Steve O'Hear

Steve O'Hear

Steve O'Hear is best known as a technology journalist, currently at TechCrunch where he focuses on European startups, companies and products.

He first joined TechCrunch in November 2009 as Contributing Editor for TechCrunch Europe, where he worked alongside Editor Mike Butcher to help build TechCrunch's coverage in Europe.

In June 2011, Steve took a break from journalism to co-found the London and Prague-based startup Beepl. In his role as CEO, he helped the company raise its first VC round, along with seeing the Question & Answer site through development, private alpha and a high profile public launch. In November 2012, Beepl was acquired by Brand Embassy.

Along with TechCrunch, Steve has written for numerous publications, including ZDNet (where he wrote the well-respected blog 'The Social Web'), The Guardian, Macworld, TES, Last100 and ReadWriteWeb. He also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Silicon Valley documentary 'In Search of the Valley', which was released in September 2006.

In 2002, Steve was made a fellow of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. He's also one half of ProtoBake Labs, an 'ideas incubator' he co-founded with Pete Harris.

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  • MouseTrace lets you replay how visitors point, click, swipe and tap around your site

    MouseTrace has launched as a way for website owners to optimize their sites “to better suit their customers and visitors.” It does this via a single line of javascript which gives the owner the ability to spy on their visitors, literally, through a visual replay of how they’ve interacted with the site, including mouse movement, clicks and page scrolling. Additionally… Read More

  • Onefinestay launches as an 'unhotel', lets travelers stay in other people's homes

    Calling itself an ‘unhotel’, Onefinestay, which launches first in London, lets travelers stay in someone’s real home while the owner is out of town. For guests, it’s being pitched as a better value alternative to a premium or boutique hotel with the attraction being that they can “live like a local” (or so the marketing goes), while for house owners the… Read More

  • Ad targeting platform acquired by Deutsche Post

    Deutsche Post, Europe’s largest mail services operator, has announced that it’s to acquire the ad targeting platform in a bid to continue expanding into the online advertising market. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, however, although will operate independently as a subsidiary of Deutsche Post and will remain headquartered in Berlin. is a service… Read More

  • Zoopla hopes to become household name with 'multi-million pound' TV ad campaign

    Having largely relied on online marketing and word of mouth to fuel growth over the last two years, the leading UK property site Zoopla has today launched a multi-million pound TV ad campaign with the hope to become a “household name” in Britain. It will include a number of prime-time slots across ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and the Sky digital channels, with the initial campaign… Read More

  • From humble beginnings, We7's catalog now boasts 6.5m tracks

    We7, the UK music streaming service, has announced that its catalog now exceeds 6.5 million tracks. That in itself may not seem like such a big deal but consider this: at the same time last year, the music platform, which competes with the likes of Spotify, had around 3m tracks, under half of what is available today. Go back another year and a half and you’ll find that We7 didn’t… Read More

  • Dragontape is a fun, visual YouTube mixtape creator

    Dragontape is a new web app that lets you create ‘mixtapes’ of your favorite YouTube videos and easily show these with friends. The site’s functionality isn’t unique – its numerous competitors include,, and – but creating a mix tape couldn’t be much simpler as Dragontape utilizes a familiar (and fun) drag… Read More

  • Spotify playlists get 'folders', plus other updates

    The music streaming service Spotify has long had the ability for users to create their own playlists. And with the recent ‘Spotify Social’ update, sharing those playlists became possible without the need to use third-party services, such as Sharemyplaylists. However, add more than a few playlists to Spotify’s desktop client and managing them can become a pain as they appear… Read More

  • Intel and Nokia open joint 3D research center in Finland

    Hot on the heels of their MeeGo mobile OS effort, Intel and Nokia are to open a joint research center in partnership with the University of Oulu in Finland. It will employ “about two dozen R&D professionals” and become the latest member of Intel’s European Research Network, Intel Labs Europe. The Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center will initially conduct research… Read More

  • Daily Mail newspaper plants job advert in robots.txt file

    Perhaps unsurprising for a newspaper that probably has more SEO staff than, well, actual journalists, the UK’s Daily Mail is hiring a new Search Engine Optimization manager. Interestingly, however, the job advert itself in fact appears in the newspaper’s website robots.txt file, which isn’t usually designed to be read by humans but is targeted at search engines bots to tell… Read More

