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  • CrunchRace 2000

    CrunchRace 2000

    You did it! We’ve hit 2000 comments. The race has spanned about a week and has racked up over 1000 comments. You’re all winners, but only one of you gets a Nano. And that person is Brooke who will receive a shiny new first-gen 4GB iPod Nano. We’ll be in touch shortly with details on how to claim your Nano. Special thanks to Apple for providing the prize. Now that the contest… Read More

  • Lost Your Cellphone? It Can Scream For You

    Ok, we’re not sure exactly how (or if) this works, but Synchronica has developed a way to make your stolen cellphone scream. And when we say scream, we mean scream. If you’re a customer of their Mobile Manager software, and your phone is stolen or lost, you can have them activate the theft feature. It locks your phone, deletes all personal information you’ve flagged as… Read More

  • T-Mobile Wins FCC Bandwidth Auction, Ready to Play

    Oh good gonanzas! Holy Zeta-Joneses! T-Mobile, you sneaky guys, you! What did they do, you ask? They went and bought tons of digital 3G PCS spectrum, sitting on the 1700MHz range like you knew what was coming. Read More

  • MacBook Update By Hanukkah?

    MacBook Update By Hanukkah?

    I’m not Jewish, but I certainly would love to play eDreidel on a refreshed MacBook Pro. It seems Apple is coming out with Intel Core 2 Duo MacBooks in a few months with an estimated Thanksgiving launch, just in time for the holidays. This could coincide – dare we say it – with the touchscreen, WiFi/Bluetooth iPod launch that has been floating around the Webernetic Mesh… Read More

  • CyberPower High-End Gaming PC Hands-on

    CyberPower High-End Gaming PC Hands-on

    CyberPower PC lets you configure your very own high-end PC, and lets you do it at really good price (just a little bit more than you would pay for parts). I was skeptical at first, but CyberPower PC advertises in quite a bit of gaming publications, including PC Gamer. I decided to give it a shot and configure one. My specs (the stuff that counts) ran as follows: AMD 64 FX 62 Dual-Core… Read More

  • Nike MaxSight Lenses Released

    <img src=" (or less than perfect) vision. The lenses offer enhanced clarity, elimination of glare, and filter over 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB. Aimed mostly at the athletic audience, the MaxSight lenses also offer distortion free optics and the individual does not have to worry about fog or fit issues. Pretty… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Guitarhunting Skills Edition

    Daily Crunch: Guitarhunting Skills Edition

    Enjoy this face-melting recap of yesterday’s stories: NES Controller Alarm Clock
    Heart-Shaped Digital Frame/Keychain Thing
    The Escopetarras
    MicroOptical myvu Made for iPod edition
    Digital Cuckoo Clock Read More

  • DigiMate III: USB Card Reader on Steroids

    USB card readers are handy, handy gadgets. You’ve got your cellphone, Treo, who-knows-how-many digital cameras (Five for yours truly), and they all take different types of removable media. Reading and writing data to these little silicon wafers is the job of your multi-card reader, but that’s about all it does. Enter the DigiMate III. It’s a USB-2 multi-card reader (SD… Read More

  • Zune Priced?

    Zune Priced?

    Engadget got a scoop earlier that Wal-Mart had a page listing the Zune price at $284. This jives well with the projected $300 tag everyone was assuming. The page has been pulled, but not before screen captures were, well, captured. There is still no word on availablity, but I’m guessing November–and I base that on absolutely nothing. Wal-Mart leaks Zune price — $284? [Engadget] Read More

  • Heart-Shaped Digital Frame/Keychain Thing

    , but OMG these are so cute. Sure, they’re not for macho guys like us, but the girls who read CrunchGear, they like gadgets made for them, too. These little buddies can store up to 56 digital photos via USB from your computer, and you can scroll through to select the sweetheart of the week’s face, so every time you get into your Porche, there he/she/it is. They come in red, blue… Read More

