like a Jackass
    Asus Releases Lamborghini Laptop
    Zune Reviewed
    Lexar JumpDrive Mercury: Awesomest JumpDrive Mercury Ever Read More

  • RIYL: Using Music Download Services Other Than MSN Music

    With the upcoming launch of the Zune player and the already active Zune Marketplace, Microsoft has decided to put a lid on MSN Music’s download services. As of November 14, clicking on a “purchase” button will get you redirected to either the Marketplace Web site or, thanks to a 2005 legal settlement, to RealNetworks’ Rhapsody site. If you bought tracks from MSN… Read More

  • Smartphones Now 2006

    Thanks for reading this year’s edition of Smartphones Now. It’s been a long week for us getting our bearings with such an extensive feature-set, but in the end everything gelled quite happily. We hope you all enjoyed Smartphones Now. I should also take this opportunity to let you all know that this is only the beginning of our features. We have many more slated for the next… Read More

  • Vadim Releases Quad-Core PC With Dual GeForce 8800GTX Graphic Cards

    Let the battle of the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Quad-Core gaming PCs begin! Earlier today, we covered VoodooPCs brand new quad-core Omen. Now Vadim Computers has announced that it will also be releasing a PC gaming rig that features a quad-core Core 2 Duo Extreme PC. Not to be undermined by VoodooPC, the Vadim rig also features two spankin new GeForce 8800GTX graphic cards. Along with the… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: First-Time Buyer's Guide

    So you’ve decided to buy your first smartphone. That’s fantastic, but before you go crazy and drop your car payment in favor of PDA-meets-cellphone goodness, you need to stop and figure out which smartphone is right for you, but that, dear reader, is why CrunchGear is here. Because there are so many different devices on the market, we should start by establishing exactly what a… Read More

  • Asus Releases Lamborghini Laptop

    Like an actual Lamborghini, the Asus Lamborghini VX1 laptop is flashy and expensive. On the outside, the Lamborghini VX1 features a sleek, angular, yellow lid with the official Lamborghini logo in the middle. The laptop also comes with a suede-trimmed black carrying case, talk about flashy! Too bad there’s nothing impressive on the inside. The VX1 sports a 2GHz Intel Core Duo processor… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Linux

    If you thought Linux-based OSes were for back rooms, hardcore geeks, and computer science grad students, you’d be right. Recently, however, its made great strides toward becoming much more “user friendly,” even advancing to the point where they’re usable as phones. But what makes you want to pick a Linux smartphone? Read More

  • Xbox 360 to Get HD Movie Downloads, Maybe

    Rumor has it that Microsoft might soon launch a service that allows users to download HD movies for a $4 rental fee. If this is indeed true, Microsoft might have a massive hit on its hands. This could essentially usurp the entire rental industry. An Xbox 360 HD download service would be capable of rendering the iTV obsolete before it even drops. No need to get an iTV for use as a digital hub… Read More