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  • Riding The Funding Wave Crunch Network

    Riding The Funding Wave

    When we observed an increase in Series A fundings in the first quarter of 2015, we had two theories as to what was happening. First, people are attracted to the Series A figures more than Series B or beyond. This is similar to how people bid on mid-market houses in San Francisco, overbidding on houses around $2 million, but the $5 million houses see much less competition. Second, we might see… Read More

  • Little’s Law Is Big For Startups Crunch Network

    Little’s Law Is Big For Startups

    Traffic, traction, growth. We all know that these terms are prerequisites to success. As we launch our startups we hope for initial customer acceptance, which would lead to traffic, traction and finally growth. In some cases, we’re willing to pay for traffic. In most other cases, we work around the clock to ignite organic TTG. Read More

  • Multi-Factor Analysis Of Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Class Crunch Network

    Multi-Factor Analysis Of Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Class

    In my previous article, I wrote about how multi-factor analysis of startups helps avoid decision biases such as availability, anchoring or the famous “herd-mentality.” The merits of the theories behind this approach go back to the 1950’s. But based on the feedback our team received, we felt encouraged to share a sample analysis with everyone to explain the inner workings of… Read More

  • Deciphering The Economics Of Venture Capital Crunch Network

    Deciphering The Economics Of Venture Capital

    The black swan events are popular in venture capital, a unique asset class that historically has all three characteristics as Nassim Nicholas Taleb outlined in his colorful book. What makes venture capital different from other asset classes is its complex qualitative and quantitative characteristics. The qualitative attributes are widely covered. The quantitative characteristics, not so much. Read More