How cloud computing, big data and new devices are changing work

  • Xerox Playing Catch-Up: Buys ACS

    Xerox, “the data company,” announced today it plans to acquire Affiliated Computer Services; a move which will firmly place them in the $150 billion business process outsourcing market. This cash and stock transaction was originally valued at $6.4 billion based on Friday’s closing Xerox stock prices, but has since dwindled to $5.5 billion due to a 14% decrease. The steep… Read More

  • Driving My Car

    The Beatles Rock Band game is now in its third day here at Abbey Road West, and so far it’s getting better all the time. As social media, it’s the off the charts monetization winner Wall Street is beginning to think Twitter and Facebook are becoming. As my wife keeps saying, it’s got real Beatles songs, not some cover band. How cool is that? BRB is an extension of the… Read More

  • Microsoft's Looking Glass Will Let Marketers Peer Into A Real-Time Social Stream

    Microsoft is going to let marketers and advertisers dip their toes into the social stream. The tech giant is planning to launch a new social media product, dubbed “Looking Glass,” which will let marketers aggregate and monitor social media platforms for brands and companies. According to a report by Ad Age today, the product is still in “proof of concept” stage and will… Read More

  • Skype For SIP Now Interops With Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series

    GigaOm last night already predicted an announcement was forthcoming, but now it’s official: Skype has announced that the beta version of Skype for SIP has been certified as interoperable with Cisco’s Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business. This will enable SMBs who manage their networking and communications needs with the Cisco solution to communicate more efficiently… Read More

  • DEMO: Liaise Uses Email Collaboration To Track Your Various Projects

    Email has quickly become the center of our daily working lives. Many people receive hundreds of emails a day full of information which needs to be sorted and prioritized. However, with such a high number of emails being received, people are bound to forget about projects or actions which need to be completed. This is where Liaise, debuting at DEMOFall 09, comes into play. Their product… Read More

  • Ballmer's Silver Hammer

    With Windows 7 shipping in less than a month, we’re sure to smell a whiff of the Microsoft of old from the Pacific Northwest. After years of dropped balls and transitions from the Gates era to whatever we’re now in, Steve Ballmer should have plenty to feel good about. Steve Sinofsky has completed his personal reworking from Office chief to Windows czar, and the new OS arrives just… Read More

  • Microsoft Acquires Four Technologies To Boost Dynamics ERP Product

    Microsoft has acquired four technologies for its Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) product, which provides software to help businesses manage their financial accounting, supply chain, project accounting, field service, and human resources business processes. In a press release, Microsoft says that the new technologies will “extend the core capabilities” of one… Read More

  • Microsoft Confirms Interactive Supercomputing Acquisition, Shuts Down Star-P

    peHUB yesterday caught wind of Microsoft’s supposed acquisition of Interactive Supercomputing, a company specialized in bringing the power of parallel computing to desktops, but was declined an official comment to the news following a request for confirmation. Redmond has this morning officially announced the acquisition by means of a blog post on the Windows Server Division Weblog and… Read More

  • IBM Buys Asian Business Analytics Firm RedPill Solutions

    IBM this morning announced an agreement to acquire RedPill Solutions, a privately-held consultancy and business analytics service provider headquartered in Singapore. The terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close later this year following statutory approvals, regulatory reviews and customary closing conditions, were not disclosed. According to the release, IBM is buying RedPill… Read More

  • Free Ticket Giveaway To See Larry Ellison Speak At The Churchill Club

    Oracle CEO and Founder Larry Ellison is making a rare speaking appearance on the evening of Monday, September 21 to talk to the Churchill Club audience in San Jose, Calif. We’re lucky enough to have five tickets to give away to TechCrunchIT readers. Ellison will be speaking to Ed Zander, former CEO of Motorola, and former President of Sun Microsystems, which Oracle acquired earlier… Read More

  • Spigit Launches Integration With Microsoft Sharepoint

    Social productivity startup Spigit, which creates idea and innovation software, has launched an integration with Microsoft SharePoint, letting enterprises place this data in the cloud, behind the firewall. Spigit’s products help businesses and teams contribute ideas, offer feedback and evaluate concepts to streamline idea generation and promote innovation. Spigit for SharePoint includes… Read More

  • Fasten your seatbelts

    When Cnet blows the whistle on social media, via Sean Parker of Napster fame, it’s time to break out the wallet and double down on that very same “immature” social media. We’re standing at the gaping maw of the biggest gold rush in many cycles, and the refs have just called a TV time out to allow us to regroup. Certainly we’ve seen altogether way too much… Read More

  • Facebook Launches New 'Prototypes' Section, Allows Users To Test Out Experimental Features

    Last week we stumbled across an impressive new Facebook Desktop Notification app for Mac, which had apparently been developed by a Facebook engineer but wasn’t being officially supported by Facebook (don’t let that deter you from downloading it, as it’s fantastic). At the time, we also noticed some interesting references on the page to something called “Facebook… Read More

  • Adobe To Acquire Omniture For Approximately $1.8 Billion

    Adobe Systems has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Omniture for the former to acquire the latter in a transaction valued at approximately $1.8 billion on a fully diluted equity-value basis. Under the terms of the agreement, Adobe will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Omniture for $21.50 per share in cash. The proposed… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang rides Tornado

    The Gillmor Gang talked with FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor, who’s moved to Facebook as Director of Products. The discussion centers around Tornado, the new open sourcing of key elements of the FriendFeed realtime back end. Full transcript from SimulScribe below: *********************************
    Mr. TAYLOR: Tornado is an open source version of the web server we built at FriendFeed. Read More

  • IBM One Step Closer To SPSS Acquisition

    September 9, 2009 lived up to all the hype and proved to be quite the eventful day. Events ranged from the insane, where an alcoholic minister hijacked a plane, to the bizarre, where a baby was born at 9:09 and weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces, to the downright depressing, when Beatles fans found out that their favorite band would still not be available via iTunes. But perhaps the most important event… Read More

  • BrowserMob Launches Monitoring Tool For Website Health

    BrowserMob, an on-demand performance and load testing software service, is launching a new monitoring tool that lets you measure the performance of your website over time, and alert you of problems. BroswerMob, which is a cloud-based service, is designed to help lower-trafficked websites (i.e. websites with less than one million visitors each month) prepare for potentially high traffic… Read More

  • SuccessFactors To Integrate Talent Management Software With Partners

    SuccessFactors, the provider of hosted enterprise software for “performance and talent management,” is rolling out a partner program for its SaaS offering, letting business’ data from other enterprise programs integrate seamlessly with SuccessFactors’ software. SuccessCloud is currently integrated with IBM Lotus Connections and IBM WebSphere Portal, Ping Identity… Read More

  • Charts: IBM’s Software-Led Margin Expansion

    Many people still think of IBM as the company that sells Big Iron—mainframes and its enterprise server descendants. Of course, the engine of the company’s profits long ago shifted to consulting and software. In a financial slide presentation IBM released today to the SEC as an 8K document, however, you really get a sense of how much IBM has continued to shift its business… Read More

  • Say Cheese

    It’s been quite a while (May) since I wrote a post about the then-less-obvious move away from RSS toward micromessaging. The observation that Twitter’s rapid growth was supplanting the use of RSS as a reading mechanism — in my case abandoning Google Reader in favor of FriendFeed — was met with emotional attacks from RSS’s prime mover, Dave Winer. Knowing from… Read More