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  • Snapalarm Smoke Detector, Because Safety's First, Or Something

    The Snapalarm Smoke Detector is for those of you who don’t want to drill holes into your ceilings or walls. The device snaps to the cords of hanging lighting to provide a non-destructive installation method. It doesn’t improve on some detector functionality at all, but it is a cool deviation for the mechanically impaired (my brother-in-law). The Snapalarm is available now for $50. Read More

  • Ghetto Gadgets

    Chris Stevens at CNET Crave has an amusing article that examines the increasingly poor build quality of modern electronics. It discusses why as technology has evolved, quality control seems to have disappeared. The article points out that there are two acceptable ways to compel users to upgrade: technology and style. As electronics become more advanced, users are forced to upgrade their… Read More

  • XM And Sirius In Talks For Merger

    Whoa there. Out of nowhere comes an article on Ars that claims XM and Sirius are in “low-level merger talks” with each other. This would be absolutely fantastic for customers of the two services. You’d be able to get tons of music, better service, Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony, your favorite sporting events, and a ton of other features all from one provider. Not to… Read More

  • BlackBerry Gives Cingular A Pearl Necklace

    Previously limited only to T-Mobile, the BlackBerry Pearl will soon rear its head on that other GSM provider, Cingular. The fancy pants Pearl is the first candybar from BlackBerry. It features all the features you’ve come to love from BB, in a sexy phone body. I’ve played around with a couple of them so far and I’m definitely a fan. The camera side of the phone looks… Read More

  • Kingston, eMusic Want You To Listen To Music On Your Cell Phone

    Those of you aching to stick a memory card in your mobile handset for the purposes of listening to a gig or two of music sans MP3 player will want to check out this offer. Kingston Technology has partnered up with music-download service eMusic now through January 2007, to give visitors to Kingston’s Mobile Phone Village Web site 50 free songs with a free 14-day eMusic trial subscription. Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Firmware 1.11

    Sony last night updated the firmware for the PlayStation 3. The new firmware, version 1.11, adds a media cross bar in the account manager as well as various other system tweaks. Kotaku is also reporting that the new firmware causes the system to lockup when users try to adjust sound settings. No word on the specific cause, but I imagine we’ll probably see new firmware soonish. PS3… Read More

  • iSymphony: Is There Room For One More iPod Dock?

    If you went shopping for electronics this past weekend, you likely noticed the assorted piles and piles of accessories that are available for iPods. Hell, even a trip I made into an Apple store last night left me bleary-eyed from the speaker/docking station options alone. So is it really worth it to mention the officially launched iSymphony M Series? Yep. Unlike most of the docking systems… Read More

  • Lenovo Gives T60 Thinkpad The Widescreen Treatment

    Lenovo has finally gone widescreen on its T60 Thinkpad models. You can now grab the T60 with a 15.4” widescreen display starting at $1399. Other features on the T60 Thinkpad include Core 2 Duo CPUs, WWAN, and security features. The T60 widescreen is targeted at business power users who need the extra screen real estate for presentations and “powerful business… Read More

  • Nokia 6290 And 6086 Announced

    Some really nice looking Nokia phones were just announced and they are packed to the brim with features…or at least one is. The Nokia 6290 3G Smartphone (pictured) will be dropping in early 2007 for $427 and will feature a 2.2” QVGA display with 16 million colors, a 2MP camera with 4x zoom, e-mail client with attachment viewer for PDF, Excel, and Word documents, an MP3 player… Read More

  • Gobble Gobble PING! Assign An IP Address To Your Turkey

    After Thanksgiving, we know you’re sick of turkey. Trust us, we ate enough of that shit to fall asleep longer than Rip Van Winkle. But this is a gadget of utmost importance that should be considered for next Thanksgiving: The Stoker BBQ Controller. It comes with the usual probes you’d use to when cooking a gigantic animal, but also features a completely programmable computer… Read More

  • Nintendo Won

    I was wrong about the Wii. It is a great console. It will be the market leader this season – probably not in 2007, though – simply because it is on a different console trajectory than the 360 or the PS3. It is small, cheap, and available. Kids will “settle” for it when they can’t get the PS3 and that will drive Nintendo into a strong fourth quarter. That said, the… Read More

  • Apple Killing Off 15-inch Macbook Pro?

    An interesting find today as we stuck our hand blindly into the Apple rumor box – it seems that Apple may be doing away with its 15” model of the Macbook Pro. The reasoning behind this poppycock is that the price of LCDs has fallen so much, the price difference between 15” and 17” is miniscule enough to offer 17″ displays at a 15″ price. To add fuel to the… Read More

  • Best Website Ever:

    . We baby-proofed the house with these magnetic child locks that use a huge magnet to open an internal release. I picked up the magnet then grabbed my aluminum PowerBook G4 12-inch. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had picked up the laptop and the magnet in the same hand. I heard a delightful crunch and the hard drive started gurgling. Oops. Read More

  • Nike Amp+: Sweet Bluetooth Remote For Your Wrist

    We love slipups and early product news obviously, so we almost pissed ourselves with glee when we heard that a new Nike product had been leaked. This one is better than yesterday’s rubbish and is wearable on your wrist instead of your back. The 2007 Men’s Health guide lets it slip that the Nike Amp+ is on its way. From the article: Playlist miscues can ruin a run. That’s… Read More

  • Verizon Censoring Youtube Content On VCAST

    Big surprise here folks: Verizon is going to be censoring Youtube content when it brings it to VCAST in late December. For that $15 a month you shell out for VCAST, (which, truth be told, isn’t too terrible a service), you get “selected and approved videos that have the broadest appeal and highest entertainment value.” Oh hell yeah, videos of mentos and diet coke and cats… Read More

  • Pink Zunes Surface At Random

    Seems that about 100 pink Zunes have escaped into the wild and are popping up in boxes across the nation. The only way you’d know you were getting one though is if you looked really carefully at the box because there’s a small disclaimer printed somewhere on there. Just when you thought you were getting that macho-man black Zune, you could be getting a pink Zune instead. Ouch. So… Read More

  • Presto: It's for Printing!

    A new service has launched that aims to bring the joys of receiving emails to the Luddite horde. Presto uses a special printer designed by HP. The printer hooks up to a regular phone line, no need for broadband, and automagically prints emails that come to a unique address. Now the first thing I questioned was how the system avoids spam. Well to circumvent this obvious… Read More

  • Video Tour Of OLPC Interface

    A video has popped up on Youtube that showcases the features of the $100 laptop designed for One Laptop Per Child. To be honest, I was expecting a dismal, bare Linux interface that would have a high learning curve. This video disproves my theory entirely, showing that a $100 laptop can kick ass. The tour shows off a chat client, web browser (no URL bar though…weird), word processor, and a… Read More

  • Case Mod: Peter Parker's PC

    Pictured above is a case mod that would bring a tear to Aunt May’s eye. The CoolerMaster case mod features Spidey’s chest piece on one side and his mask (hung upside down, of course) on the other. When the chest piece side is removed, you can see the interior of the PC through a glass cut out, along with more Spidey decals. The PC lights up red (instead of the traditional blue of… Read More