How cloud computing, big data and new devices are changing work

  • Enterprise Wiki SamePage Now On SalesForce.com AppExchange

    Social media features are becoming increasingly popular in CRMs. SalesForce.com recently launched Twitter integration and there are several collaborative enterprise software providers offering innovative wiki products in the enterprise space. eTouch System’s SamePage, an enterprise wiki, can now be deployed within Force.com AppExchange from SalesForce.com. SamePage’s wiki lets… Read More

  • The Realtime Genie

    The realtime lashback has been surprisingly tame given the emotional challenges it presents. FriendFeed’s decision to double down on realtime streaming of text has had several primary effects: increased usage, swarming behavior around live events, and pushback from some who fled Twitter to FriendFeed in search of more contemplative dialogue. What happens when a realtime conversation… Read More

  • authorStream Lets Businesses Create Customized, Branded Channels For PowerPoint Presentations

    authorSTREAM.com, a PowerPoint sharing platform, is rolling out a premium service that’s ideal for enterprise clients. Similar to SlideShare, authorSTREAM is a web-based free platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations through blogs, websites, and on sites like YouTube or an iPod. authorSTREAM is giving one month of its Premium membership free to the first 100 TechCrunch readers who… Read More

  • Adapx Raises $9 Million In Series B Funding For Digital Pen Technology

    Digital pen and software manufacturer Adapx closed $9 million in Series B financing led by UV Partners, with existing investors OVP Venture Partners and Paladin Capital Group participating. Paladin and OVP Venture Partners led Adapx’s Series A funding round in 2007, which totaled $10 million. Adapx allows mobile teams to collect data in the field via digital pens and its Capturx software. Read More

  • Commerce 360 Reinvents Itself As ClickEquations

    ClickEquations (formerly Commerce 360), a paid-search management optimization business, has launched a comprehensive new software that gives ad agencies and publishers the tools to manage their search campaigns. The platform is pretty nifty. Users can open an editing tray at the bottom of the screen and make the desired changes to their Google, Yahoo, or MSN search accounts with the click of… Read More

  • President Obama, Where’s Our CTO?

    President Obama incorporated technology into his election campaign in an unprecedented way, became known as the YouTube president within the first week of being elected, and seems to be forward thinking in his views on innovation and technology, which is why we endorsed him last year. But now we are almost four months into his tenure as President and leader of the free world, and the Obama… Read More

  • Google's Data Storage Goes Green

    Last week, Google hosted an “Efficient Data Center Summit” with leaders from the IT sector to discuss best practices for improving data center efficiency, whole also saving money. Here’s what Google had to say in its blog post about the summit: “Saving electricity and water is not just good for the environment, it makes good business sense too. Being… Read More

  • SDC Will Strengthen Google's Position In The Enterprise Cloud

    Google announced yesterday that they are going to strengthen Google Apps security by adding a Secure Data Connector (SDC) to its engine. SDC is built around having an agent inside the firewall, which connects to servers inside of Google. This gives Google servers policy-controlled access to data businesses have chosen to expose. Basically, SDC allows secure access to data behind firewall for… Read More

  • Mendix Helps Enterprises Streamline Application Deployment

    Mendix’s software 

. Mendix
’s technology enable
s companies 
 people… Read More

  • Solid-State Drives in the Enterprise: Raising Standards

    Alvin Cox is a senior staff engineer at Seagate Technology where for 29 years he has engineered various magnetic storage technologies. He holds 11 patents and currently oversees industry standards representing Seagate in SATA I/O, T10, JEDEC, SFF and USB 3.0. Alvin is also the SATA IO CABCON vice chairman, the T10 SAS PHY working group chairman and the JEDEC 64.8 co-chairman. Over the… Read More

  • Only the Beginning

    On Friday the FriendFeed founders Bret Taylor and Paul Buchheit debuted a radical redesign of the product for about 15 journalists, technologists, and Robert Scoble. We were asked not to discuss the details until Monday morning at 9AM Pacific. I’ve been playing with the beta for the last few hours and have already come to several conclusions about what this means for the social media… Read More

  • Phase 2 Strikes Deal With IBM To Sell Lotus Products To SMBs

    Phase 2 International, an SaaS provider has partnered with IBM to provide “Lotus On-Demand,” a suite of enterprise products, consisting of Lotus Notes (enterprise email messaging), Lotus Sametime (secure instant messaging), Lotus Quickr (document sharing), and Lotus Connections (corporate social network). The software is meant for small to medium sized businesses and is priced… Read More

  • MindTouch Enhances Wiki-like Enterprise Collaboration Platform

    Opensource wiki developer MindTouch has released a new version of its opensource, wiki-like collaboration platform for enterprises, MindTouch 2009. The platform has been beefed up so that developers can build rich applications off of MindTouch and has also added a bi-directional message switchboard. MindTouch’s platform connects teams, enterprise systems, web services and Web 2.0… Read More

  • Silicon Graphics Declares Bankruptcy and Sells Itself For $25 Million

    Sadly, this is no April Fool’s joke. Silicon Graphics, the high-end computer computer workstation and server company founded by Jim Clark in 1982, today declared bankruptcy and sold itself to Rackable Systems for $25 million plus the assumption of “certain liabilities.” In its bankruptcy filing, SGI listed debt of $526 million. A decade ago, SGI’s revenues peaked at… Read More

  • eBay Launches Beta Of Selling Manager Application For Developers and Sellers

    eBay has launched the beta of the eBay Selling Manager Applications, which will enable third party developers to easily embed their applications where professional sellers manage their online business at My eBay. eBay is also making Selling Manager free of charge to all US sellers this summer, so developers can tap into eBay’s pool of millions of active sellers. And in return, sellers… Read More

  • Hewlett-Packard Making Its Mark In The Cloud With HP Cloud Assure

    Hewlett-Packard has made its mark in the cloud computing space with today’s rollout of HP Cloud Assure, a new SaaS designed to help businesses adopt cloud-based services in a secure platform. HP Cloud Assure is made up of a suite of the company’s software, including HP Application Security Center, HP Performance Center and HP Business Availability Center. HP will also provide… Read More

  • The Twitting Point

    Bill O’Reilly has the last word on Twitter for today. He thinks the Twitterati is crushing talk radio, by sucking up all our listener time. He thinks that’s bad; I hope he’s right and it drives Rush out of business. It won’t drive The View out of business if Barbara Walters has a say; she regularly tries to shut down the Twitversation. We’re becoming a nation… Read More

  • Cloud Management Provider Sonoa Systems Lands Deal With MTVN

    Sonoa Systems, a provider of analytics, management, and governance solutions for cloud services and APIs, has struck a deal with MTV Networks (MTVN) to optimize the network’s online and mobile content distributions. Sonoa’s product, ServiceNet, will help MTVN manage the delivery of video feeds as the they open their APIs to partners and consumers in the cloud. MTVN is using… Read More

  • Follow the Mobile User

    This guest post is written by Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering for Google’s mobile and developer products. (Prior to Google, he spent 15 years at Microsoft, most recently as their GM of Platform Evangelism.) Vic credits his now-7-year-old with forecasting the importance of mobile data access, and now carries at least 4 phones at all times. Fortunately, he had two kids… Read More

  • Out of Order 2.0

    Microsoft’s Steven Martin has ironically blown the whistle on an attempt at an “open” coalition that freezes out certain companies. Ironic in that Microsoft and IBM played this game years ago with the WS-I, an industry standards group that pointedly stonewalled Sun Microsystems’ involvement before caving under media pressure. In a Google Groups post Introducing the… Read More