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  • Where is Silicon Street today?

    I was flicking through the back-pages of TechCrunch UK this afternoon while writing up an interview (of which more later) when I noticed a comment form Azeem Azhar about why Silicon Valley is what it is: “You run into Paypal/Google/ebay/[name great startup] founders while having drinks with friends in a bar. The pace of conversation, the swapping of ideas, expertise and contacts, is rife. Read More

  • A web 2 take on new media?

    Vitamin reports that UK-based Idiomag is due for launch. Styled as a personal online magazine which combines ‘glossy RSS’ with tagging, weighting and rating, TechChrunch US reported recently, Idiomag is Angel funded. It’s good to see this kind of approach to media which combines social media with more traditional publishing. idiomag plans to accept content “via direct… Read More

  • Put down the mouse and step away from the screen

    Today’s tedious PR-release-written-as-news comes from the little known Manchester-based Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS) which has the Telegraph today reporting that office workers who buy their Christmas presents online from their desks cost £7.25 billion in lost work time. “For many employers, every hour a member of staff spends looking for Christmas presents online is… Read More

  • New York Times: London is the New Financial Capital

    A great New York Times article (also run in the Herald Tribune) published today details many of the reasons London is surpassing New York as the world’s financial capital. Among the key factors cited are London’s more diverse labour market, problems getting people into the U.S. and the stricter regulatory regime in the U.S. epitomized by the infamous Sarbanes-Oxley law. Of… Read More

  • MobileYouth virtual meeting in Habbo Hotel.

    MobileYouth virtual meeting in Habbo Hotel.

    To promote the launch of mobileYouth06 – part two, Wireless World Forum and the mobileYouth06 team holding their first ever virtual mobileYouth networking event in the popular youth hangout – the UK branch of Habbo Hotel! Helen Keegan the organiser of Swedish Beers and Innovation, the host of several carnival of mobilists and founder of beep marketing has been blogging about this… Read More

  • Is ZebTab RSS for the masses?

    Is ZebTab RSS for the masses?

    Recently I wrote about the need for RSS to evolve, primarily to start giving back value to the commercial RSS Publishers and to further simplify the RSS experience for non-technical readers, which I feel is vital if the size of the RSS market is to grow beyond just the technically minded minority (us) who are just fine and dandy with our desktop “rivers of news” style RSS… Read More

  • Angel Pitch an entrepreneur matching agency?

    Angel Pitch an entrepreneur matching agency?

    One of the hardest things to do in the UK is to raise seed capital to get your new startup idea going. If you want to raise £1m+ it’s probably easier to find VC’s who are prepared to invest in you. Philip Wilkinson of Crowdstorm (nee Kelkoo UK) recently blog’d about this equity gap. “It was noted that the UK has a distinct lack of visibility with so called Angel… Read More

  • Skype founders to launch Web TV

    There is something very schizophrenic about the way the TV world and the Web world are both converging and diverging. Reuters is reporting that the founders of Skype plan to launch advertising-supported Internet television shortly. Code-named Venice, the project will “bring quality TV programmes for free to consumers” said Skype co-founder Janus Friis. Presumably this will be… Read More

  • Mind Candy "finds" $7M in funding!

    Mind Candy "finds" $7M in funding!

    Of late there has been a lot of interest in virtual web worlds such as Habbo Hotel, WarCraft and Second Life, well now you can add a new name to this list Perplex City which combines the real world with the virtual world to create an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) . Today Mind Candy, the UK based developers behind the ARG (Alternative Reality Game) Perplex City, announced they had raised $7… Read More

  • My So-called Second Life event

    My So-called Second Life event

    I had the good fortune to be invited by NMK to put together a half-day seminar on the phenomena of the new 3D worlds of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and Virtual Worlds (the main one being Second Life of course). Had I not been chairing it I would have been able to take better notes, and I will try to put something up soon about it. However, as usual there were… Read More

  • Personalised mobile search engine in beta?

