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  • Amina Tech’s SoundUnseen Plaster-In-Wall Speakers

    Amina Tech’s SoundUnseen Plaster-In-Wall Speakers

    Amina Tech’s SoundUnseen Plaster-In-Wall Speakers are high-powered vibration element flat speakers that can be plastered entirely into a wall or a ceiling, and can produce a high definition sound without any interference. The speakers not only get rid of visible wiring and room clutter, but they pack on an interesting design that makes location and listening position of the speakers… Read More

  • Lawnmower Roomba?

    Lawnmower Roomba?

    The people who brought you the vacuum cleaner and the wet-floor cleaner are about to go into the lawnmowing business, according to Forbes. In a profile of Roomba, they say: Next comes a robot lawn mower and bigger military bots that can go faster and farther. Now instead of making your kids mow the lawn, you’ll make them set up the Lawnba to do all the work for them. The only concerns… Read More

  • Submersible Camera Bags

    Underwater photography has been a fairly expensive hobby, with housings that go up into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. With the Ewa-marine bag, you can take your point and shoot into the water for $100, and your SLR for only $350. The PVC bag is waterproof, obviously, and durable yet flexible, so you’re able to press your camera’s control buttons without too much hassle. Read More

  • KEF Five-2 Standing Speakers

    KEF claims that these these two speakers plus a subwoofer can deliver “true” five-channel sound in your living room. We’ll take their word for it. The “racetrack” speaker enclosures use their Uni-Q drivers and NXT panel design, and are supposed to work well with KEF’s HTB2 Subwoofer, which apparently you have to buy separately. These will be available in… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Accessories Pricing Finalized

    Xbox 360 Accessories Pricing Finalized

    Those accessories for the Xbox 360 we showed you earlier have been nailed down in price. According to the Microsoft press release, the Live Vision camera will come in two models. The standard one is $39 for the camera, one month Xbox Live Gold membership, a headset (the el-cheapo one), 200 Marketplace points and free copies of Uno, TotemBall and Robotron. The Gold package gets you all that… Read More

  • ATI Radeon X1950 XTX Looms

    ATI Radeon X1950 XTX Looms

    On September 14, ATI will set loose its new flagship card. The Radeon X1950 XTX can purportedly outperform its nearest competitor, the GeForce 7950 GX2, in “extreme high definition” resolutions using only half the processors. It can be run individually, or paired with another x1950 XTX in Crossfire mode to deliver even more performance. From what I gather, the X1950 XTX uses… Read More

  • Penagain?


    Pacific Writing Instruments has tackled a subject that could affect students everywhere. The Escondido based company sat down and reevaluated the design of traditional writing utensils and developed a new model that they call the Penagain. The Penagain is designed to eliminate the hand tension associated with penmanship. If the resulting product actually works, the design could save millions… Read More

  • Creative Zen Vision W Unveiled

    Creative Zen Vision W Unveiled

    Popular Mechanics, the first place any gadget hound turns to to get their news, just unveiled the Creative Zen Vision W. It’s got a huge 4.3-inch widescreen (that’s what the W stands for) display, up to 60GB of storage, DivX playback and CompactFlash expansion slot for sticking in your photos. If you ignore the screen on the front, the body itself does seem pretty similar to the… Read More

  • Blackberry 8707 in the Wild

    Not much context or detail to go with this photo, but it looks like a guy went to Japan and was able to use his Blackberry 8707 there too. Have a look, BlackBerry fans. StapleDesign Read More

  • UBiQUiO 501 PoCkEt Pc PhOnE

    UBiQUiO 501 PoCkEt Pc PhOnE

    Remember the UBiQUiO 501 smart phone from Tech Faith Wireless? Yea the smart phone that looked conspicuously similar to the now ubiquitous Motorola Q. Well Mobility News writes that the UBiQUiO has appeared on Expansys for a paltry $514.95. So if you’re interested in paying $300 more for a Q, grab your credit card and head over to Expansys. To be fair, the UBiQUiO (I feel like I’m… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Accessories Preview Video GameVideos has a preview up on all the new Xbox 360 accessories that were introduced at E3. Among them, the steering wheel, the wireless Xbox Live headset, the Xbox… Read More

  • TiVo Series 3 in the Wild

    TiVo Series 3 in the Wild

    I’ve been waiting for this moment most of my adult life. Since I excoriated the Series 2 DT, TiVo probably will never hold and kiss me again, but I’m so happy to see these spy shots of the Series 3 and maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to love me again. Oh TiVo, you came and you stopped me from shaking… Anyway, here are some spy shots of the Series 3 with dual CableCARDs… Read More

  • ATI TV Wonder 650 OTA HDTV Tuner

    episodes. I guess my question is this: how valuable is OTA HD to people? Would you get a tuner card just to PVR some HD sports every weekend? Discuss. Product Page [ATI via HDBeat] Read More

  • Microsoft Habu Mouse

    go to advertising a shiny mouse, but who are we to judge? This sucker has 2000 DPI resolution, has 7 programmable buttons, and an always-on mode so the mouse doesn’t go to sleep just as you’re trying to turn over that last important card in FreeCell. No price, but it will be available in October. Product Page [NotforNoobs via Gizmodo via RazerZone] Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cheap Wii Edition

    Daily Crunch: Cheap Wii Edition

    Here are some highlights from yesterday’s posts. MobiBLU Q-Bling
    Wii to Cost a Wii $170
    Water Level Battery-Status App For NTT DoCoMo In Japan
    HoMedics Release iCush
    Bower and Wilkins 800D Read More

  • Dell Exits DAP Stage

    Dell Exits DAP Stage

    The boys over at iLounge noticed today that Dell’s DJ Ditty flash-based digital audio player disappeared recently from its online store. Dell had announced in February that it would be discontinuing its hard drive-based DJ players and the Ditty was its final remaining player. Now with its disappearance, Dell has effectively reached the end of the line in the DAP market. The Dell… Read More

  • Verizon Treo 700w vs. Sprint 700wx Compared, With Video

    Comparing the Sprint 700wx and the 700w from Verizon, they have the same connectors on the bottom, same dialpad and the same side buttons. The 700wx is a bit more responsive and has more than double the program memory. It also doesn’t have the picture mail program, something the narrator thinks is quite lousy. Treo 700w vs. Treo 700wx [Shadowmite] Read More

  • Question About Lenses

    Question About Lenses

    Alright, I’ve been scouring the Internet for the past few hours looking for the best lenses for a Canon EOS-30D. My searches are coming up mixed, so I figured I’d see what you all have to say on the subject. Basically I’m looking for a lens with extreme versatility and, if I must, a separate lens that can shoot in low light environments. As many of you know flashes ruin… Read More

  • Sony Unveils VAIO LS1 TV/PC Combo

    Sony Unveils VAIO LS1 TV/PC Combo

    Threading with the ever increasing move toward combination machines, Sony unleashed its newest amalgamation, the VAIO LS1 TV/PC. The rig presents itself iMac style with the chassis built into the back of the 19″ WSXGA+ display. It is powered by an Intel Core Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and integrated 802.11 b/g. The included wireless mouse and keyboard apparently fold… Read More

  • CrunchedGear Semi-finals Reminder

    CrunchedGear Semi-finals Reminder

    Another reminder to vote early and often for your favorite piece of Crunched Gear. Read More