• Theranos Continues Damage Control Messaging

    Theranos Continues Damage Control Messaging

    Silicon Valley blood-test technology startup Theranos has once again responded to allegations made by the Wall Street Journal over questionable test results. Unfortunately, little of that response has to do with the allegations. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been on a selective media tour to do damage control over a WSJ report alleging the company wasn’t using its own tech for… Read More

  • Vine Loses Its Last Co-Founder To Twitter Layoffs

    Vine Loses Its Last Co-Founder To Twitter Layoffs

    None of the three cofounders of Vine are still working on Twitter’s video-sharing app. Rus Yusopov, the last man standing, as it were, was one of the 300+ employees who was laid off in Twitter restructuring that went down earlier this week. The news was first reported by BuzzFeed, which confirmed Yusopov’s departure with a company spokesperson. Vine was founded by Colin Kroll… Read More

  • Theranos Refutes Claims Its Blood-Test Tech Is Unreliable

    Theranos Refutes Claims Its Blood-Test Tech Is Unreliable

    Theranos has refuted claims made in a scathing Wall Street Journal report that the company was struggling with results of its blood-test technology; that some results of tests were way off; and that Theranos was only using its tech for 15 tests and instead outsourcing most of the 240 total it offers to other machines from outside manufacturers. Read More

  • Bazillion Dollar Club Is Looking For New Home After SyFy Cancellation

    Bazillion Dollar Club Is Looking For New Home After SyFy Cancellation

    There is hope for those saddened to hear Dave McClure’s new reality show Bazillion Dollar Club was yanked just one week after airing its first episode on SyFy. We hear Zero Point Zero, the production company behind the show, is looking for a new home. SyFy made the decision to pull the new Silicon Valley reality show last week after airing the pilot episode. “It just didn’t… Read More

  • Twitter Stock Up 4% On Report That Jack Dorsey Will Become Permanent CEO

    Twitter Stock Up 4% On Report That Jack Dorsey Will Become Permanent CEO

    Today, Re/code reported that Jack Dorsey would be installed as permanent CEO after many months of speculation. Investors and those close to the company have been calling for Dorsey to take the post, but the board has been going through a process. One that may end as early as tomorrow, Recode’s sources told them. This means that Dorsey will simultaneously run Twitter and Square. The board… Read More

  • Lyft Moves Customer Support Team To Nashville To Combat High-Priced SF Market

    Lyft Moves Customer Support Team To Nashville To Combat High-Priced SF Market

    Peer-to-peer ride-sharing startup Lyft informed 20 members of its San Francisco-based customer support team this week it will be relocating them to Nashville, Tennessee. Lyft is building out its new customer service headquarters in Nashville, where overhead such as rent and salaries are cheaper. It will also help Lyft’s east coast support. The ride-sharing startup is asking customer… Read More

  • Write As Many Words As You Need To

    Write As Many Words As You Need To

    Heya, this is the web, welcome. There is a lot of room here for activities. So much room, in fact, that you could write as many words as you want and it would literally never fill up all of the space inside.* You could write a 50,000 word review of an operating system. You could write a zero-word commentary piece on an acquisition or a currency. And you could even write something about… Read More

  • A Few Thoughts On Tech Stocks

    A Few Thoughts On Tech Stocks

    Shares in technology companies have recently come under intense pressure, similar to other equities, markets, commodities and more. How far tech shops have declined, however, is worth digging into. After all, if the value of public tech companies has declined sharply, it could impact the value of private startups like Uber or Dropbox. Read More

  • RIP Summer

    RIP Summer

     After a multi-year bull cycle that raised the prices of domestic equities to levels that made value-focused investors squirm, the U.S. markets are suffering from a stiff correction, dropping in partial step with international shares and other assets. It’s a global cold, and everyone is sneezing. Apple opened dramatically lower this morning, mirroring broad index declines. Twitter… Read More

  • CrunchWeek: Amazon’s Soul, Ashley Madison, And Uber’s IPO

    Welcome back friends, we are here to cap off the week, taking a look at the biggest stories in the process. This time ’round, our coterie was helmed by none other than TechCrunch’s own Sarah Lane. Megan Rose Dickey and myself rounded out the quorum. On the docket today is Amazon’s controversial corporate culture, the massive Ashley Madison hacks, and news that Uber will… Read More

