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  • The Micro VC Shakeout Crunch Network

    The Micro VC Shakeout

    When we started Bullpen Capital in 2011, there were about 30 or so “microVC” or “micro-seed” funds — and we knew them all. Today, four years later, there are likely over 220 micro VC funds and growing. In fact, I joke with my partners that “we will likely get to 400 before we go back to 40.” That line always elicits a nervous laughter, as it captures… Read More

  • Seed Is A Process Crunch Network

    Seed Is A Process

    The seed “round” as a singular event appears to be dying. What used to be a discrete funding round is now more of a rolling, continuous financing process. At Bullpen we say “seed is a process,” and it’s important for entrepreneurs to know how to tailor this process to minimize dilution and maximize survival chances. Read More