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  • Move Over Hello Kitty, Mashimaro Is In Town

    If you’re not familiar with Mashimaro then you’ve been living under a rock. Ok, well maybe not a rock, maybe more of a stone of Western fictional character fandom, but the Korean Mashi fits in the same category as Hello Kitty. He’s finally getting the recognition he deserves… in the form of a mobile phone. Read More

  • Uncomfortable Game Demo

    This is a 23 minute demo for a new video game company and their amazing product, something to do with Lego pirates and Sponge Bob. It’s really long, but it’s early and the coffee takes a while to cool and it’s almost painful to watch the demo go off the rails — completely on purpose. Read More

  • The Help Key: An Airport Tech Survival Guide

    Being a very, very, very frequent traveler, I’ve picked up a few tips for how to handle the foibles of the modern airline system. Companies might their best to try to screw you out of free Wi-Fi and a decent seat these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still come out on top. Click the jump to see a few of the tips I’ve picked up over the years for surviving the… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Lookout Edition

    Vista Point Ahead (Time to Pull Over and Seek Relief)
    Philipp Goedicke Blake thinks predictions of Business Week meek,
    So he gave us a glimpse of the havoc they wreak [1].
    But, hey, how would conservative investors stay aloft, mister,
    Without betting on Google [2] and MicroSoft’s Vista [3]?
    Since Vista’s gaming gives causes to shout [4],
    Let’s get it right now, though… Read More

  • Wii Hacked?

    Not sure what to make of this, but the Inquirer is reporting that a group calling themselves The Ninja Team has created a modchip for the Wii that can play backed-up games. It’s apparently a 5-point soldered chip and will be available in the next month. I feel like calling bull on this, but we shall see. Wii hacked to play backups [TheInquirer] Read More

  • Axiotron Modbook at Macworld

    Macworld has got a video review of the Axiotron Modbook. If you’re not familiar with the Modbook, it’s a Macbook modded into tablet form. It still has all the standard Macbook features except now it also has a touchscreen display for drawing and whatever else you decide to do with it. I dunno why anyone would really need one of these things, but if you absolutely must have one… Read More

  • Apple's Next Product Photoshops

    This one made me laugh. Worth 1000 is holding an a Photoshop contest to create Apple’s next product. Lots of funny stuff here, like the Mac-Chine, an Apple branded washing-machine. And the iDied Apple casket, complete with DVR playback of lifetime highlights. My favorite though is the iSuppository above. Not the best Photoshopping of the bunch, but its “deeper experience”… Read More

  • Make Your Own iPhone

    I was browsing TechCrunch earlier and I ran across this printout iPhone, sure to be the hot item this side of June. And given the price of the iPhone it might be as close as many of us get to Apple’s mythical device once it actually comes out. Anyway, just print-and-fold and you’ve got yourself an iPhone. It won’t actually function, of course, but I’m sure… Read More

  • Pick That Wax Clean With LED

    I’m used to seeing ear wax pickers ever since I was a kid. I’ve seen em in all shapes and sizes venturing into the local Korean grocery stores but I’m just not sure how I feel about this. What’s the point of having an LED light in the picker if you can’t see what’s going on in there unless you’ve got someone doing the picking for you? Ear Wax… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Soft Drink Pirate Edition

    Programming Rocks!
    Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter
    We’re All Pirates
    Soda Club Home Carbonator
    You’re My Fave! Contest Read More

  • Athena Gets Priced And Grows A Cup Size

    T-Mo has confirmed shipment of the Athena or Ameo as it’s being dubbed to the UK and Germany. The Deutschland can get theirs for 500 Euro in March. No word on price or release date in the UK but expect price and shipment to be around the same for the Brits. Where does that leave us? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing it stateside with Cingular and not T-mo! WTF?! According to some… Read More

  • Soda Club Home Carbonator

    I have to admit I’ve never really seen anything like this home soda maker. Rather than simply buying soft drinks at the grocery, the machine carbonates water that you then add flavoring to to create your own soda. To use the device, you just fill a 2-liter bottle with water, attach it to the the carbonator and then press the button repeatedly until the system makes a weird noise to… Read More

  • Shuttle Releases SDXi Barebones-style

    specially designed for the case. I saw the case up close and personal-like at CES and it’s really quite nice. Very realistic looking flames. Anyway, at the time I asked if they’d considered selling it as a barebones unit along with all the other models they sell. They said no, which means either they didn’t know at the time they would be selling it, they were lying to me or… Read More

  • You’re My Fave! Contest

    Nice showing so far kids. We’ve had quite a few entries since we launched the “You’re My Fave!” contest yesterday morning. So I wanted to take a minute to give an update and reminder about the contest. To enter, all you have to do is head over to Technorati, log in or create an account (make a fake one for all we care), favorite us and take a screenshot. Send the… Read More

  • The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console Ever

    Let’s face it. You know Sony kicks ass. You totally had a wet dream back in the 1990s when you saw the PlayStation and when PS2 fever hit, you bum-rushed Target hoping to get one. So why so much hatred for the PS3? Because you’ve been spoiled. To be quite frank, you need a time out. The previous PlayStation models fit well within your budget and had great launch titles to boot. Now… Read More

  • Google Tops Global Branding List

    To the left, you’ll see Google’s logo. You’ve seen it before a kajillion times, and know what it is without actually having to read the word “google”. That’s because it’s the number one brand in the world, according to Brand Channel, who interviewed thousands of branding students and professionals and published its report today. Second place goes to… Read More

  • Pedal Power To The People, Mobiles

    I’m far to lazy to ever get any use out of such equipment, but some of you might not be. Motorola’s pedal charger is exactly what it sounds like: a phone charger powered by your bike. As you careen and galavant around town on your Schwinn your mobile gets juiced. A great idea for bike messengers, bike cops, or Critical Mass hippies. No pricing yet, but we’re not totally… Read More

  • RadioShack Schools You In HDTV

    Tired of explaining to your friends and family about how they can watch “the big game” in high definition on their new HDTV? My advice is to ignore their questions and send them a link to this video HDTV explainer from Terry Schussler, a RadioShack store manager in California. It’s also a bit of an advertisement for Monster Cables (which you can find at your local RadioShack! Read More

  • Proporta Releases Splash Proof Sports Kit For The iPod Nano

    If you’re a total klutz like yours truly, then you know the importance of a good case for your personal electronics. Proporta has just released its new Splash Proof Sports Kit for the iPod Nano 2G. Ready to take a beating, it comes equipped with dual skin silicone casing, a protective clear screen, adjustable armband, a lanyard, and a belt clip in case you need to look like… Read More

  • Starbucks Aims At iPods

    If a cup of coffee costs $4 at a Starbucks, how much do you suppose they’re going to charge for MP3s? We’ll find out in the next 12 to 18 months if, as Howard Schultz has hinted, the pricey coffee chain does indeed start testing in-store MP3 downloads. “Within 12 months, probably, you’re going to be able to walk into a Starbucks and digitally be able to fill up your… Read More