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  • SD Cards with USB Plugs. Suh-wheat!

    No longer will camera lovers be chained to the evils of the SD card reader. No more! We will be free to move about with our laptops, extra-baggage left in the waste bins of history. No longer will our desktops need those damned multi-card slots, making the face of it appear to be that of a pimply teenager. Done are we with the labors of cables and such, for OCZ Technology has combined two… Read More

  • Sony Gets Chic with New VAIOs

    Sony Gets Chic with New VAIOs

    Sony has unveiled the VAIO N line of notebooks–These laptops feature Intel Core Duo processors (on select models?!), 15.4-inch XBRITE-ECO LCDs, DVD burners and integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless. The specs are pretty basic to be honest, but the real draw is clearly the colored cases. The N series comes in black, white or brown. Seems a little superficial to me, but if you’ve been… Read More

  • Sierra Wireless Announces AirCard 875

    Sierra Wireless Announces AirCard 875

    Here at CTIA, Sierra Wireless and Cingular Wireless have announced that they will be releasing the AirCard 875. The AirCard 875 is a 3G LaptopConnect card and also the first HSDPA 3.6 Mbps network card in America. The new AirCard will allow Cingular customers to have a mobile broadband connection in over 100 countries. The card will be retailing for $99.99 (after rebate) when Cingular… Read More

  • T-Mobile Mystery Logo

    T-Mobile Mystery Logo

    Sascha Segan from Gearlog has noted a strange rumbling from the T-Mobile booth at CTIA. Featured on many of TMo’s new phones is the that five dotted logo. The logo is said to represent an, as of yet, unannounced new service. T-Mobile says that the service will be “debuting soon.” Some possibilites include GPS, personal teleporter, self-destruct or some sort of digital… Read More

  • Nokia 6085: High-End Features on a Consumer Clamshell

    Nokia today introduces us to a new GSM clamshell, the 6085. A fairly decent mass market phone, the 6085 has all the standard features you’d expect from a phone in this category, including a VGA camera, monochrome external display, Bluetooth and a bonus FM tuner. What makes this phone interesting is that Nokia has decided to add features normally reserved for high-end phones, like support… Read More

  • NBC to Offer Free Streams of Primetime Shows

    NBC to Offer Free Streams of Primetime Shows

    NBC today announced that it will begin offering ad-supported streams of all its new fall shows. That means that starting soon you’ll be able to stream episodes of several different “Law & Order” amalgamations, “The Office,” “Studio 60 On Sunset Strip” (which is excellent by the way) and a bunch of others. The network will also launch on October 1 a… Read More

  • CrunchGear and the Race to 2000 Update

    CrunchGear and the Race to 2000 Update

    Looks like we’re hovering at 1,345 comments today. Remember, friends: the commentor to post the 2,000 comment gets a special black iPod Nano… OK, not so special, but it’s still a Nano. More info here. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Will Have an Internal HD DVD Drive in 2007

    DigiTimes of Taiwan claims that the Xbox 360 models premiering the first half of 2007 will have internal HD DVD drives. This goes in the face of Microsoft policy, which has been to say the external HD DVD drive is the only option in the near future for HD DVD playback on the Xbox 360. DigiTimes claims that they’ve talked to Taiwan’s optical disc drive industry and found that… Read More

  • Samsung IP-830w Confirmed

    Samsung IP-830w Confirmed

    <img src=" smartphone with Windows Mobile and EVDO. It's pretty hefty, but it's a real world phone and includes a Sprint SIM card that has roaming agreements with multiple international GSM carriers. Read More

  • Sony eReader In the Wild

    Phil Torrone from Make got his hands on a Sony eReader, then proceeded to take some pictures of it instead of using it to read. In any case, it actually looks pretty decent, and dare we say it, usable! So far, from what we can see, the lettering is nice and big, and very bright even in the sun. It plays MP3 and AAC files, and takes SD cards for expanded memory. PT will have a full review of… Read More

  • Bagir iPod Suit

    Bagir iPod Suit

    We’ve seen iPod enabled clothing in practically every design flavor, but, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first iPod-oriented suit. Created by Bagir, the iPod Business Suit uses Eleksen’s ElecTex smart fabric touchpad technology to transform the lapel into a five button electronic control panel. It’s wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable, but you’ll probably… Read More

  • CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!

    CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!

    For your enjoyment, a recreation of the noble and traditional art of Japanese Sumo as performed by two drunken fools. Read More

  • Skype for OS X 2 (beta)

    Skype is great. Most of the people who use it like it. But if you’re a Mac user, you’ve always been a little behind in the game. Fortunately, the good people at Skype are fixing that. Today they’ve released the beta version of Skype 2 for OS X, with video. Now you can screw over the phone company without having to boot into that pesky Windows XP, and the software is as easy… Read More

  • ViewSonic 19 and 22-inch Monitor With Built-In iPod Dock

    Yup, it looks like every peripheral at your computer needs to have an iPod dock these days. Tying in with the Apple fanfare yesterday, ViewSonic’s released a 19-inch and a 22-inch monitor, both featuring an iPod dock and a USB hub. You could accomplish the same thing with a regular monitor and a separate dock, but who would want to do that? No pricing yet, but there’s no direct… Read More

  • Dell Launches First AMD-Powered Desktops

    AMD fans can finally get their processor fix from Dell, now that the computer maker’s announced the Dimension E521 and Dimension C521 desktops, both powered by AMD CPUs. These two machines will be available tomorrow and can be outfitted with Sempron, Athlon 64, or Athlon 64 X2 processors. These machines will also come with Windows XP Media Center Edition and optional tuner cards for… Read More

  • Cingular Releases, Unreleases HTC Star Trek (3125)

    For a brief bit this morning, Cingular had the HTC Star Trek up on their site as the 3125. The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, 200MHz TI OMAP processor, and runs Windows Mobile 5.0. It’s a clamshell form factor phone, with RAZR-ish design cues. Unfortunately this means no QWERTY keyboard for you to type on, but that comes with the territory. The price was $149.99 with two-year… Read More

  • Trolltech Linux Phone For Application Developers

    Trolltech Linux Phone For Application Developers

    Cell phone application developers have a new tool for developing future products. Trolltech has launched their Qtopia Greenphone, an open Linux mobile device that allows you to write and install your own apps, or tweak the ones that Trolltech has already installed. They say this allows developers to be able “to utilize communication functions and features found in today’s… Read More

  • Boost Asks "Where You at?" Loopt Answers

    Boost Mobile, the hip-hop-themed pre-paid service from Sprint Nextel, has the tagline “Where you at?” This grammatically frightening phrase now has meaning, as Boost has partnered with Loopt to launch a mobile friend finder. Just download the little Java app to your phone, set permissions, add your like-Boosted friends who’ve done the same and you’ll all be able to… Read More

  • Blackberry 8703e Launched on Verizon

    Verizon’s just launched the BlackBerry 8703e, an EV-DO capable BlackBerry device. The 8703e has your standard BlackBerry software that you either love or hate, and adds capability to tether your laptop to it to act as a modem. The keyboard on the BB is a full QWERTY and not a half-QWERTY, as seen on smaller, candybar-shaped BlackBerries. This will be available for $349.99 with a… Read More

  • Wii To Launch November 10th?

    Wii To Launch November 10th?

    Take this with a block of salt, but the picture you see before you is from a FNAC store in Spain. You see what it says on the last line, there? Yea right next to NEUVA CONSOLA! That’s right, this store believes the Wii will launch on November 10th. But, hopefully, we’ll all find out the truth in the next couple of days anyway, with Nintendo’s trio of press conferences… Read More