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  • Fabrik Launches Myfabrik – Google Yawns, Has Sandwich

    Oh boy. I hope you guys are excited on this bitterly cold Tuesday because in Silicon Valley, things are getting HOT! A service called Myfabrik is being released today after beta testing. It’s going to change the way you use the web, I swear. You’ll be able to do things you’d never thought possible, such as share files online (up to 1GB), share videos, photos, and the ability… Read More

  • Second Life Gets A Case Of The Worms

    For those of you who play Second Life, I must warn you: There was a virus going ‘round your world. To be completely specific, a worm manifested itself inside the world of Second Life. Though not incredibly harmful, the worm spawned Sonic The Hedgehog rings while making that “Sonic gold ring sound”. They kept spawning and eventually started to bog down systems and connections… Read More

  • Funnest, Most Dangerous Toys of 2006

    Every year local news outlets drag out that old chesnut, the most dangerous toys of the year. This year they focus on Heely’s aka Massive Head Trauma in a Shoe and a Superman lamp that could, according to W.A.T.C.H., a fey child protection/consumer group, kill your children and then micturate on their graves. The manufacturer’s proclamation that the figurine is not a toy has… Read More

  • Screw Black Friday. You'll Get Downloads And Like It!

    So sending someone an e-card is about as old as e-mail. And actually sending someone a “digital” gift is pretty old too, come to think of it. So why am I so depressed that is suggesting I skip the shopping madness this weekend and send everyone downloads for the holidays? Because there’s something that’s just not right about telling the kids to go… Read More

  • New Shuffle Ad

    Here’s a funny thing. As I was writing this post I headlined it “New Shuffle Video.” Seriously. This isn’t a video. It’s a commercial. Yet I was drawn to type “Video” like it was the latest single from the Flaming Monkey Lips on MTV 3: The Channel With Some Videos and Mostly Laguna Beach Reruns. I’m reading Stephen Levy’s The Perfect… Read More

  • Giving Thanks Giveaway

    Happy pre-Turkey Day! Proporta makes cases and accessories for portable devices. They’ve been kind enough to offer a nice accessory package for one of our lucky readers. Here’s how to enter: send an email with the subject “THANKS PROPORTA” describing the portable device you’re most thankful for and why. It can be a camera, an iPod, a Zune, a pocket jet… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tacos and Disco Edition

    No-contact Shock Jacket
    Bow to Your New Banking Robotic Master
    IXOS Disco Cube Gets Down Tonight
    Free PC or Tacos for Life in Exchange for a PS3
    Simulscribe Voicemail Transcription Read More

  • Simulscribe Voicemail Transcription

    Simulscribe is a cellular service that monitors and transcribes your voicemail. When you receive a message, it converts it to text and emails the message transcription to you. It also includes an audio file of the original message so you can check for errors. While I’m on the subject of transcription, does anyone know of a program that can accurately transcribe .wav or .mp3? I’ve… Read More

  • Free PC or Tacos for Life in Exchange for a PS3

    You say you wouldn’t trade your PlayStation 3 for anything? How about a super fast gaming PC or tacos for life? Mmmmhmm… thought so. Those are just two of the strange offers we’ve heard about so far. Ok. The tacos. Since gamers can be a hungry bunch, Taco Bell was betting someone would take them up on their offer of tacos for life in exchange for a PS3. All they had to do was… Read More

  • Apple's iPod Shuffle Becomes Best Selling iPod, Analysts Scratch Heads

    just a few short weeks ago. Priced just right to be a gift, the Shuffle is proving to be far more popular than Apple probably anticipated. So popular, in fact, that demand for the clip-on player is outstripping supply, and the Shuffle has become the best-selling Apple product, surpassing the iPod Nano last week for the crown. According to Apple Insider, Amazon was plum out of stock of the… Read More

  • Wired for Thanksgiving

    Wired’s Gear Factor has put together a list of all the hottest Thanksgiving cooking gadgets. There are many practical items, such as Thermapen’s models 3 and 7 digital cooking thermometers, that you could feasibly pickup and put to use before Thursday. On the flip-side, there are gadgets like the Britannia Living Classic XG 100cm Twin Oven. This fancy pants oven goes for about… Read More

  • Creative's Z600: Darth Vader's Dock

    The Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 is a dock for the Creative ZEN Vision: M player. Not only does this dock give you stereo virtual surround sound, but it also utilizes the integrated X-Fi 24-bit Crystallizer, which restores audio quality that is lost when compressing music. The system features two satellite speakers and a compact subwoofer both of which look extremely flashy. The Z600… Read More

  • Boostaroo Revolution

    The Boostaroo Revolution is a headphone amp that doubles as a splitter. It has a 5.5 Ohm impedance and can drive both channels at 32 mW. The Revolution can produce gains from 11 – 11.5-decibels in headphones with 300 Ohms. The Revolution uses two AAAA and can achieve about 22 hours of battery life. It will work on any device with a with a standard headphone jack. You can get the… Read More

  • Creative Zen Vision:M Firmware Update, FM Recording Returns

    Creative announced today the availability of Zen Vision:M firmware 1.60.01. The new version restores M users’ ability to record FM radio. No word on exactly why Creative has chosen to uncripple its player, but I know more than one M user who will be happy the feature has returned. Speculation has presumed that Creative had disabled the function due to flak from the RIAA, but that… Read More

  • Cingular Adds 3G GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA PCMCIA Card, Runs Out of Acronyms

    While we personally think tethering to your cellphone is a great way to get high-speed mobile wireless, some of you like to use that card slot on the side of your laptops. Whatever, you suck. But you’re also in luck, if you’re a Cingular customer that happens to live in one of the carrier’s 3G-upgraded cities, as you can now get the Sierra Wireless Aircard 875. With… Read More

  • PS3 Ebayers Get Screwed

    To get ahold of a PlayStation 3 on launch day, I decided to camp out in front of Best Buy starting Wednesday morning. It wasn’t fun. The following two days were filled with fights, arguments and the police telling us to leave. On a mission to find out if there were actually any gamers camping out for the PlayStation 3, I decided to ask the first 28 people (only 28 consoles were available)… Read More

  • No-contact Shock Jacket If you’re paranoid about prying hands, then consider the No-contact. The jacket utilizes a 9-volt battery to deliver 80,000 volts to anyone who touches you while the jacket is armed. There is a key mechanism that engages the system. A rubberized layer prevents it… Read More

  • trioBike Gets Versatile

    Here’s on e for the favorite yuppie parent in your life. The trioBike is a bike with a built-on stroller. The stroller can be driven by the bike like a kiddie rickshaw, or it can be detached and strolled about old school. Either way, the system doesn’t seem like a horrible idea. At least, not if you can afford the $3319 price tag. Is it just me or does the stroller look sort of like… Read More

  • Wii Teardown

    Semiconductor Insights tore up their Wii and offered a delightful voice-over describing the consoles various goodnesses. Read More

  • Blu-Ray Playback Problems With PlayStation 3

    In the past few years, consoles have had some serious issues when they first launch, and the PlayStation 3 is no different. The PS3 is currently having problems with high definition scaling. If you don’t have a HDTV that supports 1080p, the console sets itself to output 1080i, which leads to a picture that looks basically like a normal DVD. My PS3 is set to output 720p, yet, when I tried… Read More