• Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s 43-Day Assault On The Patent Troll

    Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s 43-Day Assault On The Patent Troll

    NPEs (the bad ones) are undeniably a problem. By one estimate, companies that have been targeted by NPEs spend $29 billion a year in direct costs, with $83 billion a year in lost wealth, an amount that the authors concede is conservative. So Congressman Bob Goodlatte (D-Va.) took action. Read More

  • What Games Are: The Multiplayer Singularity

    What Games Are: The Multiplayer Singularity

    There’s a tendency in game design circles to think of the potential of games as being wrapped up in some great leap. When we have the breakthrough technology that somehow tells stories for example, or the game/life crossover that makes games meaningful in the everyday. What if that singularity moment, however, is something much simpler? Read More

  • Let It Full-Bleed

    Let It Full-Bleed

    On the importance of images and layout in writing. Load up your favorite tech blog. Or almost any blog, really. There’s a good chance it looks like shit. There’s a better chance that the reading experience is even worse. And we put up with it, day in and day out. Why? Because that’s where the content is. Enter Medium 1.0. While there are some questions as to what exactly… Read More

  • It’s Time For A Special Regulatory Zone

    It’s Time For A Special Regulatory Zone

    Your government is the enemy of the future. Innovative technology that would disrupt the world as we know it is already here, but oppressive government bureaucrats keep getting in its way. Taxi commissions vs. Uber; the FDA vs 23AndMe; the FAA vs. Amazon Prime Air; the DMV vs. self-driving cars; governments everywhere vs. Bitcoin. This is intolerable and must stop. The government must get out… Read More

  • Yahoo Users Anonymous: A Transcript

    Yahoo Users Anonymous: A Transcript

    This is what happened: Scene: A Silicon Valley church basement. Folding chairs, coffee, cigarettes tucked behind ears. Jon EVANS, a tall man with a shaved head and an Arsenal FC T-shirt, steps forward to the podium. He has a slight Canadian accent. Jon: Hi, my name’s Jon, and I’m a Yahoo! user. Room, in unison: Hi, Jon! Jon: I guess…I mean, this is so embarrassing… Read More

  • How To Sell Your Business And Make And Lose Millions

    How To Sell Your Business And Make And Lose Millions

    First I totally gave up. I thought there was no way to sell my web services business. It started when I was in the offices of Loud Records, run by Steve Rifkind. My company, Reset, was doing websites for the Wu-Tang Clan and other Loud artists. It was 1997. Ol’ Dirty Bastard would call me on the phone sometimes. Mobb Deep would stop by. Trent Reznor would hang out (we did… Read More

  • The Lean Hardware Startup: Financing

    The Lean Hardware Startup: Financing

    We can differentiate several steps in the life of a hardware startup: concept, minimum functional prototype (MFP), complete functional prototype (CFP), design for manufacture (DFM), first factory run (FFR) and retail. Capital needs vary according to the stage you’re in and might come from different sources. In hardware, venture capital is essentially about growth. Read More

  • Let’s Kill The Aid Industry

    Let’s Kill The Aid Industry

    Long have I nursed a healthy contempt for the aid industry. As I spent much of a decade wandering around the planet, taking local public transit through poor and/or unstable nations, I kept encountering aid workers in their flashy white branded 4x4s, and was almost invariably resoundingly unimpressed. As I’ve written elsewhere: Most development aid is actively harmful. Read More

  • Email Is Now Just Another Stream

    Email Is Now Just Another Stream

    Editor’s note: Peter Yared is the CTO/CIO at CBS Interactive. Follow him on Twitter @peteryared. Only a couple of years ago, pundits were predicting an end to email. But instead of fading away, there’s been ever-increasing email volume and usage. Rather than being replaced by Facebook and Twitter streams, email is actually becoming a stream itself. Mail systems are evolving to… Read More

