How cloud computing, big data and new devices are changing work

  • Rackspace Recruits A Few Drizzle Alums

    Cloud infrastructure giant Rackspace is welcoming a number of former Sun Microsystems employees this week. The employees came from Drizzle, an offshoot of open source database MySQL that aimed to create a “trimmed-down, faster version of the database system.” Read More

  • The Facebook Imperative Cannot Be Stopped

    Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com. In it, he responds to critics of his last guest post arguing that enterprise software should be more like Facebook. Two weeks ago on TechCrunch I posted “The Facebook Imperative,” which posed a simple question, “Why isn’t all enterprise software like Facebook?” … Read More

  • Google Apps Marketplace: Instantly Connect Your App To 25 Million Users, Profit.

    Business to business software can be a tough sell. Online B2B can be even a harder sell. While there is certainly money to be made, unless you’re one of the big players, the likelihood you’re going to succeed is pretty small. Starting today, Google is taking their roll as one of the big players and extending a platform to boost some smaller players. Tonight, Google has unveiled… Read More

  • Live: Google Apps Marketplace Launches At Google Campfire One

    Tonight, Google is hosting one of their Campfire One events at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA. They’re using the event to launch their new Google Apps Marketplace. This is the app store that business applications can use to reach the more than 25 million people and 2 million business that use Google Apps for their domains. Read More

  • The Buzz Campaign

    An interesting firefight broke out over the weekend as Google engineer DeWitt Clinton defended Google data policies in Buzz and related “open” standards. Those who remember the politics of RSS and the games companies played around its buildout would recognize a number of the names and tactics of the current positioning. Closed comment threads, insinuations, calls to action —… Read More

  • Twitter Turns On The Firehose For Realtime Search Startups

    When it comes to getting access to all the data that flows through Twitter, there are the 50,000 apps that drink from Twitter’s Streaming API, which is subject to various limits. And then there are the chosen few who get the full unlimited firehose of data, the more than 50 million Tweets a day coursing through Twitter. In the past, only select partners, particularly big search engines… Read More

  • BuzzAware. Yup, Now There's An App Directory For Google Buzz

    Google Buzz might have been pushed out too soon, but there are already at least a dozen apps for Google Buzz, most of them unoffical. That’s not a lot, but it’s enough to start BuzzAware, a Google Buzz app directory. BuzzAware is started by the same folks behind Twitdom, a Twitter app directory with more than 1,500 apps. Read More

  • Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland?

    Lady Gaga blared from the speakers as my 16 year old daughter drove away from the house. I didn’t want to like Lady Gaga, but her duet with Elton John at the Grammys changed everything. She seemed to draw strength with every traded verse, turning his phrasing to her advantage, his blues to her power. This was not a generational shift, but a reach across the eras. Now there was my little… Read More

  • Yammer Communities Open The Door To B2B Microblog Collaboration And Much More

    As we reported last night, Yammer has just announced that it will begin allowing users to sign up for the microblogging service without requiring email addresses that are associated with their company domain names (e.g. jason@company.com). This new feature, called Communities, will open the service to less formal organizations, and even families. And it also opens the door to B2B… Read More

  • VMware To Acquire Technology From Parent Company EMC For $200 Million

    Virtualization giant VMware is set to acquire select technologies from parent company EMC. VMware will be buying up certain technologies from EMC’s Ionix IT management business, including solutions aimed at delivering improved management and deployment of servers and applications in a virtualized data center. The transaction is valued at $200 million and is expected to close in the… Read More

  • HyTrust Raises $10.5 Million To Help Companies Virtualize Systems

    HyTrust, which helps companies manage and control virtual infrastructure, has secured $10.5 million in Series B funding from Granite Ventures and Cisco Systems. Existing investors Trident Capital and Epic Ventures also participated in the round. The latest round of funding brings the HyTrust’s total funding to $16 million. HyTrust says it will use the new funding to drive product… Read More

  • Tim Cook: Apple Is "A Mobile-Device Company"

    Apple thinks of itself as a mobile device company. In January at the iPad launch event, Steve Jobs noted that “Apple is the largest mobile devices company in the world now.” And responding to a direct question today at a Goldman Sachs conference, liveblogged by the WSJ, COO Tim Cook reiterated: “Yes, you should definitely look at Apple as a mobile-device… Read More

  • Already in Progress

    If there’s anyone who has the inside track on Buzz and all things social media related, it’s TechCrunch super-reporter MG Siegler. He’s waited two weeks to weigh in on Buzz good bad and ugly, and it turns out that Buzz is FriendFeed — or will be. In the interests of setting the record straight, let me set the record straight. 1. Buzz is not FriendFeed. If it were, it… Read More

  • Gnip's Manual On The Twitter Streaming API

    Twitter’s Streaming API, which allows developers realtime access to Tweets, was recently launched into full production mode, after being in alpha testing since April of last year. Eric Marcoullier, CEO and co-founder of API aggregation platform Gnip, has written an interesting blog post guiding companies on the logistics of moving to Twitter’s streaming API that is definitely worth… Read More

  • Benioff on Chatter: We're way ahead

    Salesforce CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff unveiled the company’s realtime micromessaging technology as it went into a private beta with 100 customers. The press event featured a rather unique sketch of the company’s vision of the near future of enterprise realtime by Benioff, followed by several quick demos of the product’s capabilities as leveraged by several… Read More

  • CloudShare Launches Lightweight Version Of Cloud-Based Demo Center

    We recently wrote about CloudShare, a recently launched service that allows companies to demo software in the cloud. Organizations can instantly deploy multiple, independent copies of their existing demos or training environments from CloudShare’s platform. Today, CloudShare is launching CloudShare Pro, a lightweight, free version of its service for individuals and small… Read More

  • Blame FriendFeed III

    Well, lookee here, it’s Google with a FriendFeed clone just in time to ask the musical question: If FriendFeed sucks so much, why on earth is Google doing a for-profit version of it? While the privacy crisis rages on around our inboxes, Google has blasted yet another microstream out into direct symbiosis with Twitter. Yes, that is exactly what FriendFeed did back in the days it was just… Read More

  • Microsoft And Partners Are About To Add A Big Fat Social Layer To Outlook

    In November 2009, when Microsoft announced the release of the public beta of Microsoft Office 2010, the company also introduced an entirely new add-on for its Outlook product that we haven’t heard a peep about since. That’s about to change soon. The product, dubbed Outlook Social Connector, essentially aims to make Outlook more social by integrating streams from Windows Live… Read More

  • Oracle's Buying Spree Continues With The Acquisition Of Convergin

    Oracle is snapping up companies left and right lately: this year the company not only closed the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, but also purchased smaller players like Silver Creek Systems, AmberPoint and now, Convergin. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of this year, and financial details were not disclosed. After the close of the transaction, Convergin employees… Read More

  • Video: Sergey Brin On His Six Months Using Google Buzz, The China Situation, And More

    Today, Google’s social strategy took a big step with the launch of Google Buzz — a new FriendFeed-like feature that’s integrated into Gmail, mobile search, Maps, and more (you can see our live notes from the announcement here). Shortly after the event, Google co-founder Sergey Brin fielded questions backstage from members of the press. Our own Steve Gillmor was there to… Read More