    Web 2.0 Ireland (very much worth a look) has a useful, if bald, profile of Segala, a “certificate authority in Web accessibility and mobile standards compliance”. So that’s nice. However, Segal seems to be working on a personalised mobile search engine called Search Thresher. If someone wants to give me the inside story, get in touch via the usual channels. Read More

  • Upcoming Mashup and Library House events

    I think it was only towards the end of last year that Simon Grice’s etribes-backed panel and networking event started, but it quickly became one of the handful of good places to go and “talk Web 2.0″ in London. It’s no coincidence I guess that etribes relaunched soon after mashup got going. The next mashup event is on 13th December (Wednesday), in central London. The… Read More

  • Mike Butcher joins Techcrunch UK!

    Mike Butcher joins Techcrunch UK!

    I am really pleased to announce that Mike Butcher is joining me on TechCrunch UK & Ireland to be the new editor. For anyone who has read this blog for the last 10 weeks, you will know that I am an empassioned technologist and entrepreneur but I am not and never have been a professional journalist. Together I believe Mike and I will be able to better meet the demands of the TechCrunch… Read More

  • World Wide Web Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification

    World Wide Web Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification

    The World Wide Web Consortium today announced they have forged an important link between the Semantic Web and the Microformats communities of which anyone reading this blog will know I have a great deal of interest. With “Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages“, or GRDDL (pronounced “griddle”), software can automatically… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK Event Calendar

    TechCrunch UK Event Calendar

    As promised I have taken on board the feedback from my last post on this subject and looked into the various ideas around maintaining a TechCrunch UK calendar of events. The easiest was to create a Wiki here on TechCrunch UK but it also meant everyone had to come to this site in order to update their information about their event which seemed a little drachonian to me. Of course people… Read More

  • Zopa (re)launches now its bigger than Basildon?

    Zopa (re)launches now its bigger than Basildon?

    Zopa, the peer-to-peer borrowing and lending exchange, has just (re)launched its website. The most interesting change is the new system of visualisation for members using custom avatars which seems very Habbohotel to me. Try it out for yourself on their home page. Click on the “I’D LIKE TO MEET” filter and select your options. The site then highlights and circles… Read More

  • Mydeo (re)launches and thankfully it isn't another GooTube wannabee.

    Mydeo (re)launches and thankfully it isn't another GooTube wannabee.

    Mydeo is an online video streaming service, primarily aimed at consumers and/or SMB’s, that might have slipped under your radar. Today they are launching a newly redesigned service which promises to offer an improved user experience, a new pricing model and better performance to boot but let’s be clear Mydeo is not another gootube wannabee. Unlike YouTube, Mydeo gives you the… Read More

  • Old UK media group gets on the mashup cluetrain

    Old UK media group gets on the mashup cluetrain

    According to the Media Guardian regional media group Archant is to ramp up its classified advertising, to fight back against the drain of ad revenue to online rivals, with a property website called Homes Now ordinarily this would be of only passing interest to TechCrunch UK, largely because most of the time newspaper groups simply put up Web 1.0 shovel-ware and just reprint the paper… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK launch party

    TechCrunch UK launch party

    Well, after three days we’ve finally recovered from the hangover induced by the TechCrunch UK launch party. What can I say? It was a blast. We had a lot of representatives from the UK startup scene. To name just a handful they included Nestoria, Crowdstorm, DropSend, WebKitchen, BottleTalk, Mydeo and Reevoo. But since we conducted video interviews with all of these and a few more… Read More

  • Le Web 3 is now open for registration!

    Le Web 3 is now open for registration!

    Loic Le Meur [France's most influential blogger] has just opened the registration for Les Blogs 3, which I have been eagerly awaiting and he has even given it the new name of Le Web 3. Why the change? Well Loic explains that he wanted it to be more general than just blogs. “We had 450 people from 25 countries last year, we expect 1000 bloggers and key Web2.0 players this… Read More