How cloud computing, big data and new devices are changing work

  • MindTouch Enhances Wiki-like Enterprise Collaboration Platform

    Opensource wiki developer MindTouch has released a new version of its opensource, wiki-like collaboration platform for enterprises, MindTouch 2009. The platform has been beefed up so that developers can build rich applications off of MindTouch and has also added a bi-directional message switchboard. MindTouch’s platform connects teams, enterprise systems, web services and Web 2.0… Read More

  • Silicon Graphics Declares Bankruptcy and Sells Itself For $25 Million

    Sadly, this is no April Fool’s joke. Silicon Graphics, the high-end computer computer workstation and server company founded by Jim Clark in 1982, today declared bankruptcy and sold itself to Rackable Systems for $25 million plus the assumption of “certain liabilities.” In its bankruptcy filing, SGI listed debt of $526 million. A decade ago, SGI’s revenues peaked at… Read More

  • eBay Launches Beta Of Selling Manager Application For Developers and Sellers

    eBay has launched the beta of the eBay Selling Manager Applications, which will enable third party developers to easily embed their applications where professional sellers manage their online business at My eBay. eBay is also making Selling Manager free of charge to all US sellers this summer, so developers can tap into eBay’s pool of millions of active sellers. And in return, sellers… Read More

  • Hewlett-Packard Making Its Mark In The Cloud With HP Cloud Assure

    Hewlett-Packard has made its mark in the cloud computing space with today’s rollout of HP Cloud Assure, a new SaaS designed to help businesses adopt cloud-based services in a secure platform. HP Cloud Assure is made up of a suite of the company’s software, including HP Application Security Center, HP Performance Center and HP Business Availability Center. HP will also provide… Read More

  • The Twitting Point

    Bill O’Reilly has the last word on Twitter for today. He thinks the Twitterati is crushing talk radio, by sucking up all our listener time. He thinks that’s bad; I hope he’s right and it drives Rush out of business. It won’t drive The View out of business if Barbara Walters has a say; she regularly tries to shut down the Twitversation. We’re becoming a nation… Read More

  • Cloud Management Provider Sonoa Systems Lands Deal With MTVN

    Sonoa Systems, a provider of analytics, management, and governance solutions for cloud services and APIs, has struck a deal with MTV Networks (MTVN) to optimize the network’s online and mobile content distributions. Sonoa’s product, ServiceNet, will help MTVN manage the delivery of video feeds as the they open their APIs to partners and consumers in the cloud. MTVN is using… Read More

  • Follow the Mobile User

    This guest post is written by Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering for Google’s mobile and developer products. (Prior to Google, he spent 15 years at Microsoft, most recently as their GM of Platform Evangelism.) Vic credits his now-7-year-old with forecasting the importance of mobile data access, and now carries at least 4 phones at all times. Fortunately, he had two kids… Read More

  • Out of Order 2.0

    Microsoft’s Steven Martin has ironically blown the whistle on an attempt at an “open” coalition that freezes out certain companies. Ironic in that Microsoft and IBM played this game years ago with the WS-I, an industry standards group that pointedly stonewalled Sun Microsystems’ involvement before caving under media pressure. In a Google Groups post Introducing the… Read More

  • rPath Helps Businesses Deploy Applications In The Cloud

    rPath, a company that specializes in technology that simplifies the distribution and consumption of applications via virtual appliances is making some interesting moves in cloud computing. Basically, rPath helps business close the gap between applications and operations by ensuring the delivery of application deployment quickly and inexpensively. Now rPath is using this technology to help… Read More

  • BorderWare Offers Comprehensive URL Filtering Software

    Email and web security provider BorderWare Technologies is releasing a comprehensive URL filtering solution that could fill the gaps that currently exist with existing URL filtering measures. URL filtering is the common way to prevent users from entering a site with questionable content. The way security software works is that each time a questionable link is being accessed, the software… Read More

