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  • Series A Is The New Series B

    Series A Is The New Series B

    When I moved to Silicon Valley over a decade ago, I thought “venture” meant looking for smart people with great ideas. I’ve learned that’s not true; they’re looking for smart people, with great ideas, who are “killing it.” That last bit is a fundamental change and has made modern-day Series A effectively the Series B of the past. Read More

  • The End Of The Acqui-Hire?

    The End Of The Acqui-Hire?

    A few years ago, before seed investing was as well defined as it now is, I co-hosted a bean bag sitting circle at The Lobby on the topic of “the seed round.” While I assumed the topic would appeal primarily to founders thinking about their next startups, we had a surprising number of industry players — the large monolithic cash hoarder and sizzle brands that buy so many… Read More