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  • CNET Editor James Kim's Family Found

    As I’m sure you’ve read, CNET editor James Kim and his family disappeared while heading out on vacation to the Pacific Northwest. Late last night, the news broke that his wife and daughters had been found and appear to be just fine. Unfortunately, James is still missing, so no sighs of relief just yet. Apparently the family survived for an entire week in the Oregon wilderness… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Instruction Edition

    I-O Data HDMC-U, For the Clumsy
    Cerwin-Vega CVHD: My My, What Big Speakers You Have
    Coffee-Modding Wakes Up
    Japanese Wii Is Wiiwee Dangerous
    M2 Convert Winners: Day 01 Read More

  • M2 Convert Winners: Day 01

    Whew. Long day, but at least it’s winding down. Now that I’ve got a minute to catch my breath, I’m going to go ahead and announce the first 10 winners to our M2 Convert Reader Response Giveaway. Annnnd the winners are: Read More

  • Japanese Wii Is Wiiwee Dangerous

    Since Japanese gamers in Japan tend to a be a little out of their minds, Nintendo has included a special instruction manual for them. The manual covers important reminders such as not using the Wiimote to hit anyone who wears glasses to not giving it any cigarettes until it is 18. Nintendo must think Japanese gamers are crazy, though, I do think it’s probably a good idea to warn them… Read More

  • Welcome David Ciccone's Latest Mobile Device, Rachel Julia Ciccone

    and a close friend of the CG team. All our best, David, Mommy, and the entire family. Product Page Read More

  • Qualcomm Sees WiFi, Bluetooth on the Menu

    Qualcomm, the company that makes the guts of many of our cellphones, has just purchased two outside companies: RF Micro Devices and Airgo. While one chip company buying others isn’t usually news, this one raised some eyebrows, as RF Micro is known for its Bluetooth chipsets and Airgo is known for its WiFi solutions. By combining the IP and tech of both of these firms, Qualcomm can make… Read More

  • Apple Rumor Convergence: The Truth is Out Where?

    with docking station. Sure, that’s fine, it’s a rumor we see more frequently than a new episode of Lost. But then another rumor comes along stating that Apple is putting the finishing touches on its thinnest portable yet, ostensibly a 12-inch widescreen MacBook even more svelte than the current lineup. That would put it in the roughly .75-inch-range or smaller. Even more, the… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Controller Mod

    The Xbox 360 wireless controller may very well be the best gaming controller I’ve ever used. The analog sticks fall right under your thumbs, the right and left triggers feel like actual triggers and the vibration isn’t disabled. There’s really no reason to take the controller apart unless, you know, you couldn’t grip the controller with both of your hands. As it turns… Read More

  • Vixy Brings YouTube to iPod Painlessly

    Vixy has released a utility called FLV Converter that allows users to quickly convert video formats. It will, for instance, enable you to easily make a YouTube video playable on an iPod. It’s quite simple, just plug in the address to the video and select the output format. FLV Converter does the rest. It currently supports AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3 and 3GP. The application is said to convert… Read More

  • Sony Has Faith In PlayStation 3

    We were worried Sony might be a little thrown back with all the bad press the PlayStation 3 is receiving. I mean, changing the console’s management staff two weeks after the console was released isn’t the best of signs now, is it? Well, Sony stands strong behind its new console claiming the PlayStation 3 has even more processing power than it first claimed, and it’s… Read More

  • I-O Data HDMC-U, For the Clumsy

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m less than coordinated. Not a week goes by that I don’t smash into a wall, fall off something, nearly blind myself, etc. It’s not just limited to bodily harm though. I’m a train wreck as far as my gear is concerned. The items that go in my pocket on a daily basis have a life span of less than three months. I’ve been… Read More

  • ShuffleBud USB for 2G Shuffle

    If you’re the proud owner of a 2G iPod Shuffle, but just can’t seem to get used to needing the dock for syncing, then have a gander at the ShuffleBud from Incipio. It is a small adapter that connects to the 3.5mm port on the Shuffle to give it USB access. If you opt to use it, you can forgo carrying around the Shuffle’s dock and cables, because the ShuffleBud does all the… Read More

  • Sprint Ruggedizes New Flip for Special People

    , Sprint has launched another Sanyo today, this one apparently aimed squarely at the retarded child market. The SCP-7000 is an update to the boring 2400, adding a ruggedized exterior (featuring Dura-GripĀ®, much like our own Josh Goldman) and changeable faceplates. This means that when Mongo bangs it against the bars of his cage, it should still work. Read More

  • UK City Council Pushing Excuse SMS Service

    Score one for our boys across the pond. Ever been at a dinner, party, or some event where you want to leave but need a way out that is subtle and plausible? The text message is the perfect opportunity to get “urgent news” that will let you ditch that ugly chick faster than the speed of light. Now a city council in the UK is offering a free service that allows you to receive an… Read More

  • Sprint Parades Out Music Phone with 1GB On-Board

    . Sprint has launched the Sanyo M1 music phone. This mid-range flip features external MP3 playback controls arranged in a very iPod/Chocolate-like fasion, as well as a 2-megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus, EV-DO, stereo Bluetooth, and 1GB built-in RAM. Not bad, Sprint. It’s available now at $199, but only if you let Sprint have your anima for another 2 years. Sanyo M1 [Product Page] Read More

  • How Not to Get Ripped Off on Craigslist, eBay

    On the weekends, I have a hobby of fixing broken iPods. Usually they just need a little reset love or some hard disk repairs and they’re good as new. One place I find these busted iPods is Craigslist. Over the weekend, I noticed a post for a cheap, used iPod Nano at $54. That’s a fairly low price for even a first-gen Nano, so I figured it must be broken or missing parts. I thought… Read More

  • ZVUE MP3 Players Come Loaded

    HandHeld Entertainment announced today that its ZVUE MP3 player would be available tomorrow on shelves at selected Wal-Mart and InMotion stores. The player is the size of a flash drive and has 512MB storgage. It can play both MP3 and WAV and can achieve about eight hours of of play on a single AAA battery. While the player isn’t particularly notable by itself, it achieves some relevance… Read More

  • Cerwin-Vega CVHD: My My, What Big Speakers You Have

    What’s big, loud and looks like it belongs in the back of a 1987 Camaro IROC-Z? The new Cerwin-Vega CVHD home entertainment system, which according to the company, takes “its performance and visual cues from experience gleaned by the company’s involvement in professional audio.” The idea behind the set is that pro studios don’t use different size/shapes of… Read More

  • Coffee-Modding Wakes Up

    We’re all about modding your stuff here at the CG, from computer cases to cell phone unlock codes and everything in between. But sometimes something comes across our desks that make us take notice and wonder, “wha?” while still being very cool. One such device is this majorly modded coffee maker. Not content with just making coffee, Tim in New York added a brain, read-out… Read More

  • Cingular Nabs Exclusive Jay-Z Content

    Cingular will announce tomorrow the availability of exclusive Jay-Z content to its wireless customers. Subscribers with 3G access will be able to stream content from the Jay-Z Hangar Tour. Read More