  • Ustream Launches Mobile Version of Watershed, Streaming Service For Enterprises

    Live video startup Ustream has launched the mobile version of Watershed, its broadcasting platform for enterprises. Watershed Mobile will let organizations stream video onto a variety of mobile devices, including the Nokia N95 phones. Launched in February, Watershed allows organizations to broadcast live video in minutes with their own private-label branding. Watershed Mobile will let… Read More

  • Salesforce Puts Tweets In The Cloud

    Cloud computing and social networks are two of the more powerful movements in the web 2.0 space. So the potential of social media and the cloud integrating is compelling to say the least. Salesforce.com recently rolled out the Service Cloud, a customer service application that tries to capture the crowdsourced pools of knowledge floating across the internet from sites like Google, Facebook… Read More

  • Please Stand By

    Dare Obasanjo writes about Facebook’s news feed redesign and decides it is a big mistake. He’s backed by some 94% of users responding to a Facebook application poll, and cites internal gossip that Mark Zuckerberg thinks user feedback is irrelevant. I think Dare is premature in this assessment. First of all, Facebook is not copying Twitter; it’s copying FriendFeed, who… Read More

  • Cloud Service Bus

    A heavy news week has seen substantive improvements to the iPhone and Silverlight platforms, a Sun buyout rumor, Sun and Cisco weighing in to the Cloud expansion, and continued reverberations from Facebook’s full frontal assault on Twitter and the realtime stream. Any one of these stories would have sufficient legs by itself, but the combined jolts to the system add up to something… Read More

  • Kontagent Now Offers Uber Analytics For iPhone And Web Applications Using Facebook Connect

    Kontagent, one of last year’s fbFund winners and social analytics platform, has launched measurement tools for iPhone and web applications with Facebook Connect support. Kontagent’s application integrates tightly with platforms such as Facebook to offer widget and Facebook application developers a high level of analytics data. Now Kontagent is offering its free tools to… Read More

  • Big Blue Wants To Swallow Sun For $6.5 Billion

    The consolidation in enterprise technology is upon us. Once mighty Sun Microsystems is now reportedly; in talks to be acquired by IBM for a mere $6.5 billion.  That is two quarters of revenues for Sun.  If you factor in the $2.6 billion in cash and short term investments on Sun’s balance sheet, the true offer is closer to $4 billion.  Sun’s shares jumped this morning 65… Read More

  • Spigit Launches New Version Of Idea Generation Innovation Software

    Social productivity startup Spigit, has launched a new version of its idea generation software, InnovationSpigit 2.0, which tries to use social networking to promote innovation with the enterprise space. The software helps businesses and teams contribute ideas, offer feedback and evaluate concepts to streamline idea generation and promote innovation. InnovationSpigit 2.0 uses game-theory… Read More

  • Use Cloudkick To Manage Amazon Web Services' EC2

    Cloudkick, a Y Combinator startup, offers a free, easy server management system to businesses whose web infrastructure is maintained by Amazon’s EC2 or Slicehost cloud-based servers. Built off of Amazon Web Services’ API, Cloudkick gives users a single control panel where you can manage all of your servers (or instances) through various platforms. Cloudkick’s dashboard allows… Read More

  • The Twuffies and the Twusties

    Dave Winer joins a long list of unhappy Twitterers including Leo Laporte, Robert Scoble, and new media stars who’ve not yet translated to the mainstream media hot list. Winer already has earned 20,000 followers the old fashioned way, and mostly he’s not pleased at having that number dwarfed within hours by inclusion of the Twitter favored list. He, Scoble, and others suggest… Read More

  • Amazon Web Services Rolls Out New Pricing Model For EC2

    Amazon has changed the pricing model of its cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services, creating what’s called “Reserved Instances” for its EC2 Product. Reserved instances basically lower the price of the service and guarantees storage capacity in exchange for a commitment to use EC2 for a year or more. Amazon says that its new pricing model lowers cloud computing costs… Read More