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  • Daily Crunch: Post-Frenzy Regret Edition

    Python XM Bianco Laptop Bag Looks Good, Can Play Rough
    Trading PS3s for Wiis: What All the Kids are Doing
    The Most Beautiful Women Bloggers in the Whole Wide World Ever
    What Did You Get for Christmas?
    Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Days 01/02 Read More

  • Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Days 01/02

    So I totally intended to post an ifrogz winner yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. Bit too much Maker’s and too many distractions. In fact, I’m still hung over. I’ve been gorging myself on leftovers all day hoping to make myself feel better, but it seems to be having the opposite effect so far. That does, however, mean that today I owe you two winners. The comments… Read More

  • Python XM Bianco Laptop Bag Looks Good, Can Play Rough

    Behold one of the coolest laptop backpacks we’ve seen in awhile: The Python XM Bianco form Booqbags. Although extremely pricey at $179.99, this bag has tons of pockets, holders, and can protect your laptop in extreme conditions. The website says it can hold a Macbook, 15-inch Powerbook, 17-inch Powerbook, Macbook Pro, and a 17-inch Macbook Pro.We’re pretty sure it’ll hold… Read More

  • NYC Traffic Cams Watched By Public

    You could call it an invasion of privacy or you could call it hours of drunken fun. Either way, apparently you can tune into some of NYC’s traffic cameras to view what’s going on around town mdash; and by town I mean Manhattan. Only 10 cameras will stream in real time but there’s still an additional 35 cameras that do stills. Worth checking out if you’re a terrorist… Read More

  • A Glossy White PS3 Appears On eBay

    Now this is a sweet looking PS3! Michal Birecki’s dad owns a body shop. So aside from being a loan shark, he can also paint cars and objects beautifully and with exquisite detail. This white, glossy PS3 took over 14 hours to professionally complete and is going for over $1000. Don’t expect help from Sony though when it breaks though mdash; the case was tampered with so the warranty. Read More

  • Boot The iPod Into Diagnostic Mode

    No lie. One time my cat was playing around with my iPod and when I picked it up, it had a funky debug-looking menu screen on it. I flipped out and thought that my new iPod 5G was totally busted. Well I eventually got it back to its normal mode, but what I didn’t know is that there was a diagnostic menu for testing purposes. In case you want to skip the video, hold the middle button… Read More

  • Trading PS3s for Wiis: What All the Kids are Doing

    As of last Friday, PS3 owners are trading their consoles for Wiis at a considerable loss. Gigagamerz found that 48 traders were offering up their PS3s in San Francisco alone offering to trade plus the cash difference or offer to trade outright at a considerable loss. One reasonable explanation could be that these traders simply bought multiple consoles and are now trying to get a Wii using… Read More

  • Why iPods Sell for $250, No Matter What

    Even while everything else falls in price — TVs, DVD players, etc — why is it that a few specific items always stay hover around one price point? Slate disects the concept of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) which is what companies like Apple use to prevent stores from undercutting each other — and their own retail stores. Use of MAP in some form is fairly common in the… Read More

  • Vista Developers Sing Holiday Song About Vista Shipping, Being Full of Holes

    We all do what we must to get through the night. Vista programmers write little songs about their product. Special Holiday Episode IV: Don Box and Chris Anderson [MSDN] Read More

  • Rumored Apple Cinema Display: HDMI, iSight (??)

    The Apple Cinema displays haven’t been updated since 2004, leading Apple wonks to believe that the company will upgrade their monitor line with iSight cameras, HDMI for protected content playback and some sort of Front Row integration with a remote. Will any of this happen? Who knows. Steve wouldn’t return our calls and the cookie basket we sent him was returned with a spattering… Read More

  • Vista Already Has Flaws Including "Inability to Commit" and "Refusal to Put Down Toilet Seat"

    A Russian hacker and a California-based security team, Determina, have already found a user privilege enhancing hack as well as a number of IE 7 problems in the current version of Vista. The flaw allows users to increase security levels on any account and run code as an administrator. “I don’t think people should become complacent,” said Nand Mulchandani, a vice president… Read More

  • The Most Beautiful Women Bloggers in the Whole Wide World Ever

    While Vince may be a runner up in the beautiful blogger contest, we here at Crunchgear know that members of the fairer sex are usually much more attractive than a 5-foot-3 Faulkner-esque man-child in a Quix t-shirt. Sure, this is a horrible example of digg-baiting and writer Amit Agarwal should be ashamed of himself, but it’s not every day you get to see all the hotties of blogging on… Read More

  • What Did You Get for Christmas?

    Now that things have settled down a bit, let us know what you got from Sandy Claus. I didn’t get much — I picked up a Mac Pro and a new Longines watch a little earlier this month — but I did get new pajamas from the lady wife. I’ll take some pictures. Mmmm… man ham in sweatpants! Otherwise I’m here in Warsaw with the wife’s fam and enjoying… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Christmas Sonnet

    Game Systems, By Hook or By Crook
    Philipp Goedicke Want games that unused gift cards [1] cannot buy?
    Since lotteries don’t work [2], give this a try:
    This week impressed us with an old-school heist [3].
    So go to Flippid [4] for a spy device [5],
    A tiny camera [6], a cell-phone-scope [7],
    A Gerber knife [8] in case you lose all hope.
    A solar charger [9] might do you a favor.
    For longer… Read More

  • Marketing Posing as Video Games: A Look Back

    The news that the mega-cheap Burger King-sponsored 360 games just matched the sales mega-seller Gears of War brought up memories of marketing-disguised-as-games of years past. In this special X-Mas story, we’ll take a look at a pair of my favorite ghosts of agenda-filled games for ye olde NES, so you can get searching on eBay now. Click the jump to see them… Read More

  • Ways PR Agents Piss Off Journalists, and a Few Companies That Do It Right

    In a perfect world, the best products would get lots of press coverage, and the crappy ones would be lucky to find a spot in Sky Mall. Unfortunately, the product placement dance is a bit more complex than that, and companies hire PR staff for a reason. I’ve been in the tech writing business for years, and have booked or placed products in magazines, on network TV, blogs, and dozens… Read More

  • Clocky The Rolling Alarm Clock Throws Tantrums To Get What It Wants

    As if all the screaming kids at every store with some sort of retail product this holiday season weren’t enough, Clocky the rolling alarm clock (wasn’t that the name of a Capt. Beefheart album?) gives you one chance… ONE CHANCE… to get out of bed. Fail, and it literally zips across the room to some Cheney-esque undisclosed location and squeals until you get up and find it. Read More

  • Merry Christmas!

    I hope you’re all having a great Christmas morning and I hope you got all the stuff you asked Santa for. After an all-day cleaning binge yesterday, I think my place is finally ready to accommodate the throngs of guests I’ll have later. What did you all get? Comment with details! Anyway, I won’t ramble. Merry Christmas and all that fun stuff. Read More

  • Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR

    Oh sleepy day. I’ve been cleaning my house half-awake, listening to downtempo. I hope you all are more prepared for the holiday onslaught than myself. So before everything hits, I wanted to take advantage of the Christmas Eve lull to formally announce the next installment of Reader Response, our Holiday SPECTACULAR edition. We’ve got a lot of good stuff for you all this week. Read More

  • Gov. Jeb Bush's Official Portrait Features Blackberry

    Governor Jeb Bush, brother of our current prez, today unveiled his official gubernatorial portrait, which happens to include his trusty Blackberry. Jeb is a power user, from what we can tell, and would often respond to emails from his constituents personally. We salute him for that, and for his acceptance of modern personal technology. While the phrase “sign of the times” is… Read More