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  • How to position Second Life to your Clients

    I’m still astonished how quickly Second Life has mainstreamed, Duran Duran gigs aside, there’s a surprisingly rapid corporate adoption of virtual presences by the likes of IBM, Reuters and American Apparel. Recently I learned that Theakston is also seeking to establish a virtual pub in SL! Linden Lab’s creation is giving rise to a interesting secondary economy of real… Read More

  • "I don't believe it" but BT Vision to go live on Monday.

    "I don't believe it" but BT Vision to go live on Monday.

    BT announced today that their IPTV solution, BT Vision will finally launch on 4th December which nicely coincides with the recent announcements about the rollout of BT’s 21CN network in Cardiff. As yet BT have not announced their pricing strategy for BT Vision, but given Sky’s lead in the home entertainment market and their announcement today of Sky Anytime (previously Sky by… Read More

  • Money Mondays: ArtistsOnline

    Money Mondays: ArtistsOnline

    Only one entry worth showing in this week’s Money Mondays this week… They say: “ArtistsOnline enables visual artists, illustrators, craft makers, photographers and the like to promote and sell their work. ArtistsOnline has two customers, firstly, artists wanting to promote and sell their artwork. There is a free account that will enable them to do this. There is also a… Read More

  • Flaremaker's combines RSS with every email

    Flaremaker's combines RSS with every email

    The advent of RSS is revolutionising the way information is disseminated from push (email newsletters) to pull (RSS subscribers), although email still remains the primary means of [permission based] communication. For many these two means of communication are viewed separately, with most people having both an email client and a RSS aggregator, but of late, email clients like Outlook 2007… Read More

  • GiftSpace a wishlist gadget for all social networks

    GiftSpace a wishlist gadget for all social networks

    We wrote about Gift Tagging the social “wishlist” start-up when it first launched a few months ago. Speaking with Jeremy Baines (CEO) over the weekend he told me they have just launched their GiftSpace widget which means that people can now signup for Gift Tagging, select the things they want to list whilst browsing and then have their wishlist published in either their blog… Read More

  • London Girl Geek Dinner 9

    London Girl Geek Dinner 9

    I just updated the TechCrunch UK event listing and realised I missed off the Geek Girl Dinner number 9 which is this Wednesday with special guest stars Robert and Maryam Scoble along with Hugh MacLeod. Sadly the event appears to be full with a waiting list forming already. Apologies to the A-List bloggers but I think the most interesting speaker will be Nicholas Ampazis from Feeds 2.0 who… Read More

  • The Scoblizer is here in the UK

    The Scoblizer is here in the UK

    Robert Scoble – author of the Naked Conversations – and now Podtech ScobleShow, is coming to the UK next week. He’ll be presenting at the Online Information 2006 conference with Adriana Cronin-Lukas. Robert says “I have my video camera and would love to meet up with anyone who has interesting technology to show me.” Robert and Hugh McLeod are also trying to organise… Read More

  • NW startup 2.0 in Manchester

    For the last few months I have been talking with Manoj Ranaweera and Ivan Pope of Snipperoo to create a series of entrepreneurial networking events outside of London. I am pleased to say that on Thursday night the first NW Startup 2.0 event took place in Manchester and over 30 people attended. I was going to write a post on this but one of my fellow speakers David Terrar of Twinfield and… Read More

  • Interview with

    Interview with

    Here is an interview with Peter Flint, CEO which is a real-estate vertical search engine.
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  • Money Mondays: deadline today

    Today is the second week for our Money Mondays Showcase. As outlined before, here’s the format.
    a) It is not a live, real world event (yet)
    b) We will publish your URL, a handful of relevant sentences we have picked out of your submission (no more than 300 words please) and your contact email address.
    c) This initiative is mainly for very ‘early’ companies with either a beta or… Read More