  • Tinder Cofounder Sean Rad Back In As CEO

    Tinder Cofounder Sean Rad Back In As CEO

    Last night it was revealed that Sean Rad, cofounder and President of Tinder, would return to the CEO position he once held and, in March, handed over to Ebay exec Chris Payne. In a press release, one of Tinder’s board directors and Benchmark partner Matt Cohler explained that “there was a mutual agreement here that it was not the right long-term fit,” speaking about… Read More

  • “How Not To PR” By Tinder

    “How Not To PR” By Tinder

    Have you heard about the Tinder Meltdown (TM)? Some even called it a “stunt.” In case you haven’t, here’s the quick and dirty: a piece appeared on Vanity Fair that Tinder didn’t like. And it reacted. On Twitter. A lot. Read More

  • A Sneak Peek At ABC Family’s New Silicon Valley Reality Show Starring Tim Draper

    The latest Silicon Valley reality series Startup U begins tomorrow night on ABC Family and we got a sneak peek at what the show is about. Startup U features 10 student entrepreneurs as they compete in a seven-week program at Draper University. Each of the show’s subjects must go through the fundamentals of launching a startup the Draper U way – including wilderness survival… Read More

  • CrunchWeek: Earnings Beatdown, Twitter’s Palace Intrigue And VR Goes Full Weird

    Hello friends and welcome back to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s recurring roundup of the biggest tech stories of the week. This week our humble band delved into recent earnings by Etsy and Fitbit, Twitter’s share price declines, hints about the social company’s next CEO, and, of course, that VR thing you might have heard of. Read More

  • How To Speak Startup, Part Deux

    How To Speak Startup, Part Deux

    Given the massive influx of capital that we are currently enduring in Silicon Valley, TechCrunch has decided to take another crack at the lexicon of the moment to help everyone understand just what people mean when they say things that make you want to snag them by the hair and give them a noogie. Following our previous entry, this list is an expansion — we are here to help, after all. Read More

  • This Week On Bullish: Stacey Ferreira’s Call For Optimism

    Welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s newest show that may or may not be a ruse to force me into a tie every week. This time ’round we invited Stacey Ferreira to drop by HQ to dish on her new book, 2 Billion Under 20, which argues against the idea that the kids these days are useless layabouts. A compendium of stories about younglings in action, Ferreira’s tome is essentially… Read More

  • This Week On Bullish: Let’s Go Unicorn Hunting

    Hello friends, and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch’s newest show. We’re going to ship a new episode directly to your monitor each and every Wednesday morning, so make sure to set your DVR browser to TechCrunch.com. This week, our very first, we focused on the concept of unicorns, a term that was born on these pages, and recently re-examined by Aileen Lee in an epic post that is… Read More

  • Stop Trying To Make Sense Out Of The Reddit Saga

    Stop Trying To Make Sense Out Of The Reddit Saga

    Why does reddit exist? How does reddit exist? Who are all of these people who participate? Who knows? They’re anonymous. How does something like reddit attract $50 million in funding? I have no idea, and a lot of the people I’ve been speaking to in tech circles over the past week don’t know, either. Read More

  • CrunchWeek: Microsoft Swings The Axe, Facebook Updates News Feed, And Reddit Melts Down

    This week on CrunchWeek, we sat down to dig into the hottest stories from the last seven days: Microsoft’s massive writedown and layoffs, Facebook’s addition of new controls to users’ News Feeds, and Reddit’s community meltdown. Read More

  • Uber Files Opposition To Case That Could Make All Drivers Employees Instead Of Independent Contractors

    Uber Files Opposition To Case That Could Make All Drivers Employees Instead Of Independent Contractors

    Uber filed a briefing in court today that opposes a class-action lawsuit attempting to label drivers as Uber employees instead of as independent contractors. The California Labor Commission ruled on a court case in June that at least one Uber driver was an employee and not considered an independent contractor. Drivers in both Lyft and Uber also filed class-action lawsuits in March alleging… Read More