The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • German online shopping network kaufDa secures second round funding

    kaufDa is one of Germany’s leading “promotion search” sites. It helps you look for the best sales and promotions and find stores with promotions running near where you live. kaufDa obviates the need for catalogues and mass mailings by providing relevant and targeted information about special offers that might interest you. Competitors in this space include Discounto… Read More

  • SpinVox: Why its extinction wouldn't matter

    This week I’ve run into a few VCs while rattling around London and each time I’ve asked them about SpinVox. I was interested in their answers, because the recent controversy surrounding the company appears to be gradually affecting the way the mainstream media views, as they put it, the “dotcom industry”. On Monday, the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones came off holiday… Read More

  • CheckedProfile is out to verify that fake dating profile of yours

    How do you know if someone’s online profile is real? The question has plagued us for some time now, but it’s become increasingly problematic as vast swatches of the mainstream of society goes online and joins a social network, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or whatever. The problem is of course rife on dating web sites. One of the ways celebrities who arrived early on Twitter… Read More

  • Plista gets more funding and launches its B2B operations

    High-Tech Gründerfonds and DuMont Venture has joined existing investors Draper Investment Company and the Business Angel Peter Schüpbach in a new round of financing for Plista. The deal is rumored to be in the low seven figures. Today Plista also rolled out OnSite Recommendations, its B2B operations providing businesses with the ability to target their content, products and… Read More

  • Wireless player Ubidyne wins $14.4 million Series C round funding

    If the future is highly mobile oriented then the people who make the antenna that power this wireless world are in a powerful position. Which is why it’s perhaps not surprising that Ubidyne, a German company which makes an innovative antenna embedded radio platform which eliminates the need for coaxial cables on cell antenna towers and masts, has raised $14.4 million in Series C… Read More

  • Flirtomatic gets people paying to flirt Down Under

    Flirtomatic, the freemium mobile and online flirting service from UK startup Handmade Mobile Ltd, has launched in Australia through ninemsn, one of the most popular websites in that country. The agreement will see Flirtomatic initially launched with major carriers using existing ninemsn content relationships. Ninemsn’s digital sales team, the largest in Australia, will handle all… Read More

  • launches… and they're *still* using Tweetmeme's code is a brand-new retweeting service that wants to steal Tweetmeme’s crown. We covered them before when it appeared that wasn’t all they were borrowing from Tweetmeme. But it seems are ploughing on, undaunted by the consequences (moral or otherwise) of using code from other platforms. Today, launches with a $10,000 promotion backed by yet more… Read More

  • gReactions shows blog comments right inside Google Reader

    Now this is exciting. gReactions, a new extension for Firefox from uberVU, allows you to read the comments on blog posts from right within Google Reader. But it doesn’t only fetch blog comments: it can search FriendFeed, Twitter, Digg, Hacker News and Reddit to pull in commentary from other sources and display it directly underneath the post. gReactions is a Greasemonkey plugin. Once… Read More

  • Studdex launches worldwide course booking engine for students

    Deciding on a degree and where to study is a pretty tedious process for students so Studdex – a startup I saw in Berlin a few months ago – launches today a one-stop portal to search and apply to any university or language school worldwide. It’s aimed at anyone looking either for a full degree, a language course or a semester abroad. You can search universities, colleges… Read More

  • VoxSciences – is this the Spinvox story that should have played out?

    It translates your voices mails into text messages for a clear monthly price and even has an API. And they are quite happy to admit that, yes, sometimes your voicemail gets typed in by a person at a call centre. Amid the hoo-ha swirling around Spinvox at the moment, UK startup VoxSciences is just getting on with business. CEO Ken Blackman told me that the company is – unlike the… Read More

  • Nokia's Ovi Store offers free trial of Shazam to drive Nokia Music Store sales

    Forget Spotify – here comes another attempt to make money out of digital music borrowed directly from the shareware world. Nokia’s Ovi Store has hooked up with mobile music discovery app Shazam to offer a try-before-you-buy version for its handsets running Symbian OS, S60 5.0 and Symbian OS S60 3.1 and 3.2. These include the new N97, the 5800 XpressMusic, the E71 and the N95 range. Read More

  • Vodafone to attack Three with Zyb-powered Vodafone People

    These two videos, leaked to us by a Vodafone insider, show a new product called Vodafone People that bears a striking resemblance to Zyb, the mobile phone utility and social networking site that Vodafone bought last year for €31.5m ($44.5m). But we don’t think Vodafone wants us to know about it just yet. Although there’s a Twitter account with just over a hundred followers… Read More

  • Qype expands to Italy in attempt to outpace Yelp's expansion

    The German Yelp counterpart Qype continues its expansion. This time they go south and have launched an Italian version of their review website. Registered Qype members evaluate businesses, places or services such as bars, restaurants, stores, petrol stations, nurseries, doctors, pet shops or sports clubs. Founded in 2005, Qype claims to be Europe’s largest review portal with more than… Read More

  • SpinVox: Patricia Russo joins and immediately leaves, new CFO appointed

    A number of significant developments have emerged today in the SpinVox saga. Andrew Orlowski at the Register broke the story this afternoon that former Alcatel-Lucent CEO Patricia Russo joined the firm as a director on 2 June 2009, only to leave on 10 August. Russo is one of the most high-profile business women in the US and would have been a terrific asset to SpinVox given her experience… Read More

  • Skyscanner adds holiday search function

    Travel search and price comparison site Skyscanner has just been upgraded with a “holiday search” function, adding deals from Thomas Cook, Airtours and others. It offers total itineraries from these providers, rather than just flights. From today, it can tap into 35 million holidays. Trips can be searched by destination, duration and the type of trip and then compared by price… Read More

  • O2 Germany opens mobile network for VoIP and Skype

    O2 Germany will not block VoIP services like Skype any more and has no plans to charge extra for their usage. Until now, all four German mobile network operators had banned the use of mobile VoIP in their terms of services. Technically it was possible to use it, bt it was verboten. But O2 clients can now use internet telephony like any other data service with O2’s internet packs and… Read More

  • Twicli adds a ton of requested features, with more to come

    Yesterday, Twicli, the photo and video sharing utility for Twitter, rolled out a set of new features. There’s now audio support, you can tag friends in photos and a friend activity feature helps you keep track of what others are up to. There’s a new “multimedia tweet box” which gives you more control over how your tweets appear and “mixed content sets”… Read More

  • Russia's Gogul won't search for Putin

    Gogul (sound familiar?) a new browser project specifically designed for at safe-searching and surfing for children has launched in Russia – but it has shades of China’s infamous Green Dam project. The new online service, consisting of a search engine and Internet Explorer add-on, allows parents to control their kid’s internet access – in other words it’s a kind of… Read More

  • Social-gaming startup Scoreloop closes a €2M round

    Scoreloop has just announced it closed its second financing round, with a $2.8 million / €2 million cash injection from new investors Earlybird and existing investor Target Partners, which was the seed funder for the Munich-based company. The funds will be used to fuel the growth of the company and to establish (or solidify) its position, especially in the realm of the iPhone. Since… Read More

  • Layar shows the Augmented Reality revolution is not in Silicon Valley

    In Amsterdam today, the makers of mobile Augmented Reality (AR) browser Layar announced version 2.0 of the browser as well as a slew of new layars which have been produced since they opened up their API to developers. A ‘layar’ is information overlaid on the camera view of your mobile phone, e.g. the asking price of an apartment for sale in the building your camera is pointed… Read More