  • Benchmark invests $12.5m in Igglo

    Benchmark Europe has confirmed it has invested $12.5m in Finland-based to expand into the UK. The move comes as a number of other ‘aggregator’ search sites for real estate start to ramp-up in the UK, in particular Nestoria, Zoomf, OnOneMap and Extate. Currently Extate is understood to be in funding negotiations with an unnamed VC. It recently enhanced its service… Read More

  • to relaunch to relaunch – a notorious dotcom bubble startup – is planning to relaunch. The confirmation has been made in Swedish media magazine “Komet” by Jonas Arnberg, who works for Handelns Utredningsinstitut (HUI), a respected retail research institute in Sweden. Arnberg told Komet that given that the internet shopping market had developed so much over the past couple of years, it… Read More

  • Pitch invasion: the battle for the mobile social space

    Pitch invasion: the battle for the mobile social space

    What’s happening with mobile social networking? It suddenly seems to be the new frontier for Web 2.0, in particular now that moves by Three on flat-rate Internet access and T-Mobile’s Web and Walk are starting to gain traction. Pitch is – supposedly – new mobile social networking tool which – their PR at least – seems to think is a ‘MySpace killer’. Read More

  • BT Contact enters public beta

    BT Contact enters public beta

    BT Contact “your personal communication hub”  has officially entered its public beta phase. We previously wrote about BT contacts when it was still in alpha.  The goal for this product is to provide a one stop website for all of our “federated communication” needs -i.e combining in one place various IM + Email + Address Books + SMS + Directory Enquiries … Read More

  • MySpace seeks mobile partners

    MySpace seeks mobile partners

    MySpace is on the hunt for mobile tie-ups to launch and promote MySpace mobile services across Europe. Jean-Paul Sanchez, vice-president of mobile, Europe, at MySpace – who recently joined from Vodafone – is negotiating the distribution deals, which are likely to incorporate marketing partnerships. According to Sanchez, MySpace is focusing on three key business areas: mobile, video… Read More

  • My AOL's new RSS aggregator now with personalised content recommendations

    My AOL's new RSS aggregator now with personalised content recommendations

    AOL have just added a nice new feature to their beta RSS aggregator called personalised content recommendations. “We hope that our recommendations can help you to combat information overload as well as introduce you to appealing content suggestions.” Recommendations were added in a two pane design highlighted in the lower pane of My AOL below, The two panes are explained as… Read More

  • Million dollar MacBook!?

    Million dollar MacBook!?

    Last night was the Internet People event with Robert Loch. I turned up with Paul Walsh from Segala where earlier we had debated about what is Web 3.0? Basically we concluded that it’s the Semantic Web with technologies like RDF, Microformats, GRDDL and ContentLabels being just a few of the newer technologies that will form part of the vocabulary which we will all be rattling off in… Read More

  • Excite launches the Excite MIX start page

    Excite launches the Excite MIX start page

    Remember Excite? The web portal pioneered the “My Excite” home page when ‘start pages’ like Netvibes and Pageflakes were barely a twinkle in their creators’ eyes and Widgets were still strange things made by Apple which nobody used (OK, so that’s still true). Well now Excite is back to claim it’s start page crown – if there is such a… Read More

  • Blogging Live: Silicon Valley at Oxford

    Evening panel session: Matt Cohler of Facebook
    Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn
    Chris Sacca, Head of Special Initiatives at Google
    Alan Morgan, Mayfield, Silicon Valley VC firm
    Chaired by Jonathon Guthrie from the FT [Note: All quotes are paraphrased. Apologies for typos.] Matt Cohler of Facebook: A pertinent question is how do you bring Silicon Valley to Oxford? Yale modelled itself of… Read More

  • Live blogging: Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event

    Live blogging: Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event

    Live blogging this: Lunchtime Panel: Chris Sacca, Head of Special Initiatives at Google
    Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn
    Allen Morgan, MD of Mayfield
    Alex Welch, founder of Photobucket
    Matt Cohler of Facebook
    Julie Farris of Scalix
    Pete Flint of trulia.
    Mike Malone, editor of’s Silicon Insider
    Villy Wang, Executive Director and Co-Founder of BayCat
    Ellen Levy is an… Read More