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  • Sprint Ruggedizes New Flip for Special People

    , Sprint has launched another Sanyo today, this one apparently aimed squarely at the retarded child market. The SCP-7000 is an update to the boring 2400, adding a ruggedized exterior (featuring Dura-GripĀ®, much like our own Josh Goldman) and changeable faceplates. This means that when Mongo bangs it against the bars of his cage, it should still work. Read More

  • UK City Council Pushing Excuse SMS Service

    Score one for our boys across the pond. Ever been at a dinner, party, or some event where you want to leave but need a way out that is subtle and plausible? The text message is the perfect opportunity to get “urgent news” that will let you ditch that ugly chick faster than the speed of light. Now a city council in the UK is offering a free service that allows you to receive an… Read More

  • Sprint Parades Out Music Phone with 1GB On-Board

    . Sprint has launched the Sanyo M1 music phone. This mid-range flip features external MP3 playback controls arranged in a very iPod/Chocolate-like fasion, as well as a 2-megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus, EV-DO, stereo Bluetooth, and 1GB built-in RAM. Not bad, Sprint. It’s available now at $199, but only if you let Sprint have your anima for another 2 years. Sanyo M1 [Product Page] Read More

  • How Not to Get Ripped Off on Craigslist, eBay

    On the weekends, I have a hobby of fixing broken iPods. Usually they just need a little reset love or some hard disk repairs and they’re good as new. One place I find these busted iPods is Craigslist. Over the weekend, I noticed a post for a cheap, used iPod Nano at $54. That’s a fairly low price for even a first-gen Nano, so I figured it must be broken or missing parts. I thought… Read More

  • ZVUE MP3 Players Come Loaded

    HandHeld Entertainment announced today that its ZVUE MP3 player would be available tomorrow on shelves at selected Wal-Mart and InMotion stores. The player is the size of a flash drive and has 512MB storgage. It can play both MP3 and WAV and can achieve about eight hours of of play on a single AAA battery. While the player isn’t particularly notable by itself, it achieves some relevance… Read More

  • Cerwin-Vega CVHD: My My, What Big Speakers You Have

    What’s big, loud and looks like it belongs in the back of a 1987 Camaro IROC-Z? The new Cerwin-Vega CVHD home entertainment system, which according to the company, takes “its performance and visual cues from experience gleaned by the company’s involvement in professional audio.” The idea behind the set is that pro studios don’t use different size/shapes of… Read More

  • Coffee-Modding Wakes Up

    We’re all about modding your stuff here at the CG, from computer cases to cell phone unlock codes and everything in between. But sometimes something comes across our desks that make us take notice and wonder, “wha?” while still being very cool. One such device is this majorly modded coffee maker. Not content with just making coffee, Tim in New York added a brain, read-out… Read More

  • Cingular Nabs Exclusive Jay-Z Content

    Cingular will announce tomorrow the availability of exclusive Jay-Z content to its wireless customers. Subscribers with 3G access will be able to stream content from the Jay-Z Hangar Tour. Read More

  • Cingular Preps Nokia N75 for Take-off

    to launching on Cingular. As a member of Nokia’s N-series, the N75 is not to be called a phone. No, it’s a multimedia computer. Whatevs, Nokes. It does mark a decent entry to Cingular’s high-end line-up, boasting Symbian Series 60, UMTS 3G connectivity, a 2-megapixel cam, microSD, and stereo Bluetooth. It has external MP3 playback control buttons, so Cingular will brand it as… Read More

  • Antec Nine Hundred: My My, What Big Fans You Have

    Those crappy little 90mm fans cooling your desktop just aren’t cutting it? Antec’s Nine Hundred “ultimate gamer case” sports three, 120mm fans with mounts for more, and a 200mm top-mounted fan. If you’ve never seen a 200mm fan in a case, it’s impressively large. To the point where you might feel the owner is over-compensating for other shortcomings. Read More

  • Final Sound 300i Speakers

    So these speakers got announced last month, but we’re just hearing about them. From Final Sound comes the 300i series speakers. What sets these speakers apart are their surprising dimensions. Measure 4-feet tall and just 1-inch thick, the speakers take up hardly any space at all. They’re not available yet, but the speakers are being highlighted at CES this January. We’ll be… Read More

  • Comedy Central Shows Appear On IFilm

    If you were disappointed about Comedy Central demanding YouTube pull all clips of “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” from its site, rejoice. Viacom-owned (a recent acquisition) is now posting three-minute clips of the shows, totaling up to most if not all of the entire show that aired. And it’s posting them the day after the episodes originally air. Read More

  • Belkin Finally Dumps Cable-Free USB Hub On The Market

    Though I won’t believe it until it’s sitting in front of me on my desk (I’ve seen prototypes of it for a long time now), Belkin has announced that its wireless USB hub will be available for purchase by mid-December in the US. The $199 four-port hub uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) via a Wisair chipset to wirelessly send data from your computer to your peripherals at up to USB… Read More

  • Wii Multiplayer In Q2 2007

    Nintendo of America’s top guy Reggie Fils-Aime stated in an interview that online Wii gaming won’t be available until Q2 2007. He implied that the first of the multiplayer enabled games will start to drop in March and that there should be something of an onslaught following that. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Six months after launch seems like a particularly… Read More

  • Reader Response Update

    Greetings all, I just wanted to take a moment away from our regularly scheduled programming to give you all an update on our Reader Response Contest. Our grand prize this week is a brand new Samsung Blackjack. That’s not all though. Over the next 10 weekdays, we’ll be giving away 100 copies (10 per day) of M2 Convert for either iPod or PSP. To be eligible, all you have to do… Read More

  • TiVoToGo Gets Cracked, DRM Stripped. TV Actually Set Free?

    I’m not sure what TiVo’s excuse is for not providing non-Windows users, including myself, access to TiVoToGo features. Probably the same one I get from every other company that doesn’t provide Mac/Linux support: There just aren’t enough users. But it’s that kind of attitude that drives people to do things like break DRM. PVRWire has a report of a project… Read More

  • Klever Kutter: An End to Wrap Rage?

    If you’ve ever found yourself with bloody fingers clenching scissors and a package that refuses to open, then take a look at the Klever Kutter. It uses non-exposed razor blades and slice unwilling packages any way you want. They’re 1.99 each, but if you buy 500+ you can get them for $1.59 a piece. Whatta deal! Product Page [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Keyspan's Color iPod Remote, TuneView, Ships

    This is the first time I’ve seen an iPod dock combined with a remote with a color screen that gives you full access over your iPod’s library. Which is cool, especially if you’ve connected this little wonder to your TV/home-entertainment system. And it’s now shipping so you can pick one up for the holidays. Keyspan’s TuneView dock and remote communicate via a… Read More

  • Favorites and Lemons of the Year?

    The Holiday Season (TM) is upon us and we’re getting our workshop ready for your perusal. However, you can help us out by sending in some of your favorite/least favorite gear of the year. Email us at tips at crunchgear dot com with the subject “HOLIDAYS” and we’ll enter you into a top secret holiday drawing. Read More

  • iPhone Patent Application: Ceramic Sasquatch Revealed

    gets hopped on ale and goofballs and spills the beans, bloggers have found the secret iPhone patent complete with the constipated phrasing that makes these such a joy to read. What do we learn from this massive document? 1. A portable computing device capable of wireless communications, the portable computing device comprising: an enclosure that surrounds and protects the internal… Read More