The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Le Web 3 is now open for registration!

    Le Web 3 is now open for registration!

    Loic Le Meur [France's most influential blogger] has just opened the registration for Les Blogs 3, which I have been eagerly awaiting and he has even given it the new name of Le Web 3. Why the change? Well Loic explains that he wanted it to be more general than just blogs. “We had 450 people from 25 countries last year, we expect 1000 bloggers and key Web2.0 players this… Read More

  • AOL's to do list: Dump ISP, buy EU sites, embarrass CPW

    The other week TechCrunch’s Sam Sethi posted the rather pithy paragraph: “Carphone Warehouse have taken the cost headache away from AOL UK and paid AOL for doing so. Equally they now send those very same AOL UK customers back to AOL plus CPW’s own broadband customers and again CPW pay for the privilege of having them sign up to AOL services.” This pretty much summed-up… Read More

  • RED is on the rise

    RED is on the rise

    Hitwise UK have just announced that RED experienced a 70-fold increase in market share of UK internet visits to become the #1 website in their Hitwise “Communities – Humanitarian” category, up from #73, as a direct result of their promotion with MySpace last week. MySpace accounted for 89.5% of upstream visits to Red last week and MySpace Mail was the #2 referrer of… Read More

  • Bebo bags MSN's European head of sales.

    Bebo bags MSN's European head of sales.

    Bebo has announced the appointment of Mark Charkin as Head of Sales UK & Ireland. The former Head of EMEA Regional Sales for MSN was responsible for growing and developing MSN’s pan-regional sales business. In his new role Charkin will build the advertising sales business for Bebo in the UK and Ireland. Charkin said of his appointment: “This is a truly unique opportunity… Read More

  • Gifttagging wraps up the wishlist

    Gifttagging wraps up the wishlist

    Have you an Amazon wishlist? I do, but I don’t use it that much anymore because I really wish it was a universal list, one that enabled me to add to it as I browsed around the web. I tried Froogle recently and their wishlist service but once again I was limited by its functionality. So a few days ago along came a new service that aims to make it easy to create a… Read More

  • Why did Carphone Warehouse buy AOL UK's "access" business!?

    Why did Carphone Warehouse buy AOL UK's "access" business!?

    So finally AOL UK’s access business has been bought and the winner of the dutch auction is Carphone Warehouse (CPW) who acquired the business for £370m from AOL’s parent company Time Warner. This makes CPW the third largest ISP in the UK with 1.1 million broadband customers behind BT Retail (2m) and NTL (1.5m). (see the table below from issue 12 of UKBBMM) But why are CPW chasing… Read More

  • MySpace gives a glimpse to the potential power of social networks

    MySpace gives a glimpse to the potential power of social networks

    In recent months, the online hangout for over 35 year olds, MySpace has taken a more active role in promoting social causes. For example on September 21st MySpace (Europe) partnered with Bono’s latest venture Red in a joint campaign to eliminate Aids in Africa. Jamie Kantrowitz, senior vice-president for marketing and content at MySpace Europe, said: “Our partnership with Red is… Read More

  • Ready Steady Vote.

    Ready Steady Vote.

    The nominees for the 3rd annual “Website of the Year 2006” have just been announced today. Beginning today through December 1, UK internet users can vote for their favourite websites by ranking the nominees content, navigation and design. Website of the Year is a pan-European people’s-choice award initiative run by online research agency Metrixlab and supported by… Read More

  • London Mixer is a NEW gathering event by

    London Mixer is a NEW gathering event by

    London Mixer which is run by was originally going to be on the 17th October at the same time as Beers & Innovation and Swedish Beers but they have graciously rearranged the date for their 1st event in London, which is now on October 18th, starting at 6pm until 9pm. The venue is still at the Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.    “As the name… Read More

  • MobMart the mobile auction site, lets you do everything with just your phone.

    MobMart the mobile auction site, lets you do everything with just your phone.

