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  • Separating The Sizzle From The Steak Crunch Network

    Separating The Sizzle From The Steak

    Seed rounds are all about the sizzle, the exciting promise of the future if things go as dreamed. Risk is high — but the reward, if it works, is far greater. Smart people with great ideas and strong skills can raise money based on their passion, vision and tenacity. But when it comes time to raise a Series A, it’s all about the steak — what you’ve accomplished. Read More

  • Bravery Is At The Heart Of Entrepreneurship Crunch Network

    Bravery Is At The Heart Of Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs looking for a pivot or an idea sometimes ask me “what’s hot now?” That’s the wrong question! What’s hot now is too late for you if your dreams are to be a world-changing entrepreneur: You need to create what will be hot years from now. Read More

  • Series A 101

    In my prior life as a seed investor, I helped many companies raise Series A, some raise B and a few raise C.  First time founders often ask about the process, once it’s clear there’s likely to be one, and while I always had a view from the outside, alongside or sometimes with the Venture firms, now that I’m a VC with my own Series A Term Sheet (TS) signed, I thought… Read More

  • Fear Of Failure May Ensure It Crunch Network

    Fear Of Failure May Ensure It

    At the dawn of the web I launched one of the first e-commerce sites. I spent six months on research, perfecting the site, striving to get everything right. After six hours live I’d learned more from people’s actions and reactions than in those six months — and felt a bitter regret for the half year wasted. Now, as an investor, I occasionally see the same behavior, and… Read More

  • The Shifting Sands Of Sand Hill Crunch Network

    The Shifting Sands Of Sand Hill

    For as long as I’ve paid attention, Sand Hill Road has been synonymous with venture capital. But that is changing. As the epicenter of the technology renaissance age has shifted, or expanded, from Palo Alto and its environs to San Francisco and other pockets of the peninsula, the monopolistic high ground of venture capital real estate that top venture firms call home base has started… Read More

  • The Importance Of Founders Crunch Network

    The Importance Of Founders

    In a prior era, some considered it best practice to bring in “professional managers” to run the businesses started by creative and hard-working entrepreneurs once those business began to scale and appeared to need “adult supervision.” The term “upgrade management” is still occasionally heard among investors but never in front of founders. Read More

  • Big Valuations Come With Dangerous Small Print Crunch Network

    Big Valuations Come With Dangerous Small Print

    About three years ago we started noticing a sliver of founders who were obsessively focused on valuations start to make short-term decisions in their fundraising that risked meaningful long-term consequences. With the popularity of the “unicorn” label, this trend has gotten worse. A few months ago a Midas List friend shared a story of dismay with an example in their portfolio… Read More

  • No Need For Alarm Over Private Company Valuations Crunch Network

    No Need For Alarm Over Private Company Valuations

    With 137% returns in an approximately two year period, there’s logic in mutual funds continuing to throw big dollars into strong IPO candidates, thus significantly inflating valuations. With this encroaching competition it’s not surprising then that VC’s are sending the warning. Read More

  • Separating The Rest From The Best In Venture Partners Crunch Network

    Separating The Rest From The Best In Venture Partners

    I‘ve studied Tier 1 venture firms for over seven years, and I see two weaknesses in partners, particularly young ones, that separate the rest from the best: they don’t take enough risk, and they aren’t candid enough with the founders they don’t fund (or even sometimes with those they d Read More

  • Series A Is The New Series B Crunch Network

    Series A Is The New Series B

    When I moved to Silicon Valley over a decade ago, I thought “venture” meant looking for smart people with great ideas. I’ve learned that’s not true; they’re looking for smart people, with great ideas, who are “killing it.” That last bit is a fundamental change and has made modern-day Series A effectively the Series B of the past. Read More

  • The End Of The Acqui-Hire? Crunch Network

    The End Of The Acqui-Hire?

    A few years ago, before seed investing was as well defined as it now is, I co-hosted a bean bag sitting circle at The Lobby on the topic of “the seed round.” While I assumed the topic would appeal primarily to founders thinking about their next startups, we had a surprising number of industry players — the large monolithic cash hoarder and sizzle brands that buy so many… Read More