  • DST buys Russian social network

    The Internet investment group Digital Sky Technologies (DST) has acquired, having previously owned an 80 percent interest in the Russian social network. The deal, reported to be valued between $14m and $28m, according to local newspaper Vedomosti, sees founder, Albert Popkov, relinquish his remaining 20 per cent of the company. Popkov had raised several… Read More

  • Germany to outlaw employers checking out job candidates on Facebook, but Googling is OK

    A new law in Germany could soon make it illegal for employers to check out prospective job candidates on Facebook and other non-career focused social networks, according to local newspaper reports. Bizarrely, however, it will still be legal to “google” applicants, although they are to disregard information that is either too old or outside of a candidate’s control. Social… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile India gets a shiny new app store courtesy of GetJar

    GetJar, the largest independent mobile app store, continues to bed down in India. Today the company, which originates from Lithuania, has announced a partnership with Virgin Mobile India to operate a white label app store for the youth-oriented MVNO. This follows a similar ‘strategic partnership’ with Reliance Communications (RCOM), India’s second largest mobile operator… Read More

  • Video: The "first" dead tree magazine with Augmented Reality support

    I’ll confess that I’m not familiar with SZ Magazine, a supplement that is part of the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, but this is pretty cool. In what the dead tree magazine claims as a first, although other publications have flirted with the concept, the latest edition is fully Augmented Reality supported. Yep, that’s right, point your iPhone’s camera at pages… Read More

  • This is twunbelievable! Tweetup makes Oxford Dictionary

    The latest revision to the prestigious Oxford Dictionary gives recognition to the rise of social media. Along with the phrase social media itself, other new entrants include microblogging, defriend (as in ditching someone on Facebook) and, wait for it, tweetup. I know, that’s twunbelievable! Seriously. For those of you who don’t know what a tweetup is, it’s a gathering of… Read More

  • MyVoucherCodes plans to go hyper-local with iPhone app

    MyVoucherCodes, the UK’s leading discount voucher code site, is preparing to go hyper-local. The idea isn’t a new one: let users find the best local deals using their iPhone via GPS. In fact, Vouchercloud from Invitation Digital, which we profiled in February, is another such offering. There’s also competition from the host of deal-a-day Groupon clones, of which… Read More

  • Zemanta partners with Automattic to add its recommendation engine to

    Zemanta, the service that helps bloggers find related content as they write, has partnered with Automattic so that its plugin is now available to users of This follows existing partnerships with SixApart’s Movable Type, and Scribefire, and means that with today’s addition of, Zemanta now reaches 30% of the blogosphere, claims the company. Read More

  • Skobbler, the free Sat-Nav for iPhone, gets Google local search, revamped UI

    Skobbler, the free iPhone Sat-Nav solution based on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project, has seen a major update today. New to version 3.0 is support for Google local search which offers an alternative to traditional address input based navigation. Instead users can input the name of an establishment or type of restaurant, say Pizza, and based on the list of results begin navigating with a single tap. Read More

  • Deskarma lets professionals share their business expertise and earn, err, karma

    Deskarma, which describes itself as a “business expertise sharing platform”, launches in beta today. It’s designed to enable professionals to share their “business insights”, with the motivation to do so partly driven by the user’s ability to build an online reputation as an expert via the site’s karma-based points system. Basically, users can write… Read More

  • Invideous adds 'social playhead' to its video monetization platform

    Off-line, watching video is more often than not a social experience as friends and family gather around the telly. Whilst, arguably, online and in the age of the laptop or smartphone, it’s very much a solitary exercise. Attempts at making the online viewing experience more social aren’t anything new but video monetization platform Invideous has perhaps a novel solution… Read More

  • Blinkx partners with Internet Video Archive to appeal to film buffs, music lovers and gamers

    Video search engine blinkx has announced a partnership with Internet Video Archive (IVA), the “leading aggregator” of movie and TV trailers, game previews and music videos. Under the terms of the deal, IVA’s portfolio of videos – 500,000 video assets from over 1,000 content providers – will be indexed and viewable at IVA provides users with trailers of… Read More