  • What Games Are: The Wacky World Of Convergent Divergence

    What Games Are: The Wacky World Of Convergent Divergence

    It used to be the case that developers had a binary choice between a multi-platform strategy with lowest-common denominator game ideas, or make a bet on a single platform in the hope that its unique attributes would help them win. Both have historically been difficult because they implied compromise. I’m not so sure that it’s a choice they need to make any more. Read More

  • The Lean Hardware Startup: From Prototype To Production

    The Lean Hardware Startup: From Prototype To Production

    If the printing press was about “anyone can read,” the web about “anyone can write,” the hardware ecosystem changed enough to say today “anyone can build.” This idea – that anyone can build – is the cornerstone of the new “lean hardware startup.” Read More

  • Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

    Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

    The eternal startup question “Android or iOS first?” grows ever thornier, with news that Android’s market share exceeds 80%. But never mind the managers and non-technical founders: what do developers! developers! think of that divide? Whoever makes life easier for them gains a sizable edge. And by “them” I mean “us.” When not writing TC columns… Read More

  • Right-Of-Publicity Claims And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

    Right-Of-Publicity Claims And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

    On November 8, U.S. District Court Judge Claudia Wilken partially ruled in favor of a class of former Division I college athletes in finding that their antitrust claim for an injunction against the NCAA could proceed as a class action. The players seek an injunction that, if granted, would limit the NCAA’s ability to license the players’ names, images and likenesses in various… Read More

  • “It’s Just A Big iPod Touch”

    “It’s Just A Big iPod Touch”

    Over the weekend, I got two emails from my mother. The most interesting aspect of them was the sign-off at the bottom: “Sent from my iPad”. This stood out to me for two reasons: First, I’ve now been using the iPad Air for the past couple of weeks, and thinking a lot about the state of the product. Second, this is my mother using an iPad. An iPad! Regularly! On a scale of 1 to… Read More

  • What Games Are: Squeaky Bum Time

    What Games Are: Squeaky Bum Time

    It’s hard to escape the feeling in the mobile games space that times are tougher than they were. Budgets are going up, investors are staying away and the sense that there’s just too many players in the market is high. At the same time, however, there is no evidence to suggest that players are walking away from playing games on their devices. What does all of this mean for the… Read More

  • Nonplussed


    I sat down to write up the new YouTube comment system earlier this week, and before I finished the article, I had deleted my Google+ account — my real one, not the joke one that you acquire during the YouTube signup process. The labyrinth of settings and accounts involved struck me as so absurd, and the process so hostile to comprehension, that they needed to be described as they might… Read More

  • Moving Past Digital Schizophrenia

    Moving Past Digital Schizophrenia

    Our identities are fragmented across dozens of websites, mobile applications and databases. It’s not simply that we’ve lost control of our identities. It’s that we have multiple identities based on whatever platform we happen to be on. And that is hindering our ability to accomplish even the most mundane tasks without friction. Read More

  • Where I Went Wrong, Third Annual Edition

    Where I Went Wrong, Third Annual Edition

    Happy anniversary to me: I’ve now been writing this here weekly column for exactly three years. Over the last year I have opined, prescribed, and predicted many things. And now, like last year, and the year before, as part of my one-man crusade for greater opinion-journalism accountability, I’m going to take a moment to go back and look at what I got right… and where I… Read More

  • The Rise Of The Mobile-Born

    The Rise Of The Mobile-Born

    Mobile is now the channel of choice for everyone, but even those of us who use technology with great alacrity are still digital immigrants. The Mobile Born is a generation of kids that have been raised while gnawing on the equivalent of a supercomputer — otherwise known as mom’s smartphone. Read More

  • What Games Are: The Power Conversation

    What Games Are: The Power Conversation

    Given the degree to which graphics have not changed over the last few years in high-end games, it’s surprising how strong the idea of graphical power remains in the games industry. Gamers are still hotly arguing over which games look best on which console, yet they are doing so over increasingly ephemeral details. Will this power conversation always dominate the gaming medium, or will… Read More