How cloud computing, big data and new devices are changing work

  • Google Gets Its First Taste Of Facebook's Realtime Stream

    Google’s new realtime search wouldn’t be complete without Facebook updates. At the tail-end of today’s Google search event Marissa Mayer announced that Google will start to include realtime results from Facebook as well as MySpace. While Twitter and MySpace is making available everybody’s updates (or at least the public ones), Google right now will only show updates… Read More

  • Google Aims To Push The Speed Of Light With Realtime Results. Seriously.

    Today, at its Search Event in Mountain View, Google Fellow Amit Singhal (who recently participated in our Realtime Crunchup) took the stage to announce a big new feature for the search giant: Realtime. “It’s Google’s relevance technology meeting the realtime web,” is how Singhal described it. As we’ve learned over the past several months with Twitter Search… Read More

  • An In-Depth Look At Pivot, Microsoft's Newest Data Visualization Tool

    At Microsoft’s PDC event a few weeks ago, Microsoft Live Labs introduced a new technology, called Pivot, to make sense of interconnectedness between objects on the web. The underlying base for Pivot is to view relationships between “collections” of individual information on the the web. Many of the connections between items on the web aren’t necessarily tangible, but… Read More

  • InfoDome Launches Simple Platform To Create Online Databases

    Startup InfoDome has recently launched to help small and medium-sized businesses develop online databases easily and painlessly. True Ventures backed-InfoDome lets users create online databases by scratch or by using the startup’s customized templates. Users can import data from Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, FilemakerPro, Word and other applications. The browser-based platform… Read More

  • Calling Twitter's bluff

    Ever since FriendFeed was sold to Facebook, we’ve been told over and over again that the company and its community were toast. And as if to underline the fact, FriendFeed’s access to the Twitter firehose was terminated and vaguely replaced with a slow version that is currently delivering Twitter posts between 20 minutes and two hours after their appearance on Twitter. At the… Read More

  • Microsoft's Robbie Bach on Realtime and the Cloud

    Earlier this summer I traveled to Redmond to talk realtime and the cloud with senior Microsoft executives. In this conversation with Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division, I tried to delve into what “we inelegantly call Three Screens and A Cloud” from Bach’s vantage point atop Xbox, Zune, Windows Mobile, Media Server, and related… Read More

  • Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Raises $9 million For New Collaboration Startup, Asana

    Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is starting a new startup called Asana to solve enterprise collaboration, and he just closed a $9 million series A round from Benchmark Capital and Andreessen-Horowitz. this follows $1.2 million angel round last spring from investors including Ron Conway, Peter Thiel, Mitch Kapor, MySpace CEO Owen van Natta, Sean Parker, and former Facebook Director of… Read More

  • An Ecosystem Is Born: LinkedIn Opens Up API

    As rumors continue to swirl around LinkedIn’s possible IPO, the professional social network is steadily adding useful features that help transcend the platform’s technology into other applications. LinkedIn recently launched two-way integration with Twitter and also rolled out a plug-in to pull in your LinkedIn contacts within Microsoft Outlook. And today, LinkedIn is opening up… Read More

  • Silverlight 4 In Beta. Supports Google Chrome. (Plus, Screenshots of Facebook Desktop App).

    Microsoft announced the availability of Silverlight 4 in beta at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) today. Some of the new features include more fluid animations, Webcam, microphone and printing support, 200 percent faster start times than Silverlight 3, deep zoom and multi-touch support and more. It now also supports Google Chrome, even though it’s just a rounding error of… Read More

  • Salesforce Chatter: A Real-Time Social Network For The Enterprise

    We’re here at Dreamforce, Salesforce.com’s annual cloud computing event in San Francisco. CEO Marc Benioff is delivering the keynote and we will be live-bogging the news below. Salesforce has had a banner year, reporting strong earnings yesterday for the third quarter, launching a new version of their fastest growing product, Service Cloud 2; and rolling out a lightweight… Read More

  • Email Archiving In The Cloud

    Thinking about moving your electronic services to the cloud? LiveOffice, an SaaS provider of email archiving and hosting, makes the leap that much easier with the release of their CloudMerge technology–offering email archiving for most cloud email providers on the market. In addition to supporting cloud based email archiving, LiveOffice is able to archive email which is on-premise… Read More

  • The Mayor of Realtime

    If you believe the noise emanating from the retweetsphere, this realtime thing is something we don’t need, don’t want, destroys our sense of normalcy, prevents real thought from emerging, is populated by charlatans and idiots with more time than sense on their hands, and besides it causes seizures. I went to Scoble’s blog on the recommendation of some retweet and found… Read More

  • iDroid Wars on Gillmor Gang

    The Gillmor Gang debated the virtues and otherwise of the smartphone’s latest pretender to the iPhone crown: Droid. Michael Arrington led the Droid’s faction, with a QVC-like enthusiasm for the power of Any Phone That Runs Google Voice. Of course, he keeps his iPhone and iTouch a handy arm-grab away, but with Droid he may finally have some rationale for excommunicating himself from… Read More

  • Bob Muglia on Azure, Silverlight, and Realtime

    Earlier this summer I traveled to Redmond to meet with a number of Microsoft executives, including Bob Muglia, President of the Server and Tools Business. Muglia’s group has grown rapidly to become the critical swing vote in Microsoft’s transition to the cloud, now closing in on almost a third of the giant’s overall revenue. And as Silverlight and realtime become the… Read More

  • Google's Go: A New Programming Language That's Python Meets C++

    Big news for developers out there: Google has just announced the release of a new, open sourced programming language called Go. The company says that Go is experimental, and that it combines the performance and security benefits associated with using a compiled language like C++ with the speed of a dynamic language like Python. Go’s official mascot is Gordon the gopher, seen… Read More

  • Confirmed: Adobe To Cut 9 Percent Of Workforce

    We’ve confirmed with Adobe that the company is cutting 9 percent of its workforce, or 680 employees. Adobe filed an 8-K with the SEC today reporting the layoffs. Earlier today we heard multiple reports that layoffs were taking place at Adobe. There are also Tweets about the layoffs on Twitter. Last December, Adobe laid off 600 workers (or 8 percent of its staff) due to the… Read More

  • Sun Microsystems Kills Social Programming Project Zembly

    Sun Microsystems sure had some very nice things to say about the zembly project when it was introduced a couple of years ago: We like to say that zembly is the development environment for Sun’s bold vision—an application development environment that not only targets the web as its native platform, but uses cutting-edge web innovations such as web services, social networking, and… Read More

  • The Top 10 Most Common API Pitfalls

    This is post was written by TecCrunchIT guest author Rick Nucci, the Co-founder and CTO of enterprise integration technology company Boomi. Prior to forming Boomi Inc., Rick worked for EXE Technologies. A robust application programming interface (API) has become essential for today’s successful SaaS independent software vendors (ISVs). As a SaaS vendor, you should expect that a majority… Read More

  • IBM's Steve Mills on RealTime

    As we prepare for our next RealTime CrunchUp on November 20th in San Francisco, we’re seeing if anything an acceleration of the phenomenon known as RealTime. Startups, cloud platform vendors, the open standards community, and virtually every software and hardware category are being refreshed and reinvented in the new model. And while there are many familiar players talking and to some… Read More

  • Twitter Comes To The ADC Market

    Crescendo Networks, a maker of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products built to improve server efficiency, will announce tomorrow the impending launch of their new add-on management appliance, the AppBeat SC Service Controller. The AppBeat SC Service Controller is designed to monitor multiple AppBeat application delivery controllers. This product will give users the option to be alerted… Read More