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  • The Holidays And The Damage Done

    Don’t know precisely how much money you’ve blown through this holiday season? Well here’s a free holiday spending calculator to get you back on track or make you feel more worthless than I did before when I called you a buncha fatties. This gift from software developer Business Objects uses its Crystal Xcelsius app to let you figure out all your holiday expenses simply… Read More

  • MobiBLU Announces The Cubisto

    If you hate Apple, Microsoft and any other company that makes an MP3 player out there and want something a bit different, check out the Cubisto from MobiBLU. This little guy is small enough to carry around your neck or in your pocket comfortably and has the same unique cube design that the company’s previous players had and can play WMA and MP3 files. Battery life seems to be pretty… Read More

  • Cingular Claims Text Messaging Is “Optional”

    So earlier we reported that you could get out of your Cingular contract due to the hike in texting fees. Well apparently if you go and call up Cingular and use this tactic they’re going to throw the following back in your face: Q. Since Cingular is raising its rates, are customers entitled to cancel service without paying an early termination fee? A. No, that doesn’t apply here. Read More

  • Hey Fatty, Put Down The Cookie And Go To

    It’s the holiday season and you’re bound to pack on a few extra pounds between office parties, family gatherings and parties with friends, mixed with an overloaded, hectic schedule that keeps you from hitting the gym. Or at least that’s what every major media outlet has been telling us year after year. So I figured CG should join the fray and tell you the same… Read More

  • Grown Man Boxes Little Girl, Loses (in Wii Boxing)

    There are few things that could tarnish your manhood more than being out-boxed by a little girl in glasses. I’m trying to think of something and I’m drawing blanks at the moment. There must be something, but it’s not coming to me. At any rate, I think watching the video goes to show just how well the Wii interpolate the gyroscopic data from the Wiimote and Nunchuck. A little… Read More

  • Release Your Inner Rick Wakeman: Roll-up USB Keyboard

    If you’re an accomplished pianist and want to take your keyboarding with you on the go, this $30 cheap-ass USB keyboard might just do the trick. It rolls up for portability and rolls out the jams for good times. Just imagine bringing your laptop and this thing to a park and busting out a Journey solo. The ladies will flock to you like pigeons to stale bread. Though the price is right… Read More

  • Christmas Story Leg Lamp

    Yes I know this isn’t even vaguely new, but in the spirit of Christmas, it’s worth mentioning. “A Christmas Story” should be playing on loop 24 hours a day by now and I’m sure everyone can appreciate this piece of cinematic history. You can now purchase this identical replica of the Red Rider Leg Lamp for $145 – $175. It comes packed exactly as it did in… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Warranty Extended to One Year

    Here’s one that hits close to home. I bought an Xbox 360 a couple of months ago and have been really enjoying it. Then Wednesday night, I was about to violate Biggs in “Gears of War” and the DVD drive crapped out. Now my stuff is still under warranty, and I have the Best Buy service plan, but seeing how quickly it exploded, I’m sure others weren’t so lucky. Read More

  • ezGear Announces ezEars SX50

    Oh ezGear. We love your clever product names so much. Straight out of EZ-land come the new ezEars SX50 Headphones. These new earbud-style headphones come in either white or black and have three different ends so that they fit snugly in your ear canal for maximum performance. Plus, the price is pretty decent at only $19.98 a pair. Oh, and of course they’re designed with the iPod in mind… Read More

  • Multiply Yourself

    Intel is currently running a contest that could plaster your picture across the NASDAQ and Reuters billboards at Times Square. And, more importantly, it could win you one of 24 laptops featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo Merom processor. To enter, simply text message “MULTIPLY” to 55222. Then log on to to submit your picture in order to have it displayed on the… Read More

  • iPod Accessories 2.0

    It may sound soooo last year to talk about “iPod accessories,” but there’s a new wave on the horizon. Or at least there should be. So far, add-ons to the world’s top-selling MP3 player have mostly been limited to relatively basic functions that (as iPod haters love to point out) aren’t included in the player itself, like an FM tuner and transmitter, Bluetooth… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Heist Edition

    Inside the Wiimote Part Deux
    Snakes On A Phone: Vertu Cobra
    Cingular Goes For The Jawbone Bulks Up Its Streams For The Holidays
    Nerdy Felons Steal $190k in Microchips Read More

  • Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 4

    The sky is falling! Or at least is seems like it. There is some apocalyptic raining goin’ on down here in NOLA. Katrina Deux perhaps. Flooding everywhere. I saw kids paddling canoes down the street through several feet of water. Yea. It was messy. I spent most of the day cowering from rain and thunder—a solid excuse to make some headway in the new Pynchon novel Against the… Read More

  • Nerdy Felons Steal $190k in Microchips

    While most of us are at the height of the giving feeling this holiday season, some crooks out of Silicon Valley are more interested in taking. In a clever heist straight out of CHiPs ’07, a gang of thieves made off with $190,000 in microchips and a Mazda using a modified crash-and-dash scheme to not only collect the loot, but make a getaway as well. The Mazda MPV was trasporting… Read More

  • Schlongs and Shvantzes Attack Anshe Chung in Second Life

    This is a lot NSFW and a whole lot of WTF. Apparently Anshe Chung, some sort of vitual millionaire, got griefed in an interview with CNET’s Second Life reporter, Daniel Terdiman. I’m not into Second Life at all, but this was hilarious. Second Life griefers assault real estate millionaire Anshe Chung [BoingBoing] Read More

  • Cingular's 3G Network Roll-Out Exceeds Expectations

    Many of you are currently taking advantage of Cingular’s 3G data network, ejoying DSL-like speeds from pretty much anywhere you care to. That’s good for you. But some of you aren’t impressed, seeing as how the coverage is only in certain metro areas, and as the service is still in the roll-out stages, you can never be sure if you’re in a coverage area or not. The good… Read More

  • Buying A Car In 2007? Chances Are It’ll Love Your iPod

    Over the years, the iPod has become such a popular music device for consumers, that auto manufacturers have started integrating iPod connectors in vehicles. Now Telemantics Research Group is saying that almost half the cars produced in 2007 will be equipped with iPod integration. The firm says that the iPod is “the most sought after feature in cars,” which is a pretty bold… Read More

  • Is This the Apple iPhone? Called the iPhone?

    We’re pretty sure you want to know what the iChat Mobile (iPhone from Apple) will look like. So do we. So does everyone. The folks at aMobileME, however, think they do know, and this is the photo. While we tack this up as bullcrap fake #5543, it does follow some of Apple’s key iPhone patents and share a look that probably isn’t too far off what we should eventually see. Read More

  • Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Go Drink and Play Gears of War

    Well, we’re just about ready to switch over to our CG skeleton crew here – remember, we’re announcing the winner of our Reader Response Contest at Noon EST tomorrow, so keep refreshing us until then. Otherwise, the CG guys will be popping in and out over the next week and we’ll have another contest next week for you poor buggers stuck in the data center for the week. Read More

  • Shuttle Introduces SDXi, Questions My 1337ness

    Shuttle’s been catering to the commuting gamer for some time now. Its latest however, not only packs in some high-end components, but tackles two of the biggest problems with small form factor PCs: cooling and the noise created by said cooling. The compact-case builder managed to sneak in a liquid-cooling system from CoolIT to bring down the operating temps on the Intel Core 2… Read More