The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • NSFW: After Fort Hood, another example of how 'citizen journalists' can't handle the truth

    I’d probably feel slightly smug, if I didn’t feel so sick. Smug that after two weeks of me suggesting that social media might not be an unequivocally Good Thing in terms of privacy and human decency, the news has delivered the perfect example to support my view. Unfortunately it’s hard to feel smug – hard to feel anything but sadness and nausea – when thirteen… Read More

  • Europe's biggest newspaper decides the iPhone browser isn't welcome

    So much for the coming mobile nirvana of free mobile content – at least for iPhone users in Germany. Today Europe’s biggest newspaper, the German newspaper BILD-Zeitung intends to use, in effect, brute force to force users buy its new iPhone app. The paper tabloid is going to block anyone using an iPhone browser from accessing its website. Now, readers will not only have to pay for… Read More

  • TechCrunch Europe ChristmasCrunch – It's A Realtime Holiday!

    It is time for the second annual TechCrunch Europe ChristmasCrunch! Yes folks it’s our annual TechCrunch Europe meetup and Festive Christmas party, in one handy package. This year we’re taking a different tack – basing it around one of the the hottest themes right now, namely the rise of realtime streams. We’ve seen the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, Friendfieed and… Read More

  • Mobile Premier Awards opens its competition

    Each year we happily promote the Mobile Premier Awards because we think they are among the best initiatives for mobile startups, especially in Europe. Here’s the info: The Mobile Premier Awards recognize the year’s best in Mobile Startup Innovation and are the largest open, global startup competition in the mobile industry. The awards are the point of reference in startup… Read More

  • HTC Hero + Spotify now available at 3 UK website and stores

    [UK] Much-hyped digital music service Spotify recently announced a deal with carrier 3 UK that would bring its mobile service to 3 customers. Well, that offer is now live, as announced on the Spotify blog minutes ago. Spotify Mobile will initially be available only on the HTC Hero, the first Android handset to launch on 3 UK. To buy, head on over to the webstore or any of 3’s retail stores. Read More

  • Digital music startup Deezer debuts desktop client, premium offering

    [France] Paris-based Deezer is not waiting for Spotify to expand into new territories and is moving forward with its own plans pretty quickly. The French startup recently raised $9.5 million (€6.5 million), bringing the total invested into the company to nearly $20 million, and today the company’s launching its previously rumored premium offering and a couple of new… Read More

  • Wozaik close to launch, 200 invites for TechCrunch Europe readers

    [France] Wozaik, a Paris-based startup which is developing a dynamic bookmarking system, is giving away 200 invites for an exclusive preview of their platform to Techcrunch Europe readers. You can grab one here on a first-come-first-serve basis. Despite still being in private alpha (a beta should launch soon), Wozaik has garnered some early attention in the French startup scene after becoming… Read More

  • Videoplaza signs first Finnish partner

    [Sweden/Finland] Following the poaching of an exec to strengthen its UK operation, there’s more good news from Stockholm-based Videoplaza this week. The ad server company has picked up its first major customer in Finland. CityVice Network, which distributes ad sponsored premium video content to various media partners in Finland, such as Sanoma Plc and Talentum Plc, has begun using… Read More

  • Good news Foursquare fans -14 new European cities added

    Good news Foursquare fans or those in Europe who want to get in on the action. Co-founder Dennis Crowley has confirmed that they have “a big round of European cities coming out today (!! – Nov 4) and then some ‘Worldwide’ cities after that.” He made the comment in a support forum (hat tip to The Next Web). Read More

  • €5,000 up for grabs for one hopeful Irish startup – thanks to Twitter!

    [Ireland] What started off life as a couple of blog posts and a few tweets and then escalated to a full 140 character-driven fund raising campaign, has begun inviting applications from Irish entrepreneurs and startups who could benefit from €5,000’s worth of a gifted, no-strings-attached funding. Read More

  • Bulgarian startup favit wants to put your online chaos in order

    [Bulgaria] One of the biggest problems Internet users face everyday is how difficult it has become to follow news streams from many different sources without getting lost in the noise — from mainstream media, to the millions of blogs, YouTube and other social media such as Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter. But as (perhaps) unlikely as it sounds favit, a new startup from Bulgaria, thinks… Read More

  • MyVaccs wants Brits to store their vaccination records online

    [UK] Taking responsibility for one’s own health records, let alone storing then online, is a pretty alien concept to most Brits, considering the National Health Service (NHS) and the centrally stored patient database that’s being rolled out on our behalf. That isn’t stopping Scotland-based MyVaccs, however, which is hoping to persuade parents, students and frequent travelers… Read More

  • Red Gate's Springboard incubator startups unveiled

    [UK] The latest benefactors of Cambridge-based Red Gate‘s startup incubator have been unveiled. But before we get to this year’s teams, a quick reminder of how Springboard works. Over the course of ten weeks, Red Gate provides startups with office space, money to live on, food and mentoring, including weekly talks from successful entrepreneurs. In return, they don’t take… Read More

  • The Price of Money: Say no, no, no – till your tongue bleeds

    [UK] This is a guest post by Doug Richard, the American-born but UK based entrepreneur and formerly of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den show. Doug is the Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Cambridge Angels and Chairman of the Conservative Party Small Business Task Force. Between 1996 and 2000 he was President and CEO of Micrografx, a US publicly quoted software company. Prior to that he… Read More

  • BudMate hope to drive finances for Southern Europe

    [Serbia] BudMate is a Serbian stealth project which deals with personal finances. The name is effectively a cut-down from “Budget Mate”, which is the working title of the project. The guys behind it are hoping to provide behavior-based personal finance advice and more for the South Eastern European region – although an English/international version may also happen. Some… Read More

  • The next step for Twitter Lists — Entire countries

    [Ireland] Social media consultants Simplyzesty started using Twitter Lists to list blogs. However, a brainwave has lead them to take Twitter Lists to their logical conclusion: creating lists of Twitter users in entire countries. They’ve launched a Twitter list for the UK and the list of users in Ireland is currently going crazy. They call it “crowdsourcing populations”. Who… Read More

  • Swedish government promises superfast broadband to all

    [Sweden] The Swedish government is following in the footsteps of the Finns (well almost), as their IT-ministry is now promising that 90 percent of all Swedish homes will have access to a 100 mbit/s broadband connection before 2020. According to Swedish IT-minister Åsa Torstensson it isn’t possible to function in the information society of today without a fast internet connection. You… Read More

  • 1.2 million euros for Aquafadas and its digital comic solutions Ave!Comics

    [France] The list of French tech firms that have raised over €1 million in 2009 that we published last week is already obsolete, and that’s great! French company Aquafadas have announced that they’ve raised 1.2 million euros with Credit Agricole Private Equity and Soridec. Read More

  • Turkish government claims Google owes €32 million in taxes

    Following an investigation that lasted over a year, Turkish authorities are fining Internet giant Google a total of 71 million Turkish Lira (approx. €32 million or USD $47 million) for supposedly dodging the national tax system. Local media reports (links in Turkish) teach us that the Turkish government claims it is entitled to additional taxes because of the fact Google operates its… Read More

  • Virgin Media adopts ipadio in the field

    [UK] Ipadio has secured its first blue chip customer – the UK’s Virgin Media. The quad-play provider (broadband, TV, phone and mobile) will utilise ipadio’s phonecasting service to improve the communication amongst its field workers who install and maintain the company’s products used by almost 10 million customers. Ipadio offers similar functionality to AudioBoo but… Read More