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  • Ginx Reinvents Twitter's Interface For The Sake Of Sharing

    I met up with Randy Ching, co-founder of Ginx alongside eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, this afternoon to finally get a glimpse of what their secret startup is all about. We first wrote about Ginx last month when it was revealed that parent company Peer News had raised $2 million in funding. At the time, we could only infer its purpose from Omidyar’s twitter account, which was hooked into… Read More

  • WujWuj's New Focus: Make Online Retail Go Viral

    When online retail service WujWuj first launched, it focused on helping people pool their money to buy gifts for friends and family. That never really took off, so the service was shut down and is now being reborn with new focus on so-called “group buys”. A group buy is a type of sale in which the price of an item drops as more people commit to purchasing it. Consumers benefit… Read More

  • Yahoo Readies The Meter For Its First Web Services Business

    Yahoo is announcing several changes to its Search BOSS service, which lets developers incorporate web results from Yahoo’s main search index into their own web apps. The biggest of these changes intends to transform one of Yahoo’s most innovative projects into a real business. Since launch, the BOSS API has been provided entirely for free. Now Yahoo is putting in place a freemium… Read More

  • Google Brings Location-Awareness to Email

    Google appears to have a new obsession with knowing and broadcasting your current location. A week after announcing Latitude, which shares your location with friends on Google Maps and threatens to render several startups irrelevant, an engineer has developed location-aware email signatures for Gmail. After turning on the “Location in Signature” feature in Gmail Labs, you’ll… Read More

  • TicketMaster and Live Nation Agree to $2.5 Billion Merger

    This could be good news for the music industry, which suffers from steadily declining record sales and stands to benefit from more ticket sales for live performances. Or just another last-ditch measure to save itself from an inevitable death and rebirth. According to Paidcontent, Live Nation and Ticketmaster have entered into a definitive agreement to merge into an entity called Live… Read More

  • Google's PowerMeter Project: For When The Web's Data Is Not Enough

    Google has announced its plan to help consumers gain better information about their personal electricity usage. The plan, which is listed on Google’s philanthropic website, promotes the adoption of smart electricity meters in homes across the world. These smart meters are better than regular meters because they can provide detailed information about usage rates throughout the day… Read More

  • Twhirl Gets An Upgrade, Too; And Now Seesmic Has A Desktop Client

    Not to be overshadowed by AlertThingy’s announcement earlier today, Seesmic founder — Twhirl owner — Loic Le Meur let us know that his desktop notifications client is also getting a substantial upgrade today. Twhirl doesn’t support as many services as AlertThingy but Le Meur points out that it’s much more popular. It’s also the only desktop client in its… Read More

  • Notification Aggregator AlertThingy Rips A Page Out of TweetDeck's Book

    The battle between desktop notification tools continues. AlertThingy, one such tool with a knack for aggregating a handful of social networks, has released a third version that takes direct aim at competitor TweetDeck. Just this past month we heralded TweetDeck as an innovator in the space for splitting notifications up into their own columns. While TweetDeck retrieves notifications only… Read More

  • What's New With The Kindle 2

    This morning Amazon officially announced its second-generation ebook, the Kindle 2 (although leaked photographs of the device have been floating around the internet for some time now). All-in-all, the new Kindle is a modest step up from the first generation, introducing nothing too radical to the design or functionality but improving the device in a variety of incremental ways. So just… Read More

  • Why Facebook Isn't Poised to Steal Twitter's Thunder

    Last night, Facebook announced a set of changes to its platform that make it easier for third-party applications to exchange data about users’ status messages, notes, shared links, and videos. The more open Facebook’s platform gets, the more powerful it becomes for developers to build fun and useful applications with Facebook’s data, either onsite or off. However, several… Read More

  • Aviary Encroaches On Adobe Illustrator With Raven, The First Vector Graphics Editor For The Web

    Aviary is a small New York startup with the ambitious goal of recreating (and expanding upon) Adobe’s most popular design tools in the browser. Since we first covered the company about a year and a half ago, Aviary has kept most of its 15 planned tools (at least those that have seen development at all so far) in private beta. Only three have become publicly available: Phoenix, an… Read More

  • FlightTrack Pro Puts TripIt (And More) In Your Pocket

    Appropros Mobile has released a Pro version of its popular FlightTrack iPhone application that can automatically pull in your flight itineraries through TripIt’s recently released API. The original FlightTrack application, which costs $4.99 and is currently ranked third among the iPhone App Store’s top paid travel applications, asks for you to enter an airline, a flight number, and… Read More

  • Google Sets Its Sights On Your Sight

    Google has published a bit of an insider’s look on how the company conducts eye-tracking studies to evaluate the effectiveness of its search results. In addition to holding interviews, field studies and live experiments to improve the usability of its products, Google has special hardware and software that tracks test participants’ eyeballs as they scan results for the perfect… Read More

  • No Escape From Work: Releases AIR and Mobile Applications

    Enterprise microblogging service, which faces off squarely against TechCrunch50 winner Yammer, has made strides to match the accessibility of its competitor by releasing several applications for the desktop and mobile devices. users can now exchange messages with groups of their coworkers using an AIR-based desktop app that looks and functions much like Twhirl… Read More

  • Extensions for Google Chrome Coming In May?

    If the schedule for Google’s big annual developer conference is any indication, we should expect to see an extension platform released for Chrome sometime this May. Programmer Nicholas Moline has noticed a session called “Developing extensions for Google Chrome” among the 38 sessions posted to the Google I/O website. It sits alongside two other Chrome-specific sessions… Read More

  • On The Eve Of Its Fifth Birthday, A Facebook Design Retrospective

    Facebook turns five years old tomorrow. That’s practically middle-aged in Silicon Valley. To celebrate, Facebook has put up this slideshow that highlights Facebook’s evolving Web design over that time period. We’ve reproduced the slides below. Founder Mark Zuckerberg also hints at a surprise virtual gift that will that will appear tomorrow in the the Facebook Gift Shop. … Read More

  • AMD and OTOY Working Together on "Fastest Supercomputer Ever"

    Today during an Industry Insider Series keynote at CES in Las Vegas, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach announced that AMD has been working on what it’s calling the world’s “fastest supercomputer ever”, designed “to break the one petaFLOPS barrier and to process a million compute threads across more than 1000 graphics processors”. The… Read More

  • AMD and OTOY Working Together on "Fastest Supercomputer Ever"

    Today during an Industry Insider Series keynote at CES in Las Vegas, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach announced that AMD has been working on what it’s calling the world’s “fastest supercomputer ever”, designed “to break the one petaFLOPS barrier and to process a million compute threads across more than 1000 graphics processors”. The… Read More

  • Yahoo Mail's New App Platform: A Boon for Xoopit and Other Productivity Add-Ons

    Xoopit, the email-enhancement service that helps you locate files, images and videos in your inbox, is getting a potentially big shot in the arm with the launch of Yahoo Mail’s application platform today. Previously, Xoopit was only available to Gmail users who were proactive enough to install a Firefox plugin. But with the opening up of Yahoo Mail, Xoopit will now have more immediate… Read More

  • Yahoo Announces Next Steps in Open Strategy

    Yahoo has invited the press to an event in San Francisco today where it will announce the next steps in its open strategy (details found here). As GigaOm speculated over the weekend, we should be hearing details about the deployment of applications on Yahoo Mail. We’ll post the details here as they become available, starting within the next few minutes. Read More