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  • The Top 10 Annoying Things About Next Gen

    The bashing, ranting, and rumors of the console wars have begun – and only one of the three next gen consoles is out on the market. If you’re already sick of hearing about the console wars, you better tune out of video games for a while until every gamer ends up owning every console. Maybe then there will be some kind of peace among us. Until that happens, Unfettered Blather has… Read More

  • The Non-Mug Mug Won't Burn Your Fingers

    If your coffee is too hot, and you’re (like us) not a fan of mugs (makes us look a little too Lumbergh for our tastes), then you might want to look at this nifty ceramic cup from Stephen Reed. It’s a regular cup with raised ridges running along the longitude, so your fingers are actually insulated from the scalding liquid via air. Clever. Reed says his inspiration was computer… Read More

  • Epson's Sexy EMP-TW10001080p Projector

    <img src=" inputs. While projectors aren't for everyone, there are those who swear by them for their media set-ups. The TW1000 will sell in Japan for about $3,000. No word yet on when we might see it over here, but Epson does like to share, so hopefully soon.
    Epson goes full 1080p HD with EMP-TW1000 projector [Mobile Mag] Read More

  • Logitech Drops Stereo-to-Surround Sound Upconverting Speakers for Gamers

    , and Logitech does not want to be left out of the coven. It’s kicking down this new series of speakers for gamers that takes old-fashioned 2-channel stereophonic output and upconverts it using voodoo. And if for some reason you’re a gamer with a flat panel, the center speaker has a nifty clip so you can mount it atop your LCD. Logitech says the speaker packages are an… Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Pipeline

    Microsoft’s Xbox Live Pipeline website launched today, and it’s looking pretty damn cool. Using drop-down menus and a new layout, all of the features available on Xbox Live Marketplace are easily accessible from the website. To be honest, Xbox Live Pipeline is actually easier to browse through than the Xbox Live Marketplace because of the new layout. Though Xbox Live Pipeline is up… Read More

  • What About Zune?

    Daniel Eran at RoughlyDrafted performs surgery on the idea that MS is actually as strong a player as we all think they are. He focuses on two aspects of their business that can be considered failures — Windows Mobile and WMA — and kind of shows that the Zune is doomed to failure, or worse, the bargain bin at Odd Lots. The big secret they missed is that Microsoft hasn’t… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Z558 Coming to America

    has been approved by the FCC. The Z558, you might recall, is a basic clamshell save for the dope touchscreen and stylus. As this phone was originally meant for the Chinese market, (touchscreens seem easier for Chinese characters,) we never expected to see it stateside. Why would we need a touchscreen when we have T9? Apparently Sony-Ericsson thought we would. This is another mingling of… Read More

  • Cingular Stands Up for the Little Man

    Cingular took three telemarketers to court yesterday for making calls to their customer’s cellphones and for making their customer’s calling records private through “pretexting.” Cingular said Sebell conspired with a Dominican Republic business Florida Vacation Corporation, to make the calls in June and July 2006. Its second lawsuit alleges American Broadcast Systems Inc. Read More

  • RealityBedding: Half-Naked Girls on Your Bed

    The real draw here isn’t the ladies in their undies kissing — it’s the in-material printing process used on these fancy comforters. Apparently you can wash these things until your fingers bleed and the image won’t rub off or fade. Hey. Are you paying attention? Eyes down here. Listen. Material printing. It won’t rub off… Fine. Stare at the girls… Read More

  • Verizon to Get Treo 700wx By End of Year

    Verizon Wireless is about to add an “x” to its Treo 700w. The 700wx is currently offered by Sprint only. They differ very, very little, support for dial-up networking being the key factor, but everyone wants to be on the same game. It will keep the EV-DO, with Windows Mobile 5, GPS, 1.3MP camera, 240×240 screen, and 128MB built-in RAM that the Sprint version has, but no word on… Read More

  • Memeo AutoBackup Hits 2.0

    We don’t usually write about software here, and definitely nothing as dry as backup utilities, but screw it, this stuff is good and it deserves to be mentioned. Memeo AutoBackup just got a full upgrade to version 2.0. I’ve been using it for about a year and it’s the most brain-dead simple software for backing up your computer. Once you pick the files you want to… Read More

  • Official Wii Accessories

    More Wii goodness. Nintendo has released pricing and pictures of accessories for its upcoming console. It looks like the Wii is using USB for just about everything, which is good news. The first accessory (shown right) is the rumored wired LAN adapter, which is selling for 2,800 Yen. Inside you can find pricing and pictures of replacement power cords, composite cables, S-Video cables… Read More

  • Libya First to Sign with One Laptop Per Child Initiative

    Remember back in the ’80s when Libya was a rogue nation, bent on war with the US? Not so much anymore. In fact, General el-Qaddafi has ponied up $250 million to make Libya the first nation to close a deal with the One Laptop Per Child program. That includes 1.2 million of the cute little WiFi-having laptops, one for every school kid in Libya. That is awesome. It also includes… Read More

  • Nintendo Doubles Wii Launch Units

    Nintendo has announced that they will now be shipping out 2 million Nintendo Wii units on launch day instead of the previously announced 1 million Wii units. This is really great news for gamers, parents and just about everyone who wants a Wii or wasn’t able to get their hands on a PS3. It also eliminates the process of camping outside of stores before launch day. In case you… Read More

  • SanDisk Sansa e200R Rhapsody Reviewed

    People have loved the SanDisk Sansa line of players lately for its good storage size, small body and decent features, but how well does their new e200R player work with the Rhapsody music service? Pretty darn well. Their closed-loop infrastructure that matches iPod + iTunes or Zune + Zune Marketplace works pretty straightforwardly. So what’s the difference between this model and the… Read More

  • German Fishloft Makes Your Fish Cooler Than The Other Fish

    Oh man, this is cool. Completely uselss, but so so cool. It’s a Fishloft. It’s German…and that’s about all we know. If you know German, you can check out the offical website to answer your burning questions such as “Woraus besteht Fishloft?” Basically, you would put this in a pond and pump the air out and the water in. The next thing you know, pond… Read More

  • Roccaforte: For Serious Gamers

    Roccaforte, Italian for big and expensive, is a gaming desk put together by Japanese company M-S-Y. The desk features a bunch of extra mini-tables, higher-risen tables for multiple monitors and some great design. The desk would make a great addition to a high-end PC gaming rig, and for people doing video editing and sound engineering. There’s room for LCDs, speakers, monitors (the… Read More

  • Sony MDR-D777LP Altus Headphones For Listening To Stuff At 80KHz, Not That You Actually Can

    The headline may express a certain lack of enthusiasm, but these new headphones from Sony look pretty sweet considering their price tag is $149. The MDR-D777LP Altus headphones have closed earcups, however they feature an “ambient sound-in switch” that lets you hear external noise like open-type cups would, such as that car coming at you that’s about to run that red and nail… Read More

  • Google AdWords: Screwing Us Every Which Way?

    Back when I was on the buying end of Google AdWords, I discovered how draconian the company was when you tried to buy certain terms. Your website had to match certain requirements – no pop-ups, for example – and then you were charged an arm and a leg for intermittent rotation and you liked it. Well, it seems the bloom is off the rose and any punk with a domain name and a dream… Read More

  • Sprint Releases Detailed Coverage Maps

    Copying a move T-Mobile pulled a year and a half ago, Sprint’s releasing detailed coverage maps for consumers so they can see where and how good Sprint’s service really is. Just enter in your ZIP code and the map will show you both voice and EV-DO coverage. Also good news for Nextel customers, it includes your service coverage as well. This way you can figure out whether you… Read More