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  • JVC VCR Lets You Shine Shi… Uh, VHS

    Don’t throw away that VHS copy of Animal House yet, brother. You can now watch it on your High Definition TV without wanting to scream bloddy murder. Or so they say, “they” being JVC. The new JVC DR-MV7S DVD/VHS can apparently use Voodoo to up-convert your old VHS tapes to 1080i or 720p for viewing on your HDTV via HDMI. No, really. We’re not sure if this works, but if… Read More

  • 80GB iPod Unboxing

    Can’t afford an 80GB iPod? Already have a 5G iPod? Like watching people unwrap stuff? Here you go. Try not to drool too much at the even-shinier-than-before back. Partner this with the Sonnet Votla and you can fill your entire day with episodes of 24 downloaded from iTunes. iPod Video 80GB [gadgets FosFor] Read More

  • The Pod is a Bean Bag For Your Camera

    Is your camera lazy? Did it move home after college, promising to find a job but has just been bumming around with his High School friends (Pointy, Shooty and Dessler) for 8 months? Get him The Pod, which is a poor man’s tripod in the shape of a bean bag. The platform is just a nylon bag that has a slip-proof base that mounts on uneven surfaces to give you shots more pop and less shake. Read More

  • A Diva We Actually Care For

    Last night, we watched America’s Next Top Model, and it was good. One of the themes of the show was stereotypes, specifically the “diva” stereotype. We hate divas. Self-important is a horrible way to live. Unless, of course, you’re these sexy new Diva 2.1 speakers from Miglia. The aluminum tubes offer room-filling audio for your computer or iPod (or Zune) in a small… Read More

  • RoombaCtrl Controls Your Roomba With Your Cell Phone

    Oh yes. Now you can override the self-navigating Roomba controls with your own. Use your ham-covered fingers to guide your robotic maid through your house, using nothing but a cellphone that’s Bluetooth and Java enabled. Oh, and you also need a RooTooth device to connect to the Roomba to enable Bluetooth connecting on the Roomba. Check out the movie to see a demo of it in… Read More

  • iKEY Plus

    The iKEY Plus is a portable audio recording solution. It can record in uncompressed WAV or MP3, with bitrates up to 320kbps. There is a backward compatible USB 2.0 on the side that allows it to record to any external USB storage device.
    It also features a 6-bar VU meter, overload indicator, phono pre-amp and an LED to indicate how much space your storage device has left. Unfortunately, it only… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Launches Music Store

    <img src=" label out of Europe. Because it only works on unlocked phones, expect M-Buzz to be for our friends across the pond first, with a rollout here sometime next year with carrier endorsement (read: Cingular). There are hints that M-Buzz will be for more than music downloads, but we're not sure exactly what that means. Read More

  • Manta TR1 Allows Apple Remotes On All Macs

    Envious of your friends and their new iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the Apple remote? If you get the $16 Manta TR1 IR receiver, you can control any Mac with the Apple Remote. The device connects via USB, and can be hidden out of sight to not clutter up your desk. There’s also an IR expander in case you want to do IR transmitting or IR blasting. As of right now, the transmitter… Read More

  • Nokia Drops Busy 3G Euro Slider, May Be State-bound

    Nokia has unloaded a new phone in Europe today that we should see making it’s way to Cingular here in the states. The 6288 is a small slider chock-full of prime 3G features, and comes in black or white (Hello, Apple’s using color now, duh). You start off with UMTS and a QVGA 320 x 240 screen, then add a 2MP camera with flash to the back, give it dedicated zoom and photo controls… Read More

  • Dual XDVD8182 7-inch Car Theater With iPod Hookup

    on your 7-inch car screen. When connected to the iPod, the screen will display playlist, artist, album and track information. Other features: rear view camera input, so you can see what’s going on behind your car – just like Batman – 48 station presets, and a 200W amplifier. The MSRP is $699, but you can find it for a bit less if you know where to look. And even less than that… Read More

  • Pioneer's MT-01 Power Line Multi-Room Audio

    Pioneer’s MT-01 Power Line Sound System streams music through your power lines, instead of through 2.4GHz where WiFi, Bluetooth and the magical wireless fairies live. This way, there’s less interference and more convenience, since your devices need to be plugged in anyway. The multi-room audio setup also has motion detectors in each speaker so the sound activates when you walk into… Read More

  • Timbuk2 Blogger

    Timbuk2 has released a new computer bag called the Blogger. It features a ballistic nylon exterior, a three-panel design, a built-in padded laptop compartment, two exterior pockets and a rubberized bottom. The pack can fit up to a 15″ Powerbook, so if you’re looking to tote some mammoth portable, you should look elsewhere. The Blogger appears to be a decent little bag, but to… Read More

  • Sonnet Volta Gives Your iPod Even More Juice

    If the recent battery upgrades to the iPod line still weren’t enough for you, grab the Volta. It plugs into the dock of your iPod, rests on the back, and gives the player up to 16 hours of video and 80 hours of music. That’s a large increase from the 4.5 hours of battery life that the newest iPods have. Note that if you use this device, you can’t use your iPod in an FM… Read More

  • LanDisk Network Hard Drive Enclosure

    <img src=" network. There's also a USB 2.0 connection if you want to take it off the network and connect it directly to your PC. It supports 3.5-inch hard disks and has SMB and FTP for file sharing. Works with Windows ME and up, OS X and Linux. Costs $75. Product Page [Maplin via Red Ferret] Read More

  • Micron Develops 5 Megapixel HD Video Sensor For Cameras

    Although the megapixel count for still cameras have been steadily growing into the double figures, their video capture is still stuck in the 30FPS and VGA (640×480) range. Micron just developed a 5 megapixel HD sensor that lets digital cameras capture video at 60FPS in 720p, or 30FPS in 1080p, a big leap from VGA quality. The sensor will have image stabilization, and will be in… Read More

  • Mustek Paragon TW450 for iPod

    Well it might not be overkill in terms of power, but I think this one is more going for aesthetics. The Paragon TW450 from Mustek features a 45-watt amp and has a 5.25-inch dual-coil subwoofer. It stands 38-inches high and comes in a glossy black or white finish. The main selling factor here is appearance. It’s not the most powerful or best sounding iPod dock out there, but I… Read More

  • Motorola Vending Machines

    Motorola is creating what they call “robotic stores,” called Instantmoto, to sell Motorola phones and accessories. While these amazing store will probably be completely indistinguishable from stores staffed with actual human employees – both the robot and the humans would probably fail the Turing test, given enough time – these vending machines will sell the RAZR and the… Read More

  • Cingular and Double Standards

    Consumerist is running a story about an Alabama woman who is getting shafted by Cingular. The story goes that the woman owned three phones on AT&T, which was, of course, bought out by Cingular. Her phones are frequently used during long commutes. Due to this traversing, the phones are on the towers of other providers for more than 50% of the time. Cingular decided that this was not… Read More

  • Gamexpert Phase 4 PSP Hi-Fi

    This is one of those products that you have to stop and ask yourself, “Is this really necessary?” Aside from being horrendously obtrusive and clunky, Gamexpert 4 PSP Hi-Fi adds 23 watts of stereo sound through two mid-range drivers and a down-facing subwoofer. The dock features an auxiliary input so that you can hookup something else instead of your PSP. It also includes a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Open Water Edition

    Here are some of yesterday’s news stories: The Rocket Bag
    Floating Windmills Are “Invisible” From Shore
    USBCELL AA Batteries Are USB Rechargeable
    Sleeves + Blanket = Slanket!
    Zune Caught Read More