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  • BeamBag: The Phallic Light with a Soft Sack

    <img src=" hooker. You can get it now for about $25 at BrookStone, you know, that store in the mall full of lo-tech gadgets, like this one? Sharper Image is where it's at, ya heard? (Not really) BeamBag HandsFree Light Rests on All Sorts of Surfaces [Chip Chick] Read More

  • OS X Panther Goes Old School

    One industrious individual in Australia with a surplus of time has managed to put OS X an old 25MHz Centris 650. Yea it can be done. Yea it takes a lot of effort. Yea it performs are poorly as you’d expect. I’m trying to stop wondering why people do the things that they do, but sometimes it’s difficult.
    I’m not knocking the guy, it’s cool for the geek factor… Read More

  • Hava is the Slingbox for Windows Media Center

    <img src=" the net and they can all watch simultaneously. The Hava box also has component, S-Video, composite, and RF inputs for TV, and can use IR blaster to control set top boxes you get from your cable provider for HD TV or digital cable. You can get one now for $199. The major difference between this and Slingbox is the fact… Read More

  • Braun D800 Shaver Digital Camera?!

    Not really sure what the hell is going on here. Apparently Braun has decided to step out of the restroom and start taking pictures (or maybe it’s taking pictures in the restroom). The grooming experts will soon be releasing the D800 digital camera. It features 6.2MP with interpolation to 8MP and a 3x optical zoom. There is 32MB of on-board memory and SD/MMC expansion. It also has video… Read More

  • HTC Herald Pictures Leaked

    The HTC Herald, which looks to be the HTC Hermes’ thinner and younger sister, has just been leaked by someone along the HTC chain. The phone can be considered a “dumbed down” version of the Hermes, thanks to its lack of camera, and lowered CPU speed (200MHz instead of 400MHz). The other specs are about the same, with 64MB of RAM, 128MB of ROM, 2.8-inch screen, QVGA… Read More

  • T-Mobile's 3G Network Gets the Green Light

    T-Mobile announced today its plans for a spiffy new 3G network, which is about what we expected. The network will be UMTS-based, and its plan is to spend a hair over $2 billion on the project, which should be completed by 2009. Unfortunately, it must operate at frequencies incompatible with the European UMTS standard. That’s not ideal, as existing handsets won’t be able to take… Read More

  • Company Harvests Water from Air

    Here is a technology that could have an immensely positive impact. A company has developed a method of extracting huge quantities of water from the air. The 20-foot machine can produce 600 gallons of clean water per day. It uses some proprietary method of extraction that utilizes salt in some undisclosed capacity. The device can be applied to military settings as well as disaster areas and… Read More

  • Nvidia G80 Details

    Nvida has released a bunch of details about the retail G80-boards due out next month. The board will be dubbed the GeForce 8800 and it will come in two models: GTS and GTX. The GTX will have a 575MHz clock and 768MB GDDR3 memory clocked at 900Mhz. Its memory is is 384-bit and capable of 86GB/s throughput. For those of you who don’t demand the absolutely highest performance, the GTS… Read More

  • Hitachi Plans 940GB Storage Cartridges Using Blu-ray Discs

    isn’t the only things Hitachi’s doing today. They’ve just shown off their Stacked Volumetric Optical Discs (SVOD) technology which puts slim DVDs into a large cartridge that holds 940GB. The DVD carts hold a hundred 9.4GB discs, which will get bumped up to 50GB discs once they perfect the dual-layer technology. That means more nearly 5TB of space in a 6.4cm cartridge. Read More

  • Minox Classic 4-Megapixel Leica M3 Camera

    Either Minox has stumbled upon the land of the giants, or this miniaturized Leica M3 is the smallest 4-megapixel camera we’ve ever seen. Featuring an old 50’s style camera styling, the Leica M3 fits into your pocket, palm or purse and stores 99 pictures in its 32MB of internal memory. Yes, there’s no expanded memory, but this is more of an “oh crap there’s a… Read More

  • Pioneer Bringing the 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio

    At Ceatec last week, Pioneer announced their intentions to release plasmas with a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 by the time the Bejing Olympics roll around in 2008. They had a 60-inch example on display, but they didn’t mention how much these things would cost or what size models would be produced. All I know is that, if the picture is to be believed, the new one looks a whole lot better… Read More

  • Hitachi Recalls 16,000 Sony Batteries

    All those battery recalls of late has been making Hitachi feel left out, so what’s a boy (company) to do? Recall its own Sony batteries, of course. They’ve just issued the recall in their Flora 210W and Flora SE210 laptops in order to get them back before a fiery incident gets publicized all over the internets. Oh, and unless you bought your Hitachi laptop from Japan on a business… Read More

  • Emoticons For Your Ears

    Oh, fashion. How I don’t understand you. Here’s a new product that slips over your earbuds and look like emoticons. What are they called, you ask? Emotibuds!—of course. Currently, there are four designs: “starry eyed,” “skeptical,” “pacified” and “neurotic.” Why those four? Why not, “almost as dumb looking as that other… Read More

  • Netflix Wants Your Advice

    Netflix announced today a $1 million bounty for any programmer who can improve its recommendation system. The contest is intended to help Netflix maintain its competitive edge over Blockbuster, while also strengthening community relations. The Netflix Prize seeks to substantially improve the accuracy of predictions about how much someone is going to love a movie based on their movie preferences. Read More

  • Caller ID on Your TV

    Need to see who’s calling without actually schlepping over to your 1986 landline phone that your wife won’t throw out because her mother gave it to you as your wedding present? Then grab this TV Messenger Caller ID, which displays the caller ID log on your TV directly on whatever you’re watching. The messenger holds 14 callers in its log, which displays the name, number… Read More

  • Fujitsu Turntable PC: No Microphone?

    This is a concept design by Fujitsu that popped up in Japan at CEATEC. While we don’t usually talk about concepts — they rarely come to fruition — it is important to look at it from a UI standpoint. Laptop makers are just now figuring out that there is a wealth of real estate on the laptop lid and adding little WiFi buttons and other claptrap. However, this media… Read More

  • Windows Funnies Up Their Vista

    Demetri Martin, famous for being funny on The Daily Show, is now also famous for being a little cartoon that insults speakers of Romance languages. In this short clip he discusses the word “Vista” and proceeds to make me laugh by going into some weird “Hey, Mario!” routine. Silly? Sure. Exclusive look at Windows Vista’s viral marketing:… Read More

  • Wii Getting Built Just Fine, Thank You

    So it looks like the Wii is going to be the winner right out of the gate. Apparently Nintendo has 2 million Wiis waiting for shipment for the launch and an expected 6 million units in March and an expected 11 million by the end of 2007. That means all of us, the biggest of us to the smallest of us, can enjoy a Wii. I never really wanted a Gamecube – although I did enjoy playing it at… Read More

  • PriceGrabber: Dual-Core CPU Prices Will Continue To Plummet

    We here at CG love dual-core processors. In fact, our office motto is “more cores, more better.” So we were happy to read’s dual-core processor Market Trends data from Market Reporter, the company’s statistical database tracking consumer shopping behavior on the site, that predicts prices on AMD’s and Intel’s dual-core chips will drop… Read More

  • Philips Shows Off New Concepts

    Philips has been holding its annual concepts show this week at the ExCel Centre in London and there are a few things that came out of it that are really, really cool. There is a health monitor that sits in your bathroom and records your weight, body fat ratio, hydration levels, and body shape measurements. There are touch-sensitive light and sound adjusters that look like giant, glowing… Read More