    MobMart is a new mobile-powered auction site. MobMart is “the first auction site” that lets you do everything from your mobile; sell, browse, bid and pay. To sell something is really simple; just snap a picture, send it to 07720 11 00 22 and fill in the simple form. Selling is completely free. And because you’re using your camera phone, you can also post video clips too. Why… Read More

  • Oh no Google supports XML-RPC!

    Google has announced it’s opened a ping server for bloggers to ping them directly when you create a new blog entry using the XML-RPC protocol. In order to ping Google directly you simply need to add the following link to your blog software: What happens is the blog software alerts the Google server via the HTTP POST method that there is a new entry… Read More

  • mobile2.0: The Event

    mobile2.0: The Event

    The Web2.0 conference is fast approaching. Once again, we will hear industry leaders like Jeff Bezos, Ray Ozzie and Vint Cerf ruminate on the future of the Web. But where, amongst all the trendy social network, tagging and media sharing hipsters, can you hear about the intersection between the Web and the Mobile platform? On this topic, the conference program is strangely silent. Don’t… Read More

  • Internet "Peeps" Dinner with Robert Loch.

    Good news the next intimate Internet “Peeps” Dinner organised by Robert Loch is fast approaching. The last one was excellent. This dinner takes place on 16th October and starts at 7pm with the Q & A commencing promptly at 7.30pm. and the evening goes on until late.     There will be approximately 50 attendees who will be a mix of entrepreneurs and investors only. The theme… Read More

  • The Future of Web Apps Europe is coming.

    The Future of Web Apps Europe is coming.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Carson today about the “Future of Web Apps 2007″, which is currently in the planning! Anyone who was lucky enough to go to the last one here in London or the recent one in San Francisco will tell you that they are simple top-notch and not to be missed. Ryan and I were discussing some of the speakers who will be speaking for certain at… Read More

  • Qype reviews a European expansion.

    Qype reviews a European expansion.

    QYPE, a fast-growing online local search and recommendation service, based in Hamburg, Germany, which combines user generated reviews with a social network, recently announced it has secured a multi million Euros Series ‘A’ investment round mainly from Advent Venture Partners and Partech International, in order to rapidly rollout its service across Europe. i.e UK & France. I… Read More

  • BT Contact goes alpha.

    BT Contact goes alpha.

    BT Retail’s Stephen Stokols, Vice-President of strategy and business development, recently was the keynote speaker at the “Digital LifeStyle Aggregators” Mashup event here in London. Stephen spoke passionately and honestly about how BT needs to change from its telecom-centric focus to become a more agile web communication services company i.e adapt or die. By way of an example… Read More

  • Manchester Geekup

    Thanks to Edd Dumbill for letting me know that there is life beyond London and that the next Manchester GeekUp which is run by Andrew Disley is taking place on October 10th, starting at 6:00pm until 11:00pm, at the B lounge, Piccadilly, Manchester. GeekUp is a growing community of web designers, web developers, and other web-minded folk from the North West who meetup monthly in Manchester… Read More

  • Quick the next Geek Dinner is announced.

    The next Geek Dinner which is run by Ian Forrester is on October 20th, starting at 6:30pm until 11:00pm, at The Bottlescrue, 53 – 60 Holburn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FD  The Special Guest is Molly Holzschlag. Molly is a regular at the London Geek Dinners and still enjoys the social scene in London while jetsetting the world in her quest for a better web. She’s over in London speaking… Read More

  • News Corp buys Milkround

    News Corp buys Milkround

    Reuters is reporting that News Corp has finally acquired Milkround, the UK job site targeting graduates and students, founded in 1996 by Tom Hughes. The purchase price is claimed to be around £20M. The name “milkround” comes from the expression for a job fair, or interviews held on campus by companies intent on recruiting university graduates early. This UK purchase follows on… Read More

  • Islandoo questions what comes first the TV or the Web?

    Islandoo questions what comes first the TV or the Web?

    Recently MintDigital launched BloomBox “a web application that makes it easy for television producers and broadcasters to make shows based around user-generated content.” A couple of weeks ago MintDigital soft-launched Islandoo, the first BloomBox-powered website that lets you apply, via the web, for Channel 4’s hit reality show Shipwrecked, which airs on BBC America and… Read More