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  • Inside Look at the Zune Factory

    , but do you know how they’re building it? If you guessed “by using the crew of a Star Wars Empire battleship”, give yourself five points. Then again, the Star Wars Empire didn’t have any Chinese people. In any case, here’s a secret look at what goes on inside the Zune factory. Inside the Zune Factory [Zune Info] Read More

  • Zune Gets Price, Date

    Microsoft has set a date with Zune for Tuesday, November 14. The eagerly anticipated DAP will be available for $249.99 at retailers nationwide. If you’ve been living in a hole for the past several months, the Zune expands on currently available DAPs by offering music sharing through WiFi. Whether this feature is enough to dethrone King iPod remains to be seen. Another possible advantage… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch

    watches, this Sony Ericsson MBW-100 connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can control music playback using the buttons on the side. Unfortunately, there’s no caller ID like the Fossil watches, but this looks a bit more stylish with the sleek silver and black. Double unfortunately, it costs $399. So you’re paying four-hundy bones for something to control your cell phone music… Read More

  • Ink Rechargink Station For Inkjet Cartridges

    A station located in convenient locations so inkjet users can recharge their ink carts? That’s brilliant. This KIS Rechargink station was being demoed at Photokina, and is supposed to re-juice your ink stock in less than five minutes. There are ten sub-stations in each station, designed to work with different cartridges from different manufacturers. It pays to select the right one when… Read More

  • PepperPad 3 Quick Look

    Hopefully the lighting will be better on this one. Here’s a quick video of the PepperPad 3 in all her glory. I know folks didn’t like the original Pads, but I have no problems with this one. It’s an Internet tablet, plain and simple, and inifinitely hackable thanks to Linux. Read More

  • The Zing Player has WiFi, Smaller than the Sirius Stiletto

    If you were looking forward to the Sirius Stiletto to listen to Sirius radio, you’ve got an alternative now. The Zing Player also uses WiFi to snatch access to internet and Sirius channels. It’s quite small as well, especially compared to the Sirius. There’s also a dock and a click-wheel, which wasn’t touch-based but still pretty cool. No pricing and availability… Read More

  • HP Enters the Network Storage Fray

    HP today announced the release of the HP Media Vault, a network hard drive intended to store photos, music and video. The system will allow users to store and share media across a home network. There is no word on what sort of connectivity it’ll include, but I’m assuming it’s ethernet. It’ll come in 300GB and 500GB capacities for $379 and $549 respectively. If… Read More

  • PepperPad 3 Hands-On

    The PepperPad 3 is a kitchen computer. Unlike previous versions, and multiple tablets that litter the slate-form-factor fields of battle, it’s not trying to be anything more than a handy device for looking up a recipe or two, listening to some Internet radio and maybe popping on a little prerecorded daytime TV or some in-bathroom web browsing. Read More

  • Titan Gear 2G Nano Case

    If you just got a 2G Nano and you’re looking for a case with versatility in mind, GizMac might have just the thing. The Titan Gear includes a carabiner clip, an armband, a belt clip with 360-degree rotation and a lanyard. It is available for $24.99. Not a bad setup all-in-all, but I have to question the lack of protection that it provides. It looks as if the system simply clips to the… Read More

  • ESPN Mobile: First Half, Score 0-0

    Looks like the world’s least popular MVNO is headed for some big changes. While there won’t be a massive layoff and shuttering, ESPN mobile will probably be sold or wound down and phased out. Experts expect it to sell in the $300-$400 million range – not to shabby for a MVNO with four subscribers, three of whom are the CEOs parents. MVNOs are a tough nut to crack because… Read More

  • Cellphone Accessories: Stop the Press!

    . If I left anything out, please add some comments describing your favorite smartphone gear and maybe we can create a meta-commenting thread on the already meta-roundup I wrote. Dressing Smartphones for Success [NYTimes] Read More

  • Name that Squid: Vote Time

    Squid-naming time is here, friends, and we encourage you to vote. We’re closing the polls on Friday, so that gives you plenty of time to try out the name and mull things over. Remember – the submitter of the winning name gets the T-Mobile Trace and our undying love. Just to be all legally, the name becomes property of CrunchGear, etc., so don’t go making a blue squid with… Read More

  • Fossil Adds Bluetooth, Style To Techie Watches

    Truthfully, before we knew the details on these three beauties, I couldn’t think of an immediate reason to add Bluetooth to a standard watch. And then Richard Ozerman chimed in with “caller ID.” Sure enough, that’s what it was. All three of these watches–one branded with the Fossil name, the other two are under the Abacus brand–have built-in Bluetooth… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Darkroom Edition

    Sneak a peek at yesterday’s stories: Powerisers Jumping Stilts
    Cool Glow In The Dark Pebbles
    How to Make a Star Trek On/Off Switch
    You, Too, Can Travel Through Time
    Name that Squid: Vote Time Read More

  • Sling Media Drops Three Slingboxes For The Holidays

    Sling Media’s Slingbox is one of those products that you might not grasp the necessity of until you use it–like a tablet PC, TiVo or condoms. For the uninitiated, the short of it is the Slingbox lets you watch and control your home TV on a laptop, desktop or select mobile devices. The first version had some very minor drawbacks but all-in-all it was a great product. Tomorrow… Read More

  • Verizon Enables Speakerphone on Chocolate

    Verizon today dropped a firmware update that you Chocolate lovers have been waiting for. V04 of the firmware for the sexy, touch-sensitive slider is out, and it enables the speakerphone feature that, for some reason, was disabled when it first shipped. The downside is you can’t update yourself. To flash the firmware, you’ve gotta take the phone into your nearest authorized VZN… Read More

  • Dock and Battery for iPod, in One

    Meet the XTremeMac MicroPack Multimedia Dock & Battery. That’s the name of this little beastie, and that’s only half what it does. These fellows took a standard dock, something many ipod owners need, and added a chargable battery, volume controls, and dual headphones-out with line-out. The battery offers 80 hours (!?) of audio playback, which should come out to about 15 hours… Read More

  • X06: Guitar Hero 2 Coming To Xbox 360

    Yes! Activision has confirmed that Guitar Hero 2 will be coming to the Xbox 360! I’ve been waiting for someone to confirm that since I heard rumors of it coming to other consoles. That isn’t the only good news either. The game will also feature a new controller (modeled after a Gibson Explorer) exclusively designed for the Xbox 360. No information if the controller will be wireless… Read More

  • SDRs Are Wonderful. If You Don't Believe Me, Ask MobileCrunch

    Our sister-site MobileCrunch has an exclusive on a new flexible baseband radio coming from the folks at Sandbridge Technologies. The software-defined radio, or SDR, would be a viable replacement for the radios found in mobile handsets allowing you to switch amongst different standards by changing the radio’s software. Or at least that’s how my tiny mind has processed the information. Read More

  • T-Mobile Dash Coming October 16th

    Engadget has scored a scoop giving details on the forthcoming T-Mobile Dash, including the launch date, set for October 16. You’ll recall our coverage of the Dash from a couple weeks ago. It’s T-Mobile’s answer to Verizon’s Motorola Q. It’s also their branding of the HTC Excalibur, a qwerty-sporting, Windows Mobile 5-toting smartphone. It’s aimed at… Read More