• Let’s Fix Startup Board Meetings Crunch Network

    Let’s Fix Startup Board Meetings

    I spend a lot of time in board meetings. Specifically, private company startup board meetings. Rooms filled with some of the most talented, bold, daring and dedicated people on the planet, devising solutions to some of the economy’s toughest problems. More often than not, however, most of these board meetings fail. Despite the good intentions and great experience in the room, the… Read More

  • 3D Touch Opens A New Dimension Of User Interaction Crunch Network

    3D Touch Opens A New Dimension Of User Interaction

    We spend so much time touching our devices — but what if they could touch us back? Apple’s recent leaps with 3D Touch technology show that this could soon be a reality. Feel a surface texture, communicate with braille, even play an instrument — the tactile capabilities of future technologies are set to transform our digital experiences. Read More

  • Fintech Is Just Getting Started Crunch Network

    Fintech Is Just Getting Started

    In just the first week of trading in 2016, the S&P 500 lost 6 percentage points and more than one trillion dollars in market capitalization. With the worst start in more than a century, the markets seem to be predicting a slow period for the U.S. economy. One segment that I think has the potential to survive, if not thrive, in the expected volatility this year is financial technology. Read More

  • Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars Crunch Network

    Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars

    From George Orwell predicting the overwhelming reach of television in 1984 to the video phone calls in Back to the Future, it seems that technology often imitates pop culture. Nowhere could that be truer than with the new developments in self-driving vehicles. These self-driving vehicles won’t just change the way we look at transportation. They will shift people’s behavior in a… Read More

  • Africa’s Tech Gold Rush Crunch Network

    Africa’s Tech Gold Rush

    Africa is on the verge of something big. This seems to be a quiet, cautious consensus in some investment communities. The past year has been peppered with stories of tech startup hubs emerging across the continent, from Lagos to Kigali to Agadir. The model of American tech entrepreneurship looks to be slowly sparking a renaissance in the Silicon Sahara. Read More

  • Don’t Mortgage Your Startup Crunch Network

    Don’t Mortgage Your Startup

    The last 5-10 years have been an extraordinary time for early stage tech founders to raise money. But easy access to capital has ingrained some bad habits among founders. There has always been the risk of over-funding your company or not being able to find a funder for your next round, but now it’s far more common to see founders blithely accepting deal terms that could kill their… Read More

  • Tech Valuations In 2016: The End Of The Line For Sloppy Growth Crunch Network

    Tech Valuations In 2016: The End Of The Line For Sloppy Growth

    What’s going on in technology investing right now? Is this another 2001, when tech imploded? Another 2008, when the wider world crashed but tech powered through? Or is it like Facebook in 2012, a valuation blip and a chance to buy? Anecdotes about dead unicorns are not enough. An explanation has to start with a framework and a qualitative description of what is driving the markets… Read More

  • Transcending Borders Through Technology Crunch Network

    Transcending Borders Through Technology

    As is clear from the front pages of newspapers recently, we are living in a world where open democratic values are under attack. Paris, Bamako, San Bernardino, Jakarta and Ouagadougou have all been targeted by terrorists. At the same time, we are in the midst of a technological revolution that is reshaping our society. The Internet of Things is driving a whole new way for businesses to… Read More

  • Will the Bubble Burst? Ask Your Cabbie Crunch Network

    Will the Bubble Burst? Ask Your Cabbie

    There are too many headlines and articles about bubbles, market crashes, negative interest rates and venture-backed unicorns. Why write one more? Because I believe there is a much more pragmatic way to evaluate what you are reading from all the “experts.” Experts armed with mountains of data and statistical analysis predict the stock market is going to crash, while at the same… Read More

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