The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • What property recession? Nestoria launches WhereCanILive mashup

    We’re in an official recession. The property market has slumped. But who cares? Property search startup Nestoria remains busy. It’s just set up a white-label version of its service for AOL, following on from similar such deals with The Daily Telegraph and the Independent newspapers. The site is for users on and the Homes and Property Channel. Meanwhile it’s launched… Read More

  • Tweetdeck confirms $0.5m Angel funding round

    UK-based Tweetdeck, probably the best desktop application to date for tracking your Twitter feeds, has completed the funding round hinted at recently. The funding will come it at just under $500,000. As expected, Betaworks is leading the investment into Tweetdeck. The announcement caps a great story, whereby lone developer, Iain Dodsworth, came up with the Tweetdeck idea just a few months ago. Read More

  • Crunch-time in The North – come along and get slaughtered

    TechCrunch Europe Announcement: I’ll be heading up to a Northern Startup 2.0 event on January 28 in Manchester. There’ll be some chat from myself and others and then a pitch competition ominously entitled “StartUp4Slaughter”. I’d heard they were pretty hard in The North, but… Here are the details: Thriving as a Tech StartUp in an UpStart economy –… Read More

  • Mippin tweaks its RSS reader for iPhone/G1, but do we really care?

    UK mobile RSS reader Mippin is upgrading its service to cater for the iPhone and the Android G1 after witnessing a marked increase in use of the service by these handsets. The question is, will we notice? Mippin says the average user duration is just over 5 minutes but on the iPhone and G1 it is 7+ mins. The user churn on G1 and iPhone is minimal (of 100 users who visit on those devices… Read More

  • Exclusive: 4IP backs AudioBoo, an iPhone app to tag the world with audio

    Take your standard issue iPhone, throw in tagged audio recordings uploaded to a web-based audio rendering platform, add a dash of geolocation data slipped into Google Maps – et voila! You have AudioBoo, an application that lets you record, slice, dice and track audio uploads by location or tag from your mobile. In plain English, that would translate into a map of the world tagged… Read More

  • Twitter use in the UK explodes by ten times says Hitwise

    UK Internet traffic to Twitter has increased 10-fold over past last 12 months, according to Hitwise. For the week ending 17/01/09 Twitter ranked as the 291st most visited website in the UK, up from a ranking of 2,953 for the week ending 19/01/08. UK Internet traffic to the website has increased by a staggering 974% over this period. Hitwise also admits that Twitter is probably even more… Read More

  • Music community Rivmixx attempts to lure industry and fans

    Rivmixx is a new UK startup which is aiming to be the ‘one-stop shop’ for the music industry and music fans alike. That’s quite a tall order, so how are they going to do it? The site – currently in private beta – is designed to allows bands, DJs, clubs, music venues and record labels to showcase their activities via profile pages, and allow fans to stay in touch… Read More

  • Scred's MiniCorps app tracks profit and loss for small groups – Invite codes for TC readers

    Scred, a Finnish startup that lets friends track and manage track their shared expenses and debts, has come up with a brand new twist. With MiniCorps (as in mini-corporation) you can track income and expenses for a whole group, work out if you are making profit or loss and know how much revenue you’ve made. The MiniCorps application will also receive money and sell items online, with all… Read More

  • Twitter unloved in Europe? Bad research from Forbes more like

    A Forbes magazine intern reports that “Twitter is Not Loved in Europe“: Despite Twitter’s success in the U.S., the three-year-old company’s service hasn’t caught on in Europe. According to Twitter’s search tool, Twitter Scan, there is one account under Tesco, the U.K.’s largest retailer, but it has only one outside comment so far. The same goes for… Read More

  • Mobile 2.0 startups selected for MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards

    The MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards Barcelona will be happening at this year’s Mobile World Congress and the event is one of the best things on the circuit. Why? Because where else do you get to find out what is really pushing the buttons of the Mobile 2.0 world? The stats are this: 163 startups participated and 42 nominees were selected by each chapter in the Mobile Mondays global network. Read More