  • XBox's Official Blog Sneaks a Peek at Live Vision

    XBox's Official Blog Sneaks a Peek at Live Vision

    Elle, the fetching Gamestress from the Xbox team at Microsoft, is pimping the new Xbox Live Vision webcam on the Xbox site. The camera, which should be available tomorrow, is a 1.3MP still cam and a VGA-quality video cam. You can use it to chat live with your gaming buds (whilst hoping they’re wearing pants), take pics of yourself for in-game avatars, and trade footage of your girlfriend… Read More

  • Kensington Offers iPod Speakers With FM Radio

    Kensington Offers iPod Speakers With FM Radio

    Kensington has released two new iPod speaker sets (becayse we totally needed more), one of which allows you to play FM radio. The two new models are the FX 300 Speaker To Go and the SX 3000R Speaker With Radio for iPod. The FX 300 Speaker To Go is a protective case, which has an integrated speaker allowing you to protect your iPod and listen to music on the go. The case is water-resistant… Read More

  • The Escopetarras

    The Escopetarras

    These instruments are known as“Escopetarras”, a fusion of gun and guitar, created by Cesar Lopez. Lopez got the inspiration for the invention while standing outside a bombed Bogotá club and noticing the similarities between his guitar and a soldier’s rifle (whaaa?). Partnering up with musical instrument craftsman, Luis Alberto Paredes, he has been creating the instruments… Read More

  • Welcome Flockers!

    Welcome Flockers!

    We were lucky enough to be added to the default news feeds in Flock today, which makes us very, very happy. If you haven’t used it lately, give it a try. Thanks again for reading and welcome to CrunchGear. Flock Maintenance [Flock] Read More

  • Twenty-Inch Laptop Hits the Streets of Manhatten

    <img class="left" src=" hybrid. At 18.5 pounds, it's not really intended for the roadwarrior. But what if it were? The good people at Laptop Magazine took their demo model for a stroll about town, and made record of the reactions from the common man. They ranged from incredulous to disgusted, but the machine made… Read More

  • 24-inch iMac First Look

    24-inch iMac First Look

    Paul Stamatiou has on his blog a rundown of the new 24-inch iMac. Overall he likes its functionality per value–at $1999, he equates it to an affordable exotic car. Stamatiou takes some issue with its limited upgradeability, but stops short of bemoaning the dilemma. Anyway, you can read what he has to say in depth over at his page. First Impressions: 24-inch iMac Read More

  • Sprint to Add Samsung A900M

    Sprint to Add Samsung A900M

    Sprint announced today forthcoming availability of the Samsung A900M, an updated version of the Blade. The new phone is compatible with Sprint Power Vision, Sprint Music Store and Sprint TV. It can also stream music from Sirius and Rhapsody. On the tech side, it has EVDO for wireless broadband speeds. It also features a 1.3MP camera that supports PictBridge for some direct to printer action. Read More

  • Gyration GyroTransport Hands-on

    Gyration GyroTransport Hands-on

    We already did a nice video on the GyroTransport last weekend, so we’ll just comment on this a bit more and leave it at that. I’ve rarely used presentation remotes because, thus far, they’ve been fairly innacurate and bulky. Luckily, the $199 GyroTransport is neither. It works with Macs and PCs seamlessly and includes 1GB of memory built-in to the wireless dongle. Read More

  • iPod Touchscreen? Rumors Recirculating

    iPod Touchscreen? Rumors Recirculating

    It hasn’t even been a week since Apple’s latest product unveiling and already the rumors of new products are beginning to spin once again. This one is a familiar old tune, remember that touchscreen iPod? Yea, well apparently we’re going to see it by year’s end. On the other hand, there were legions who swore we’d have it several other times this year, so keep… Read More

  • Pioneer Launches Two PDP High-Definition Plasmas

    Pioneer Launches Two PDP High-Definition Plasmas

    Pioneer has released two more PDP high definition plasmas in Japan. The two new models include the PDP-607HX (pictured here) and the PDP-427HXD. The plasmas use a new technology Pioneer has labeled “New P.U.R.E. Black Panel” and “New P.U.R.E. Drive II”. The black panel can recreate industry-leading levels of color and the Drive II has a new digital signal processor… Read More