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  • We Want Wii: Preorder Demand Higher Than Expected

    The reports are coming in, most Gamestops and EB Games stores were overwhelmed with larger crowds for the Nintendo Wii than they were earlier this week with the Playstation 3. Most stores sold out before they even opened. If I had read this yesterday, I would not have believed it, but my experience at EB Games today says different. When I arrived at EB Games around 9:00 AM earlier this week… Read More

  • Blizzard Empties WoW Players' Banks

    I have no idea what Blizzard is doing, but they’ve got some serious issues they need to sort out if they’re accidentally emptying out people’s bank accounts. In World of Warcraft, you get to choose a specific server you want to play on. The server is essentially your character’s world. If you ever want to switch to play with a friend who is on another server, you have… Read More

  • Phillips Brings Ambient to Video Games

    There is nothing worse than playing a video game and having no peripheral stimulation. Sure, you’ve got the big TV, you’re playing Halo, you get the Wraith, but everything surrounding your 42″ flat panel is distracting the hell out of you. There is no remedy. But Philips has an idea. It’s taken that “ambient backlit flat TV” thing up a notch with its… Read More

  • Lego Ice Tray: Make Frozen H2O Legos!

    We could use these new Lego ice trays to make Lego ice cubes and build a Fortress of Solitude for our Superman Returns action figure, but we have a better idea. We’re going to fill them up with vodka and Jell-O mix (cherry) to build a Castle of Inebriation, a citidel impenetrable to the likes of the Soldiers of Sobriety! At fist dawn, we’ll join the Bloody Mary Militia and fight… Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet Up Update: Know Your Editors

    John “The Weblo” Biggs
    Ragin’ Blake Robinson
    Josh “Whole Milk” Goldman More info? Click here. Read More

  • Obey Hangover Wallet Includes Bottle Opener

    If Andre the Giant wants us to be able to open our beer wherever we are, who are we to say no? The guys at Obey Clothing have put together this stylish wallet designed in line with their own “Propoganda Engineering” fashion line. Besides the window for your ID and a place for your kids’ photo, it’s got a handy beer key. This thing screams hipster louder than a line of… Read More

  • Danger Phone: The Mac Skype Handset

    If you’re a fan of VoIP – iChat or Skype, for the uninitiated – you could do worse than picking up a Danger Phone from MacMice for your Mac. Despite being called the Danger Phone, it is neither red nor does it have big red buttons on it. The styling is of the “white Mac” era, with no screen to speak of and large-ish buttons. The lack of screen is fine, since its… Read More

  • Limited Edition James Bond Sony Ericsson k800 and k790 Phones

    If we all went out and bought things that looked cool in the movies, we’d be driving 20-year-old Deloreans and wearing Men in Black glasses. Nevertheless, Sony’s banking on the cool gadgetude of James Bond to help sell these k800 and k790 cameraphones, which honestly were pretty great in their own right. The phones are silver – Bond doesn’t do Orange – and… Read More

  • Arcade In A Box Is Literally That

    This is not a controller. It is not a component for a MAME cabinet. It is a full-on gaming PC. Burn your PS3 pre-order form, the Arcade In A Box is here to stay. With a full compliment of audio and TV-outs, as well as traditional VGA, this might be the next PC we get. It’s made for gaming, not just in its spec sheet (2.88GHz proc, 512RAM, DVD, XP Home Edition, 128MB video, USB, so on)… Read More

  • FCC Approves Qualcomm Mobile TV Over UHF

    Qualcomm’s MediaFLO is finally set to kick off in the States. MediaFLO is the cellphone chip and cell infrastructure-maker’s solution for mobile TV. Instead of trying to squeeze more data into the already crowded cellphone spectrums, Qualcomm decided to use the relatively wide-open spectrum owned by UHF TV. But this spectrum is regulated by the FCC and is meant for (very)… Read More

  • Let The Robots Do The Weeding

    If you’ve ever driven to Chicago in a Northerly direction, you’d notice that the majority of Illinois is farmland. This is part of the inspiration behind the University of Illinois’ new robot-aided herbicide system. The idea is to have robots with GPS, a “custom-designed end effector”, herbicide nozzle, and an on-board computer used to locate weeds. These… Read More

  • Dyson Root 6 Puts Its Root Down

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    I'm going to write this thing up in a bit more detail when I have a mess to clean up – Blake is spending the week here for tonight's event, so I'll clean up his wood shavings when he leaves – but here's a quick look at the Dyson Root 6, the… Read More

  • Buy a Sony Mylo, Get Free T-Mobile Hotspot For a Year

    <img src=" in your hands. We're not positive, but since T-Mobile's system works on a login/password authentication, you can transfer this login/password to your Laptop or PDA. Now that would be worth the $350 for the Mylo, which you could then probably just sell on eBay. Press Release [Yahoo via Engadget] Read More

  • iRiver Clix Goes 4GB

    Not much in the way of actual info, but it seems that the iRiver Clix, the small-screened MP3 and video player from iRiver, is about to hit the 4GB mark. We’ve got three professional ad shots, but no official announcement yet, which makes us think that the leak was from the ad company hired to do these shots. In any case, it looks like in addition to having 4GB of memory, the Clix will… Read More

  • Limited Edition Sidekick 3 by LRG and Diane Von Furstenberg

    picture we showed you a couple weeks ago was quite spot on, down to the little space invader things on the finish. Well, in addition to the green LRG design – which is pretty cool if you’re a leprechaun – there’s the black and red lip design from Diane Von Furstenberg. Both models have the same keyboard and same 1.3-megapixel camera, but come with different colors… Read More

  • Dell Launches Affordable E207WFP Wide Monitor

    The E207WFP is a 20-inch wide flat panel with a 5ms response time – great for gaming or movie watching, but better for the thrifty, thanks to its $289 price tag. Since it’s so cheap, you can convince your boss to buy two and link them together to form a 40-inch widescreen system to watch pirated movies on one while doing work on the other. We did this years ago and our… Read More

  • Magic Lightboard…Y'know, For Kids

    Here’s a new toy from the land of hot tea and The Who. It’s a small board that allows you to draw animated images. As the product page puts it, the Magic Lightboard allows kids to “bring their creations to life.” It could also be used to “make the shopping list a little more fun for mum and dad.” It reminds me a lot of the Philips Wall/Light Pen Concept thing. Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet Up: Sponsor Line-Up

    Special thanks and love to all those who approached us at the last minute and extra special thanks to the Crunch Network ad and business folken who went out of their way to make this event a potential success. If you’ve RSVPed, please arrive at about 7pm – first come first booze – and check in with John, Josh, or Blake as we’ll have a bit of fun and some giveaways for… Read More

  • Fujitsu Gets Into The Solid-State Game

    Fujitsu has announced that they will begin offering 16GB and 32GB Solid State Disks in their Lifebook Q and B series laptops. The drives are manufactured by Samsung, and you’re going to want one if you’re looking for durability, less weight, extended battery life, and, theoretically, more speed in the boot process. The price is something to be reckoned with, though. It’s going… Read More

  • Apple's iPod Nano Turns Red

    <img src=" drugs in the third-world. A worthy reason to paint an iPod Red, indeed. It's available now from Apple's website at the same $199 as the regular 4GB colored iPod Nanos, and they're shipping now. That includes free gift engraving, you considerate commie. Apple [Product Page] Read More