  • Spotify scoops U2's new single prior to the album launch

    Spotify, the Swedish startup whose streaming music service appears to have captured to hearts of geeks and early adopters everywhere, has won another coup. It is to stream U2’s new single “Get On Your Boots” just prior to its release. Although the single will be available as a digital download on February 15th through Mercury/Universal, Spotify appears to be among the… Read More

  • Video startups clamour for Obama traffic with live streams

    Tomorrow will be one heck of a day for social media as people live blog, Twitter and video the inauguration ceremony of US President-elect Barack Obama live from Washington. And any self-respecting startup will be trying to get their share of the “Obamania”. Among those will be mobile video streaming pioneer Qik which has partnered with the BBC. They are asking anyone going to… Read More

  • Coming soon: Elevator Pitch Fridays

    Starting this week I’ll be picking a video from our TechCrunch Elevator Pitches web site to feature here, every week. Your startup can be form anywhere in Europe. The best way to get featured is to create a video no longer than 60 seconds in length, as per these instructions. A technology startup’s CEO or founder should use that time to explain the company’s products and how… Read More

  • Techfluff.TV Episode 6 – Direct from… Hawaii?

    Techfluff.TV Episode 6 is now out with another look at the lighter side of the tech scene. This features the Yelp vs Qype saga, an ‘interesting’ take on the start-up pitch and venture investor Alex Hoye. [TechCrunch Europe is a proud media sponsor of Techfluff.TV]. You can now download the shows as a podcast, subscribe to it on and on iTunes. Read More

  • TCUK Job of the Week: Head of Data with Songkick

    This week’s TechCrunch UK Job of the Week is for the tantalising “Head of Data” with music events startup Songkick (recently funded). They are in London and have other jobs going. Remember, it costs only £20 to post *any* kind of advert on the CrunchBoard related to your startup/business, whether it be jobs, searches for office space or requests for new projects. Every week… Read More

  • Credit-Crunch Startup: SpeedSell arrives to take the hassle out of selling second-hand

    Back during Seedcamp Week in London last year I sat in the audience and when SpeedSell presented I twittered something like “I love Speedsell, I may as well go home now”. That was a bit of an off-the-cuff remark and time proved that the VCs weren’t as enthusiastic about its model (VCs want things that “scale”) as it didn’t win the final investment. But… Read More

  • Zoopla raises whopping £3.75 million to disrupt older property sites

    Property tracking startup Zoopla has closed a £3.75 million round of new funding from venture capital firms Atlas Venture and Octopus Ventures. The move goes against the grain of a lack of funding for startups and also the downward property trend, but is also unsurprising. Venture capital is supposed to be counter-cyclical and VCs are tending to put bigger rounds into the startups they have… Read More

  • Launch48, 24HourBusinessCamp… I thought we were supposed to be in a downturn?

    I’m normally sceptical of attempts to build web apps in a day. If they work they are usually simple and useless. Whether they work or not they simply cheapen the skills of the best people out there who would not dream of doing something so dumb. Sure enough, they are usually attempts to garner PR: “Hey, we built a Twitter clone in a day. Woot!” But I’m going to make… Read More

  • FriendDeck is to FriendFeed what TweetDeck is to Twitter

    Software analyst developer Paul Kinlan has released a beta version of FriendDeck, a web-based aggregator styled on TweetDeck, which searches FriendFeed for any search term, creating a window of results for each individual query. Click on a username in FriendDeck and it spawns a FriendFeed search for that user’s shared stuff, displaying the results by category in another FriendDeck, i.e. Read More

  • UK-developed Tweetdeck wins US Angel funding

    TweetDeck, a desktop Air app which has revolutionised Twitter use for heavy users like myself, is “close” to securing an angel funding round of nearly $500,000 from seed funding house Betaworks, reports TweetDeck was developed buy one guy, Iain Dodsworth, who says the app has been downloaded 250,000 times since its launch last Summer. Because the app allows you… Read More