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  • Daily Crunch: Blue Glow Edition

    Be mesmerized by the wonders of these amazing stories: Stratellite Completes First Flight Test
    Wireless Video Baby Monitor to Monitor your Baby Wirelessly
    Electric Marshmallow Toaster for Perfect Toasted Marshmallows
    New WiFi-Enabled Frame Features SideShow
    Target Wii Glow Cards Read More

  • Zune to Pay You Back for Sharing Songs?

    What would a day on CrunchGear be like without at least one totally unconfirmed but juicy rumor? Our spies are going into overtime as the deadline for the Zune approaches (that’s November 14, chuckleheads). Though this is something we’ve heard before, we’ve now got a second source that independently mentioned the same idea, which gives us a clue to it having some weight… Read More

  • Zetabyte Amazon Storage Device

    Zetabytes? Pounds, baby, pounds! The Zetabyte storage device is actually a networked storage system that backs up to Amazon’s S3 networked file system. It cans store up to 690GB for, and this is the kicker, $299 a month. The cheapest plan is $49 a month for 30GB. The real key is that all of the data stored on the zBox, as it’s called, goes straight to Amazon’s S3 service. Read More

  • Cingular Posts Mystery Phone, Fanboys Go Nuts

    Cingular today has launched a newly redesigned website. Gone is that horrid, unfocused, washed out orange-is-the-new-black they were pushing in exchange for a more bluish and white theme. It’s a welcome improvement. Here’s the fun, though: on Cingy’s homepage, you’ll notice the image above in the flash loop that plays. The attractive young lady in the image is holding… Read More

  • Polycom Hands-Free Speakerphone for Skype

    It’s no secret that we like Skype—mostly because it’s simple. That’s why we’re taking a shine to this Communicator by Polycom. It’s a hands-free conferencing device, just like the ones it makes for landlines, but it’s pre-loaded with everything you need to get your Skype on. Plug it into your USB port and you’re all set. It comes in blue, has… Read More

  • Wireless Video Baby Monitor to Monitor your Baby Wirelessly

    <img src=" surveillance of your infant is with a baby monitor. And, being a gadget lover, you're going to get the most effective, feature-packed one on the market, aren't you? That baby monitor might be the wireless BVM we found on BosieBoo. It's a two-part solution, one being a hand held wireless video monitor, the… Read More

  • Spectec Brings WiFi to Windows Mobile Devices via MicroSD

    If your Windows Mobile smartphone is suffering from WiFi envy, it can now get the help it needs. Spectec, who brings us all things SDIO, has developed a WiFi card that sits in your device’s microSD slot, and is 802.11g compatible. This is one tiny, Lilliputian WiFi card. In addition to being small and granting your phone WiFi powers, the miniature card works with Skype, so that you can… Read More

  • Electric Marshmallow Toaster for Perfect Toasted Marshmallows

    We don’t do the outdoors much, what with rain, bird flu, and bears, but when we do we expect three things: Beer, fire, and toasted marshmallows. It is only this combination that gets us into these things called “woods”. But being that we’re gadget people, putting your marshmallow on a stick that you have to manually turn just won’t do. No, we must use this… Read More

  • Motorola goes KRZY for Cingular

    inescapable RAZR, the KRZR, is set to drop early next month on Cingular, according to Engadget Mobile’s anonymous tipster. Right now, the KRZR is only available via Verizon in the CDMA flavor, Cingular’s would be the first GSM version in the country. We’re sick and tired of the RAZR and its many varying forms, so anything sleek, stylish, and Moto to replace it, we’re… Read More

  • New WiFi-Enabled Frame Features SideShow

    A Living Picture has put its new WiFi-enabled picture frame up on Amazon and, man, I kinda want one. Even though nobody ever comes over to my apartment to see the TFT display with 800×480 resolution, it’d be a cool way to look at my pictures without one of those decidedly low-tech “photo albums.” Other features on this frame include a multi-format memory card reader… Read More

  • Abacus MobileWear Bluetooth Watch Hands On

    As a confirmed horological nut, I was fairly skeptical when I heard about the Fossil Abacus Bluetooth watch, the MobileWear. It is a watch that tells you when someone is calling your cellphone. It notifies you by vibrating and showing the name of the caller – if they’re in your address book – right on the watch face. You can also mute and hang-up on callers with the… Read More

  • Cingular Gets Another HSDPA Phone: The Samsung SGH-A707

    We probably shouldn’t be surprised at this, since Cingular’s been rolling out their HSDPA network nationwide for a while now, but the Samsung SGH-A707 HSDPA is going to be available here in the US. The black flip phone will have a 2-megapixel camera, MP3/WMA/WMA+DRM/AAC+/RealAudio playback, and stereo Bluetooth capabilities. Measuring only 0.69 inches closed, the phone has no… Read More

  • New Orleans Municipal WiFi Going Dark

    What bullshit! Not surprising, but ridiculous nonetheless. Ars Technica just reported that the city-wide New Orleans Municipal WiFi will soon be shutdown in favor of a pay service from Earthlink. Apparently Earthlink will continue to offer 128kbps wireless for free for “as long as the city is rebuilding.” This was a great idea that was castrated early-on by laws that are overly… Read More

  • Kanguru 32GB Flash Drive is the Worst Ever

    It’s true that this Kanguru thumb drive holds 32GB, which is enough to take your entire operating system with you as you travel – sticking it into various local internet cafe computers like the naughty drive it is. The massive storage would be enough except for two things. The first? The $1,499 price tag. Unless you really need something the size of your thumb – perhaps… Read More

  • Target Wii Glow Cards

    Go Nintendo has scored a couple of images of Target’s purty new Wii gift cards. Look! It glows! Strange, strange days we’re in, really. Target Wii gift cards [Go Nintendo] Read More

  • i.Dream America i-Classic iPod Dock

    The i.Dream America i-Classic may be one of the best iPod docks we’ve seen all year. With four faux vacuum tubes, an iPod-white finish, wireless remote, and a red glow, this iPod dock will be at home on your bedside or on your office table. Other goodies are the 7 included iPod dock adapters so every size iPod can fit snugly into the dock, the detachable speakers so you can hide them… Read More

  • Stratellite Completes First Flight Test

    A subsidiary of GlobalTel Communications Corp has confirmed that it has successfully flown a blimp that they hope will one day be able to beam broadband internet to the cities below. This idea has been tossed around as a new solution to bringing broadband to the masses for a while now, but it appears that the idea has finally taken off (pun intended). The flight wasn’t much more than… Read More

  • Japanese Students Learning English With DS

    The Nintendo DS is now being used in Japan as a study aid for high schoolers learning English. Students use for 10 minutes at the beginning of class DS software that includes over 3000 English words. By conducting class in this fashion, students receive concise language instruction that is free of human error. It still baffles me why there is so little emphasis on foreign languages in the States. Read More

  • LG 1900 R 19-inch LCD Monitor

    Perhaps Biggs, with his week’s worth of Korean knowledge, can explain to us what Samsung means when it’s hyping up its 19-inch monitor on its product page. At first sight it makes your hearts beat and stir up your mind. It is a embodiment of design and technology. Imagine the beauty of life with LG FLATRON. With a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 4ms response time, this monitor should… Read More

  • How to Bypass IE7 Windows Validation

    Pssst. Want to install IE7? Maybe you’ve already tried over the weekend, throw up your arms in defeat as Microsoft made it clear that you had to run the dreaded Windows Validation before you could be allowed to install? Have no fear. A guy named Shaon has your back. With just a few hacked .dll files replacing the real ones from Microsoft, you’ll be able to run IE7 like a pro –… Read More