The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • OpenStreetMap grows, spawns ecosystem

    This is a guest post by Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of property search engine Nestoria. OpenStreetMap started four years ago in the UK as a project to create a free and editable world map. What began as a few geogeeks wandering the streets with their GPS’s has turned into a global movement with over 75,000 registered contributors. The database has improved rapidly in quality and… Read More

  • In Praise of Bad Times: What we can learn from the last downturn

    The following is a guest post by Nigel Eccles, co-founder and CEO of Hubdub, the prediction trading game. If Silicon Valley checked into hospital, it would be diagnosed with severe bi-polar disorder. In mid-September, with the bad economic evidence mounting and the markets in freefall, its mood swung from vaunted optimism to extreme despair. Sequoia summed up the change in mood, titling… Read More

  • – great URL, not so sure about the rest

    Back in February, in a small acquisition, UK mobile services provider 3Bill acquired UK social network Profile Heaven for an undisclosed sum. The idea was to integrate the youth-focused social network with 3Bill’s mobile software and content platform. Then in October, they also bought the nine year old, a global photo-sharing site boasting around 700,000 users. Now the… Read More

  • Hubbub launches FriendFeed desktop app

    This week a new UK startup, Hubbub (note the .me domain), launches a new kind of desktop application for the semantic web, built on top of FriendFeed. That’s an interesting diversion for the UK. Many services coming out of the UK and Europe have been built on top of Twitter, not FriendFeed, although the latter is being tipped for big things next year by key commentators such as… Read More

  • Live from Helsinki: TechCrunchTalk @ Slush

    It’s cold and dark in November, especially in Finland. Following on from yesterday’s “Slush” conference in Helsinki, TechCrunch is hosting some panel discussions on startups in the Nordic and Baltic area of Northern Europe, featuring some of the hottest startups to come out of the region. Tune in for the live recorded video from our Brunch event below, courtesy of Floobs Read More

  • TrustPilot crowdsources customer satisfaction stats, just in time for Chrimbo

    Danish start-up TrustPilot has launched a UK version of its consumer watchdog portal which claims to use algorithms to crowdsource an idea of what to expect from a particular retailer – in the same way that you might poll your friends or family to get their recommendations based on their good and bad shopping experiences. The company’s software aggregates and analyses reviews… Read More

  • Xing CEO quits, replaced by former eBay drone

    A whirlwind of rumours surrounding Xing late last week implied that the talented Lars Hinrichs, co-founder and long-time CEO of LinkedIn competitor Xing, was poised to resign. Twitter was alight with the chatter but when I emailed Xing for comment, spokesman Thorsten Vespermann came out with a blog post and statement which seemed to suggest all was well. “There are currently some rumors… Read More

  • Reevoo's iphone app comes into its own in the Crunch

    With over 20,000 reviews on under the company’s belt, Reevoo is a service that may be influencing what you buy, and what you don’t buy. Founded in 2005 (previous coverage here) the British based startup recently released an iPhone web app. A native application is yet to shows its face, so we’ll be taking a look at the iPhone web-app. Search for a product you may be interested… Read More

  • One more BNP thing – heatmaps replace pins, but Pandora's box is now open

    One of the interesting debates that surrounded today’s story about the BNP was what to do with the data once it got out. So far it’s pretty clear that the names and addresses of members of the BNP are way out of bounds in a legal sense. The political party, whether you agree with its far-right, largely racist policies or not, is still considered legitimate by the authorities… Read More

  • icanhaz LOL Griffin pix? okthnkzbye.

    Following today’s news story about the far-right British National Party losing its member database, which was then mashed with a Google map, at least someone is retaining a sense of the absurd about the whole thing. Enter LOL Griffin, another mashup site of sorts, but this time between the LOLCats series on the ICanHasCheezburger site and Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP. Enjoy. Read More

  • Updated: BNP member list mashed with Google maps creates a sea of red dots, but dangerously inaccurate

    BREAKING NOW: Creator of the Map, Ben Charlton, removes it from his site. Here’s his post explaining why: Update I have decided to take down the map. Many people have commented that the map does give a false impression of accuracy, despite my making this clear, and I’m tempted to agree. I do not want to single anybody out and by removing the accuracy from the map it is possible… Read More

  • Finetuna makes picture commenting easier

    FineTuna is a rather nifty web app from Irish-based Spoilt Child Design that allows you to upload, comment and share images from around the web. Spoiltchild were also the creators of other web apps such as So how does FineTuna work? Well, remember that drunken picture of you and that person you don’t know? Upload that image file and FineTuna will present you with a unique URL. Read More

  • Tweetdeck's new version takes Twitter to new heights

    Tweetdeck – the Adobe Air application which has taken Twitter addicts to a new state of nirvana – is due to be updated this week, and UK-based developer Iain Dodswoth emailed me with the new version. It will appear at v0.20 and is quite different from the previous one. Now, Tweets are no longer stored for long periods as they were before. Dodsworth says the reason is that the… Read More

  • Trutap's slick new version mobilises socnets

    The new version of Trutap – the mobile social network and aggregator – has a slick new design which gives users live updates from all their friends on just about any java handset. The new application’s features include: a personal newsfeed, ‘who’s online’, status & location, extended profile, searchable user directory, private messaging, email, SMS… Read More

  • Digital Mission now auditioning for SXSW Interactive

    Digital SMEs in the UK with their sights set on South by South West interactive should get their skates on; Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) are currently auditioning for 40 companies to take to the festival in Texas in March 2009. Those that make the cut for this Digital Mission will get the chance to reconnoitre the local market, make connections and pursue new business… Read More

  • 3 targets mass market with 'Facebook phone' launch

    Sometimes it pays to be on this side of the pond, especially if you’re a Facebook addict with a yen for mobile gadgetry and don’t mind switching to 3 if you’re not with them already. The network will be the exclusive carrier for the INQ¹, a Hutchison Whampoa handset launched in the UK only which integrates all the big social networking sites and services – Facebook… Read More

  • Zazzle launches in the UK

    British and European Obama fans, rejoice!, the on-demand e-commerce shop that allows users to create and sell their own products has launched a UK site at, which now means you can get all the Obama branded stuff your heart desires without paying import duties though as TCUK’s eagle-eyed readers have pointed out, the goods will still be shipped from the US, so… Read More

  • Algorithm-driven dating site Be2 raises €15m from Index

    As the downturn bites, VCs are putting more into the companies they feel most confident about rather than the spray-and-pray approach of the last three years. That, combined with companies that have proven models, and developing revenues. The latest example of this is the €15 million investment from the European VC Index Ventures into Be2, the Munich-based global dating site. But this is… Read More

  • Startups to pitch at Le Web in Paris

    Europe’s biggest annual event for the tech industry is looming once more, and this year Le Web’s regular startup competition – run alongside the conference itself – has attracted 30 companies from Europe, and a few from the US, across a wide range of sectors. This year the overall organisation for the competition is being handled by the Europe-wide early-stage… Read More

  • Latest classfied ads on the CrunchBoard

    Below are the latest jobs and classfied ads on CrunchBoard. Every week we showcase the top ads from the board to TechCrunch UK readers. Here’s the CrunchBoard UK RSS feed and you can subscribe to the email newsletter here. Post your ad up today for the limited special offer of £20 per ad. 1 SEO specialist / 1 PHP Coder – for equity Digital Marketing Campaign… Read More